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This Month's Astrological Events

Sun in Cancer 20th June => 21st July 2016

Written by the נסתר Spiritual Astrologer author ספר כוכבי אור Sefer Kochvei Or

Secrets of Daily Moon Astrology סוד הלבנה , "This Weeks" Planetary Movements

& This Years Major Astrological Events of the Outer Planets for 2016


20th June: Sun enters Cancer
20th June: Mercury 11° Gemini opposes Saturn [retrograde] 11° Sagittarius
20th June: Mercury 12° Gemini squares Neptune [retrograde] 12° Pisces
22nd June: Mercury 16° Gemini squares Jupiter 16° Virgo
26th June: Jupiter 16° Virgo trines Pluto [retrograde] 16° Capricorn
27th June: Venus 12° Cancer trines Neptune [retrograde] 12° Pisces
27th June: Mercury 23° Gemini sextiles Uranus 23° Aries
29th June: Mercury enters Cancer
30th June: Mars goes direct at 23° Scorpio


1st July: Venus 16° Cancer opposes Pluto [retrograde] 16° Capricorn
1st July: Venus 17° Cancer sextiles Jupiter 17° Virgo
3rd July: Sun 11° Cancer trines Neptune [retrograde] 11° Pisces
4th July: New Moon 12° Cancer
5th July: Mercury 11° Cancer trine Neptune [retrograde] 11° Pisces
6th July: Venus 23° Cancer trines Mars 23° Scorpio
7th July: Sun 15° Cancer conjunct Mercury 15° Cancer
8th July: Mercury 16° Cancer opposes Pluto [retrograde] 16° Capricorn

8th July: Venus 24° Cancer squares Uranus 24° Aries
8th July: Sun 16° Cancer opposes Pluto[retrograde] 16° Capricorn
10th July: Sun 18° Cancer sextile Jupiter 18° Virgo
11th July: Mercury 24° Cancer trine Mars 24° Scorpio
11th July: Mercury 24° Cancer squares Uranus 24° Aries
12th July: Venus enters Leo
14th July: Mercury enters Leo
16th July: Sun 24° Cancer squares Uranus 24° Aries
16th July: Mercury 5° Leo conjunct Venus 5° Leo
17th July: Sun 25° Cancer trines Mars 25° Scorpio
19th July: Mercury 10° Leo trines Saturn [retrograde] 10° Sagittarius
19th July: Full Moon 27° Capricorn
20th July: Venus 10° Leo trine Saturn [retrograde] 10° Sagittarius


22th July: Sun enters Leo
27th July: Mercury 24° Leo trine Uranus 24° Aries
29th July: Mercury 28° Leo square Mars 28° Scorpio
29th July: Uranus retrograde at 24° Aries
30th July: Mercury enters Virgo


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Introduction to Sun in Cancer June - July 2016

Each Month the Sun energizes the planets

Each astrological month - Each Sun star sign has a different energy with which it energizes the planets in our solar system


You might be born with the same configuration of outer planets as your friends from School - but - being born in a different star sign will define - how your Sun and Moon - interacts with and illuminates the other planets in your astrological chart - which in turn will define how you interact with "people" in your life.


For as I explain - the planets in your astrological chart - define what types of people you attract into your life - and even if you attempt to avoid certain types of people - your astrological chart - defines that until you learn the lessons and understand yourself - then you'll keep on attracting the same kind of people. Because people are merely manifestations of your astrological profile.


However, each month - there will be "windows" of opportunities when the negative people will be BLOCKED OUT of your life - because the transit of the Sun in specific star signs - creates a PROTECTION for you.


During Sun in Gemini - you probably had "everyone" come into your life - because Gemini was an open energy. During Sun in Cancer you're going to be PROTECTED - you'll only have people come into your life who are 100% truly good for you. And if they're not good for you - you'll sense it immediately, block them out and be protected from them and their influence.


The astrological reason is that Sun in Cancer - will form a protective trine - to Neptune in Pisces and to Mars in Scorpio - all of which will be karmically protected by Pluto in Capricorn and positively energized by Jupiter in Virgo.


Sun in Cancer [Water Sign] Venus in Cancer [Water Sign]

Mars in Scorpio [Water Sign] Jupiter in Virgo [Earth Sign]

Neptune in Pisces [Water Sign] Pluto in Capricorn [Earth Sign]


Which means that the [Air] & [Fire] will appear to be missing for the next few weeks. This doesn't mean you won't get excited by anything or won't want to talk to anyone - but it does mean - you won't want to waste any time doing anything meaningless or stupid. And that's why Sun in Cancer will be a 100% successful month - because life will ensure you do what's good for you.


The 4th star sign of the zodiac is indeed the star sign of the USA - 4th July 1776 - and lets be honest - [even for people who dislike or complain about USA] - the USA is the greatest country in the world. Well - it's the truth. If not for the determination, motivation, confidence, strength and all the GOOD qualities of USA - then the world would be in a big mess !


Now that doesn't mean it's perfect - because no-one in the world is perfect - but it does indicate that Cancer the 4th star sign of the Zodiac is important - in fact very important - in fact ESSENTIAL to our existence. Even if there will be moments you won't like - it's still essential. The key to success is to focus on the GOOD - work with the GOOD and forget all the nonsense. It's like the "internet" - the gift of "internet" - defines taking out the GOOD and ignoring all the distractions and nonsense.


One of the most fascinating aspects of the internet is websites like eBay - where you can find anything - and - where you can sell anything - for there is "someone" somewhere in the world that wants what you have got. All you have to do is BELIEVE that there is "someone" !


How many times have you been "Thinking" about selling something on eBay and someone said to you - "don't waste your time no-one will ever buy it" - you might even have "thought" it too - you're only mistake was NOT BELIEVING - you were influenced by other people's negative thinking [even their jealousy as they don't want you to be successful] - so you gave up hope !?


Can you imagine if the USA - would give-up hope and listen to it's critics and stop helping the world? Could you imagine if I listened to my critics - I too - would STOP doing anything on the internet. "Doing nothing with gift of life" is exactly what lazy, negative, critical and dysfunctional humans do - "they" do nothing and hence want others to do nothing.


However, powerful leaders - such as the USA - with determination and strength - never listens to it's critics - and simply gets-on with the job of the leader - it shows by example that - DOING SOMETHING is always better than DOING NOTHING - and then encourages everyone else to DO SOMETHING. Ofcourse the "enticement" of MONEY helps - and - indeed - Sun in Cancer - rewards hard work.


Sun in Cancer is a very important month

Sun in Cancer - Venus in Cancer - Mars in Scorpio - Jupiter in Virgo - Neptune in Pisces - Pluto in Capricorn


Hence, when you understand the power of star sign of Cancer - is BELIEVING in yourself - working hard - not being distracted by anyone or anything that's a waste of time - refusing to listen to others - then you will see how successful - Sun in Cancer will be.


Whilst it's true - "it" won't have the fun of Sun in Gemini or Sun in Leo - "it" will ensure you have SUCCESS and MONEY - to be able to enjoy the future. Cancer - the 4th star sign of the zodiac - will be very important - for your future.


The key to understanding Sun in Cancer is defined by all the planets that will come ALIVE during Sun in Cancer - which are - Venus in Cancer - Mars in Scorpio - Jupiter in Virgo - Neptune in Pisces - Pluto in Capricorn - irrespective of the fact that some are in retrograde - Sun in Cancer will awaken the "dead" if it has to - in order to get SUCCESS and life moving.


The Water star sign of Cancer is defined by WATER - WATER covers 70% of planet Earth - each of us consists of 70% WATER - WATER is a flowing energy - even stagnant water can still move-around - when you shake a bottle of water - its moving inside. You too - when life wakes you up and shakes you up - you get moving - don't you ?!


The star sign of Cancer is ruled by the Moon - because your emotions and feelings inside - are what gets you moving. The stronger your feelings - the more you will do something. And as Sun in Cancer is greeted by a Full Moon on 20th June 2016 - it means that there's going to be a BIG BOOST forwards for everyone.



The destination is clear, positive and destined

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