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This Month's Astrological Events

Sun in Leo 23rd July => 23rd August 2014

Written by the נסתר Spiritual Astrologer author ספר כוכבי אור Sefer Kochvei Or

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22nd/23rd July: Sun enters Leo
24th July: Sun 1° Leo conjunct Jupiter 1° Leo
24th July: Venus 7° Cancer trines Neptune [in retrograde] 7° Pisces
25th July: Mercury 16° Cancer trines Saturn 16° Scorpio
25th July: Mercury 16° Cancer squares Uranus [in retrograde] 16° Aries
26th July: Mars enters Scorpio
26th/27th July: New Moon 4° Leo
28th July: Venus 11° Cancer opposes Pluto [in retrograde] 11° Capricorn
31st July: Mercury enters Leo


1st August: Jupiter moves from 3° => 10° Leo in Month of August
1st August: Venus 16° Cancer squares Uranus [in retrograde] 16° Aries

1st August: Mars 3° Scorpio squares Jupiter 3° Leo

1st August: Venus 16° Cancer trines Saturn 16° Scorpio
2nd August: Mercury 3° Leo conjunct Jupiter 3° Leo
2nd => 4th August: Very Strong Karmic Days
7th August: Mars 6° Scorpio trines Neptune [in retrograde] 6° Pisces
8th August: Sun 16° Leo conjunct Mercury 16° Leo
8th August: Mercury 16° Leo trines Uranus [in retrograde] 16° Aries
9th August: Mercury 16° Leo squares Saturn 16° Scorpio
9th August: Sun 16° Leo trines Uranus [in retrograde] 16° Aries
9th August: Sun 16° Leo squares Saturn 16° Scorpio


10th August: Full Moon 18° Aquarius
12th August: Venus enters Leo
15th August: Mercury enters Virgo
15th August: Mars 11° Scorpio sextiles Pluto [in retrograde] 11° Capricorn
18th August: Venus 7° Leo conjunct Jupiter 7° Leo
19th August: Mercury 6° Virgo opposes Neptune [in retrograde] 6° Pisces
21st August: Mercury 11° Virgo trines Pluto [in retrograde] 11° Capricorn

23rd August: Sun enters Virgo


This Month's Astrological Events Fully Explained

Sun in Leo 23rd July => 23rd August 2014

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The Hidden Spiritual Lights of Astrology אור הגנוז

אף על פי שאיהו לא חזי מזלייהו חזי

""Even though you can't see the astrological energies - You can sense each of them"

Talmud Sanhedrin סנהדרין צד


This Months Astrological Events

Welcome to "Summer of Love" ...

"You will always meet your destiny on the pathway you chose to avoid it".

Jupiter Entered Leo on 16th July 2014


Love is Life - Life is Love. The most natural and normal thing to do in the world is to LOVE. The basic instinct of every human-being is to love - it's impossible to live without loving "something" or "someone". Every man has the desire and ability to love every woman - and every woman has the desire and ability to love every man. The potential is there - but it takes the right chemistry between individuals to find true love. Even so, on a platonic level and theoretically - every man likes every women and every woman likes every man.

The blockages and resistance to LOVING someone - come because of physical chemistry, "blockages" or specific desires for "someone" with better qualities than just "everyone" else - someone specific who EXCITES you. Factors such as beauty and age - maturity and fit-for-relationship - coupled with thoughts of wanting children - will define WHO you're truly looking for and WHO is most suitable for you - at your specific phase of life.

But there is NO doubt in my mind - due to the astrological energies of Mars and Venus - that EVERY MAN NEEDS A WOMAN and EVERY WOMAN NEEDS A MAN in their life. It's illogical, not normal nor natural to have NO-ONE. So why is it that during period of one's life - you have no-one ?


Astrologically, in your chart, it might be you're living in the love of the past relationship and being attached to them full of loving thoughts towards your last loving relationship that's sufficient for you. Indeed, if your loving soulmate has died - then your thoughts keep you and your aura feeling the loving energy forever.

However, if you've never ever loved someone or you don't love anyone at this moment - it is a BIG VOID in your aura - it is the same vast difference between a nervy teenager who's never had sex to the distinct confidence of a mature adult who has experienced "sex", who's loved, is loving and always loves. Because once you've loved - even ONCE - just ONCE - your aura resonates to a LIFE energy. Without "it" - your life is missing something of vital importance.


Ignorance to wisdom, knowledge and to comprehending the importance of LOVE is equally the same - for it defines IGNORING a TRUTH. Hence, becoming awakened and enlightened defines - OPENING your eyes to the TRUTH - of how vitally important LOVE is. Because, if not for the energy of LOVE - humanity would fight against each other - and destroy itself.

LOVE is the reason humanity exists, will continue to exist and ensures the protection of every human. On a basic level - People who hate others want others to die - people who love others want others to live. But Jupiter in Leo takes life further than just existing, living or dying - it ensures people have the ingredients to DESIRE and WANT to live - Jupiter in Leo - creates happiness, prosperity and optimism - and it does this through love in your relationships.

When you look forward optimistically to every moment of life - you look forward because of PEOPLE in your life. Going to work to earn money to support your family, coming home to your family after a hard days work - having children, feeding and helping your children grow-up and when you wake-up desiring and looking forward to each and every moment of life - that is the energy of Jupiter in Leo - wanting and desiring to do something because of your love for others - it makes you WANT life with optimism and belief to create a better future - and life reciprocates by giving you GOOD LUCK. Depending on which phase of life you're in - Jupiter in Leo - will ensure you find NEW reasons to want to love life. It will stimulate you - like no other time before.


I've was once puzzled by some people because - The Most Natural Thing to do in the world is to LOVE - so why can't some people love others? The answer is simple THEY ARE LYING when they say they can't love other people - because they CAN love others - they are just frightened of relationships - and yet it was the loving relationship of their parents that created them - everyone's natural blueprint is defined by LOVE - so anyone who can't love is LYING. That's something you're going to see during Jupiter in Leo - which means - if you've been waiting for someone to LOVE you - then they're going to be OPENED and READY for "LOVE" - it starts on 16th July 2014 and lasts forever [well at least until the year 2024 !]


Now you might be wondering - isn't Jupiter in Leo about prosperity and expansion? Yes it is - but because it is interactive - it needs to find reasons to want prosperity and expansion - and the fire sign Leo aspect means it can only accomplish this through the interactive two-way energy of loving relationships with other people.

For example, you need a bigger home to live in because of your family and children - whereas individual lonely people don't need a big home - so Jupiter in Leo makes you LUCKY to have a bigger home because of your expanding family. Conversely, Jupiter in Leo - makes people realize when you are co-dependant on others - when you work together in groups and teams - you're much more successful than working alone.

If Jupiter was in earth or water signs - in Virgo, Scorpio, Capricorn, Pisces, Cancer or Taurus - then it would give you prosperity, success and money for itself - but during Jupiter in Leo - Leo defines - it needs purpose and the purpose is to be able to SHARE and GIVE to others - especially to give, support and look after other people you love.

I was going to add - "If you don't have anyone" - but that can't be - because everyone has someone - it's simply not possible to say that NO-ONE has NO-ONE - unless you've been locked away in a room for so long that you forgot everyone in the real world OR you've ruined every good relationship that's come along - well either way - Jupiter in Leo - will ensure you GO OUT into the real world and meet real people and find real LOVE.


Jupiter in Leo is the optimistic energy of confidence - and even if you've never been optimistic in your life - even if you've never loved - Jupiter in Leo will turn you on - and get-you-out-of-your-shell. Prior to the 1st time you have sex - you have no idea what it's about or what's going to happen - but you know EVERYONE has a 1st time - and it's the most natural thing in the world - because everyone does it. Even so - you need a PUSH and CONFIDENCE to do it.

Likewise when you find your 1st home, get your 1st job, travel on plane for the 1st time, sail in a ship for the 1st time - and all the BIG 1st things in life - you know others have done it - but still you need the PUSH and CONFIDENCE to do it yourself. Jupiter in Leo will be giving you that PUSH and CONFIDENCE. Summer 2014 - is the destined time to grow-up and "grow"!

Astrologically, many of you have had at least 5 years of contraction and some of you have even had 12 years of hibernating - gradually becoming lonely, depressed, negative and sad - but now Jupiter in Leo will be defining the next 12 years of everyone's lives to be the happiest and most loving ever. That's because it's in SYNC with and boosted by trine to Uranus in Aries - together with 3 sets of triple conjunctions in Leo during July / August 2014 - which will make "anything" possible.


Jupiter in Leo is about loving relationships with good people

I guess the reason why people hate palmists, astrologers, gipsyies and pyschics - is that we see the future with truthful clarity - and the TRUTH is something many people don't want to hear - especially when you tell them the person they're with is not the one they're going to be with forever. Seeing the TRUTH is part of life - and something that enlightened souls love - because it defines that no-one is in control of "life" and no-one can "buy" destiny - life has a plan and isn't a haphazard series of events - seeing DESTINY with clarity means there's a purpose to everything that happens in everyone's life.

Readers who've learnt this - have seen their relationships shift in the past 12 months during Jupiter in Cancer - and whilst some of you have had tearful moments - as relationships died and ended - others have enjoyed the love of new relationships. I've explained on "Soulmates" in the Reincarnation section - that life is a karmic journey defined by series of inexplicable relationships - and all you need to do is LOVE and be OPEN to LOVE - there will always be someone for you. But if you CLOSE yourself to the whole concept of LOVE and relationships - you're actually cutting yourself off from your DESTINY - and everything in your life will come to an inexplicable standstill.

Jupiter in Leo is going to automatically instinctively make you OPEN to LOVE - like taking your clothes off on a hot summers day - people get to see more of you - and like what they see.

The problem for people living with "wrong" relationships and people who are CLOSED is that it CUTS OFF their destiny - which creates blockages. Therefore, so long as you are OPEN to Love life, Love people, Love your partner - then you're living life - and through your love of life - life will bring you all you need at the time you need it - because you're in SYNC with your karmic phase of life. If you're with the "wrong" one - or hateful or grumpy - then destiny needs to create problems in order to break-up the relationship and make you available for the right one. It's not bad - it's fact of life - and the journey of Jupiter in Leo is going to ensure everyone reveals the best side of themselves to all - and when you do - it will make you "glow" with warmth and happiness - which is magnetic for LOVE and SUCCESS in all areas of your life.


There's Hope & Excitement Summer 2014

Uranus in Aries "2014" - there's lots more excitement and unexpected changes to come in "2014". From 16th July 2014 - Jupiter enters Leo to trine Uranus in Aries and thereafter in September trines Mars in Sagittarius will define a NEW happy prosperous stability for the world.

Leo is a positive star sign and will resonate well with Jupiter - planet of hope, optimism and good luck - because being lucky is a positive energy that needs the right support - Jupiter in Leo from 16th July 2014 and until August 2015 - will OPEN you up to what you need in your life - that's GOOD LUCK.

With the most fascinating unexpected good things "just" happening from August 2014 and then boosted from December 2014 when Saturn enters Sagittarius - to "open" everyone up to their true destiny.


סוד ה ליראיו ובריתו להודיעם


Months Astrological Events Explained

Sun Enters Leo - 22nd / 23rd July 2014

Your True Attitude towards Yourself ... Determines how you deal with other people


Angry people are always angry with everyone - because deep-down they're angry with themselves. Happy people are always happy with everyone - because deep-down they're happy with themselves. Loving people are always loving with and like everyone - because deep-down they're feel loved. Hateful people always complain and and hate everyone - because deep-down they hate themselves. "Your relationship with yourself" - defines the essence of all "your relationships" with other people .....

When you're in a good mood - you look after yourself - eat healthy, dress well, smile and look good - but when you're in a bad mood - you neglect yourself, look bad and are grumpy. How you are WITHIN yourself - defines and determines how you are to the EXTERNAL world.


The key to what happens to you - during Sun in Leo - will be defined by "what" your relationship is with yourself - and if you're upset with your own life - it means your upset with yourself - and will then be grumpy and upset with everyone else.

But when you ACCEPT yourself - ACCEPT your life - ACCEPT that your life could be far worse than it is - and ACCEPT you have a lot of things in your life to say THANK YOU - then you will be living in PEACE with yourself - and therefore living in PEACE with everyone else in the world.

I've needed to say this - as the vast majority of the people in the world are peaceful and loving people - intrinsically nice and just looking for the good things that life has to give - the best of which is LOVE - in loving relationships with people who are good for you.

That's what Sun in Leo will be doing for you - but for BAD people who are grumpy, destructively nasty and hateful - you will be watching on TV news of "hot" spots of mayhem in the world - because they HATE themselves so much - they HATE the world they live in and karmically they destroy it - but that is THEIR BAD karma and NOT yours - so don't get sucked-into any badness you watch on the news.


There's ONLY one reason to live - that is to love and to create GOOD karma in the world - and therefore anyone who can't LOVE, refuses to LOVE and hates to be nice to others - will find July - August - September - very painful. You see the natural human instinct is to LOVE. People who refuse to LOVE - are actually attempting to block their own life-energy - and self-destroying their own existence.

Many human's make their own lives complicated by all the nonsense they create in their own minds - in fact the most intelligent people are sometimes the most STUPID - because they think logically to block their own destiny. During the triple conjunctions of Leo - you're going to see - that no matter what you "think" and have "decided" logically - you will be instinctively realize that LOVE is the answer.

Nerdy teenagers and single adults have no idea about the meaning of life because they're missing ONE important facet of life and that's a wholesome loving relationship - it's the most natural thing in the world - and yet some people make it seem so complicated. Because only after loving another - your mind thinks differently - because you're now wholesome.

Even if some of you, have wanted "it" - but not found "it" - during Sun in Leo - you will find "it" - in fact "it" will find you. And the problem I'm going to have is that many of you will be emailing me - because you've got so many choices to make. This doesn't just apply to sexual loving relationships - but all your relationships - because Leo - wants you to be wholesome through the WARMTH of all the people in your life and in all your relationships. There's only ONE thing you need to do during Sun in Leo - and that's let yourself live the life - you are destined to live.


Understanding the Energy of Star Sign Leo which is ruled by the Sun is important so learn about "Leo" [and read the positive qualities of Leo] - and you'll realize that in the same way the Sun is the most vital ingredient in all our lives as without the Sun none of us would be alive - you'll see as all the planets [Sun, Mercury, Venus, Jupiter with New Moon in Leo] concentrate their energies with numerous triple conjunctions in Leo - that the next month is going to be one of the most important months of your life.

It doesn't matter what "you" decide is good for you - or what "you" want - Leo will ensure that everything that's vital to your existence will be attracted into your life - and if you hold-back and stop yourself from "living" life the way you're destiny to live - then only you will suffer. The "Leo" intensity will break even the most stubborn - and will eliminate the most difficult blockages - and before you know it - August 2014 will be quickly defined as one of the BEST month ever - with it getting even better. For Full explanations of Sun in Leo please read This Months Astrology on the astrology website.


סוד ה ליראיו ובריתו להודיעם