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This Month's Astrological Events

Sun in Pisces 18th February => 20th March 2017

Written by the נסתר Spiritual Astrologer author ספר כוכבי אור Sefer Kochvei Or

Secrets of Daily Moon Astrology סוד הלבנה , "This Weeks" Planetary Movements

& This Years Major Astrological Events of the Outer Planets for 2017


18th February: Sun enters Pisces

21st February: Mercury 21° Aquarius sextiles Uranus 21° Aries

22nd February: Mercury 22° Aquarius trines Jupiter [retrograde] 22° Libra

23rd February: Mercury 26° Aquarius sextiles Saturn 26° Sagittarius

25th February: Mercury enters Pisces

26th February: New Moon in Pisces

27th February: Mars 22° Aries conjunct Uranus 22° Aries

27th February: Mars 22° Aries opposes Jupiter [retrograde] 22° Libra

27th February: Jupiter [retrograde] 22° Libra opposes Uranus 22° Aries


2nd March: Sun 11° Pisces conjunct Neptune 11° Pisces

4th March: Mercury 11° Pisces conjunct Neptune 11° Pisces

4th March: Venus goes retrograde at 13° Aries

5th March: Mars 27° Aries trines Saturn 27° Sagittarius

7th March: Sun 16° Pisces conjunct Mercury 16° Pisces

8th March: Mercury 18° Pisces sextiles Pluto 18° Capricorn

9th March: Sun 18° Pisces sextiles Pluto 18° Capricorn

10th March: Mars enters Taurus

10th March: Neptune at 12° Pisces - out of "2016" shadow

11th March: Pluto at 19° Capricorn

12th March: Mercury 27° Pisces squares Saturn 27° Sagittarius

12th March: Full Moon at 22° Virgo

13th March: Mercury enters Aries

17th March: Sun 27° Pisces squares Saturn 27° Sagittarius

18th March: Mercury 9° Aries conjunct Venus [retrograde] 9° Aries


20th March: Sun enters Aries - New Zodiac Year

24th March: Mercury 20° Aries opposes Jupiter [retrograde] 20° Libra

25th March: Sun 4° Aries conjunct Venus [retrograde] 4° Aries

26th March: Mercury 23° Aries conjunct Uranus 23° Aries

27th March: Mercury 27° Aries trines Saturn 27° Sagittarius

28th March: New Moon 7° Aries with Sun - Moon - Mercury - Venus - Uranus in Aries


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Introduction to Sun in Pisces 2017

Sun in Pisces - Believing in your future

Sun in Pisces talks to everyone - defines - what you honestly believe in - because it energizes for you ....


Each zodiac year the 12th star sign of the zodiac - Sun in Pisces - the final astrological month is the - 12th House of Karma that defines the past 12 months. In physical reality - Sun in Pisces creates INVISIBLE and INEXPLICABLE connections, destined events and changes that you can't do yourself - the mysterious karma of destiny - will do it all for you.


Sun in Pisces will create magical days - and - reaffirm your belief in things you can't explain. All you know is that there is something "looking after you". Some of you call "it" - GOD - the Divine - others call "it" coincidences - others call "it" destiny - and others are simply left speechless and powerless - because "it" makes everyone realize that NONE of us are in control of anything in our lives.


I always compare Sun in Pisces to your healthy HEART and BRAIN - what makes your heart-beat with excitement ? what makes your brain think with aliveness ? You don't need a battery-charger to keep your heart beating and you don't need electric plug or a computer system to make your brain function - DESTINY does it all for you.


When DESTINY wants you to do something it makes your heart beat faster and makes you brain think quicker. Inexplicably - it does makes you feel and react the way you react. Not everyone you meet makes your heartbeat with excitement and not everything you observe makes you "think" - but when it's important the mysterious functions of your HEART and BRAIN makes you do whatever life wants you to do.


And when DESTINY decides to take life from us - at the specific destined moment - we can't do anything about it. Destiny makes things happen - and when changes need to happen - destiny ensures you're involved in the process - you're motivated - you're ready - and you get the "signs" of needing to do whatever life wants you to do. Irrespective of however logical something's appear to be - when DESTINY decides - it happens.


"Some" people hate 12th House karma because it defines that some things in life are unexplained and out of our control. But the truth is 12th House KARMA is your BEST FRIEND - because it insures and assures that everything ANYTHING that is destined to happen will happen - irrelevant of your astrological chart - so if you've never thought outside the "box" - then this year - Sun in Pisces - will prove to you - that NOTHING is ever FIXED and EVERYTHING can change.


Karma is an OVERIDE button - when life bypasses your fixed reality - and then makes things happen - it is synchronicity, coincidences and surprises all rolled into one. And as I've been explaining - due to Venus, Mars & Uranus in Aries - Jupiter in Libra - Saturn in Sagittarius - it is a time of destined changes for everyone - and whilst many of you have already experienced many changes - others will experience the power of change via Sun in Pisces the inexplicable mysterious karmic 12th Star sign of the Zodiac.



Believing in your future - Believing in Life

If you don't believe in something you're not alive

Each Phase of your life is defined by what you believe in - believing in love - believing in life - believing in people

People who get depressed - believe their life is a dead-end . People who are alive are living for the future

Sun in Pisces will create hope for your future - by giving you a future to believe in - something to look-forwards to ....



This Months Astrological Events Explained

This Months Astrological Events Explained - Full Explanations @


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סוד ה ליראיו ובריתו להודיעם