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This Month's Astrological Events

Sun in Leo 22nd July => 22nd August 2016

Written by the נסתר Spiritual Astrologer author ספר כוכבי אור Sefer Kochvei Or

Secrets of Daily Moon Astrology סוד הלבנה , "This Weeks" Planetary Movements

& This Years Major Astrological Events of the Outer Planets for 2016


22nd July: Sun enters Leo
27th July: Mercury 24° Leo trine Uranus 24° Aries
29th July: Mercury 28° Leo square Mars 28° Scorpio
29th July: Uranus stationary retrograde at 24° Aries

29th July: Karmic Clarity - date-with-destiny - "turnaround"
30th July: Mercury enters Virgo


1st August: Sun 9° Leo trines Saturn [retrograde] 9° Sagittarius

1st August: Venus 24° Leo trines Uranus [retrograde] 24° Aries

2nd August: New Moon at 11° Leo

2nd August: Mars enters Sagittarius

5th August: Venus enters Virgo

12th August: Saturn goes direct 9°47' Sagittarius date-with-destiny - "turnaround"

16th August: Sun 24° Leo trines Uranus [retrograde] 24° Aries

18th August: Full Moon at 26° Aquarius


22nd August: Sun enters Virgo

22nd August: Mercury 26° Virgo conjunct Jupiter 26° Virgo

24th August: Mars 9°52' Sagittarius conjunct Saturn 9°52' Sagittarius

27th August: Venus 27° Virgo conjunct Jupiter 27° Virgo

29th August: Mercury 28° Virgo conjunct Venus 28° Virgo

30th August: Venus enters Libra

9th September: Jupiter enters Libra

12th September: Karmic Clarity - date-with-destiny - "the future begins"


This Month's Astrological Events Fully Explained

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Introduction to Sun in Leo - July & August 2016

The "Fire" and excitement will be very strong !


Sun enters Leo [Fire Sign] Mercury in Leo [Fire Sign] Venus in Leo [Fire Sign]

Mars in Sagittarius [Fire Sign] Jupiter in Virgo [Earth Sign] Saturn in Sagittarius [Fire Sign]

Uranus in Aries [Fire Sign] Neptune in Pisces [Water Sign] Pluto in Capricorn [Earth Sign]


If you're looking ahead and wondering what's coming in Sun in Leo - then be warned - there's going to be lots of of activity, heat, passion, excitement and love - defined by RELATIONSHIPS WITH OTHER PEOPLE - both dumping and ending bad relationships & strengthening and beginning new relationships.


You will only be able to avoid it - if you're dead - but anyone and everyone who is alive - will not be able to avoid the vibrancy and destined destiny of what will be happening. Sun in Leo in July & August 2016 will define exactly WHY you're alive. Sun in Leo will ensure you're connected to whoever you're destined to be connected to - do whatever you're destined to be doing - and most importantly - you will be doing it because you LOVE whatever "it" is you will be doing.


12th July => 5th August 2016: Venus in Leo [Fire Sign]

14th July => 30th July 2016: Mercury in Leo [Fire Sign]

22nd July => 22nd August 2016: Sun in Leo [Fire Sign]

2nd August => 27th September 2016: Mars in Sagittarius [Fire Sign]

12th August 2016: Saturn goes direct in Sagittarius [Fire Sign]


Sun in Leo, Mercury in Leo, Venus in Leo, Mars & Saturn in Sagittarius

Lively, exciting, aliveness, optimism and good luck returns for "all"


Everything and everyone resonates to the 4 Elements FIRE - EARTH - AIR - WATER - You can only have peaceful harmony in your aura when you're resonating with ALL the 4 Elements - each creates an essential component to your existence.


Even of you're not a "fire" sign and even if you don't have any planets in "fire" signs - you still have the "FIRE" within you - that can be ignited when life needs it to be ignited. The astrological reason why many of us get excited, desire and want things in our lives is because we get the FIRE of desire to want it. The inexplicable way in which you come ALIVE from within yourself is defining the FIRE in your aura.


The astrological energies of FIRE - means that without even speaking or communicating - you feel the FIRE of positive energies from within you and it makes you want whatever life wants you to want. FIRE ensures that can't ignore the source of the FIRE. That's exactly why I've defined Saturn in FIRE sign of Sagittarius for 2016 & 2017 - that you will get FIRED up to be connected to whoever it is that destiny wants you to be connected to.


The transit of planets in fire signs - especially in Leo will FIRE you up to want whatever and whoever it is that life wants you to want and that's why I can predict Sun in Leo will be positively vibrant - especially for all who've been missing something in the past few weeks.


Sun in Leo [Fire sign], Mercury in Leo [Fire sign], Venus in Leo [Fire sign], Mars in Sagittarius [Fire sign], Saturn in Sagittarius [Fire sign] and Uranus in Aries [Fire sign] - that means - inner and outer planets in [Fire sign], - will be creating the ability to make things happen - defined by making you and other people in your life - EXCITED and FIRED-UP from within to want things, to change things and to be compelled to do whatever the source of your exciting energies define.


It's been a long time since we've had 6 planets in fire signs - and it will be an enjoyable month of Sun in Leo - as it will show you that all you need is to feel the FIRE from within you - and then you know anything can happen. The only people who hate planets in fire signs are dead-boring lazy people - because "they" want a dead-boring life - but the invisible fire-energy will make everyone restless - it will make people do things - search for things - because doing NOTHING isn't an option.


More than likely - you might already have certain things or ideas in your head, you might already know the people and things that life wants you to want - but now the - Saturn & Mars in Sagittarius - trine to and combined with - Sun, Mercury & Venus in Leo - will ensure the connections are strengthened with vibrancy and the reconnections are made.


Fire signs are NOT selfish energies - because Fire needs other people to share the warmth and vibrancy - hence that's why people will be making connections with other people - in search for the vibrancy. Saturn in Sagittarius will need the RIGHT people and things to energize you. When you find what and who it is - then you'll find the RIGHT energy - but until you find it and get it - you might get a bit annoyed and impatient.


Summer of Many Changes, Vibrancy and Love

Sun in Leo 22nd July => 23rd August 2016 - will create many changes - fast moving and constantly changeable

With a new stability emerging and forming in your life defined by Saturn going direct on 12th August 2016


Rarely is Sun in Leo defined as down-to-earth stability - but this year - each and everyone will find stability in appreciating what you have instead of pursuing meaningless nonsense that you'll never need. This doesn't mean it's going to be dull and boring - to the contrary - it will be an exceptionally STRONG, busy and vibrant transit - in more ways than one.


Sun in Leo - is going to channel everything that is right for you to come into your life. This journey began with the Zodiac New Year in March 2016 - in fact it really began in September 2015 when Saturn enters Fire sign of Sagittarius - you've seen this year has been like no other year you can remember - and during Sun in Leo - it's going to THRUST huge amounts of energy into your life - what you do with it - depends on your star sign and what phase of life you're up to - but it's going to create CHANGE.


I always call - Sun in Leo - the falling-in-love month OR the heart-attack month - that's because when you have STRONG energies - life makes you do something with all the energy - DOING NOTHING or BEING ALONE is NOT AN OPTION - so if you're traditionally lazy and lonely - then be careful - because Sun in Leo will burst the blood vessels - especially if you're not using all the energy LOVING someone - as Sun in Leo wants you to SHARE your life with someone and wants you to be busy doing whatever it is that you naturally love doing. Sun in Leo makes it restless for anyone who isn't using the energies you've been given.


Now - I know some of you will laugh at Sun in Leo - being called the heart-attack month - but the truth is people who don't LOVE anyone - who don't LOVE anything in life - have a BIG problem with their hearts - because life is a gift - and the center of your physical existence is your HEART - the positive emotions that drives your body and keeps you ALIVE. Loving anyone, loving anything in life and feeling your LOVE for "it" is the BEST gift of life. You can't lie to yourself - and Sun in Leo - will be opening everyone's heart-up to LOVE "someone" or something !


The Invisible Energies of "Love & Warmth"

Stop being "invisible" and become "real"


By now - each of you should realize that there's something INVISIBLE that makes things happen in your life. Some days you wake-up full of life - full of optimism - full of inner excitement - whilst other days you wake-up and feel empty. Neither is logical - and yet - your own premonition and attitude - makes a difference to what happen.


But even if you wake-up assuming nothing is going to happen - by "coincidence" - you meet someone or hear from someone - and the energy of someone else in your life makes you suddenly feel so much better. The "other" person has UNLOCKED something inside you - to make you be a different version of yourself - a happier version of yourself - a better version of yourself - a more enjoyable version of yourself - and a version of yourself - that YOU LOVE and OTHERS LOVE too !


Astrologically, Sun, Mercury, Venus in Leo with Mars & Saturn in Sagittarius and with Uranus in Aries - all these 6 planets in fire signs - energized by the Sun - at the center of our solar system - means Sun in Leo - is going to energize your life - by relationships with OTHER people. The good side to Sun in Leo - is the people you like - the people you love - even places, things and work that you love - will all be manifestations what life wants for you.


Even if people have been "cold" to you - even if life has been dull, quiet and boring in the past few months - during Sun in Leo - that all changes. Hence - if you love people in your life and if you love life - then Sun in Leo is going to be FANTASTIC. That's because Sun in Leo reveals the TRUTH.


In relationships - initially you get a "good" feeling - it's invisible in it's essence - but it an inexplicable warmth that makes feel - there's something there - THEN - comes a moments when the invisible feelings become REAL and STRONG - when you touch each other , hug or kiss - that's when you feel "it" - "it" then becomes part of you. The catalyst to make something NEW become part of your life - will be Sun in Leo.


"It" will be a loving relationship - even a relationship in your life that becomes STRONG and REAL - and I'm not just talking about your "love" - but it could be any type of platonic, family or even business relationship - all people in your life - are in your life for a REASON - there's a STRONG bond that keeps you attached.


You work, live and exist because of other people in your life - you make decisions - because of wanting to be with the people in your life. They" make you feel alive and "they" give you life - as you give them life. You're probably living where you're living and working where you're working - because of PEOPLE - who made it happen and who make you feel "right" about life.


Whatever decisions you're about to make - whatever events are about to happen during - Sun in Leo - will make you make them because of PEOPLE - with a STRONG attractive affinity for wherever and whatever you're doing with your life.


The negative downside is - if you've got NO-ONE in your life - then Sun in Leo - will make you exceedingly frustrated - until you FIND someone or FIND something that you "enjoy and love". Sun in Leo - wants you to do whatever it is you LOVE doing - with the PEOPLE you LOVE the most. It will make Sun in Leo - one of the best summer's ever.


You can't have it being ALONE - the invisible energies of LOVE and WARMTH - needs you to - get-out and be amongst other people - don't go through the drive-thru at KFC or Starbucks - get-out and sit-inside amongst people. When you walk in the street - don't think "too many people" - think - "so nice to see so many people".


It is clear from the astrological charts - that Sun in Leo - will be ensuring you OPEN your lives to others - and when you realize it is OTHER people that makes your life happier and successful - you'll want to be amongst others more often.


In the ספר האהבה - Sefer Ahava - The Book of Love @ - I've explained that to make anything happen in this world - you need SOMEONE else in your life - the bond of LOVE with someone else - creates something from nothing. WHO that person is - WHO the people are - will be clear to you during Sun in Leo - and will probably be a BIG surprise to some of you too - as they want you - more than you want them.


Summer of Love - the importance of Sun in Leo

You can't lie to yourself - what and who you love


The destination is clear, positive and destined

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סוד ה ליראיו ובריתו להודיעם