The Spiritual Writings of ספר סודי סודות

סוד ה ליראיו ובריתו להודיעם

The 70 Interpretations of Torah שבעים פנים של תורה

The Audio file is - "Awakening the real you by changing one thing in your routine"


The Prophetic vision of "the last generation" means ALL souls that came down to Earth and made mistakes

Will and MUST reincarnate in the "last generation" to rectify the mistakes "they" made.


What We Call Life, is a Wonderful Journey - Full of Purpose.

When the Mission is Realized the Person Passes Away.

This is the Eternal Law of Nature.

[Ghanshyam Das Birla]


The Transcendence of the Soul into Physical Life Creates Individuality

Everyone is Different - No Two People are the Same

Every single human being on planet earth is unique. No two people are the same nor can they be, nor will they ever be the same. This inherent unique gift of individuality of every person is given to identify that each and everyone has a specific mission, a unique purpose in life that only that person can accomplish.

According to the teachings of the Talmud, every soul is written into a Divine Heavenly Register of souls; the entire map of the journey of one's life is written into the heavenly register of records, known as the akashic records , with all the specific purposes and reasons one's soul has entered this physical world; the tests, the circumstances, the places where one will live, all the members of one's soulgroup one will meet and when, how one will earn a livelihood, and when and how one will meet one's true soulmate.

All the most vital and important destined meetings one's soul must experience at the exact and specific times during one's lifetime are written into the "Heavenly Register".

The existence of these records in "Heavens Register" enables spiritually sensitive people, psychics and mediums, through the spiritual communication with their guardian angels, to access these records to see the past, present and future, what needs to be done and corrected in one's life to find one's true destined purpose and pathway. This is the innate reason why many people seek spiritual help from mediums, psychics and palmists, as a confirmation that they are on the correct pathway, in accordance with the records in "Heavens Register".


The Journey of Life - Transcendence & Ascendance

We can only understand the true meaning of our individual lives in this life when we have arrived at spiritual maturity in comprehending and constantly thinking of the mystery of GOD. When a person comes to the realization that we are ALL part of GOD; in that our spiritual souls existed before we transcended into physical life and were born and will continue to exist after we ascend this physical earth plane when we complete our journey of life on Earth; then we understand clearly that our individual physical existence is only a garment needed for us to complete our tasks in this physical Earth. Many people can and do collectively work together for a common purpose, even though they have individuality that is no contradiction, nonetheless each individual has their own unique purpose, role and energies with which they contribute to the collective energies of the world.

When we all recognize the truth and respect the fact that EVERYONE in the world has a purpose and is vitally NEEDED in the DIVINE plan of life [for nothing or no-one can exist or live unless it is within the "Eternal Divine Plan of Destiny"]; then we can indeed respect each other with compassion and genuine love.

Boundaries of individuality are defined respectfully for each other whilst simultaneously enabling everyone to work and live together harmoniously. Only when a person respects other people have they arrived at true respect for GOD; likewise a higher level of spirituality is when a person respects EVERYTHING in the world and sees the energy of GOD within everything, every living entity and in every human being have they arrived at spiritual enlightenment.


Indeed there are billions of people in this world with different levels of spiritual awareness and yet it is delightfully remarkable when you can find people you really connect with. Likewise and more so, it is an amazing out-of-this-world spiritual experience of exhilarating proportions being connected to elevated spiritual souls. Being in their presence with their overwhelmingly strong energy helps bring a powerful surge of Divine spiritual energy into one's soul. One doesn't have to say anything in their presence, just like being at any "Spiritual Gates& Portals" - simply being there OPENS one's soul to a pure Eternal Divine energy.


Being Connected and Appreciative to All Good & Kind People

The above photo is of the American Military Cemetery at Omaha Beach Colleville-sur-mer Normandy France, and our visit there was an out-of-this-world spiritual experience; it was life-changing humble experience to be in the presence of almost 10,000 young brave soldiers who landed at Normandy on D-DAY to rid Europe of Nazi tyranny and sacrificed their lives for our freedom. Only when a person has experienced such a profound spiritual energy in seeing and being in the presence of vast numbers of all kinds of good people - then you can genuinely "feel" the DIVINE presence. That is the essence of our lives - our connections with people, our respect and admiration for EVERYONE we know and meet; and recognizing the reality of our lives today and our existence is thanks to previous generations.

To be truly "spiritually enlightened" means spiritual ascendance to elevate your individuality to become fully connected with GOD, hence one's individuality dissolves to become a "nothingness" which in reality is spiritual ascension to become completely part of and wholesome with the ONE ETERNAL DIVINE GOD - full of compassion, love, peace and purity.


The Freewill Choice of the Individual

To focus on being an individual in this physical life and become a nothingness spiritually

OR focus on eliminating individuality in this life and become part of a collective Eternal Oneness spiritually

In Either Choice the end result is that no-one has "individuality" - we are all part of ONENESS of GOD


"70 Interpretations of the Torah"

The spiritual teachings of the Torah - Holy Bible are the word of GOD; in the same way that our individual souls transcend into this physical life in time and place [categorizing each of us into permutations of 12 astrological star signs] and there are more that "70 nations of the world" with their individualities; likewise there is accepted that there are "70 interpretations of the Torah". NOT everything in the Torah is to be taken literally for everyone. According to your level of spirituality you can and will understand the Torah differently to someone else. Most importantly - is your individuality is needed in the world - for if two people would think the same way - then there would be no need for one of them. All co-existence of all living people on the Earth - means everyone needs to be different and think differently. Everyone has their own interpretation of what they call "spiritual" - and each person's individual opinion must be respected and accepted.

נפתלי צבי הורוביץ wrote the masterpiece of spiritual writings called ספר זרע קודש of Reb Naftoli Horowitz of Ropshitz emphasized that we should ALL respect EVERYONE'S point of view and understanding and AGREE TO DISAGREE. After all, 2000 years ago - the two groups of Rabbis - the House of Hillel and House of Shamai - agreed to disagree with each other and yet they all had respect for each other for they LIVED SPIRITUALLY.

נפתלי צבי הורוביץ in his spiritual writings called ספר זרע קודש of Reb Naftoli Horowitz of Ropshitz teaches us to RESPECT each person on whatever level they are; whilst at the same time accepting ALL people whoever and whatever they are; it was known that Reb Naftoli Horowitz of Ropshitz would take his time meeting and greeting ALL kinds of people; even and especially he had a respect for non-Jews because he could see within the transcendence of a soul from spirit world into being a non-Jew in this physical life meant that that soul has it's special purpose too; indeed it could be in the next reincarnated life in the transcendence of GILGUL that all souls are interchangeable within physical bodies and your soul could actually be in ANYONE'S descendants you meet in this life - so treat ALL people with respect as they could be your "family".


The Holy Book Sefer Zera Kodesh ספר זרע קודש

"The Holy Seed of Life"

ספר זרע קודש of Reb Naftoli Horowitz of Ropshitz.

נפתלי צבי הורוביץ was born on exactly the same day the Baal Shem Tov died - 6th Sivan - [21st May 1760]; his yahrzeit/death was on 11 Iyar 5587 [8 May 1827].

ספר זרע קודש this book is a masterpiece of spiritual writings and it's essence is one word is like a precious seed.

In accepting that we are all different in this world, it is therefore vitally necessary to respect that there are all kinds of people in this world, even and especially for the need for materialistically minded people; nonetheless it does not mean that we all have to strive to be the same. However in pursing a spiritually idealistic pathway whilst living in this physical world - it is necessary to make a choice.


Which Category of Soul are you ? Materialistic or Spiritualistic ?

Do you value material possessions and accumulating of money more than spiritual knowledge and enlightenment ? OR do you value the preciousness of your soul, spiritual wisdom, knowledge and the attainment of becoming spiritually enlightened more than money ? What do you use your gift of life for - creating more life energy or for selfish materialistic wealth ? Are you concerned with your materialistic lifestyle more than your spiritual soul ? Or do you yearn for wisdom, knowledge and spiritual enlightenment more than a new computer or ipad/iphone ;-) ?

Everyone has an inherent desire to move forward in life - the energy of "desire" is part of being ALIVE - the choice we are all constantly making every moment of the day is - are we using the energy of "desire" to move forward MATERIALISTICALLY or SPIRITUALLY ? Is our desire for spiritual growth or material wealth ?


"I Have Everything I Need and therefore ...

If I Do Not Have it - It Means My Soul Does NOT Need It"


The ספר זרע קודש of Reb Naftoli Horowitz explains that anyone who desires something materialistically that they don't have or/and are dissatisfied with whatever they do have - are not spiritually minded souls. For it is impossible for a true spiritual soul to ever desire anything that they don't have; and if one doesn't have something it means that YOUR higher self has decided that you do not need it.

EVERYONE has everything one needs for the lessons one's soul needs to learn in earth-school; if you don't have something it means you DO NOT need it. Therefore you can now raise your level of happiness by considering the truthful fact that everything you don't have is really a wonderful blessing that you don't have it and the reason is because you don't need it for the spiritual progression of your soul in this life life - so be HAPPY you don't have it.

Happiness is not having something nor is it thinking you have got something, nor is it knowing you're going to get something - Happiness is "knowing" that you have everything you need in your life today - and that you don't need anything more in your life today.


This book ספר זרע קודש of Reb Naftoli Horowitz and his other book "Ayala Shlucha" are extremely special in that they use the minimum amount of words to hint to secrets of wisdom and explain meaning of life; he knew that the power of the mind and soul is considerably greater than the power of speech. Nontheless some things need to be written in order to "tune in" to the conveyed thoughts. Hence, I write some of his single sentences to see if you can "tune in" to what he is referring to:-


One Can Accomplish Much More in Silence than Talking


The Power of One's Mind & Thoughts

Understanding the value of thinking and creating good energy with your thoughts


"I'd rather sit near a man of intelligence in Gehinnom [hell]

than near a fool in Gan Eden [paradise]"

The famous saying of Reb Naftoli of Ropshitz to teach how important it is to use your mind and constantly be "THINKING"


Opening Your Mind Through Happiness

Laughter and Happiness is the Key to Opening up your mind and soul to a flow of Spiritual Energy

Reb Naftoli Horowitz was known to entertain and be funny in a lofty spiritual way for laughter opens the soul


Windows of Opportunity - The Power of Continual Prayer

We never know when the "lucky" moment will be when our soul can connect powerfully with the spirit world - we should always have positive thoughts and never cease praying. Whether we pray in speech or constantly use our minds to "think" prayers. Life should be one continual dialogue of our soul with GOD - saying "thank you" to GOD for the gift of life.


Change Just ONE aspect of Your Life & Your Whole Life Will Change

Change by Doing Just One Good Thing & It Will Affect Your Whole Life


Conversely & Similarly


Eliminate One Bad Thing from Your Life & Your Whole Life will Change

Change One Habit in Your Daily Routine & It'll Change Your Whole Day


Every Thought is Like Planting a Precious Seed


The meaning of the title of his book is זרע קודש - "Zera Kodesh" - "The Holy Seed of Life"

Just like the Conception of a Child - Takes Just One Moment - It Creates a Whole New Life

Likewise one spiritual good thought for one moment can create a whole new life pathway for your soul.

Everyone has the potential to elevate their soul at any time - provided they have the right thought.


Planting the זרע קודש Spiritual Holy Seeds of Eternal Life

Every Good Action and Every Good Thought is an Eternal Seed



The grave and Tomb of ספר זרע קודש of Reb Naftoli Horowitz in Lancut, Poland


סוד ה ליראיו ובריתו להודיעם