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This Month's Astrological Events

Sun in Virgo 23rd August => 23rd September 2014

Written by the נסתר Spiritual Astrologer author ספר כוכבי אור Sefer Kochvei Or

Secrets of Daily Moon Astrology סוד הלבנה , "This Weeks" Planetary Movements

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23rd August: Sun enters Virgo - 8am Europe - 2am USA EST
25th August: Venus 16° Leo trines Uranus [in retrograde] 16° Aries
25th August: Venus 17° Leo squares Saturn 17° Scorpio
25th August: Mercury 17° Virgo sextiles Saturn 17° Scorpio
25th August: Mars 17° Scorpio conjunct Saturn 17° Scorpio
25th August: New Moon in Virgo
27th August: Venus 18° Leo squares Mars 18° Scorpio
29th August: Sun 6° Virgo opposes Neptune [in retrograde] 6° Pisces

1st September: Jupiter moves from 10° => 16° Leo in Month of September
2nd September: Mercury enters Libra
3rd September: Sun 11° Virgo trines Pluto [in retrograde] 11° Capricorn
4th September: Venus enters Virgo

5th => 7th September: Karmic days - 40 days since Jonah's Tomb
9th September: Full Moon 16° Pisces
9th September: Mercury 11° Libra squares Pluto [in retrograde] 11° Capricorn
10th September: Venus 5° Virgo opposes Neptune [in retrograde] 5° Pisces
10th September: Mercury 12° Libra sextiles Jupiter 12° Leo
11th September: Sun 18° Virgo sextiles Saturn 18° Scorpio
13th September: Mars enters Sagittarius
14th September: Venus 11° Virgo trines Pluto [in retrograde] 11° Capricorn
18th September: Mercury 15° Libra opposes Uranus [in retrograde] 16° Aries
23rd September: Mars 5° Sagittarius squares Neptune [in retrograde] 5° Pisces

23rd September: Sun enters Libra


This Month's Astrological Events Fully Explained

Sun in Virgo 23rd August => 23rd September 2014

Full Explanations available on the Astrology Website @


The Hidden Spiritual Lights of Astrology אור הגנוז

אף על פי שאיהו לא חזי מזלייהו חזי

""Even though you can't see the astrological energies - You can sense each of them"

Talmud Sanhedrin סנהדרין צד


This Months Astrological Events

Introduction to Sun in Virgo 2014

During Sun in Leo 23rd July => 23rd August 2014 - EVERYONE - and I mean EVERYONE has experienced BIG changes in your lives. It was very difficult to explain in general terms - due to the "triple conjunctions" in Leo - which influenced each of you according to your Sun and Moon star sign.

It's influence and power is not over - it's just begun - as it will continue to influence you for the next 12 months as Jupiter in Leo will ensure the NEW shift which began in August 2014 will continue to GROW and influence all the facets of your life. Even though "triple conjunctions" in fire sign of Leo has ended - you're going to be both shocked and surprised when you see the results emerge during Sun in Virgo from 23rd August => 23rd September 2014.

You've been awakened during Sun in Leo - and now you can't go-back to the past nor can you go-back to sleep - the only direction is FORWARD - and you know something needs to change. During Sun in Virgo a truthful realization will emerge that it's time to do something. What that "something" will be - will be unique to each and everyone - but as the karmic wheel of fortune is moving forward in the world - "it" will ensure your life moves forward.


Understanding Earth Sign of Virgo

To understand what will happen during Sun in Virgo, why it will happen, what will make it happen and why you'll change your outlook on life - you need to understand the world of a Virgo. It is not that Virgo's are strange, peculiar or queer - they're simply living in their own world with their own rules and with their own blinkered perception of life - which actually has NOTHING to do with they way anyone else looks at life - because Virgo's live in their own world - detached from others - not wanting interaction with others - and not listening to what others are saying. This does not mean that Virgo's have got life wrong - but they do cause their own problems - because they're not listening to others.

Traditionally Virgo's complain about their lives the most because they like to complain. Although "technically" their critical eye is supposed to ensure they FIX their own lives instead of fixing other people's lives or complaining about other people - and I believe that Virgo's want problems because they want to complain about something - and if they've got no problems - they'll create a problem. You might think they're the most unlucky of star signs - and you'd be right.

BUT - and this is the important point - when Virgo's mature and understand how to use their analytical problem-solving gifts wisely - [especially when they stop complaining] - they're able to turn-around every problem to find a brilliant solution - many of whom will then get paid lots of money for solving other people's problems - as Virgo has the innate ability to attract financial success - WHEN they work and solve problems.

Now - do you understand Virgo's? They're not bad people - they're simply "complicated" - as they don't even understand themselves - even if they think they do. The Virgo energy is designed to FIX the world - to solve problems because it is designed to find the source of the problem and then create the solution.

The funniest side of "Virgo" is that they actually go looking for problems - therefore - during Sun in Virgo - you're going to find yourself - focusing on ONE specific problem you have - and by the Pisces Full Moon of 9th September 2014 - you'll actually find a solution for it. Not necessarily based on logic - but based on deep feelings that will guide your instincts to find the solution.

And of my favourite sides of "Virgo" is something I wish I could learn from - and that's they don't do anything for nothing - unless they get paid to do it - they waste no time doing anything for "free". Therefore during Sun in Virgo we are all going to review what we do with our lives and with our time - if we feel something is a TOTAL waste of time - then more than likely - now is the time it will be dumped. Which includes all the "internet" activities that don't pay.


Sun in Virgo - No Planets in Air Star Signs

All the Planets are in [Earth Sign] [Fire Sign] [Water Sign]


Sun in Virgo [Earth Sign] Mercury in Virgo [Earth Sign] Pluto in Capricorn [Earth Sign]

Jupiter in Leo [Fire Sign] Uranus in Aries [Fire Sign] Venus in Leo [Fire Sign]

Mars in Scorpio [Water Sign] Saturn in Scorpio [Water Sign] Neptune in Pisces [Water Sign]


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סוד ה ליראיו ובריתו להודיעם