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This Month's Astrological Events

Sun in Libra 22nd September => 22nd October 2016

Written by the נסתר Spiritual Astrologer author ספר כוכבי אור Sefer Kochvei Or

Secrets of Daily Moon Astrology סוד הלבנה , "This Weeks" Planetary Movements

& This Years Major Astrological Events of the Outer Planets for 2016


22nd September: Sun enters Libra

22nd September: Mercury goes direct 14° Virgo
23rd September: Mercury 14° Virgo trines Pluto [retrograde] 14° Capricorn
23rd September: Venus enters Scorpio

24th/25th September: Mars 28°/29° Sagittarius crosses over Galactic center
26th September: Sun 3° Libra conjunct Jupiter 3° Libra
26th September: Pluto goes direct at 14°56' Capricorn
27th September: Mars enters Capricorn

30th September: New Moon at 8° Libra


1st October: Venus 9° Scorpio trines Neptune [retrograde] 9° Pisces
4th October: Sun 11° Libra sextiles Saturn 11° Sagittarius
5th October: Venus 14° Scorpio sextiles Pluto 14° Capricorn
5th October: Mars 5° Capricorn squares Jupiter 5° Libra
7th October: Sun 15° Libra squares Pluto 15° Capricorn
7th October: Mercury enters Libra
14th October: Mercury 12° Libra sextiles Saturn 12° Sagittarius
15th October: Sun 22° Libra opposes Uranus [retrograde] 22° Aries
16th October: Full Moon 23° Aries - Sun opposes Moon
16th October: Mercury 15° Libra squares Pluto 15° Capricorn
18th October: Venus enters Sagittarius
19th October: Mars 15° Capricorn conjunct Pluto 15° Capricorn
20th October: Mercury 22° Libra opposes Uranus [retrograde] 22° Aries


23rd October: Sun enters Scorpio
24th October: Mercury enters Scorpio
30th October: Venus 14° Sagittarius conjunct Saturn 14° Sagittarius
30th October: New Moon 7° Scorpio


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Sun in Libra - September => October 2016

The World is a Wonderful World ....


Whenever you've got a specific problem in your life - it makes you feel heavy and it clouds your vision of the world. But when that BIG problem is taken away, when it's healed, when it vanishes and when it is eliminated - then you feel the world is wonderful.


During Sun in Libra - Life will ensure that everyone feels the world is a wonderful world. Because a negativity will be eliminated and you'll be healed. The inevitability of time and astrology means that NOTHING even stays the same. Things always and eventually change. This year is STRONG zodiac year and hence - even if you wanted some things to stay the same - they can't.


Whilst some star signs will initially HATE the whole concept of CHANGE. However, by December 2016 - everyone will have experienced a STRONG POSITIVE change in your life that will make you so happy that things did change - because from now onwards you will be singing to yourself - what a wonderful world - and you won't be singing it alone - as destiny has destined relationships planned for everyone. No-one will be alone - unless ofcourse - you really want to be alone.


Immediately when Sun enters Libra - and by the New Moon of 1st October 2016 - whatever has been a source of negativity in your life that has blocked your true vision of life - will be eliminated - hence you'll be ready to enter the 2nd half of the zodiac with optimism and excitement for what is to come.


Introduction to Sun in Libra September 2016

"Sun in Virgo says - any change is better than no change"

"Sun in Libra says - I've got an even better option for you ..."


Due to the fact that last 30 days of Sun in Virgo created a busy month with lots of strong destined changes - you'll need to comprehend the difference between Sun in Virgo & Sun in Libra - to know what's coming next and how to deal with the activity during Sun in Libra.


There's an important reason why Sun in Libra comes directly after Sun in Virgo and that's to inform you of whatever you did during the past 30 days is not wasted. That's because you're going to be experiencing changes based on choices you wanted during Sun in Virgo - decisions based on two sets of parameters.


During Sun in Virgo - you made a 100% confirmed decision and wanted whatever life wanted for you - because Sun in Virgo needed to get your life moving forward - especially if you've been stuck in negative situation.


This applies to work, business and career - even relationships for some star signs. The key is that Sun in Virgo made you - even FORCED you to make a decision. Because Virgo ensures any movement - any change is better than no change. And in "relationships" - some of you will say to yourself - any relationship is better than no relationship.


Last 30 days - Sun in Virgo got your life moving - but it's only a way to get you moving. It's not yet the destination. Even so - for some of you - it will appear to be the destination - and - in fact could well be the perfect destination for you. But you'll only truly 100% know - after 22nd September 2016 when Sun enters Libra.


Thereafter - from 22nd September => 16th October 2016 - even better options will come available to you, even better choices for you or you'll see whatever you've achieved during Sun in Virgo is exactly what you need.


Therefore - say YES to everyone during Sun in Virgo - but keep your options OPEN. Because Sun in Libra will SURPRISE you - with NEW surprises that you won't see until 4 astrological events reveal the whole picture .....


[1] Sun enters Libra on 22nd September 2016

[2] Pluto goes direct on 26th September 2016

[3] Sun 3° Libra conjunct Jupiter 3° Libra on 26th September 2016

[4] Libra New Moon on 1st October 2016


Collectively giving you all the facts before you finalize your destined decision at the Aries Full Moon on 16th October 2016.


Now I should say - it does NOT mean that anything you do during Sun in Virgo will be useless - to the contrary - it will be powerful and good for you - as it will get your life moving. But - keep your options open - because Sun in Libra will be creating more choices for you to make.


You see this zodiac year is a STRONG year - and the best facet of Sun in Libra is to always give everyone a CHOICE. So in a STRONG year - means Sun in Libra will give you a STRONG CHOICE to make. And to have a CHOICE - means - you have to have to choose !


5 Planets in Positive star signs


Sun in Libra [Air Sign] Mercury in Libra [Air Sign] Jupiter in Libra [Air Sign]

Saturn in Sagittarius [Fire Sign] Uranus in Aries [Fire Sign]

& Mars in Sagittarius [Fire Sign] until 26th Sept'


4 Planets in Negative star signs


Venus in Scorpio [Water Sign] Mars in Capricorn [Earth Sign]

Neptune in Pisces [Water Sign] Pluto in Capricorn [Earth Sign]


The reason for the choice is that 5 planets will be in positive star signs - Jupiter in Libra & Saturn in Sagittarius are the BIG ones - which means - destiny will ensure everyone has a choice to make - between "past" and "future" - between one thing and another - between one good thing and an even better good thing.


You see - as humans - we only become awakened and empowered by life - when we MAKE A CHOICE. Instead of just accepting circumstances - destiny creates CHOICES - so that you become AWAKENED and participate in life.


The BEST facet of Sun in Libra is that it will create CHANGES for every star sign - as there is indeed something for everything - especially because of Venus in Scorpio [Water Sign] Mars in Capricorn [Earth Sign]. Doing nothing or having nothing happen - won't be possible for anyone.



The difference between Virgo & Libra

Destiny creates New Possibilities & Choices

Sun in Virgo is determined to fix anything that can be fixed - Sun in Libra refuses to waste time fixing anything


Sun in Libra prefers to start with something new based on past experiences

Sun in Libra will create NEW possibilities and NEW choices for everyone


Libra creates something new to create Balance

Libra doesn't waste time fixing anything


Astrologically Virgo defines accepting the current situation and fixing it. Virgo won't throw anything away - because it would rather attempt to fix it - to make it right - before giving-up. During Sun in Virgo for some of you due to Venus in Libra and Jupiter entering Libra you will already have decided to give-up wasting time on fixing something - and you will already have begun being OPEN to new possibilities.


Libra energies defined by Jupiter in Libra from 9th September 2016 and Sun in Libra from 22nd September means - FORGET fixing something that can't be fixed - instead be OPEN and work on something NEW.


It's not called two-timing if you're simultaneously attempting to fix something AND being open to new possibilities. The OPEN Libra energies will ensure - everyone becomes OPEN to new possibilities. Thereby ensuring you THINK about your life.


You see - when it's boring - when you've got no choice - you don't think and you don't use your mind. Sun in Libra - wants you to think - wants you to decide for yourself what and who it is you want in your life - in order for you to participate in LIFE.


When there are ELECTIONS - that's open democracy - that's Libra at it's best. The problem with elections "sometimes" is that it doesn't give really good choices - whereas your destiny during Sun in Virgo & Sun in Libra - in fact for the whole of the next 12 months - due to Jupiter in Libra - will be giving you really GOOD choices. That's what's going to be difficult for some people - because BOTH choices will appear to be good !


The reason for the GOOD choices is that Libra energies are determined to rebalance your life - with GOODNESS - and let's be honest - for the past 3 years and for some of you for the past 6 years - it's been tough with a lot of negative situations - and you've just about survived.


Jupiter in Libra & Saturn in Sagittarius - is going to create GOOD CHOICES of DESTINED GOODNESS for everyone. The only problem some people will have is - letting go of the past - because - life will give you the "future" but at the essential necessity of letting go of the "past".


For example - especially for single readers - there are indeed advantages of being single and alone - and that's you're not answerable to anyone - you can do what you want when you want. Whereas in relationships - you've got to be in sync with someone else. To be in a loving relationship - you have to give-up your lonely attitude. It's your choice - but comes a time - when the choice is a good choice and a worthwhile choice.


Sun in Libra, Mercury in Libra & Jupiter in Libra means you're going to be doing a lot of talking, lot of communicating, lot of thinking about what you want - destiny will ensure everyone will have a CHOICE to make - especially in "relationships".


The 6th Month Rule of Astrology

This facet of "spiritual astrology" is important for me to remind you and explain more in depth.....

Whilst the Sun is in Libra - the star sign on the opposite side to Earth is Aries - flow of energies is Libra < = > Aries

The astrological energies flowing between the Sun => Earth are always the flow of energies from the two opposite star signs


"Opposites" - The 6th Month Rule of Astrology

This facet of "spiritual astrology" is important for me to remind you and explain more in depth.....


The cycle of the year is predictable - that's not only because of knowledge of the "past" and knowledge of "astrology" - but by comprehending what you see in REAL life as a lesson and facsimile of spiritual facts too. In Northern hemisphere in Europe - every winter it's cold - and every summer it's hot. In Southern hemisphere - they experience the opposite to what we're experiencing in Europe.


It's a fact of life - the principle of OPPOSITES - and even though you can't be HAPPY and SAD - at the same time - if you are SAD - then sooner or later - you will become HAPPY. If you are unstable - then you will become stable. If you are feeling unloved - you will feel loved.


When I study astrological charts - and due to the yearly cycle that is WITHIN everyone's chart - for example - the way you are between 22nd => 30th September - corresponds to the way you were between 22nd => 31st March - and will also correspond to how you will be in 6 months time too.


The 6 Month rule of astrology - will either be a DIRECT OPPOSITE or events will be created by "destiny" to show you a corresponding and directly related energy. The 6th Month rule - applies to EVERYDAY - and hence I guess - it's going to give you something DEEP to think about - as you "work" it out and see how it has been influencing your life.


The reason I'm reminding you is - because this ZODIAC YEAR since March 2016 is a STRONG year - a new beginning has been unfolding for everyone - whilst some of you - took until May 2016 to begin to experience it - you have seen the past 5-6 months unusually STRONG.


During Sun in Libra - you will see how truly and magnificently STRONG this zodiac year is. The essence of the "6 month rule of opposites - for - Sun in Libra" is when your life is balanced out. You will get something NEW - something you can't see prior to 22nd September 2016 that will be GOOD for you.


Defined by Sun in Libra and Jupiter in Libra and because all the planets are in excellent aspects to each other. You'll see and experience the something NEW as something GOOD, correct and positive - to balance out all the negative you've been experiencing - the negative that might have been in your life for the past few years will get blown-away by Sun in Libra.


Inexplicable Attraction of "Opposites"


This fact of life that OPPOSITES attract and always magnetically fall in love with each other more than other star signs - doesn't mean that they have harmoniously perfect relationship - far from it - as they are OPPOSITES. But they have the ability to bring out the best in each other - [and the worst too] - because OPPOSITES challenge the core of existence as they have the ability to OPEN the locked doors.


Hence, astrologically, nothing BAD stays the same forever, things always change. In fact the more BAD beyond your control that's happened to you - when the time comes for a turn-around - then the bigger the breakthrough happens and more excited you'll be the GOOD that will happen to you.


For example, if you've been alone for many years - when you fall in love and live in a fulltime destined relationship - the more it is precious to you. The longer you've been without something - when you get it - it's more endearing to you. That's what is defined by the balance of scales during Sun in Libra - attraction of what you need in your life - to give your life the BALANCE you need.


Sun in Libra will ensure you attract whatever you need in your life - to bring out the BEST in you. To get you to THINK about your own life - to get you to make a choice and a good decision for your future. Just TWO major factors I need to explain [1] Saturn in Sagittarius - destined relationships [2] Jupiter in Libra - life energy and good luck created by your connections to good people and communicating with good people.


Jupiter in Libra & Saturn in Sagittarius

Means the real "you" will be "back"

If you've not been yourself for the past 3 - 6 years ; if you've not been able to be yourself for the past 3-6 years

Then the combination of Saturn in Sagittarius and Jupiter in Libra - will ensure you're coming back


The reason the zodiac year 2016 is a STRONG astrological year because of Saturn in Sagittarius & Jupiter in Libra. The destined effect of the real "you" coming back to yourself began when Saturn entered Sagittarius in September 2015. Although the past 12 months was a start-stop year because of Jupiter in Virgo - as Jupiter in Virgo ensured you've been aware of things in your life that aren't right. Jupiter in Virgo showed you the problem and since Mid-May Jupiter in Virgo has been fixing the problem.


Jupiter in Libra & Sun in Libra means the problem is solved - either because you will totally eliminate it from your life - OR - because life will have forced you or enticed you into fixing it. From now onwards r - you will be "back" - the real version of yourself. With the life and goals that you used to have.


You see - very often the reason why people stop having GOALS or AMBITIONS for their future - is because the pathway they're on is a dead-end - or - it's not where they should be - so life cuts-off the vitality - until - the person wakes-up and finds themselves.


More than likely, you too - we've all done something in the past 3-6 years that we got used to doing - but wasn't the REAL version of ourselves. Now destiny will give each of us the ability to see the facets of where we've gone wrong and what we need to do to RESET ourselves to exactly where we should be and with whom we should be with. Even if you don't do anything - you'll soon see during Sun in Libra - there will suddenly come a moment when you FIND yourself.


Jupiter in Libra & Saturn in Sagittarius

Nothing lasts forever - Everything always eventually changes


It's an astrological fact that Virgo is a negative star sign - Libra is a positive star sign. There's a purpose in negative following positive and positive following negative. It's a dynamic energy that ensures we live more wholesome lives. It creates balance and perspective. Most importantly - it always means that "something" negative never lasts forever - it always changes.


This year - Jupiter entering positive star sign of Libra is the 1st year since 2012 - when BOTH Saturn and Jupiter have BOTH been in positive star signs. The combination of BOTH being in POSITIVE star signs is very very important.


Because in 2015 and until now when we've had Saturn in positive star sign of Sagittarius - but for the past year - we've been restricted by Jupiter in negative star sign of Virgo. Prior to that between October 2012 => December 2014 - we had Saturn in negative star sign of Scorpio. Therefore the last window of BOTH in positive star signs was prior to October 2012.


Hence if nothing truly good and positive has been happening in your life - or if it's been a start and stop - and - if you feel you've just been "surviving" since October 2012 - then the combination of Jupiter in Libra & Saturn in Sagittarius - means - you're about to LIVE LIFE again - and I mean LIVE LIFE and LOVE LIVING LIFE !


[1] Saturn in Sagittarius - Relationships

Saturn in Sagittarius until December 2017 - will affect everyone differently and depending on your age and your star sign


Saturn in Sagittarius defines destined relationships - all your relationships - whether family, love, business - even the people in your local community - Saturn in Sagittarius wants everyone to feel the love, warmth and vibrancy of being exactly where you should be with the people you should be with. Saturn in Sagittarius will ensure that NO-ONE on the planet will be "alone". Everyone will have someone.


[2] Jupiter in Libra - Power of Communication

Jupiter in Libra until October 2017 - will affect everyone differently and depending on your age and star sign


The power of the internet is going to be especially STRONG during Jupiter in Libra - and that's because Libra is a natural communicator. The power of your communication is in your personality. Whilst the typed words in a text message or email have your power - the real power is in YOUR VOICE - the way you talk - the sound of your voice contains - the true power of the real "You".


It's always easy to LIE in an email or written word - when it's impossible to lie when you're speaking to someone - the truth and lies are heard in your voice - and that indeed is one of the reasons why many people get hurt in relationships - because they believed what someone told them. They heard the truth when someone said "I love you" - and whilst it was the truth - people change their minds. Even so - Jupiter in Libra will ensure - everyone senses the TRUTH from the words you hear.


When you hear whatever you hear - and it sounds RIGHT to you - you'll become energized by the TRUTH during Jupiter in Libra. So be prepared to let the world hear what you have to say and be prepared to listen to others.


Ofcourse there's more specific facets of both [1] Saturn in Sagittarius & [2] Jupiter in Libra pertainable to you - because both planets will be ensuring you become the BEST version of yourself - as destiny will ensure the right people come into your life to bring out the BEST in you.


Sun in Libra & Jupiter in Libra

Unique energy with everyone you talk to ....

Some people bring out the best in you - Others bring out the worst in you

You might talk to everyone the same - some you will tell them the truth - others you will need to lie to.

but the most important facet is the warmth and invisible energies you transmit and receive when you're talking.


Libra is the star sign that rules your voice - the expression - the tone - the energy with which you say whatever you say and to whoever you say it to. You can indeed say something to lots of people - "some" people will receive it in sync with what they sense - "others" will receive it in sync with what they sense. The closer and the more sensitive people in your life KNOW whatever you're actually saying - even when you lie to them.


When you "grow-up" as a child into a teenager, from teenage years into adulthood and from adulthood into maturity with wisdom and experiences - you CHANGE one facet of yourself - and that's the power of your speech - the strength and correctness with which you TALK.


It's not just about the words you say - but it's about the strength and power that your words have on other people. Indeed, very often people can non-stop talk but no-one listens to them; whereas a strong character can say a few words but everyone listens to them. It's the same in business and all kinds of relationships - people hear what you say - but very often people don't listen and don't want to listen to you - UNTIL - you say the words with POWER.


The power of the real YOU is defined by the words you say, the way you say it and the RIGHT people whom you're talking to. You see "some" people are bad for you as everything you say is jinxed by their negativity - whereas "some" people are very good and very lucky for you - as everything you say to them becomes good for you.


When you talk-over a problem or tell your truth to a STRONG person - they listen and are able to energize your words. When you talk to a weak or destructive person - they listen but block you. That's why instinctively you DON'T tell some people your honest secrets - because you don't want it to be blocked.


Each year as you grow-up and learn the power of your speech - you get stronger and stronger - not to be blocked and not to be distracted by other people. When your parents tell you for years "you can't do this or you can't do that" - then eventually you get the power to be yourself and do what you know is right for you.


Likewise in life - when you've been blocked from doing this or doing that - eventually and thanks to Sun & Jupiter in Libra - life gives you the destined opportunity to do it - and prove to yourself - that now you've grown-up and being the real you - because you get success from doing it and because you know you're 100% connected to all the right people who bring out the best in you - because their energies are supportive of you.


You could say - dealing with a jinxed person in your life is like an abortion. You've done all you can to be positive - but someone destructive comes along and destroys what you've created. I know this is STRONG comparison - but you need to understand the power of Jupiter in Libra needs you to be careful who you CONNECT with - who you TELL what you're going to do - and - if there's someone you don't trust - then tell them NOTHING !


Thanks to Sun in Libra with Saturn in Sagittarius & Jupiter in Libra life will be making everyone LUCKY - via being connected to the destined people who are LUCKY for you. Hence, you will see exactly who is truly LUCKY for you and who brings out the best in you. It never makes sense who makes you LUCKY or unlucky - but they do - because destiny wants you to see how lucky and good they are for you - conversely it wants you to see, disconnect from and stop talking to people who are unlucky for you.


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