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This Month's Astrological Events

Sun in Gemini 20th May => 20th June 2016

Written by the נסתר Spiritual Astrologer author ספר כוכבי אור Sefer Kochvei Or

Secrets of Daily Moon Astrology סוד הלבנה , "This Weeks" Planetary Movements

& This Years Major Astrological Events of the Outer Planets for 2016


20th May: Sun enters Gemini

21st May: Full Moon 1° Sagittarius - 1st Full Moon in Sagittarius

Full Moon conjunct Mars in retrograde in Sagittarius
21st May: Sun 1° Gemini opposes Mars [retrograde] 1° Sagittarius
23rd May: Mercury goes direct 14° Taurus
24th May: Venus enters Gemini
26th May: Jupiter 13° Virgo squares Saturn [retrograde] 13° Sagittarius
27th May: Mars retrogrades back into Scorpio
31st May: Mercury 17° Taurus trines Pluto [retrograde] 17° Capricorn


2nd June: Sun 12° Gemini squares Neptune 12° Pisces
3rd June: Venus 12° Gemini squares Neptune 12° Pisces
3rd June: Sun 13° Gemini opposes Saturn [retrograde] 13° Sagittarius
4th June: Venus 13° Gemini opposes Saturn [retrograde] 13° Sagittarius
4th June: Sun 14° Gemini squares Jupiter 14° Virgo
5th June: Venus 14° Gemini squares Jupiter 14° Virgo
5th June: New Moon 15° Gemini
8th June: Sun 18° Gemini conjunct Venus 18° Gemini
12th June: Mercury enters Gemini
12th June: Venus 23° Gemini sextiles Uranus 23° Aries
14th June: Sun 23° Gemini sextiles Uranus 23° Aries
14th June: Neptune goes retrograde at 12° Pisces
17th June: Venus enters Cancer
18th June: Saturn [retrograde] 12° Sagittarius squares Neptune [retrograde] 12° Pisces
20th June: Full Moon 29° Sagittarius - 2nd Full Moon in Sagittarius

Full Moon exact at Galactic Center on the cusp of Sagittarius/Capricorn


20th June: Sun enters Cancer
20th June: Mercury 11° Gemini opposes Saturn [retrograde] 11° Sagittarius
20th June: Mercury 12° Gemini squares Neptune [retrograde] 12° Pisces
22nd June: Mercury 16° Gemini squares Jupiter 16° Virgo
26th June: Jupiter 16° Virgo trines Pluto [retrograde] 16° Capricorn
27th June: Venus 12° Cancer trines Neptune [retrograde] 12° Pisces
29th June: Mercury enters Cancer
30th June: Mars goes direct at 23° Scorpio


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Introduction to Sun in Gemini May - June 2016


Sun in Aries 20th March => 19th April 2016 began the zodiac year - 2nd phase Sun in Taurus 19th April => 20th May 2016 created a lot of essential stability - both by eliminating anything unstable and creating stability - it did this by ensuring you didn't get distracted and didn't even want to be distracted. Whilst Sun in Taurus wasn't as vibrant as Sun in Aries and not as vibrant as Sun in Gemini will be - it was essential and vital to creating stability for the future.


The good news - and - hence the advance notice of this webpage - is to inform you that whatever happens during Sun in Taurus is essential and will do you a lot of good for everything NEW that will be unfolding and happening in your life during Sun in Gemini. It will also make you both wise and prepared to make wise choices that Sun in Gemini will be presenting you with.


During Sun in Taurus April / May 2016 - you should have learnt the meaning of "Stability" - in understanding what you need in your life for "stability" - it might have been boring at times - but it was essential - because during Sun in Gemini May/June 2016 - your world completely opens to give you lots of choices. You will need to remember the person you are and remember what you need in your life for you to be "you" - you will also need to remember that life without "distractions" - is actually the best recipe for "stability".


Can you remember all that you've experienced in the past few months as you embark on Sun in Gemini May/June 2016 - I doubt it - because Sun in Gemini is going to create a lot of vibrancy - which will create lots of choices - and events will seem like a battle between vibrancy, aliveness, change and excitement AND between conventional boring stability - most people will be choosing to be ALIVE - even if it will create changes and temporary instability.


But don't worry - because the instability and changes are merely ensuring any stagnation and "dead" energies in your life are removed. Whilst I guess that some of you - will feel like the battle you're going to have is between "light" and "darkness" - the "future" and "past" - the good news is the winner will be "light" that will be guiding you to the bright "future".


Sun in Gemini will turn the "switch on" for everyone


During the past few months - there's been an oscillation - either it's been lively or quiet - switch-on or switch-off - during Sun in Taurus some of you have had a boring month - whilst others had a vibrant month - but during Sun in Gemini - it is the SWITCH ON for EVERYONE - to everything, to every planet, to everyone, to the past, to the present and to the future. All combined together - is the reason why Sun in Gemini is going to be a unusually vibrant month.


Last month - I defined "Two Groups of People in the World" - you either resonate more to the [1] The Earth & Water signs of Taurus, Cancer, Virgo, Scorpio, Capricorn & Pisces - or resonate more to [2] The Fire & Air signs of Aries, Gemini, Leo, Libra, Sagittarius & Aquarius - you should have found yourself - and - know what you need in your life.


The problem comes - when you have a choice - because both groups of people - are interesting to you. That's what Sun in Gemini will be creating. Although the purpose is not to confuse you - it will seem confusing for some - because BOTH stability and instability will be attractive.


The truth is Sun in Gemini - has a destined purpose - and - that's to OPEN everyone up - in order to find what you're looking for. You could say it's the difference to having "internet" or not having "internet". The "internet" opens everyone up - to emails and to communicate. But there's lots of stuff on the "internet" that only creates instability and distractions - but you need to see "it" all - to realize what's good for you and what isn't.


It's like searching for something on eBay - once you've found what you're looking for - you will make your decision to "BUY" based on your gut-feelings, trustworthiness and where it comes from. If you didn't use your sensitivity - then you might make a mistake and get the "wrong" thing for you. That's what Sun in Gemini will be like. So be warned - have your wits about you - and use your sensitivity wisely.


Last month during Sun in Taurus - you've seen both the "Loyal & Disloyal" - People you can trust and people you can't trust - the one-way relationships and the two-way relationships. It was important you've seen and experienced what you've seen. Now you "know" people - you can work with them - but instead of getting too involved with them - you can define your boundaries - as you've realized the people you can trust and those you can't trust.


But it's not just about "knowing" people - it's about FEELING the invisible STRONG CONNECTION to them. You can't make yourself FEEL anything towards anyone - and - no-one can break your bond to certain people - because all "relationship" energies are invisible bonds that define your destiny. Life gives you feelings for you to live your destined destiny.


Immediately Sun enters Gemini - it will create the 1st Sagittarian Full Moon on Saturday 21st May 2016 - it will CONNECT everyone to everyone who you're supposed to be connected to. Even people from the "past" - will make contact with you - even "relationships" you assumed you'd never hear from them again in your life - if destiny needs you to be connected - then this Sagittarian will make the connections.


Many years ago - when I worked in recruitment - we always knew - it was NEVER about how qualified or intelligent the person was - it was always about fitting the personality into the right place. Hence, work-connections, business-connections and career is about working with the RIGHT combination of people. Whilst it the key is to "like" other people. Fitting in and being "liked" is finding the place where your aura is ACCEPTED by others.


The same is when you choose to move-home - you get attracted to certain places - because destiny needs you to live there. Same with all facets of your life - you get attracted to be somewhere, to connect with people - because destiny needs you wherever it needs you to be. And like on this website - there are readers that I like a lot - I don't know why - it's just so. That's life. Sun in Gemini will create coincidences to ensure that everyone you're destined to be connected to and everywhere you're supposed to be - you'll be there - connected and feeling ALIVE because of the connections.


Destiny has already connected your soul ...

Real life makes the connections via your speech


Sun in Gemini will ensure you search and find who and what you're looking for, and when you hear the words your soul is expecting to hear - then you know you've found what you're looking for.


Have you ever met someone - then they open their mouths and speak - and it turns-you-off - that's because irrespective of what they're saying - their voice emits an energy. The "buzz" of their voice - either irritates you - or - it charms you. Why is impossible to explain - and yet - everyone's voice resonates an energy.


When you're destined to be connected to someone - irrespective of what they say - the "buzz" of their voice is what your soul resonates to. It's the same reason why we love listening to music - the songs and the singer resonate to us or not. When you speak to a salesperson - if their voice resonates to you - you'll buy what they're selling, and if their voice annoys you - you'll be repelled by what they're selling.


Destined connections never makes sense - and - yet you make the connections to people and people make the connections to you - defined by what you FEEL when you hear them SPEAK. The "buzz" that their voice vibrates to your ears - to your aura - will define - if you FEEL right or FEEL wrong.


During Sun in Gemini the communicative star sign that is OPEN and LISTENS to everyone - means you're searching for what you're needing to hear - when you hear "it" and depending on the energy with which you hear "it" - will define the decisions you'll make.


Sun in Gemini - wants you to hear the POSITIVE words with POSITIVE energy - so if you hear anything NEGATIVE with NEGATIVE energy - it simply defines - KEEP AWAY and DISCONNECT. It's that simple !


Another facet of communication is be yourself - talk the way you talk. Indeed, some people talk a "lot" - some only need to say a "few" words - but everyone has their own way to communicate. Some people need to use "quantity" others use "quality" - what you say and the way you say it - defines "you". That persona of "you" is what other people are attracted to - that's what Sun in Gemini will be doing - ensuring "you" are "you".


"You will always like the people you like"

Gemini is star sign that never judges anyone


Everyone is given feelings towards everyone and everything that life wants you to like and wants you to be connected to. The key is to listen to your feelings. Because when Gemini becomes judgmental - it becomes intolerant, blocks the flow of life energy and "dies".


Because OPEN communication defines LIFE - whereas CLOSED and blocked communication created by negativity disconnects you from having the right people in it's life. Sun in Gemini will be creating an OPEN energy to want to be open, to want to listen and to want to accept everyone in your life - but you might find some people inappropriate for you - as "their" energy will annoy you - that's merely a "sign" for you to keep-away from them.


Astrological energies explain the invisible - for it never makes sense - why some people are connected to others and what keep others away from others. I compare it to languages - when I'm in Hungary and can't speak Hungarian - the only people I can connect with are people who speak English. Likewise in your life - the only people YOU connect with - are people who are on your wavelength, people you like their energy, people who destiny wants you to be connected to. That's why you like hearing from them - like they like hearing from you.


The destination is clear, positive and destined

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