The Spiritual Writings of ספר סודי סודות

סוד ה ליראיו ובריתו להודיעם

This Month's Astrological Events

Sun in Virgo 23rd August => 22nd September 2018

Written by author of ספר כוכבי אור Sefer Kochvei Or - Book of Stars of Light - Spiritual Astrology

to be read in conjunction with Secrets of Daily Moon Astrology, "This Weeks" Planetary Movements

This Years Major Astrological Events of the Outer Planets for 2018


Sun in Virgo - 6th Star Sign of Zodiac

The Truth - Loyalty - Honesty - Stability


Sun in Virgo [Earth Sign] Full Moon in Pisces [Water Sign] Mercury in Leo [Fire Sign] Venus in Libra [Air Sign]

Mars in Capricorn [Earth Sign] Jupiter in Scorpio [Water Sign] Saturn in Capricorn [Earth Sign]

Uranus in Taurus [Earth Sign] Neptune in Pisces [Water Sign] Pluto in Capricorn [Earth Sign]



August: Saturn [retrograde] 2° Capricorn trines Uranus [retrograde] 2° Taurus


23rd August: Sun enters Virgo

25th August: Sun 2° Virgo trines Uranus [retrograde] 2° Taurus

25th August: Sun 2° Virgo trines Saturn [retrograde] 2° Capricorn

26th August: Full Moon in 3° Pisces

28th August: Mars goes direct 28° Capricorn


3rd September: Mercury 25° Leo sextiles Venus 25° Libra

6th September: Saturn goes direct 2° Capricorn

6th September: Mercury enters Virgo

7th September: Sun 15° Virgo opposes Neptune [retrograde] 15° Pisces

9th September: New Moon 16° Virgo

9th September: Venus enters Scorpio

10th September: Mars enters Aquarius

11th September: Sun 18° Virgo sextiles Jupiter 18° Scorpio

11th September: Sun 18° Virgo trines Pluto [retrograde] 18° Capricorn

12th September: Jupiter 18° Scorpio sextiles Pluto [retrograde] 18° Capricorn

14th September: Mercury 14° Virgo opposes Neptune [retrograde] 14° Pisces

16th September: Mercury 18° Virgo trines Pluto [retrograde] 18° Capricorn

16th September: Mercury 19° Virgo sextiles Jupiter 19° Scorpio

18th September: Mars 1° Aquarius squares Uranus [retrograde] 1° Taurus

21st September: Sun 27° Virgo conjunct Mercury 27° Virgo

22nd September: Mercury enters Libra


23rd September: Sun enters Libra

25th September: Full Moon in 2° Aries

25th September: Sun 2° Libra squares Saturn 2° Capricorn

26th September: Sun 3° Libra trines Mars 3° Aquarius

30th September: Pluto goes direct 18° Capricorn


It's a Good Sign - you're looking ahead !

Believing in Astrology - Being inquisitive and searching about the future is a good sign

People who aren't interested in the "future" - are - dead-boring types of people !

Looking-ahead is a very good sign - as you're desiring and eager for changes


Everyone of you should be able to sense that something is going to change

because deep-down you want a change now - now more than ever before!

The more hungry you are for a positive change - the more you know you're going to get it



Introducing Sun in Virgo

Complicated and Busy

Sun in Virgo - says - "Things can't continue the way they have been ....

"Things must change - in-sync with Stability and Honesty"


This year's Sun in Virgo - unlike - the past 10 years - in fact look back to September 2008/2009 - or September 2005/2006 - or September 1995/1996 - and for some people back to September 1990/1991/1992 - it's been a long time since - you've experienced what you're about to experience. It'a MAJOR change. A life-changing change.


You see - life is defined by phases - NOTHING stays the same forever. Sooner or later - MAJOR changes happen. All these BIG changes are defined by the PEOPLE in your life. Look at the dates above - and - see how it relates to your life - more than likely SOMEONE important came into your life - and/or - SOMEONE important left your life.


Life isn't really about anything else - Life is defined by PEOPLE in your life. People give your life meaning. People enhance the experience of living life. It will happen - and - for some of you - you've already been seeing shifts and changes in your attitude to life.


As soon as Sun enters Virgo - the magic is unlocked - due to the life-changing Full Moon in Pisces on Sunday 26th August 2018 - something MAJOR will change inside everyone - something will manifest in your life - to make you awakened to realize that it's time for a POSITIVE change in your life.


For many of you - who've had NOTHING happening - you'll be SHOCKED and SURPRISED by the destined events that will happen. For many of you - who thought your life would carry on being dead-boring with NOTHING happening - you will be SHOCKED.


Because - it's a a rare alignment of 3 sets of TRINES of Sun in Virgo - trine - Saturn in Capricorn - trine - Uranus in Taurus - combined with - Jupiter in Scorpio - trine - Neptune in Pisces - and because there's NO squares - as there's no planets in Gemini or Sagittarius - it means NO-ONE can block or prevent things from happening.


Destiny is in control - destiny will create the magnetism of relationships - destiny will make the connections happen. Destiny will be moving the pieces of life and rearranging people's lives - in sync - with you being CONNECTED to the right people and DISCONNECTED from the wrong people. Sun in Virgo is going to be one of the busiest and most complicated months of the year - that's been there's going to be MAJOR changes happening.



Sun in Virgo - 6th Star Sign of Zodiac

The Truth - Loyalty - Honesty - Stability


Sun in Virgo [Earth Sign] Full Moon on 26th August in Pisces [Water Sign] Mercury in Leo [Fire Sign] Venus in Libra [Air Sign]

Mars [retrograde] Capricorn [Earth Sign] Jupiter in Scorpio [Water Sign] Saturn [retrograde] Capricorn [Earth Sign]

Uranus [retrograde]Taurus [Earth Sign] Neptune [retrograde] Pisces [Water Sign] Pluto [retrograde] Capricorn [Earth Sign]


Sun enters Virgo - 5am UK - 6am Europe - 00:00am EST USA - 9:30am India - 3pm Sydney-Australia

Due to the fact that the Moon is almost arriving at a Full Moon on Sunday 26th August 2018

The entry of Sun in Virgo on Thursday 23rd August 2018 - will be sharp and strong


If ever you attempted to compare Leo with Virgo - you can't compare - there's no similarity - there's NOTHING either StarSigns of Leo or Virgo have in common with each other - and - yet - BOTH StarSigns are vitally essential to create progress and change. You needed Sun in Leo in order to achieve success during Sun in Virgo.


During the past month of - Sun in Leo 23rd July => 22nd August 2018 - everyone has experienced lots of ENERGIES - many of you have wondered and been puzzled as to why all of a sudden you have had lots of ENERGY - and - where did all the ENERGY come from.


You've been RECONNECTED to specific things which have energized you - you've found yourself awakened to WANT and DESIRE - and - the energy of wanting is STRONG - it's not going-away - it is specific to you - and - life is making you WANT something new to happen in your life.


The truth is the ENERGY of destiny is within you - it's just sometimes you're asleep inside. You have a genetic schedule and program built inside you - like "SOFTWARE" & "APPS" programming that gets your computer - iPhone to function. Your physical body is your "hardware" - but the "hardware" only functions in sync with the "software" - "YOU" can only function when you're AWAKENED.


Some call the "software" - destiny - others call it karmic - others call it traditions, family and responsibilities - others call it religion - I call it "Moon Astrology". Your emotions guide you to do what life wants you to do - whatever feels right for you whenever it feels right.


The more awakened and stronger your emotions - the more energy you have to participate with life with. Sun in Leo ensured you've got the energy and begun to feel more alive about life - now - Sun in Virgo will ensure you do something with it by directing it wisely to focus with determination on whatever life wants you to do next with your life.


I should say that - even the "mistakes" you've made you did it because your emotions and strong energies enticed you to make the mistake. And when it comes the time to CORRECT and FIX the "mistakes" - you're guided by your emotions too - to do the right thing.


Emotions never forget your life experiences - and - sooner or later - everything gets CORRECTED and FIXED - because your emotions will always talk to you - and - ensure you HEAL and fix whatever needs healing. Only YOU can do it for yourself - others can never tell you what to do with your life.


Now let me define that every mistake you make is always because of OTHER people. If you were all alone and not influenced by another human being - you'd be dead-bored with life - but you'd also not ever make any mistakes. Hence, the journey of life on Earth for everyone is to get connected to OTHER people - and - to MAKE MISTAKES.


What I'm saying is MAKING MISTAKES is healthy and normal - if scientists, researchers and inventors never made mistakes - nothing good would ever be invented in the world - nothing would ever change in the world.


An ACCEPTANCE that all humans MAKE MISTAKES is the 1st ingredient to FIXING the problem and creating something good in life. People who are stubborn and intolerant - believing "everyone" and "everything" must be perfect in life - will end up dying with misery. Because so long as we all live on Earth - NOTHING will be perfect - NO-ONE will be perfect - and - accepting this fact - ensures you live life.


People who believe they "know-it-all" - don't bother learning anything new. Whereas people who accept they know nothing - are happy to embrace new ideas and new knowledge. When you accept you're NOT perfect - that's when you're OPEN to listen to others.


When LAZY people refuse to work or accept a job - and - when selfish people refuse to have a loving relationship - what "they" emit to the world is a REFUSAL to live life. Because life is about "experiences" - lots of "experiences"!


Someone who is frightened to fly will never see the world. Someone who is frightened to be in a relationship will never know "love" - Someone who is frightened to TRY anything new - are creating their own "DEATH".


Imagine if you didn't TRY anything NEW to eat - and - you found yourself in a country without food that you normally eat - then you'd STARVE to DEATH. Trying something new is a basic and essential part of moving-forwards with life.


The reason for this introduction is - that due to 5 planets in [retrograde] has meant - "some" people are refusing to try something NEW - but in the next few weeks as - Mars & Saturn go direct - with - Sun in Virgo from Thursday 23rd August 2018 - trying something new and having something new happen in life will be unavoidable.



Introducing Sun in Virgo

Complicated and Busy

Sun in Virgo - says - "Things can't continue the way they have been ....

"Things must change - in-sync with Stability and Honesty"


This year's Sun in Virgo - unlike - the past 10 years - as far back as September 2008/2009 for most people - it is going to be one of the busiest and most complicated months of the year - that's been there's going to be MAJOR changes happening.


You see - as you understand from the astrology of our Solar System - when we say - Sun enters Virgo - we actually mean - Earth - which is orbiting the Sun - has moved into the position that makes it appear the Sun has entered Virgo - but the truth is WE - EARTH - has moved into the 12th StarSign of the Zodiac of Pisces - which defines - ENDINGS.


Technically - "some" of the ENDINGS should have already ENDED as far back as March/April 2018 - but - you needed to wait until now to explore the possibilities. And there are "some" ENDINGS that destiny has defined - which we need Sun in Virgo - to create the NEXT phase of your life.


Say - you know you must end your dead-boring relationship - but because no-one better has come-along - you're holding onto him/her.You know - it needs to end - because - deep inside you - you've got the message that "things can't continue the way they are" - you know that you need a change.


Let me repeat something of VERY IMPORTANT about Astrology - which gives GREAT CREDIT and ADMIRATION for WOMEN - and that is all "WOMEN" in the world are much more in tune with and much more sensitive to the lunar cycle than men. Astrology for WOMEN is a given fact of life - whereas men are cynical and skeptical.


The reason is - a woman's physical body - your menstrual cycle - is reacting to - in sync with the astrological monthly lunar energies - and in the same way - your cycle has a new, a full and a dead-zone - you will never ever give-up believing that the cycle of life will continue.


Women are the source of LIFE in the world - everyone is born from a mother - hence - a woman's nature is to never give-up hope for a better tomorrow - that belief in a better future - because of the natural human cycle of life is something many men are missing - especially when "some" men give-up on relationships earlier than women !


Sun in Virgo creates a Full Moon in Pisces on Sunday 26th August 2018 - and - with Jupiter in Scorpio - defines - with 100% clarity that something must END - in order for something to BEGIN. Or what indeed might happen for many of you - is something NEW will BEGIN - and - then you'll quit and leave whatever it is that must END.


Jupiter in Scorpio is the StarSign of "Death and reBirth" - and - in the same way its quite natural to have an END of a cycle - it's perfectly normal to expect the BEGINNING of a new cycle. That's life - everything is defined by cycles. The key word is you can always EXPECT a beginning - especially if you've just had an END.


Jupiter in Scorpio - is making EVERYONE - and - I mean EVERYONE feel the need for a CHANGE and TRANSFORMATION. Jupiter in Scorpio since October 2017 has already ENDED things for you - Jupiter has already created a ENDING. Because whatever "it" is that Jupiter in Scorpio has defined you no longer get any energy from "it" - you actually hate "it" - and - if it's still in your life then you're either waiting to move-on with life - or - something NEW to come along.


Whilst many of you - had something NEW in May - June - July - you're still holding-onto that something OLD. Sun in Virgo has the destined job to ensure you're completely detached from and divorced from the OLD.


And - Sun in Virgo - will ensure - due to the fact that Jupiter 15° => 21° Scorpio in the next 30 days - that's a VERY BIG move for Jupiter - means - there's going to be VERY BIG change. [ And let me say - that during Sun in Libra Jupiter 21° => 27° Scorpio - BIG changes too]. You'll see what it is very honestly, truthfully and very clearly. Then without hesitation - you'll be saying YES.



Destiny created by Saying "YES"

Virgo is the StarSign of Communication - ruled by Mercury - Sun in Virgo will make things happen

People who hesitate are failures at "life" - People who jump-in quick and say "YES" are winners at "life"


All you have to do is say "YES". Mercury the innermost planet that takes just 88 days to orbit the Sun - Mercury the name given to the fast-moving silvery glistening liquid - Mercury which means - when you think about something - you make it happen.


Mercury which says "YES" to everyone. Mercury which rules your thoughts. The problem in life is you can't say "YES" to everyone - Sun in Virgo will ensure you will say "NO" to some people - but - saying "YES" is what Sun in Virgo wants to hear from you.


Let me give you example - how much do you love hearing the word "YES" from others. When you apply for a Job, when you ask someone out on a date, when you want a pay-increase, when you want help in life .... "YES" is the only word you instinctively want to hear.


Anyone who has ever said "NO" to you in your life - more than likely - you HATE them from rejecting you. Anyone who has ever said "YES" to you - you love them and you'll never forget them. Be aware of this - during Sun in Virgo - everyone in the world wants to hear the word "YES" from others. No-one wants to hear the word "NO".


Life is all about SHARING energy with OTHER people - and the way you SHARE is by saying "YES" to others. Let me explain - when someone asks you out on a date - they want to hear the word "YES" from you. When you say YES" - you're making someone else's life HAPPY.


"YES" creates HAPPINESS - and - the karma of life defines - as you say "YES" to others - life will say "YES" to you. Irrespective of your "normal" nature - especially if you're a "NO" person - then do me a favor - and - do yourself a favor - during Sun in Virgo - please say "YES" to the world !


23rd August: Sun enters Virgo

25th August: Sun 2° Virgo trines Uranus [retrograde] 2° Taurus

25th August: Sun 2° Virgo trines Saturn [retrograde] 2° Capricorn

26th August: Full Moon in 3° Pisces


Immediately - Sun enters Virgo - Sun trines Uranus and Sun trines Saturn - followed by a Full Moon - this will be very powerful week of sudden changes. The ONLY WORD to define it will be coincidences, unexpected coincidences and surprises combined with magical moments of TRUTH - things that are truly 100% good for you - and - the ONLY WORD you need to say is "YES".


And say "YES" full of emotion - "YES PLEASE" - and - emit to the world - that whatever it is that's happening to you - is truly 100% right for you - because - it really is RIGHT for you. Now - let me warn any logical thinking - dead-boring readers - idiots - and - "anyone" who likes to be negative - DON'T you dare say "NO" - to anyone or anything that life is giving you.


You see - everyone's aura is being OPENED-UP to next phase of life. During the past few months - everyone has been prepared for what is about to happen. Some of you haven't yet seen the meaning of outer planets of - Mars - Jupiter - Saturn - Uranus - Neptune - Pluto - in your life yet - but now you are. That means your life is about to EXPAND and you're about to GROW-UP.


When someone becomes physically BIG and STRONG - they have to eat more - live healthy - and - exercise. When someone becomes qualified in a profession - they have to concentrate - study - read - and - remember everything. When someone gets promoted into management in a corporation - instead of thinking about themselves - they have to think of others - understand other people. When someone falls in love and gets married - they have to think of other people and their children.


Every phase of life that defines GROWTH - defines - you have to absorb MORE about life - and - work with MORE energies in life. MORE is initiallly overwhelming for some people - but - MORE is the only way forwards. Even spiritually-minded people know the only way forwards is GROWTH too - learning MORE about others is the key to SUCCESS in life.


GROWTH is therefore defined by no longer thinking of yourself as the individual who says "NO" to others - but - one who says "YES". As your astrologer - I can only tell you what the energy of planets are creating - but - I need to say this - because - there will be IDIOTS who even after reading this - will say "NO" - and - if that's YOU - then I can't help you.


Because if you say "NO" - especially around the Full Moon of 26th August 2018 - then you've missed a great opportunity - an opportunity that won't come again for another 12 months. And an opprtunity that NONE of you have had in the past 3-4 years - that's because 2015-2017 - Saturn in Sagittarius squaring Sun in Virgo - prevented and blocked things from happening. This year Sun in Virgo has NO blockages.


Ofcourse - I'm not saying - be reckless - but if you've got a tendency to be a "NO" person - then - be prepared to be a "YES" person - just say "YES" - because - "YES" facilitates the flow of energy. Often - many people who are BLOCKED in one area of life - are constipated in other areas too. Life is asking you to become UNBLOCKED - and - when you get yourself moving by saying "YES" to life - then life will say "YES" to you.


The good news is - even if you say "NO" to destiny - even if you refuse to accept some of the destined things that will be happening - you'll either change your mind - or - be forced to change your mind - or - they will happen anyway - but without your involvement.



The Purpose of Communication

Virgo is the StarSign of Communication - ruled by Mercury - Sun in Virgo will make things happen

People who hesitate are failures at "life" - People who jump-in quick and say "YES" are winners at "life"


People talk - people communicate - people email - people text - doesn't matter how annoying it can be sometimes - COMMUNICATION is the most essential facet you've got to prove to the rest of the world that not only you're human - but - you're "YOU".


Everyone has their own way of talking - their own energy in words - and - the own specific types of people that you like talking to. BUT - and - here is my point - if you want SUCCESS in life - you must COMMUNICATE constructively with warmth and sincerity.


I'm not just talking about "financial" success in life - I'm talking about being a SUCCESSFUL human being. Let me explain - failures are always bad communicators - argumentative people - failures misuse the power of communication to DESTROY their lives and lives of others.


Whereas SUCCESSFUL human-beings - use the power of communication to enhance other people's lives - to create lives - to make other people's lives happier and more enjoyable - to say NICE things about other people - then they are filled with aura of positive vibrancy.


This years - Sun in Virgo - is going to show everyone there's great power in COMMUNICATION - when you say something POSITIVE and NICE to someone - it creates a BOND of COHESION. Not only it creates a bond - but it will do something "special" - it creates TRUST.


With Sun in Virgo - trine - Saturn in Capricorn - trine - Uranus in Taurus - the remarkable power of communication will do a lot of magic and make a lot of things change for the better by 26th August 2018.


Let me add an IMPORTANT point - especially to people who destroy their own relationships because they say the WRONG words. All you need to do - to FIX the problem is - SAY SORRY. Words destroyed something - Words can heal it.


Communication is a very powerful tool - saying something on the internet can get respect and admiration from some people - and - can get hatred and destructiveness from others. Not everything you say to the whole world - will be liked by everyone.


But - and - this is the IMPORTANT point - all the people you're constantly connected to - everything you say to them - and - everything they say to you - should always be creating GOOD VIBES in your communication.


When someone says something to you - and - you SMILE back with warmth to them as they're talking to you - they receive GOOD vibes from you. When you say something - and - someone SMILES back at you with warmth - even if they're saying nothing - they're responding to you with energy.


For those of you - who've had parents or grandparents who've died - do you remember the words they said to you. Words are unforgettable and eternal energies. It's not just the words - its the warmth of energy with which they say it. So use Sun in Virgo to EMIT and SAY SOMETHING POSITIVELY NICE to the world.


Unfortunately - and - I can see it happening - the power of communication will be mis-used - and - it will cause problems. People will be saying the STUPID and IDIOTIC stuff - yes - they'll say it - and - it will END their careers - END their relationships - END something that should last forever.


So please - don't be tempted to SAY ANYTHING stupid on the internet - or - in your personal life - or - at workplace. Listen and say something constructive - use communication to be cohesive to keep it all together. Having said all that - I believe - people who will say argumentative and stupid things that will create ENDINGS for them are merely acting in sync with their own destiny.



Destiny has a Plan - Trust & Be Open

Human's - especially westernized logical thinking Human's believe "they" are in control of life

Even those fake Indian Guru's - fake pyschics - and - mischief-makers - think "they" own life


No-one in the world OWNS life. Life is a gift given to all of us. No-one knows how long we have to live or what the future holds. And whilst you can have dreams for your future - desires and wishes - goals and ambitions - WITHOUT an honest appreciation that your life is a gift given to you - to use wisely - there's nothing you can do - UNLESS - you've got destiny on your side.


Recently, in the past 3 years - several "fake" kabbalists dropped-dead. Sensible Rabbis explained that "they" were manipulating destiny - "they" were cheating and attempting to use "hocus-pocus" to bypass GOD - to bypass DESTINY - and - steal something that wasn't theirs to have.


In life - we all go through an immature phase of life when we demand that life gives you this and that - but - as you get older - especially when you acquire what you wanted and realize it's not what you want - then you realize the TRUTH - it's best to TRUST and ACCEPT whatever life has planned for you.


Now, some people think "ACCEPTANCE" is a soft-option - a chicken's way-out - too spiritual for the real world - but - ACCEPTANCE is empowering - because when you ACCEPT everything that has happened in your life - you actually GROW to be a better person.


ACCEPTANCE means humility - with - knowledge that - you know there's a HIGHER POWER leading humanity to our destiny - ACCEPTANCE means you will instinctively APPRECIATE the gift of life - instead of complaining about it.


ACCEPTANCE means that everyday is a GREAT DAY - because - you realize the TRUTH - that EVERY MOMENT of EVERY DAY - you're living a GIFT of life given to you by the DIVINE. Life is not a meaningless accident - life is a meaningful gift.


Whenever you've been with someone at the moment of death - you realize this TRUTH - life is truly a gift - and that there's something INVISIBLE and GREATER than all of us that's defined by our birth and death - and - everything in between.


When your parents gave you something - you trusted your parents - you accepted it from them and never questioned. When DIVINE GOD gives us the gift of life and creates all the coincidences in between - humans question coincidences.


Sun in Virgo - with - Full Moon in Pisces - conjunct - Neptune in Pisces - which will trine Jupiter in Scorpio - on Sunday 26th August 2018 - means - there will be something GIVEN to you - to change your life - don't question it - accept it - love it - say "yes" to it - because it will be very important for your future.


Don't believe for one moment that you're really "in control" of your life - because when something extra-ordinary happens - when something destined happens - when something that you couldn't have planned happens - and - it is MAGICAL and GOOD for you - then you will realize that SOMEONE UP THERE is looking after you !



Define Your Life by Honesty

During the past 3-4 months - you've learnt about yourself - now - use it wisely


When students go to college for few years - they eventually qualify and begin to work. Astrologically - during the past 3-6 months - you've been to college - learning about life - learning about yourself - learning about what UNLOCKS energy for you - what blocks your energies - what you NEED in your life - and - what you don't want in your life.


And now - Sun in Virgo - you're ready for life - you're ready to make it all happen. Or I should say - destiny is now ready for you to life the life you now you should be living - doing what you know you should be doing - and - making it all happen.


Sun in Virgo creates immediacy - think of something - ask something - and - do something - it will work. This year's Sun in Virgo - wants everyone to get your life sorted-out - wants you to be living the life you really need - wants you to focus and become determined to be a SUCCESS at whatever it is you're doing.


No-one in the world was born to be a FAILURE. Everyone has a role in life - everyone has a specific meaning in life - everyone has destined relationships and dates-with-destiny - and - now - you'll see things happening.


BUT - and - here's the point - you have to be HONEST with yourself. You've learnt all the "theory" in recent months - now - is the time for doing and putting it into practice. Know what you honestly want - and get-on and do it - live life to the fullest.




These 3 Headlines is all I need to say about Sun in Virgo


There's no point to living life without People

There's no point to life without love

There's no point to life without sex


All the memories of your whole life are define by other people in your life

A dead-zone of your life - a bad phase of life - is - when you've got no-one in it

Sun in Virgo will ensure your life becomes populated with people in it



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