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This Month's Astrological Events

Sun in Scorpio 23rd October => 22nd November 2016

Written by the נסתר Spiritual Astrologer author ספר כוכבי אור Sefer Kochvei Or

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& This Years Major Astrological Events of the Outer Planets for 2016


Sun in Scorpio - October - November 2016
Jupiter moves from 9° => 16° Libra
Saturn moves from 13° => 17° Sagittarius


23rd October: Sun enters Scorpio
24th October: Mercury enters Scorpio
30th October: Venus 14° Sagittarius conjunct Saturn 14° Sagittarius
30th October: New Moon 7° Scorpio


1st November: Sun 9° Scorpio trines Neptune [retrograde] 9° Pisces

7th November: Sun 15° Scorpio sextiles Pluto 15° Capricorn

9th November: Mars enters Aquarius
12th November: Mercury enters Sagittarius
12th November: Venus enters Capricorn
14th November: Full Moon 22° Taurus

15th November: Mercury 4° Sagittarius sextiles Mars 4° Aquarius

18th November: Saturn 16° Sagittarius out-of-shadow March 2016

20th November: Neptune goes direct at 9° Pisces


22nd November: Sun enters Sagittarius
22nd November: Mercury 15° Sagittarius sextiles Jupiter 15° Libra
23rd November: Mercury 16° Sagittarius conjuncts Saturn 16° Sagittarius
23rd November: Venus 15° Capricorn conjuncts Pluto 15° Capricorn
29th November: Venus 15° Capricorn squares Uranus [retrograde] 20° Aries
29th November: New Moon 7° Sagittarius - Sun - Mercury - Saturn - in Sagittarius


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Sun in Scorpio 23rd October => 22nd November 2016


The only reason the star sign of Scorpio is misunderstood - because most people in the world are superficial and rarely look at "depth". Let's be honest - we're all deceived in this physical world - and even if we say - we're above it all - we're not.


How many times do you see a handsome good looking person or beautiful attractive lady being "used" to sell whatever they're trying to sell you - whereas if they turned-up in jeans and scruffy or ugly looking - you'd be switched-off to them. "Sales" use the images to deceive and fool you.


It's the same with status and position - many people only listen and respect the superficial status of people - whereas rarely do people respect the "inner" person - and that indeed is due to the fact that you can't see the "inner" person - however, you can sense it - if you truly want to look for it.


Every star sign has both POSITIVE and NEGATIVE qualities - Scorpio is an enigma - because all it's positive qualities are within and all it's negative qualities are external - so it gives the impression of being a devil but in fact it's an angel dressed-up in disguise as a devil in order to protect the golden treasure that is within - whereas countless other star signs are in fact devil dressed-up as angels - now that's no completely true - but you get the gist of what I'm saying - a good Scorpio is one that hides it's true identity - it hides it because it is precious and it knows it !


"Empty vessels make most noise" - yes - you've all known and know so many superficial loud-mouthed people that are so full-of-themselves - they have no talent nor abilities - but because they make a lot of noise - you pay attention and listen to the garbage they say. Whereas, the truth is the solid people - the really special people - keep themselves to themselves - because they're protecting their inner treasure.


Most men have experienced that pretty women who need to show-off rarely have any inner depth - whereas truly precious people - you can sense their refined qualities just be being in their presence and looking into their eyes. The typical Scorpio energy means that with the minimum of words - you sense a deep truth - and within a short time of experiencing the Scorpio energies - you immediately know everything you need to know. It's either right - and will feel completely 100% right - OR it's wrong - and will reveal itself to be 100% wrong.


Scorpio is compared to "sex" - because with that person - it's either right or wrong - you know it when it's wrong even if you carry-on with the relationship - because you feel it when you're sleeping with them. In the same way the inner feelings defined - once you've had "sex" with someone you feel it's wholesome and right OR you feel is horrible and wrong - likewise during Sun in Scorpio - you'll instinctively know everything that's right and wrong - because the energies will touch you deep inside - and make you feel good or bad - with no inbetween.


The astrology of 12 star signs - means that each of us - even though you're not a Scorpio or have any planets in Scorpio - have an astrological energy of Scorpio in your life - as we're all made up of astrological energies of ALL the 12 star signs - that's why you continue to live each and everyday of the year - because the transcending energies enliven you - each and everyday. Someday's more than others - but you're never left with "nothing" - otherwise you'd be dead.


Scorpio is defined by Hidden Secrets & Deep Roots


This year Sun in Scorpio from 23rd October => 22nd November 2016 - will be working a lot of magic for everyone - especially as it will work in opposites - to the physical world - so when you think that NOTHING is going to happen - when you think that NOTHING appears to be going-on - that's a sign that a LOT of things are about to and are going to happen.


During this month when you look at nature - as all the leaves fall and everything appearing to die for "winter" - that's when in fact - everything is changing - everything is transforming - and everything is coming alive from WITHIN. It comes alive - because Scorpio is defined by DEPTH, HIDDEN SECRETS and DEEP ROOTS and only comes ALIVE when the focus of earthly energies shift to the "INNER".


Hence, during Sun in Scorpio - anything you deceptively thought was DEAD because it looked DEAD - is in fact ALIVE and will come ALIVE - and conversely if you've been fooled to think it's ALIVE you'll soon find out that it's DEAD.


The remarkable and most loveable aspect of Scorpio is that it can't LIE - even anything or anyone attempts to deceive you - you'll know the TRUTH - and if it's not right - deep within you - you'll know. What is TRUTH and what is a LIE - is something that is given to you - at each specific phase of your life. So whilst last year - you'd never have believed in Palmistry or Reincarnation - or believed in Abraham or Jesus - this year you've grown to understand that there's some TRUTH in lots of things - you never would have believed in before.


And the most important point I wish to say - is whilst last year - you'd never believe that you would have changed the way you have done in the past 12 months - this year you're now enlightened and mature to realize that changes DO happen - changes CAN happen - and instead of fearing the future - you're now looking forward optimistically to the future.


Journey of Sun in Libra into Sagittarius via Scorpio


There's no other way to describe Sun in Scorpio - other than a destined and specific important journey that must be taken in order to ensure you arrive at the right destination - the journey began during Sun in Libra and whilst it would be "easy" to go from Libra => Sagittarius - the transit of Scorpio in the middle is actually going to save each and everyone of you from making any mistakes - going to protect you from anything bad - and going to bring you the good luck you've been waiting for - it will also give you all the things you need to continue in your journey.


During Sun in Scorpio - life will give you moments of reflection and will want you to be honest with yourselves - and admit that since October 2015 [and for some of you will see that since October 2012] - you have changed a lot - and a new version of yourself has been created - a version - looking back on the past 1 - 4 years - you'd never have thought possible - that's because in the past few years all the planets have done their magic - sometimes - without even realizing it - you have changed - in fact the best changes have come from deep within you - without any fuss. It has just "happened" hasn't it ?


Now, I'm not saying it's all been so wonderful in the past few years - because many of the changes have come with moments of "pain" and hurt you from WITHIN you - and whilst you've had painful moments of feeling attacked and forced to change - it wasn't easy - especially if you didn't want the changes that destiny was forcing upon you. In hindsight you can now see the truth that destiny succeeded and created many brilliant changes - changes that no-one could have planned - because Saturn often does all it's work secretly behind the scenes.


Scorpio is well know for "sex" and transformation - it's also known for "death" - it doesn't create "death" - it simply reveals the TRUTH - and if someone is dead inside - then externally - they'll be found dead - because their roots are dead - the external will become dead too. However, someone who is alive inside - full of happiness - full of love - full of vitality - then because their roots are ALIVE - externally they will come alive.


Hence, during Sun in Scorpio - all relationships that are ALIVE - will reveal themselves as being ALIVE - and all relationships that are DEAD - will also reveal themselves as being DEAD. It's going to be a busy month ahead and most surprising aspects will come when you realize what and who makes you feel so ALIVE inside - and what and who - you feel nothing towards anymore - as if they've died - you feel nothing.


The Pathway of Destiny & Scorpio isn't always a straight-forward line


Scorpio defines that the pathway of destiny isn't always straight forward - it will get you to the right destination - even if means you have to take the most unusual, seemingly haphazard pathway of a "Scorpion" - the good news is - nothing will get in your way - and if you sense a blockage in front of you - you'll be able to circumvent all negativity, problems and blockages. Remarkably Sun in Scorpio will be the easiest month for real changes.


The Nature of Sun in Scorpio Avoids Negativity


There are TWO types of energies in the world - YIN and YANG - identified as INTROVERT and EXTROVERT. The essence of Scorpio is a Yin/Introvert energy that this year will define your TRUE identity without being influenced by anything or anyone. That's because Sun in Scorpio will ensure that you meet your destiny and avoid all external distractions and bad influences.


Have you ever noticed when you find yourself drained and tired - your instinct is to go to bed and "switch" off to the whole world - as your aura is REFUSES to be drained by anyone - so you LOCK your aura - thereby avoiding negativity. That's the nature of the Yin/Introvert of Scorpio energies.


The extrovert and socially reliant people of the world think this is MADNESS - because "they" survive and exist by receiving, stealing and taking energy through their interaction from OTHER people. Many of whom, don't DO anything positive for the world actually survive by stealing, taking and draining energy from others - and that's when they'll feel lost - because during Sun in Scorpio instinctively everyone will become "closed" and "protected" - not to be drained by others.


During Sun in Scorpio from October 23rd => November 22nd 2016 - you're going to be understanding this - with meaning and depth - and you'll begin to realize how many people actually DRAIN you - because they TAKE from you - and simultaneously you'll be blessed to realized WHO are good for you - and how much energy you have WITHIN you for yourself - if only - you stopped wasting energy on people who drain you.


You Can't Lie to Yourself ....

What Touches Your Senses Deep Within You ?


Everyone of you has your own unique things that touches your senses deep within you. During Sun in Scorpio - you're going to be inexplicably and pleasantly surprised to realize it's things, places and people - you never realized until now - that really does something for you - and with that truthful realization - your going to make important decisions about your future.


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