The Spiritual Writings of ספר סודי סודות

סוד ה ליראיו ובריתו להודיעם

This Month's Astrological Events

Sun in Pisces 18th February => 20th March 2015

Written by the נסתר Spiritual Astrologer author ספר כוכבי אור Sefer Kochvei Or

Secrets of Daily Moon Astrology סוד הלבנה , "This Weeks" Planetary Movements

& This Years Major Astrological Events of the Outer Planets for 2015


18th/19th February: Sun enters Pisces
18th/19th February: New Moon at cusp 0° Pisces with Sun-Moon-Neptune-in Pisces
19th February: Mars enters Aries
19th February: Mercury 4° Aquarius sextiles Saturn 4° Sagittarius
20th February: Venus enters Aries

22nd February: Venus 1° Aries conjunct Mars 1° Aries
23rd February: Sun 4° Pisces squares Saturn 4° Sagittarius
24th February: Venus 4° Aries trines Saturn 4° Sagittarius
26th February: Mars 4° Aries trines Saturn 4° Sagittarius
26th February: Sun 7° Pisces conjunct Neptune 7° Pisces


1st March: Mercury 14° Aquarius sextiles Uranus 14° Aries
1st March: Mercury 14° Aquarius opposes Jupiter [in retrograde] 14° Leo
3rd March: Jupiter [in retrograde] 14° Leo trines Uranus 14° Aries
4th March: Venus 14° Aries trines Jupiter [in retrograde] 14° Leo
4th March: Venus 14° Aries conjunct Uranus 14° Aries
5th March: Venus 15° Aries square Pluto 15° Capricorn
5th March: Full Moon at 14° Virgo - trines Pluto in Capricorn
6th March: Sun 15° Pisces sextiles Pluto 15° Capricorn

7th March: Neptune out of its' 2014 shadow 7°36 Pisces
10th March: Mars 13° Aries trines Jupiter [in retrograde] 13° Leo
11th March: Mars 15° Aries conjuncts Uranus 15° Aries

11th March: Mars 15° Aries squares Pluto 15° Capricorn

11th/12th March: Liberating day of freedom from karmic past
13th March: Mercury enters Pisces
14th March: Saturn retrograde at 4°46' Sagittarius
16th March: Mercury 4° Pisces squares Saturn [in retrograde] 4° Sagittarius
17th March: Uranus 15° Aries squares Pluto 15° Capricorn
17th March: Venus enters Taurus
18th March: Mercury 8° Pisces conjunct Neptune 8° Pisces

20th March: Solar Eclipse - New Moon - on cusp Pisces/Aries
20th March: Sun enters Aries


This Month's Astrological Events Fully Explained

Sun in Pisces 18th February => 20th March 2015


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The Hidden Spiritual Lights of Astrology אור הגנוז

אף על פי שאיהו לא חזי מזלייהו חזי

""Even though you can't see the astrological energies - You can sense each of them"

Talmud Sanhedrin סנהדרין צד


This Months Astrological Events

Introduction to Sun in Pisces 2015

Saturn in Sagittarius wants you to look forward to the future and wants you to enjoy the journey of life .....


Sun in Pisces is going to be an unforgettable and important month - with it all beginning immediately as Mars enters Aries on 19th February and Venus enters Aries on 20th February 2015 which will lead to Mars and Venus in Aries trine Saturn in Sagittarius on 24th / 26th February 2015 and followed by the triple conjunction of Mars-Venus-Uranus in Aries between 5th =>12th March 2015 - life is about to take you on a non-stop journey - a very strong and important journey - the direction and destination of which is as important as each of and all the positive collective moments of the journey itself.


On Month's Astrological Events for January 2015 I explained that Saturn in Sagittarius is creating a NEW phase in everyone's lives - it is a phase that for the most part will seem like it has NOTHING to do with the past 2 years of Saturn in Scorpio. In fact for all of you - Saturn in Sagittarius will be creating NEW relationships - NEW destined events - NEW everything - because just like you wear different clothes in the Summer to what you wear in the Winter - Saturn in Sagittarius is giving you a completely NEW set of parameters than what you've had in the past 2 years - during Sun in Pisces followed by Sun in Aries next month - is the destined time that life will bring out the best in "you" and "everyone" else too - to ensure you get what you need.


Most people can live-without lots of things in life - because those "things" aren't really important to you - but there are a few things you can't live without - these "things" are specific to you and ensure "you" are able to be "you". During the past few years Saturn in Scorpio - and for others - the past 4-5 years - as far back as 2009 / 2010 - you've been restricted by "life" to do without some of the vital things that you needed to be the real version of yourself and in order to learn specific karmic lessons about "life".


That period is now over and ended on 23rd December 2014 when Saturn entered Sagittarius - destiny is now ensuring you have all you need to be the "normal", the "original" and the "destined" version of yourself - in fact soon - you'll become the best version of yourself. Life is needing you to be "you" - hence if you've become someone you're not meant to be - or in a situation that's not "you" - then life will be ensuring changes happen to liberate and free you from being that person you're not supposed to be.


Becoming the Real Version of Yourself

If you're holding to any facet of "you" that isn't "you" - then you're holding yourself back - be the real yo u....


Everyone is loveable - everyone has a good side - everyone is unique - but as we grow-up, and depending on who we're associating with - we become someone that we aren't - the version you are today - is you - but how much of what other people know and see of you is the real version of you?

Astrologically, there were times in the past 4-5 years when no-one could reveal themselves - because - the astrological squares and oppositions between 2010 and 2014 - and Saturn in Scorpio - defined "closed" energies. Now it has been a new phase like NOW - January 2015 => February 2015 => March 2015 => April 2015 - it will be easier and easier - each day and each week - to become the REAL you - especially as you OPEN-UP to be the happiest and best version of yourself.


The Journey to the "future" of 17th March 2015

Uranus in Aries squares Pluto in Capricorn

The last time in our generation that Uranus squares Pluto will be on 17th March 2015, when Uranus in Aries ends the "square" with Pluto in Capricorn by taking the lead - as Uranus in Aries takes the lead into the "future" - it will have the assistance of Venus & Mars in Aries to ensure the "future" wins over the "past". It accomplishes this by accepting the "past", forgiving the "past" and leaving the "past" in the past.


Therefore from the moment when Uranus went direct in Aries on 22nd December 2014 and until 17th March 2015 - will begin a final journey of finishing the "past" - AND - simultaneously you'll do this because you're beginning the "future" - a "future" which actually began unfolding since March 2011 - and which you saw glimpses of between March => July 2012 ; March => July 2013 ; and March => July 2014.


Since Uranus entered Aries in March 2011 - it has been trying to create a NEW FUTURE for everyone on Earth - and if not for Pluto in Capricorn - the future it wants to give each us - would already have happened - but due to the constant SQUARE to Pluto in Capricorn - none of us have been able to truly enjoy the NEW FUTURE that Uranus in Aries is destined to bring.

Even though you've had glimpses and you may have even moved forward in your life to be in the right place with the right people doing the right things - but due to Pluto in Capricorn square you're still dealing with karmic "stuff" from the "past" and still connected to the "past". This includes, things in your life, people in your life, attitudes, events and experiences embedded on your persona, in your mind and in your aura - that might be preventing you from truly being the NEW version of YOU.


Uranus in Aries has it's final square to Pluto in Capricorn on 17th March 2015 - which means from now and until 17th March 2015 - the destined journey to the future is ON - all you'll need to do is FORGIVE the "past" - detach from the "past" - let the "past" go - allow yourself to change your attitude to "life" - because Uranus square Pluto means - you won't be able to hold-onto it anyway - so accept - whatever life will be showing you and wherever there's any conflict within you - it's a sign to LET-GO of "it". It's no good for you - and never will be - so let-go of all the badness.


Hopefully - all will see - it's time to let-go of both past-life religious garbage and bad attitudes to life and to other people - that has been the cause of all the world's problems. From the astrological charts I can see that by 17th March 2015 - which is the Final Uranus in Aries squares Pluto in Capricorn - when Uranus in Aries wins and takes the lead - the WHOLE WORLD will have transformed to learn this lesson - to LET-GO of the "past" - and learn to live in acceptance for the need for FREEDOM for the future. A freedom which will ensure everyone lives in happiness and wherever there's freedom and happiness - there's prosperity and success.


The World transforms to become Happier Place

I explained in January that 2015 is going to be exceedingly vibrant, positive and communicative year with real progress - as Saturn in Sagittarius has redefined that the whole aura of the world is now 100% POSITIVE - and therefore - everything that is negative or seen as being negative - now has to be turned-around to become POSITIVE. Life is on-the-move forward - and is going to be exceedingly vibrant due - Saturn in Sagittarius - Jupiter in Leo - Uranus in Aries - because there's a NON-STOP journey from January => February => March => April 2015.


There's going to be lots of activity - with lots of NEW things happening together with lots of things from the past that will re-enter your life - your decisions and the choices you make will be defined by the WARMTH and VIBRANCY that each facet positively energizes you inside. It will be impossible to deceive yourself - as LIFE energies in abundance will FIRE you up from WITHIN when you're getting it right - and will make you become COLD when you're getting it wrong.

Although the biggest impediment to progress is any futile attempt at holding-onto the "past" - my advice is let-go of the "past" - especially a "past" that's already useless, outdated, dead and buried - even so - that won't stop some idiots from trying to hold-on to the "past".


Choices Made .... because of Destiny

Relationships, Love and Warmth

Forget making logical decisions - Everything will be defined by the Love and Warmth - that is felt, created and defined for "you"

In fact FORGET the way you've been living in the past few years and embrace a NEW positive phase of your life


Astrology explains that there's always going to be POSITIVE and NEGATIVE phases - and now is the time for POSITIVE. The irony of life is that NEGATIVE phases restrict movement and restrict the ability to change - so you're stuck with what life has given you. However, during POSITIVE phases - because there's so much energy - you'll be dizzy because of so many choices you have to make.


Currently - Saturn in Sagittarius - has a specific destined plan for you and wants you to become strongly attached to things, people and relationships in order to give your life optimistic vibrancy and positive energy - to EXPAND and GROW. It doesn't matter who or what "it" is - whatever makes you come alive, feels positive and helps you to GROW - it is what destiny is bringing into your life to ensure you become you and live your destined life. The past 2 months since Saturn entered Sagittarius created the start of the beginning and now during Sun in Pisces due to both Mars and Venus in Aries - you will now see important and significant NEW facets of your life emerging.


Whatever happens - "It" might be a catalyst to help you grow - or "It" might become permanent - that is something you'll see clearly by 21st March 2015 - in the meantime - use the positive energies you're receiving and GROW - become happy - become a happier version of yourself - and enjoy the gift of life.


The next few days and weeks will be transformative for everyone as


Mars enters Aries on 19th February 2015

Venus enters Aries on 20th February 2015

Mars and Venus in Aries trines Saturn in Sagittarius on 24th / 26th February 2015

Triple conjunction of Mars-Venus-Uranus in Aries between 5th =>12th March 2015

Mars and Venus in Aries trines Jupiter in Leo on 4th / 10th March 2015

Each and everyday - Mars & Venus move together in Aries - ensuring it affects EVERYONE in more ways than one!


All of which will be constantly supported by - Uranus in Aries - TRINE - Jupiter in Leo - TRINE - Saturn in Sagittarius - to ensure you get your destiny and become the real "you". You've read this advance preview - and might think - what's the downside - the truth is there's no downside - and by Mid-March 2015 - you will see for yourself that things you never perceived possible - will become possible.


All of which will be due to and thanks to YOUR RELATIONSHIPS with ALL the right people you know. You'll become the best version of yourself - thanks to your good friends - that's exactly what Saturn in Sagittarius wants to teach you - good friendships, warmth and loving relationships towards everyone and everything in your life.


The Hidden Spiritual Lights of Astrology אור הגנוז

אף על פי שאיהו לא חזי מזלייהו חזי

""Even though you can't see the astrological energies - You can sense each of them"

Talmud Sanhedrin סנהדרין צד

סוד ה ליראיו ובריתו להודיעם