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This Month's Astrological Events

Sun in Aries 20th March => 19th April 2017

Written by the נסתר Spiritual Astrologer author ספר כוכבי אור Sefer Kochvei Or

Secrets of Daily Moon Astrology סוד הלבנה , "This Weeks" Planetary Movements

& This Years Major Astrological Events of the Outer Planets for 2017


20th March: Sun enters Aries - New Zodiac Year

24th March: Mercury 20° Aries opposes Jupiter [retrograde] 20° Libra

25th March: Sun 4° Aries conjunct Venus [retrograde] 4° Aries

26th March: Mercury 23° Aries conjunct Uranus 23° Aries

27th March: Mercury 27° Aries trines Saturn 27° Sagittarius

27th March: Mars 12° Taurus sextiles Neptune 12° Pisces

28th March: New Moon 7° Aries with Sun - Moon - Mercury - Venus - Uranus in Aries

30th March: Jupiter [retrograde] 19° Libra squares Pluto 19° Capricorn

31st March: Mercury enters Taurus


3rd April: Venus goes retrograde back into Pisces

6th April: Saturn goes retrograde at 27°48' Sagittarius

6th April: Mars 19° Taurus trines Pluto 19° Capricorn

8th April: Sun 18° Aries opposes Jupiter [retrograde] 18° Libra

9th April: Sun 19° Aries squares Pluto 19° Capricorn

10th April: Mercury goes retrograde at 4° Taurus

11th April: Full Moon 21° Libra

14th April: Sun 24° Aries conjunct Uranus 24° Aries

15th April: Venus goes direct at 26° Pisces

17th April: Venus 26° Pisces sextiles Mars 26° Taurus

18th April: Sun 27° Aries trines Saturn [retrograde] 27° Sagittarius


19th April: Sun enters Taurus

20th April: Sun 0° Taurus conjunct Mercury [retrograde] 0° Taurus

21st April: Mars enters Gemini

21st April: Mercury retrogrades back into Aries

21st April: Pluto goes retrograde at 19° Capricorn

26th April: New Moon 6° Taurus

28th April: Venus enters Aries


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Introduction to Sun in Aries 2017

New Zodiac Year




Updating - now - Monday 20th March 2017





Introduction to Sun in Aries 2017

The New Zodiac Year - Growth of "Yourself"


Desiring something NEW is the essence of humanity. They say - the star sign represents life on Earth is - Aries - it's the 1st star sign of our zodiac cycle - it's the beginning - and the way it creates the beginning is by making people WANT and DESIRE something NEW.


If YOU didn't want something NEW - then YOU wouldn't be human. If at any moment you're not wanting, searching or desiring something NEW in your life then you're not fully awakened - and - you're not living to your maximum potential.


The NEW things you want in your life - define the specific stage, age, maturity and level of growth your spirit is at - but everyone who is ALIVE - wants and is searching for something NEW. That indeed is the greatness of the "Gift of the Holy Internet" in our generation - it enables you - it opens doors for you to experience something NEW - to make you more ALIVE than you have been.


Indeed, I call it HOLY - because in the same way the wisdom of books and bibles of previous generations stimulated, awakened and enlivened people's minds to want to be BETTER humans, to want to improve and protect life on Earth - the "HOLY INTERNET" - with the vast amount of information and wisdom is stimulating and energizing everyone's mind and spirit - with an intrinsic belief to want to improve and protect life on Earth.


Thanks to the internet - there's nothing that can be hidden anymore - and even when a bully attacks a weaker person - a video clip taken on a phone emerges on the internet and the bully is reprimanded. The energy of the internet offers protection for the greater good of humanity.


Sun in Aries - the beginning of the zodiac year 2017-2018 - is going to energize all of us and it's going to take your wisdom, understanding about life and about yourself to a new level. You see - when you understand YOURSELF - that's when you can interact with everyone else to your maximum potential.


Very often whenever you've just ended a bad relationship - you go through an introvert period of self-doubt - that period is YOU talking to YOURSELF and trying to understand YOURSELF - defined by what you did wrong to attract a BAD experience. Hence, thinking about YOURSELF and analyzing YOURSELF - to come to greater understanding about YOURSELF is essential to fixing YOURSELF.


Then you emerge stronger because you realize truthfully lots of things about YOURSELF - what you need in your life and what you did wrong that attracted the wrong people in your life. When you emerge - YOU are truly a better version of YOURSELF.


Sun in Aries - 20th March => 20th April 2017 - due to the numerous retrogrades - means - your mind is going to be active and you'll be thinking a lot about YOURSELF - analayzing yourself, understanding yourself - and - emerging to be the best version of yourself.



What is "it" you want and desire to feel "alive"

What you want during Sun in Pisces will be different to what you want during Sun in Aries.


You want whatever it is you want because of your THOUGHTS making you want it. When you have a weak-mind then you let others tell you want you want - but when your mind is your own mind - then YOU know what you want because YOU want it.


At each stage of growth in your life - you naturally want something different and new in your life. What "it" is - is defined by whatever life wants you to want - in order for you to live your destiny.


You might not know exactly and specifically what "it" is you want - but you will know that you want something - and then have your mind OPEN as you search for "it".


An OPEN mind can be reckless - but an OPEN mind with clarity and wisdom - because you've learnt what you don't want from past experienced, because you've learnt a lot about yourself in the past 12 months - and - because you're wiser to know YOURSELF better now than you've known yourself in the past 12 years - means - you're not going to be stupid to make any mistakes.


The reason I've written this advance message for Sun in Aries - is - because during Sun in Pisces - you're going to liberated and set-free from anything that's been preventing you from moving forwards. Events in your life are going to show you - that your life is on the move - and with it means you can now think, be open, dream, wish and plan for what you want in your future.


Let me explain - whenever you're dead-bored with your life - whenever you've got no enthusiasm to want to do anything - because you simply can't be bothered - it defines your mind is BLOCKED from seeing your future.


During Sun in Pisces - your mind is being UNBLOCKED - your belief about your future is being changed and you will start to contemplate what "it" is you want in your future. The reason you'll experience this OPENING of your mind is because that's how Pisces energies heal - it shows you and makes you believe in your future.


When you go to a pyschic, astrologer or fortune-telling gipsy - they always UNBLOCK and UNLOCK your mind - because they see clearly things in your future - they remove the DEAD-END WALL in mind - they knock-down that wall - and give you proof that you've got a future.


The question and puzzle Sun in Aries will be what is it you want in your life? Or put differently what makes you feel so ALIVE that you know you must have it in your life. So when Sun in Pisces UNBLOCKS your life - when something happens - accept it and realize you'll have plenty of time and energy to make decisions about your future when Sun enters Aries.


In fact - I'd say to some of you - wait until Sun enters Aries before you're ready to experience what the New Zodiac year wants you to want, to search for and to pursue - because - what you want during Sun in Pisces will be different to what you want during Sun in Aries.



Life is all about Relationships and People

Saturn 26° - 27° - 28° Sagittarius

Saturn is the most unique planet in our solar system - it's the planet of destiny - planet of mystery


Everyone is alive because of your connectivity and relationships with all the people in your life. You are alive and living because of the necessary destined experiences you need with the people in your life. It never makes sense WHY you get feelings from some people and others you feel nothing. But it is your experiences with OTHER people that create the destined events in your life.


When you connect with sincerely GOOD people you have GOOD experiences and when you connect with people who are BAD for you then you get BAD experiences. How many times have you said to yourself - "it" was all because i met that BAD person I had problems - and - "it" was all because I met that GOOD person I had so much good luck.


Saturn in Sagittarius - defines that your life vitality is defined by being DISCONNECTED from people who are BAD for you - and being CONNECTED to people who are GOOD for you. You know who they are - because - life ensures you know who they are.


Saturn is 100% truthful and clear - hence - whenever someone does something GOOD for you - it's because destiny is ensuring you see it. And whenever someone does something BAD for you that too is destiny ensuring you see it clearly.





The Planets App for iPhone/iPod is => & Photo taken from Wikipedia Article on the "Milky Way"

The Star Sign of Sagittarius is the direction towards the Galactic Center of the Milky Way

[It's worth reading the Full Article on]



Exciting Times - Love Living Your Life

Sun in Aries [Fire Sign] Mercury in Aries [Fire Sign] Venus in Aries [Fire Sign]

Jupiter in Libra [Air sign] Saturn in Sagittarius [Fire Sign] Uranus in Aries [Fire Sign]


During the past 6 months and for the next 6 months - I've been using and I will be using the word "excitement" - probably until December 2017 - because these 3 planets Jupiter, Saturn & Uranus in open positive star signs wants you to be vibrant and excited about living life.


If you don't love living life - if you're not excited about being alive - if you hate being alive - if there's nothing in your life that you love about your life - if you don't want loving relationship - if you don't love feeling the warmth you feel in a relationship - if you don't want to be connected to good people who you like - and - if you're not "turned-on" by anyone - then - there's something WRONG with you.


Enjoy it now - because "it" all changes from October 2017 - as these 3 planets will be changing star signs - Jupiter enters Scorpio on 10th October 2017 - Saturn enters Capricorn on 20th December 2017 and Uranus enters Taurus 16th May 2018 - each change will define STABILITY in your life - and all the positive Excitement created by Fire Signs will vanish. It will be replaced by a fixed STABILITY.


Hence, between now and end of December 2017 - everyone will be changing - everyone will be completely opened to find "what" and "who" it is that gives you the reason to LOVE LIFE and to be EXCITED to live life - and to be healed too - as the positive star signs create HEALING.


Depending on when you're completely connected to your destiny - Depending on your Moon - and depending when you get awakened by destiny - sooner or later - the Moon Astrology will be accurate for you - something will happen - that you too will become excited to live life - and - thereafter you'll want to wake-up everyday - in love with life - in love with the gift of life - in love with whatever you're doing with your life - and - because of good people in your life - you're feeling optimistic and excited about your future.



Sun in Aries will have 5 Planets in Retrograde

"Liars" always worry about "retrogrades"

The True Power of 5 Planets in Retrograde

Mercury goes retrograde - Venus retrograde - Jupiter Retrograde - Saturn goes retrograde - Pluto goes retrograde


I must say clearly contrary to the nonsense other astrologers say - and that is - Retrograde is NEVER a problem - Retrogrades NEVER create problems - because in truth the planets keep moving forwards in orbit around the Sun - it just appears from Earth that the Planets are moving backwards through the star signs.


The TRUTH is retrogrades always creates problems from LIARS and LAZY people. Because retrogrades take the pressure off - and - give you time to look back - and if you've made any mistakes - gives you time to recheck and reflect on what you've done - to see if it's 100% right for you.


Indeed, Liars and "lazy" people always worry about retrogrades because retrogrades give people a chance to check the facts. Liars always get found out and revealed during retrogrades. Each retrograde has a different meaing - for exampled - the Venus retrograde in Aries will give you clarity in department of "financial success, money and what you love to do with your life". If you're doing something but it's not going to be successful and you don't love doing it - then Venus retrograde will show you - forget it.


Let me explain why "lazy" people always get afflicted by retrogrades - and that's because "laziness" is merely a way of saying - "you don't want to do something" - because if you really wanted to do something and if you really loved doing something - that no retrograde would be able to stop you.


Hence, retrogrades are moments of TRUTH - because if you still want something - if you still do something - if you still get excited and energized by something during a retrograde - it defines that deep-inside you - it is a TRUTH for you.


If, however, you instinctively and honestly don't want to do something - then the retrograde will make you feel you can't be bothered. Likewise in LOVE - if you don't really love whatever you're doing - then you'll know the truth too.


Let me explain - Mercury retrograde in Aries & Venus retrograde in Aries. Desiring something NEW is the essence of humanity. They say - what star sign represents life on Earth - and the answer is Aries - it's the 1st star sign of our zodiac cycle - it's the beginning - and the way it creates the beginning is by making people WANT and DESIRE something NEW. If humans didn't want something NEW - they wouldn't be humans !


Venus [retrograde] in Aries - defines wanting something you already know about - something you've seen - but haven't yet got "it". Hence this conjunction - combined with Jupiter retrograde and all the retrogrades during Sun in Aries - is about wanting something you already know about - and then getting "it" - if "it" is truly your destiny and if "it" is still available.



The Two Worlds of Astrological Energies

Sun in Aries - will be energizing - everyone differently


[1] Mercury in Taurus - Mars in Taurus - Neptune in Pisces - Pluto in Capricorn

will be energizing all Taurus, Cancer, Virgo, Scorpio, Capricorn & Pisces


[2] Venus in Aries - Jupiter in Libra - Saturn in Sagittarius - Uranus in Aries

will be energizing all Aries, Gemini, Leo, Libra, Sagittarius & Aquarius



New Zodiac Year Begins 20th March 2017


The astrological configuration at the beginning of Zodiac Year 20th March 2017 will define New beginnings for everyone


Sun in Aries [Fire Sign] Mercury in Aries [Fire Sign] Venus in Aries [Fire Sign]

Mars in Taurus [Earth Sign] Jupiter in Libra [Air sign] Saturn in Sagittarius [Fire Sign]

Uranus in Aries [Fire Sign] Neptune in Pisces [Water Sign] Pluto in Capricorn [Earth Sign]


There are no planets in 6 star signs - Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Scorpio or Aquarius

The strength of destined changes will be defined by the fact there are no planets in these 6 star signs

This will mean for many people - life is all about OTHER people in your life.



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סוד ה ליראיו ובריתו להודיעם