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This Month's Astrological Events

Sun inVirgo 22nd August => 22nd September 2016

Written by the נסתר Spiritual Astrologer author ספר כוכבי אור Sefer Kochvei Or

Secrets of Daily Moon Astrology סוד הלבנה , "This Weeks" Planetary Movements

& This Years Major Astrological Events of the Outer Planets for 2016


22nd August: Sun enters Virgo

22nd August: Mercury 26° Virgo conjunct Jupiter 26° Virgo

24th August: Mars 9°52' Sagittarius conjunct Saturn 9°52' Sagittarius

26th August: Mars 10° Sagittarius squares Neptune [retrograde] 10° Pisces

27th August: Venus 27° Virgo conjunct Jupiter 27° Virgo

29th August: Mercury 28° Virgo conjunct Venus 28° Virgo

30th August: Venus enters Libra

30th August: Mercury goes retrograde at 28° Virgo


1st September: New Moon at 8° Virgo - Solar Eclipse
2nd September: Sun 10° Virgo squares Saturn 10° Sagittarius

2nd September: Mercury [retrograde] 28° Virgo conjunct Jupiter 28° Virgo
2nd September: Sun 10° Virgo opposes Neptune [retrograde] 10° Pisces
7th September: Sun 14° Virgo trines Pluto [retrograde] 14° Capricorn
7th September: Venus 10° Libra sextiles Saturn 10° Sagittarius


9th September: Jupiter enters Libra

10th September: Karmic Clarity - date-with-destiny - "the future begins"

10th September: Saturn 10° Sagittarius squares Neptune [retrograde] 10° Pisces
11th September: Venus squares Pluto [retrograde] 14° Capricorn
12th September: Mercury [retrograde] 20° Virgo squares Mars 20° Sagittarius
12th September: Sun 20° Virgo conjunct Mercury [retrograde] 20° Virgo
13th September: Sun 21° Virgo squares Mars 21° Sagittarius
16th September: Full Moon 24° Pisces - Lunar Eclipse
17th September: Mars 23° Sagittarius trines Uranus [retrograde] 23° Aries
18th September: Venus 23° Libra opposites Uranus [retrograde] 23° Aries
19th September: Venus 25° Libra sextile Mars 25° Sagittarius
21st September: Mercury [retrograde] 14° Virgo trine Pluto [retrograde] 14° Capricorn
22nd September: Mercury goes direct 14°50' Virgo


22nd September: Sun enters Libra
23rd September: Mercury 14° Virgo trines Pluto [retrograde] 14° Capricorn
23rd September: Venus enters Scorpio

24th/25th September: Mars 28°/29° Sagittarius crosses over Galactic center
26th September: Sun 3° Libra conjunct Jupiter 3° Libra
26th September: Pluto goes direct at 14°56' Capricorn
27th September: Mars enters Capricorn

30th September: New Moon at 8° Libra


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Introduction to Sun in Virgo August-September 2016

A busy month with lots of strong destined changes


This zodiac year - which began on 22nd March 2016 - is defined as a STRONG astrological year. Usually it's every 3 years - and - certainly every 6 years - astrologically it's defined as a STRONG year. 2016 is the STRONG year and the collective astrological energies are working to ensure that everyone experiences positive changes.


Depending on your age and astrological cycle - defines if you're a 3 year person or a 6 year person - either way - since March 2016 and until March 2017 - everyone will be experiencing MAJOR changes in your lives. Each astrological month will be enhanced and it's energies magnified.


You've already seen the past 5 months - how each month - did something for you. Some months more than others - but without doubt - you've had something BIG happen and change in the past 5 months - and now Sun in Virgo will complete the 1st half of the zodiac cycle which means that the collective changes and experiences of the past 5 months will now be used wisely to put all the correct pieces of your life together and ensure you get yourself "completed".


Often "Virgo" is compared to a jigsaw puzzle - whilst all the pieces of your destiny are in existence somewhere in the world - you don't know what pieces are essential and needed UNTIL you find what you're looking for. The good news is that since March 2016 - you've had destiny showing you and giving you pieces of the puzzle.


Sun in Virgo will ensure you open your eyes and use all the pieces you've been given - then by law of attraction - you will get all the other pieces you need. By being connected to all the GOOD facets you've experienced in the past 5 months - you know what you need in your life and you know what you don't need too !


Now I should say - especially for readers that don't usually like "Virgo" energies that this month of Sun in Virgo even you will like it and that's because it's a STRONG astrological zodiac year and Sun in Virgo is an important piece of the STRONG year. It is the month when everything that needs fixing will be fixed and everything that is useless and meaningless to your future will be discarded from your life.


It will give you the ability and good luck to get your life moving forwards. Indeed, as the 3-6 year cycle of changes defines that EVERY 3 or 6 years you experience a STRONG transformative year - this is the year of changes for everyone. Sun in Virgo is going to be the month that will be most important in that process of change.


The main reason is on 9th September Jupiter enters Libra. Jupiter entering positive star sign of Libra begins the 2nd half of the zodiac cycle - it creates a sextile to Saturn in Sagittarius - which means it's going to create a positive change for everyone - defined by the positive destined relationships in your life. Hence, whatever needs fixing and changing - to prepare you for future - will be happening during Sun in Virgo and that's why it's going to be a very BUSY month with numerous changes for everyone.


Sun in Virgo works via Mind over Matter


Let me explain Virgo energies. Virgo does not waste time doing anything they don't want to do. It's not a case of being "lazy" - it's really the truth that if a Virgo doesn't want something then it won't do it. Because it doesn't want to be connected to anything it doesn't want in it's life.


Now the contradiction of Virgo's happen - when their physical body does something and their mouth has said it will never do it. The reason would appear to be is they've lied - but the truth is their mind is either weak - or external influences have convinced them to do it - or they really have lied.


Either way - the power of Virgo is in what they do - ACTIONS speak louder than WORDS - that's because when someone physically does something - it defines what they really wanted to do. Now the key to being empowered is to take CONTROL of your own mind. Be honest with yourself - and - define what is it that you WANT in your life. And - even more important is to know - WHO is being truthful and honest with you and WHO has been lying to you.


For example, if an overweight person promises to go on a diet - but then eats lots of chocolate ice-cream and cakes - their actions speak louder than their words - and will define they become even fatter. And another example, your partner says they "love" you - but has been cheating on you with someone else - "actions speak louder than words". When you tell your "friend" you're too busy - but in reality - you're simply too lazy - "actions speak louder than words".


Virgo is the star sign that defines loyalty, correctness and trustworthiness - that's because Virgo defines the TRUTH. Actions in sync with words. But in reality in the world - we all LIE. It's human nature - and - it's our lies that get us into trouble. For example, when a young woman marries a wealthy older gentleman - "we" all know the truth. But it still happens. That's life.


Sun in Virgo is asking all of us to be TRUTHFUL - at least with ourselves. And if you don't know what I mean - then look at your actions. Our actions define our minds. Our actions define our loyalty to whatever we do. If we didn't want to do it - we wouldn't do it.


When I see "religious" people behaving badly - their actions define they have no respect for their religion or for others - their actions are their truth. When men or women have affairs with others - they're showing no respect for their partner. When we eat or drink something UNHEALTHY for our body - we're showing no respect for our body.


Whenever our actions contradict our thoughts - we're showing no respect for our destiny. Very often - whilst the fundamental reason for contradictions is that many people aren't even THINKING what they're doing - the real reason is because - there's no sense of LOYALTY. Not just LOYALTY towards others - but more importantly LOYALTY towards yourself and towards your own destiny.


Loyalty to Your Own Destiny


When you know you've got a destined mission in life - when you know you've got to do something important - you NEVER ever get distracted. You won't even eat or drink anything that will be bad for you - because you know you must concentrate and have a clear head to concentrate.


Do you remember how you studied before your exams when you were a student in college or at school? Do you remember how you concentrated so carefully for your "driving-test"? Or - when you went on your 1st date or job interview? Or - when worked when your boss was looking at you? Or do you remember how carefully you concentrate on driving - especially long-distance interstate / autobahn / motorways ?


The intrinsic reason is we all need something to CONCENTRATE on. The human mind hates being in free-fall. Your destiny ensures you have something that either worries or concerns you, that excites or energizes you - so that you will be forced or enticed to CONCENTRATE your mind on.


CONCENTRATING and THINKING is an essential part of living life. It might be for 10 mins or for 10 hours - but everyone needs something to think about. The problem is even when people "think" - their thoughts are in free-fall - and they're not really CONCENTRATING. CONCENTRATING means quality moments of no-distractions and focus - so that you know your mind is switched ON.


LOYALTY towards someone or something means you're CONCENTRATING on doing whatever you're doing because someone is looking at you - and that's the truth - we all need someone to look-up-to , it gives us a sense of wanting to do our job well and most importantly - it makes us feel a sense of LOYALTY. People who don't careless about "loyalty" are always reckless with their lives and with their time.


The LOYALTY factor defines that you're CONCENTRATING and focused on your own destiny and you want it so much that you're prepared to makes sacrifices and refuse to be distracted until you've arrived at the destination. The key to LOYALTY is that it's on your mind all the time.


Sun in Virgo defines Loyalty to your destiny

Mind over Matter - you've got to want "it"


Now I guess - you're wondering WHY the long introduction above about "loyalty", truth and using your mind to concentrate - and that's because - Sun in Virgo means EVERYONE is going to be given something to THINK about, to WORRY about and to CONCENTRATE about.


"It" might appear to be an obsessive worry or thought - but during Sun in Virgo - applicable for every star sign - something REAL is happening and will be happening in your life that will FORCE you to THINK about. The wise readers will use the opportunity to THINK carefully and CONCENTRATE on what it is you truly want in your life.


Whatever "it" is - will be specific to you - but I should say - the real reason is that you THINK and CONCENTRATE about what you honestly want in your life. I always say that your potential is defined by both your emotions and determination to get what you want. Even immature and stupid people can get something - when they THINK and CONCENTRATE on what they want.


When a "baby" needs it's nappy changing - it cries and cries until - someone comes and solves it's problem. Whatever it is that you need in your life is merely something that life wants you to need. You've been given the NEED and WANT - because destiny wants you NEED and WANT it. During Sun in Virgo - all you have to do is THINK and CONCENTRATE on it.


This year - the whole month - Sun in Virgo means there's no boundaries nor limitations - anything is possible - all you have to do is be motivated to want to FIX it - then CONCENTRATE your mind and you will have will-power over your body - and you'll do it. Sun in Virgo is logical, clear thinking and determined to find the TRUTH. The truth that applies to you - to your destiny and to your future.


Sun in Virgo - Destiny has loyalty to your Destiny

Sun in Virgo, Mercury in Virgo, Venus in Virgo, Jupiter in Virgo

Neptune in Pisces & Mars in Sagittarius & Saturn in Sagittarius


It's a simple straight-forwards month of destined events - when you'll be given something real that will happen - to make you THINK and CONCENTRATE on. Then the more you concentrate on it - the more it will fill your aura - the more destiny will bring you everything you need.


To get to the solution - Neptune in Pisces will be opposing the Sun in Virgo - and - both Mars & Saturn in Sagittarius will be squaring the Sun in Virgo - which means - all BAD solutions and all WRONG facets will be eliminated because the TRUTH will be revealed. Sun in Virgo will shine it's light so clearly on the TRUTH - that you won't be able to be deceived anymore. It will show you the destined pathway with 100% clarity.


As soon as you experience it - all you have to do is DEAL with it and FIX it immediately. The solution will be to understand honestly - is it a part of your destiny - is it part of your future - if so - you need to CONCENTRATE your mind on it with positive energy. But if it's not part of your destiny - then discard it - don't even waste your energy or time on "it".


The problem will be - when you've got to change your mind - because as soon as you see the TRUTH - that will create STRONG moments. Be honest with yourself and you'll get through it. Sun in Virgo has a mission and that's to ensure you get to your destiny.


Sun in Virgo has 100% loyalty to your destiny. Destiny wants what destiny wants for you. And to ensure you see it clearly - it has to show you both the right pathway and the wrong pathway - it has to show you the good things you've done and the mistakes you've made. Then when you see the whole picture puzzle of your life - then you will know exactly what destiny wants for you.


Indeed, that's the truth - in hindsight - when you THINK clearly and CONCENTRATE - you can see all the GOOD things you've done and all the mistakes you've made. More importantly, you can see WHY you did all the GOOD things and WHY you made the mistakes too. Understanding the reason WHY is the key to ensuring how to undo and fix the problems you've got and ensuring how to unlock and get more GOOD things to happen.


You see EVERYONE has a GOOD luck department and EVERYONE has a BAD luck department. The recipe is something you "know" deep within yourself. Often "bad luck" is because of lies, deceit, negativity and something blocking your "good luck" because you're not being the real "you" - whereas good luck is because you're being the real honest "you" - being happy with your life, feeling alive, liberated, optimistic and looking forward to whatever destiny is bringing into your life.


You always instinctively "know" when you're feeling LUCKY because you feel ALIVE. You wake up feeling ALIVE don't you ? And you "know" when you're feeling UNLUCKY because you feel DEAD inside. The purpose of Sun in Virgo is to ensure you fix your LUCKY factor and you come ALIVE.



The destination is clear, positive and destined

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