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סוד ה ליראיו ובריתו להודיעם

This Month's Astrological Events

Sun in Taurus 20th April => 20th May 2014

Written by the נסתר Spiritual Astrologer author ספר כוכבי אור Sefer Kochvei Or

Secrets of Daily Moon Astrology סוד הלבנה , "This Weeks" Planetary Movements

& This Years Major Astrological Events of the Outer Planets for 2014 are now online.


20th April: Sun enters Taurus

20th April: Jupiter 13° Cancer squares Uranus 13° Aries
20th April: Jupiter 13° Cancer opposes Pluto [in retrograde] 13° Capricorn
21st April: Uranus 13° Aries squares Pluto [in retrograde] 13° Capricorn
22nd April: Mars [in retrograde] 13° Libra squares Jupiter 13° Cancer
23rd April: Mars [in retrograde] 13° Libra opposes Uranus 13° Aries
23rd April: Mars [in retrograde] 13° Libra squares Pluto [in retrograde] 13° Capricorn
23rd April: Mercury enters Taurus
25th April: Venus 21° Pisces trines Saturn [in retrograde] 21° Scorpio
26th April: Sun 5° Taurus conjunct Mercury 5° Taurus
26th April: Mercury 7° Taurus sextiles Neptune 7° Pisces
27th April: Sun 7° Taurus sextiles Neptune 7° Pisces
29th April: New Moon at 9° Taurus
29th April: Mercury 13° Taurus trines Pluto [in retrograde] 13° Capricorn
30th April: Mercury 14° Taurus sextiles Jupiter 14° Cancer


3rd May: Mercury 20° Taurus opposes Saturn [in retrograde] 20° Scorpio
3rd May: Venus enters Aries
4th May: Sun 13° Taurus trine Pluto [in retrograde] 13° Capricorn
6th May: Sun 15° Taurus sextiles Jupiter 15° Cancer
7th May: Mercury enters Gemini
10th May: Sun 20° Taurus opposes Saturn [in retrograde] 20° Scorpio
11th May: Venus 9° Aries opposes Mars [in retrograde] 9° Libra
11th May: Mercury 7° Gemini squares Neptune 7° Pisces
12th May: Mercury 9° Gemini trine Mars [in retrograde] 9° Libra
14th May: Venus 13° Aries square Pluto [in retrograde] 13° Capricorn
14th May: Full Moon 24° Scorpio
15th May: Mercury 14° Gemini sextile Venus 14° Aries
15th May: Mercury 14° Gemini sextile Uranus 14° Aries
15th May: Venus 14° Aries conjunct Uranus 14° Aries
18th May: Venus 17° Aries squares Jupiter 17° Cancer
20th May: Mars goes direct at Libra 9° Libra

21st May: Sun enters Gemini


This Month's Astrological Events Fully Explained

Sun in Taurus 20th April => 20th May 2014

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The Hidden Spiritual Lights of Astrology אור הגנוז

אף על פי שאיהו לא חזי מזלייהו חזי

""Even though you can't see the astrological energies - You can sense each of them"

Talmud Sanhedrin סנהדרין צד


This Months Astrological Events

Sun in Taurus 20th April => 21st May 2014

Each and every zodiac year - has it's own identity and purpose - and the New zodiac year which began on Sun in Aries 20th March 2014 was unlike any other years in the past - something has changed - something is changing - and if you're reading this after the karmic Full Moon of 15th April - then you will FEEL it so strongly - that it will make you feel that "Moon Astrology rules the world" - ofcourse it doesn't - but the REAL events created at the Full Moon - together with the HUGE karmic shifts and emotional changes you've experienced from WITHIN you - will make you pay much more attention to the lunar cycles - in the future.

The NEW version of "you" is formed - and now as Sun enters Taurus from 20th April until 21st May 2014 - the new "you" will be able to manifest REAL things with your newfound identity. For the truth is Sun in Aries - creates the NEW "you" in your mind, thoughts, emotions - some of you will see the NEW "you" - but others will need Sun in Taurus to see it in real life.


The biggest surprise will come when ALL the strong thoughts you had and you created during Sun in Aries - will now create something to manifest during Sun in Taurus - so whatever you had a vision of and whatever you've been thinking about during Sun in Aries will now manifest.

That's why last month - I stressed the fact NOT to think NOR worry about MONEY for more than 2 hours a day - and that's because during Sun in Aries - your mind and thoughts need to be balanced to all 12 areas of your life - in order to manifest what you want in your life.

Not only is there no point in worry or thinking about anything too much - but the more you THINK of one thing - the more it detracts from all 12 areas of your life. And whilst Jupiter in Cancer was squaring all the Aries energies - even if you did worry - you wouldn't get any more money - lucky for all from the 23rd April 2014 - after the squares have passed - you will now be able to get more money and success. In fact - during Sun in Taurus - the flow will become surprisingly easy - that's because there will be NOTHING blocking the natural flow of positive energy.


Therefore, if you're reading this prior to Sun entering Taurus - you still have a few days to THINK - what you WANT to happen in your life - create the POSITIVE thoughts of what you want. Remember - you can ONLY create something from nothing through LOVE and GOOD karma - attempting to create destruction - will actually boomerang back and destroy your own life.

This applies to all those people who still get drunk, drinking alcohol, smoke "weed", do drugs, watch porn or anything deceptive like lying - in fact EVERYTHING that is self-destructive and ruins your ability to THINK positive and with truthful clarity - needs to be deleted in the last few days of Sun in Aries - otherwise it will manifest in your life as negativity during Sun in Taurus.


Introduction to Sun in Taurus

The Whole Month is Excellent

I've checked and double checked - the whole Month Sun in Taurus from 20th April until 20th May 2014 is brilliant - there's no blockages to anything - and life will flow smoothly. There is ONE exception - and that's a message to all LAZY people - you won't be able to AVOID life anymore. Life is about working - life is about doing something meaningful - life is about relationships with other people - and during Sun in Taurus - each and everyone will find that specific something that defines the new true "MEANING" of your life - and will ensure that you connect with like-minded people and have good relationships in your life.

If you think of a bull being "turned-on" by a red flag - it instinctively reacts - when it sees RED - and then goes for it's target. During Sun in Taurus - your life will be orchestrated to go where you're destined to be and where you're being pulled, forced and guided to go.

I've read emails from readers - about "relationships" - and yes - getting the RIGHT relationship isn't easy - especially when you have negative thinking due to past-relationships - but when you let yourself become FREE - and allow yourself to be pulled and attracted to the right one by "destiny" - then relationships happen. Even if you, initially, get overwhelmed by the intensity of loving energies - especially if you've not had a loving-relationship for a long time - then it can be dizzy and disorientating - but when you let the Sun in Taurus - guide you - then all will happen smoothly and with an easy-natural-flow.

The good thing about Sun in Taurus is that it will work positively - and make you attractive and attracted to the RIGHT things - whereas all the WRONG things - you won't even notice them - as WRONG has no energy during Sun in Taurus. It won't even annoy you - won't block you - and with a few weeks - it will vanish from your life altogether. That's because WRONG defines failure and WRONG creates stress - and "Sun in Taurus 2014" - is a failure-free and stress-free month !


Sun in Taurus all "the stress" vanishes !

The current stress, tensions, frustrations and anxiousness being experienced in Sun in Aries will vanish - between 20th/24th April 2014 [depending on you] - your world becomes a much better place and much happier place to live in. It will make you look back and think what-on-earth were you getting worried or stressed out !

The reason for the current extreme tension - is that in the "air" of the "world" there's lots of squared tensions - people are getting stressed, angry, jealous and worried for nothing - it seems to come from 4 directions - and is compounded by the Full Moon - "bad karma" defined by worry and fear is in the "air". The truth is IT WILL PASS - as fear, anger, jealousy and stress are energies of bad karma - and bad karma is being cleansed from the "world". So very soon - all the negativity magically vanishes. So as you're reading this during Sun in Aries - CALM DOWN - Sun in Taurus is going to be a very good month - full of goodness - and YES - as you can see from all the astrological events - it's going to be very busy - in a very good way.


Sun in Taurus defines you're born to succeed

You're NOT born to "fail"!

It's a simple mantra - you were NOT created to fail - you were BORN to succeed. Unfortunately, during your childhood - your stupid parents and teachers impressed on you - that you're a failure and you'll never succeed - the truth is "that" generation were failures - and they had no right to dump their garbage on your mind and thoughts. The rule I always remember is those who can DO - those who can't always complain to the do'ers and tell others they can't DO it - because those who can't want to make everyone stupid failures too.


So listen to me - and listen to LOGIC - you were BORN to succeed - during Sun in Taurus - there's going to be ONE very important facet of your life - that you will "finally" SUCCEED in accomplishing. The reason is that Sun in Taurus will make you ignore all the fearful and negative energies - and WILL MAKE YOU SUCCEED.

"What" that specific facet is - that you're going to have SUCCESS in - will become clear to you AFTER the Libran Full Moon of 15th April - thereafter and until Sun enters Taurus on 20th April 2014 - you will gain strength in your determination to WANT to succeed to make a breakthrough. When people are confused - they lack the WANT to succeed - so nothing happens - but when they feel clear-headed - that's when they WANT to succeed - and that's when things happen.

Although I should add - people who've abused Sun in Aries - with negative thinking - with unnecessary worry - and with self-destructive fears - will have to DIG themselves out of the negativity before they can enjoy the success and numerous possibilities Sun in Taurus offers.


You see "Sun in Taurus" is clever - as it only chooses something it knows for 100% certainty - that you're going to succeed with. People only go for job interviews they have a feeling they're going to get - people only ask others on a date - if they sense the answers YES - people only do things they know they will be successful. That's inherent in human nature.

Since the beginning of the new zodiac year 20th March 2014 - destiny has redefined something NEW that is now attainable for you - and soon you'll get the feeling - the urge and the knowledge of what "it" is - and then you'll go for "it" - with the blessing Sun in Taurus will give you - the blessing of certain success.



Full Explanations available on the Astrology Website


סוד ה ליראיו ובריתו להודיעם

Karmic Stability of "2014"


Something is WRONG with attitudes and thoughts of "people" in the world - for the TRUTH is the World is a perfect place - it's the people in it that cause the problems - and people cause problems because of the WRONG WAY of THINKING.

In "2014" - Karmic Destiny through power of Uranus in Aries - will be rearranging the foundations for a new future - and the way it begins is by bringing out the BEST in some people - and the WORST in others. Because it is ONLY when you see the TRUTH - then you can make wise decisions.


"Karmic stability of 2014" will be showing each of us that there are IMPORTANT things in life - everything else is meaningless nonsense. Have you realized what's important in your life ? And have you realized the all the truly important things in your life create and bring you stability, calmness and happiness - whilst ALL the badness is exactly what creates instability, fears and problems. If something you're doing doesn't bring you stability, harmony and inner happiness - then it's a SIGN - it's NOT RIGHT ..... time to STOP doing it yourself - before DESTINY stops you.


"Karmic stability of 2014" - will redefine people's lives with truth - because it's impossible to build a future on "shaky" foundations and certainly can't be married to someone if you're in love with someone else - "for you heart and soul is where your thoughts are". Are YOU where your thoughts are ? More importantly are you where your true foundations are?

During the past few months - the karmic wake-up call came in - from 4 directions creating astrological squares and oppositions with Mars in Libra - Pluto in Capricorn - Uranus in Aries and Jupiter in Cancer - all of which will continue until May / June 2014 - when Mars moves => out of Libra into Scorpio and Jupiter moves => out of Cancer into Leo. By then the world and everyone living on Earth - will be living a transformed life - completely different to the "past".


What's more important - people or money ?

Good karma defines people are more important than money

Bad karma defines money is more important than people

The karmic wake-up call will make you question many aspects of your "life" - as you're going to realize that all the arguments - all the negativity and all the instability is created by the love of "money" - conversely all the positive energy and all the stability in the world is created by the love of "people".

This applies to everything you do - every moment of your life - even shopping in a supermarket - walking in the street - what are you "thinking" about - PEOPLE or MONEY? Are you thinking of how to be nice to as many people as possible - to meet, smile and be kind to other people - OR are you thinking "money". Your THOUGHTS create your karmic energies in your AURA - so if you creating thoughts of love and compassion for other people you see - then you're creating GOOD karma.

But if you're thinking selfishly, greed and wanting things just for yourself without giving anything to anyone - then you're creating BAD karma - and BAD karma amidst astrological squares and oppositions will create DESTRUCTION - indeed it's a karmic self-destructiveness.

By July 2014 - when Mars moves out of Libra into Scorpio and Jupiter moves out of Cancer into Leo - everyone everywhere will have learnt the important Karmic lesson that people are indeed more important than money. Ask anyone who is about to die - what is the most important thing in "life" - each will tell you it is good relationships with OTHER PEOPLE - all the loving and friendly relationships with OTHER PEOPLE is what defines a person's LIFE - all the other stuff is meaningless nonsense.

The ironically funny thing is that I know there are people reading this - that are still 100% convinced that MONEY is more important than PEOPLE - but when they experience the upheaval of self-inflicted mayhem defined by their own opinions, thoughts and bad karma - they'll realize the source of all pain in their lives is self-inflicted - created by their arrogant belief system that their MONEY which is their GOD which "they" think can buy everything - will be so laughable and funny to see their "god of money" will collapse and drop dead - as destiny will show that money can't buy them a single moment of happiness - and it certainly can't buy them "life" nor real love !


סוד ה ליראיו ובריתו להודיעם