The Spiritual Writings of ספר סודי סודות

סוד ה ליראיו ובריתו להודיעם

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"Thank GOD for the Holy Spiritual Soul of Jesus Christ"

Jesus Christ has saved souls, saves souls and continues to save souls.

The Holy Spirit of Jesus Christ is continually guiding EVERYONE on Earth to find the Pathway of Spiritual Enlightenment

Even if people deny the existence of Jesus Christ and don't believe in an Eternal Divine GOD

Everyone is still being guided by the Divine Spirit of GOD - and you're being helped by Jesus Christ - The Messiah


Thank GOD for Jesus Christ who brings Light into our Lives


St Stephens in Budapest, Hungary --- Duomo in Milan, Italy --- St Peters in Vatican City, Rome


נשמות עליונים וקדושים

The Holy Spiritual Soul of Jesus Christ

Understanding the REAL "Truth of the Soul of Jesus Christ", must begin with a profound truthful look back in factual history to that period of time 2000 years ago. Through understanding ALL the truthful spiritual writings of the Old Testament specifically Psalms of King David, the prophets of Elijah, Michah, Jeremiah, Isaiah & Daniel; and the Mishna and Talmud written after the destruction of the 2nd temple and murder of Jesus one will arrive at the same conclusion of the spiritual truth of saintly soul of Jesus Christ.

Using this FACTUAL account of history together with the gift of hindsight 2000 years later, will enable one to see clearly the REAL TRUTHFUL REALITY of the past and hence comprehend the future for the whole world, enabling everyone to transform, change and live the life we are all destined to live during this period of transformation from years 2008 until 2030 without interference of "nonsense and fake Messiahs". In doing this, it will open one's mind, thoughts and soul to the SECRET recipe for REAL success in life, survival in this life and success for ones soul in the Eternal Divine Spiritual realms of souls, leading to the collective spiritual enlightenment of all of humanity.


If the events of "Jesus Christ" happened today

Would anyone murder and crucify Jesus Christ ?

With the gift of hindsight, wisdom and understanding - there's no doubt that events that happened 2000 years ago - would NOT happen today - no normal person would MURDER Jesus Christ or even think of crucifying Jesus Christ today - it wouldn't happen - and that too is a sign that worldwide people have learnt, transformed and evolved into a refined and cultured society. But in accepting this - and in forgiveness of the destined events that happened to Jesus Christ 2000 years ago - we need to look at the historical facts.


The Real Factual Truth of Historical Events

The mention of the "Holy Soul of Jesus Christ" for most people invokes powerful thoughts of PEACE, LOVE & COMPASSION. However and very specifically for many old guilt-ridden reincarnated souls, especially all old souls that existed at the time of the destruction of the 2nd temple - the mention of Jesus Christ invokes thoughts of hate, guilt and inner anger.

The reason for this is Karmic - Gilgul; the real and factual truth of historical events is that the special spiritual enlightened soul of Jesus Christ wanted to sincerely guide his generation away from hate, self-destruction and materialism to a life of love, compassion and spiritualism - for his idealistic desire - he was betrayed and handed over to be murdered by the Romans in exchange for a known criminal is a set of events that would never happen if it was in our generation.

The illogical hysteria of events at that time have caused and did cause prophetic fulfillment's but could have been avoided with the gift of hindsight; now approaching exactly 2000 years later - the remainder of the Messianic prophecies are about to be fulfilled - but first we must accept the truth that Jesus Christ is an exceedingly HOLY spiritual Soul and is indeed the Messiah.


Belief versus Truthful Knowledge

There is a difference between belief and truthful knowledge; many people can have different beliefs as a "belief" is a specific thought energy of each person; if that "belief" is not truthful then one's mind, thoughts and soul will be distorted and a blockage of life energy will be created between your soul and the pure energy of the Eternal Divine Creator and Eternal Divine Spiritual realms of souls.

The human desire, purpose and quest to "FIND GOD" is a search for Eternal spiritual life. It is only when one REALLY finds the REAL truthful knowledge that one REALLY FEELS ALIVE.

True spiritual connection to the DIVINE GOD can ONLY be found when one is LOVING, COMPASSIONATE and CALM; the energies of hate, anger and destruction are NOT spiritual and anyone of any religion whom has such negative and impure energies are NOT following the TRUE spiritual pathway of our Eternal Divine Creator.


The Prophecy of Elijah

The clearest and perfectly precise prophecy that exists with respect to the "Messiah" is of Elijah the prophet, written in the Book "Sefer Tana Devei Eliyahu". This is the Divine and exact knowledge that this physical world we live in has a lifespan of 7000 years.

The 1st period of 2,000 years are years known as confusion ("tohu"); the 2nd period of 2,000 years of the Bible - Torah and the 3rd period of 2,000 years of the Messiah; thereafter there will be a period of 1000 years of complete peace, harmony in this physical world in the same way there is peace and harmony in the Eternal Divine Spiritual world of souls; the veil between the two worlds will be lifted for generations to live in peace with knowledge of everything spiritual.

I make this very clear as THIS IS REAL TRUTH - it discards all the silly nonsensical stupid prophecies of Armageddon and total world destruction by aliens - THIS WILL NOT HAPPEN - this physical WORLD is here to exist in accordance with a Divine Destined plan for another 1000 years - and this period will be peaceful with pure spiritual enlightenment.

The problem everyone has had in calculating these years is knowing EXACTLY when these years started to be counted. This has had to be kept secret until our last generation, as this would have only complicated people's karma, beliefs and lives.

However, as the Book of Daniel explains the destined prophecies are PERFECT and EXACT with an exact timeline. That time is arriving, and many spiritually enlightened souls have already been receiving this knowledge for many years; the period of the "End of the Messianic Years" began from 1993 - with it's emphasis of change between 2013 and 2020 - but extending until 2070 if mankind is stubborn and refuses to learn.

Although astrologically I can see it will be between 2020 and 2030. This exact calculation, is the spiritual energy of DIVINE GOD within everyone through the life-giving energy of love from Jesus Christ - The Messiah will sustain the world for exactly 2000 years. Jesus died between 30 & 40 AD according to all accounts. Therefore we'll all need to be ready prior to 2030 - maybe sooner.


The Prophecies of Elijah, Isaiah, Jeremiah and Daniel

For anyone whom has never read and learnt word-for-word the Old Testament in its original Hebrew or in a correct English translation, I would sincerely recommend you do; for the each of the meaningful profound words of the REAL prophets of Elijah, Isaiah, Jeremiah and Daniel will outweigh any word I write on the internet, for each of those HOLY souls were truly on a pure DIVINE spiritual level that made it possible for them to see clearly the future of the world.

In hindsight, history has proven, their words of warning were not taken seriously in their generation, they were hated, despised, had their own lives threatened and hence their prophecies were fulfilled and the Jewish people were not saved by the Messiah at the time of the 2nd Temple.

According to ALL the prophets the MESSIAH was to come before the destruction of the 2nd Temple in 70 AD. This means that even if you don't believe Jesus Christ was the Messiah - according to ALL the Holy biblical prophets there was the soul of the Messiah in this world before 70 AD. Therefore the counting of the years known as the "2000 years of the MESSIAH" began by the latest in 70 AD which means these 2000 years known as "the end of the Messianic Years" will end in 2070 AD.


Jesus Christ the "Messiah"

However, for all who have seen the enlightened spiritual truth and know that the reference of "Messiah" in the Bible is referring to Jesus Christ that then the "2000 years of the MESSIAH" began with either the birth of Jesus Christ, the spiritual anointing of Jesus Christ or with the death of Jesus Christ. Hence the end of the "2000 years of the Messiah" is anytime between 2000 and 2070.

It is important to note that there is NO mention of any "Messiah" that is predicted to come after the destruction of the 2nd temple, and in fact all the false "Messiahs" that have pretended to be "Messiahs" since 70 AD have only causes trouble and died; including the likes of Shabsai Tzvi, Rabbis & even Rabbis/Rebbe's such as those who died in the past 20 years who claimed to be a Messiah, all of whom have lived off mindless followers with false beliefs of a "Messiah".

All the false "Messiahs" are complete and utter nonsense; each of them has created situations of hate and destruction within the Jewish people, whereas the true purpose of the predicted Messiah, as stated in Jeremiah, Isaiah and Daniel was to create and transcend LOVE & COMPASSION for ALL of mankind. There was only ONE Messiah predicted and he was to come before the destruction of the 2nd temple in 70 AD and he was JESUS CHRIST - the MESSIAH.



Prophecy of St Malachy & 2000 years of Messiah

This "start" and exact beginning date of the "2000 years of the MESSIAH" is "hidden" in Chapter 9 and Chapter 4 of the Book of Daniel and therefore the period known as "the 2000 years end of the Messianic Years" could be any year from 1993 [based on the fact that some historians have the birth of Jesus as early as 7 BCE] and until between 2030-2040 [as it is factually documented that Jesus was killed between 30 AD and 40 AD]. However, even for those Jewish people who don't believe that Jesus Christ was the Messiah - will see the truth by the "end of the Messianic Years".

Whichever calculation one uses it is definitely based on the fact that JESUS CHRIST is the MESSIAH and that exactly 2000 years later from that specific "hidden" date in the Book of Daniel, that the whole world will become completely spiritually enlightened entering a phase of the final 1000 years of the existence of Earth, when there will be Love, Compassion, Peace and Tranquility in the whole world and amongst ALL nations. AMEN.

This, by no coincidence, because it is the spiritual truth seems to tally-up with the famous Christian prophecy of St Malachy whom had the vision of the 112 popes making it is quite clear that we are entering an exceedingly important phase of change on earth - preparing the way for pure spiritual enlightenment irrespective of belief in any man-made religion [and even for the atheists too].

And as of 11th February 2013 the day the Holy Father Pope Benedict has Divinely and wisely resigned - he has seen karmically - he will be blessed to see the coming of Jesus Christ and his destined move is setting into motion the "end of time" - we're living in very special times and it looks like it's coming sooner than anyone could have predicted.


A Spiritual Rabbi's Note Referring to Jesus Christ as "the Messiah"

An ultra-orthodox spiritual Rabbi Kadouri claimed that the true Messiah came to him before he died; he wrote his name on a piece of paper and asked his followers to open in a year after he died; it was eagerly anticipated and many waited to know the name of the Messiah.

It was revealed in 2007 - that Rabbi Kadouri had written the name of Jesus Christ on the paper, at the time everyone was speechless and now it is no longer discussed amongst traditional "orthodox" Jews. The truth is that all "open" and spiritually enlightened souls who seek the truth from whatever religion we come from, always find the truth and it does surprise each and everyone of us. Forcing us to look at history again and undo the indoctrinated lies we have been taught as a child with a new truthful and spiritual understanding.



Fact - Jesus Christ the Messiah is

A Holy, Elevated Soul from the House of King David

All the prophecies of Elijah, Isaiah, Jeremiah and Daniel, and including the words of King David himself from the book of Psalms, explain clearly that the MESSIAH is a descendant of King David. The real fact was that Jesus Christ was a direct descendant of King David. In the same way that King David was threatened and persecuted by followers of King Saul - likewise Jesus Christ was hated by the selfish, decadent materialistic Rabbis and leaders of the time. [I know no-one would disagree with me, in hindsight, for we know it was wrong for money-changers to occupy the temple - no Rabbi would permit that today!]

In the Book of Psalms - Psalm 2 verse 2; King David predicts that the people will be against GOD and be against His anointed MESSIAH - this was the truth with Jesus Christ. As history proved that the hysterical crowds when given the choice by Pilate between the life of JESUS CHRIST and a criminal - the crowds chose the criminal Barabbas, as predicted by King David, Jeremiah and Isaiah.


The Situations that Changed the Destined Events

Many have written that the death and murder of Jesus Christ changed the events of what was supposed to have happened - that is not true - as from the all the prophecies of Elijah, Isaiah, Jeremiah and Daniel, it is clear that the people were destined to make the mistake; they were destined to rebel against GOD and against the true Messiah. And in so doing, this created a period of "2000 years of the Messiah" where reincarnated souls have needed to learn specific lessons.


The Holy Spiritual Soul of Jesus Christ

The Eternal Divine Creator of the Universe gave mankind the "2000 years of the MESSIAH" a period of time when everyone who wants - can learn, grow spiritually and connect with powerful energy of the loving, compassionate spiritual and Holy Soul of Jesus Christ - the Messiah.

The Holy Spiritual Soul of Jesus Christ is so powerful that simply the thoughts of Jesus Christ, reading the words and scriptures of the teachings of Jesus Christ will connect and light up the GODLY spiritual flame within one's soul with the powerful healing energy of his soul. Which in turn provides one with the powerful spiritual connection with the Eternal Divine Creator of the Universe.

The Holy Spiritual Soul of Jesus Christ connects our physical existence in this world with the Eternal Divine Creator of the Universe through the Eternal Divine Spiritual Realms of Souls and we become as ONE with GOD for we recognize that we are nothing without the energy of GOD.


The Purpose of "2000 Years of the Messiah"

Bringing LOVE where there was Hate ; Bringing LIFE where there was Death

Learning by our mistakes - confession of our mistakes - and finding the truthful pathway


According to the Talmud [written by the Rabbis after the destruction of the 2nd Temple] explains that the ONLY reason 2nd Temple was destroyed was because of energy of HATE that prevailed at that time. Therefore the ONLY purpose of a MESSIAH was AND continues to be to change peoples attitude of mind from being hateful to being LOVING and COMPASSIONATE.

The purpose of ALL our lives is to CLEANSE our souls; in the same way that physically we eliminate daily all dirt, filth and impurities from our bodies; likewise spiritually - we must actively CLEANSE our mind, thoughts and soul REFUSING to allow-in ALL negative energies, such has hate, anger, jealousy, greed and any such materialistic energies which cause and lead to destruction; in cleansing it then allows our mind, thoughts and soul to be full of pure thoughts of LOVE & COMPASSION.

Jesus Christ in the teachings of the New Testament has taught the fundamental spiritual teachings for humanity of love and compassion for EVERYONE. The secret for spiritual enlightenment throughout all the generations of the past 2000 years has been to find the same spiritual pathway of LOVE and COMPASSION, irrespective of race, colour, and prior religious beliefs, for we are ALL the spiritual children of GOD and most importantly we are all in essence contain a spark of GOD within each of us.





נשמות עליונים וקדושים

The Holy Spiritual Soul of Jesus Christ

יתיצבו מלכי ארץ ורוזנים נוסדו יחד על יהוה ועל משיחו

"Rulers of many lands will gather together and conspire to make rules together


Psalms Chapter 2 Verse 2

In every generation, the prophetic vision of King David in the Book of Psalms comes true - as powerful materialistic leaders of the world - work together and conspire against the TRUE will of GOD. Indeed King David himself was persecuted for his idealism and spirituality - and in the prophetic words of Psalm 2 - we're being taught that in EVERY generation - there will always be opposition to GOD and to his anointed one. That is a fact of life. The battle of good versus evil.

Only at the "end of time" when the Divine is revealed - will the truth be revealed. In the meantime, we need to decipher for ourselves - the difference between good and bad; right and wrong, truth and deceit, light and darkness.

The fact that in our generation - so many people despise the word of the Holy Bible - and mock the words of Jesus Christ - is itself a SIGN that Jesus Christ is HOLY. For why else would so much hatred be created against "religion" and the teachings of "Jesus Christ"? Why would atheistic and materialistic people - attempt to destroy the LIGHT that radiates from Jesus Christ. "They" know - Jesus is right - but in order to justify their meaningless lives - "they" pour scorn on and make rules that are AGAINST GOD and the anointed one.


"There is a GOD" - The Eternal Divine Creator of the Universe

& It is our duty to try and comprehend the ways of this World


The purpose of these spiritual websites and writings are to help you "think" for yourself; life is a journey; we live, experience and constantly refine our thoughts and understanding daily. Hopefully, these writings will encourage you to think about the truth of existence of GOD, the Eternal Divine Creator of the Universe, and in the Eternal Divine Spiritual World of Souls, and in the Torah - Bible and in the Holy Spiritual Soul of Elevated Soul of Jesus Christ.

For it was 2000 years ago that Jesus Christ the Messiah that changed our way of thinking; he found the truth in his life, taught us to be loving, compassionate and guided us with his teachings to the pathway to spiritual enlightenment. His spiritual energy continues to be a source and connection between our lives in this world and to the Eternal Divine spiritual world for millions of people in the world.

We all have our own pathway to "find GOD"; mine happens to be through the Jewish spiritual teachings, the spiritual writings of Jesus Christ in the New testament and through the profound Buddhist teachings from India.

Every reader will have their own understanding; none of us should ever conflict with another; and we should all respect each others beliefs and understandings; what works for me - may not work for you and vice-versa. The important point is that we are ALL part of the same ONE DIVINE CREATOR of the Eternal Universe - therefore we should respect everyone whoever they are and whatever they believe in - in the same way we expect them to respect our beliefs - this is the recipe for peace in the whole world.


St Peters Square in Rome on Christmas Day when the Pope's Message of Peace, Compassion & Love;

& the teachings of Jesus Christ are adhered to and respected by over 1 Billion Catholics worldwide.


That doesn't mean to say the man-made "Catholic" religion is perfect for no-one living on earth is perfect

but the fundamental teachings of Jesus Christ, St Peter and his disciples are the keys to spirituality.





The Love Jesus Christ the Messiah - has for Everyone - Saves Everyone

Thank GOD for JESUS CHRIST - The Anointed Messiah - Descendant of King David

The Tomb of St Peter in Vatican - Rome - The disciple of Jesus Christ the Messiah

Through Belief in Jesus Christ

One find redemption through Love & Compassion for Everyone

Every disciple and everyone who is truly inspired by Jesus Christ becomes Loving and Compassionate

Thank GOD for Jesus Christ The Messiah המשיח

The Eternal Divine Spirit of GOD who created this world and gave the Torah The Holy Bible התורה הקדושה to the Moses and the Israelites on Mount Sinai has a destined Divine plan in progress for all of humanity. This plan is accessible to all souls who elevate their earthly existence beyond this constricted transcendental physical world of time and place. The Divine GOD gave this knowledge to many of his prophets such as Moses, Elijah, Isaiah, Jeremiah and Daniel to offer hope and guidance to each and every generation.

The Holy Soul of Jesus Christ - The Messiah and the descendant of King David was brought down to earth to be a spiritual guide, teacher and a source of love, faith, hope and inspiration for a destined period of 2000 years during the years of "darkness".

The purpose is clear - his spiritual soul is so powerful that he acts to connect our soul with GOD in an extra-ordinarily powerful way through the power of LOVE and COMPASSION - that Jesus Christ has for EVERYONE on Earth.

When we recognize the greatness of Jesus Christ that he has LOVE for EVERYONE on Earth and give thanks to GOD for giving us a remarkable spiritual guide of Jesus Christ we are able to access and gain wisdom, knowledge, peace, love, joy and spiritual enlightenment - THANK GOD for JESUS CHRIST.


The Spiritual Teachings of Jesus Christ

Jesus Christ taught us that EVERYONE has the ability and potential to be 100% perfect; because each and everyone has the DIVINE spark of GOD within our souls. However, the idea that an "individual" can be perfect in the literal sense isn't possible - because an "individual" can only attain perfection when they negate all ego, independence and individuality. When one becomes part of the Eternal Divine energy without any persona - then one has achieved spiritual enlightenment.

Each of us is striving towards a collectiveness of ONE DIVINE energy; no matter what family, country, religion one has started one's life - we are ALL a part of ONE GOD. The spiritual wisdom of the New Testament and teachings of Jesus Christ are profound beyond words - they were meant for OUR generation as much as they were when written 2000 years ago - because they communicate heart-to-heart and enlighten our souls with PEACE, JOY & LOVE.


סוד ה ליראיו ובריתו להודיעם