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This Month's Astrological Events

Sun in Aquarius 20th January = > 19th February 2016

Written by the נסתר Spiritual Astrologer author ספר כוכבי אור Sefer Kochvei Or

Secrets of Daily Moon Astrology סוד הלבנה , "This Weeks" Planetary Movements

& This Years Major Astrological Events of the Outer Planets for 2015


20th January: Sun enters Aquarius - Uranus is ruler of Aquarius

January 2016 - "Uranus 16° Aries trines Saturn 13° Sagittarius"
20th January: Mercury [retrograde] 16° Capricorn squares Uranus 16° Aries
22nd January: Mercury [retrograde] 15° Capricorn conjunct Pluto 15° Capricorn
23rd January: Venus 28°/29° Sagittarius
23rd January: Venus enters Capricorn
24th January: Full Moon at 3° Leo
26th January: Mercury goes direct at 14° Capricorn
30th January: Mercury 16° Capricorn conjunct Pluto 16° Capricorn

30th January: Venus 8° Capricorn sextiles Neptune 8° Pisces


February 2016 - "Uranus 17° Aries trines Saturn 15° Sagittarius"
1st February: Mercury 17° Capricorn squares Uranus 17° Aries

3rd February: Mars 16° Scorpio sextiles Pluto 16° Capricorn
3rd February: Sun 14° Aquarius sextiles Saturn 14° Sagittarius
6th February: Venus 16° Capricorn conjunct Pluto 16° Capricorn
6th February: Sun 17° Aquarius sextiles Uranus 17° Aries
7th February: Venus 17° Capricorn squares Uranus 17° Aries

7th February: Venus 17° Capricorn sextiles Mars 17° Scorpio

7th February: Sun 17° Aquarius squares Mars 17° Scorpio
8th February: New Moon 19° Aquarius

13th February: Saturn at midheaven 15° Sagittarius
13th February: Mercury enters Aquarius
17th February: Venus enters Aquarius


19th February: Sun enters Pisces
22nd February: Full Moon 3° Virgo


This Month's Astrological Events Fully Explained

Sun in Aquarius 20th January = > 19th February 2016

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Introduction to Sun in Aquarius 2016

Sun in Aquarius ensures you move-on with life - by becoming detached from any problems and any negativity ...


I'm sure as you're reading this - you're probably realizing that "life" is on-the-move - so much has been changing in the past 2 months - and now - Sun in Aquarius - the 11th month of the zodiac year - the month that always creates change - it's going to be creating a lot more changes.


During Sun in Aquarius - each and everyone will experience something DESTINED and INEXPLICABLY strong in all your lives. Defined by Saturn in Sagittarius and Uranus in Aries - which will finally get through to you - a destined facet that's been trying to come into your life - since at least September 2015 and for some of you - as far back as March 2011.


Most of you - you will be truly amazed - and as you experience "it" - you will realize that you are 100% intune and in-sync with your destined reality for your life in "2016". "2016" by definition means that change is a vital necessity for "everyone" - and you've all seen - even the Christmas holidays were "unusual" - because it was so vibrant and strong - and hence you will see that everything is changing and everyone is on-the-move forward - the karmic wheel of "destiny" is being moving forward.


Many inexplicable stagnant situations got a PUSH to move forward during Sun in Sagittarius 22nd November => 22nd December 2015 - then got an additional PUSH forward by inexplicable destined events of "destiny" during Sun in Capricorn 22nd December 2015 => 20th January 2016. and now during Sun in Aquarius 20th January => 19th February 2016 "everyone" and "everything" will be getting an even BIGGER PUSH forward - which will DETACH everyone from the "past" and from anything that no longer has any destined purpose to your future.


Traditionally and every year - Sun in Capricorn creates specific destined events - then Sun in Aquarius expands and creates even more positive changes because the foundation has been firmly created during Sun in Capricorn. This year Sun in Aquarius will do BOTH - it will expand life even more - AND - it will also create solid foundations - building on everything that has begun to happen during Sun in Capricorn.


Growth means realizing you need to grow-up!

"When we become complacent with life - we stagnate - because we think we know-it-all

we only grow-up - because we realize the truth of - how little we know !"


I will tell you a secret to the good side of Aquarian's and that's they're honest and humble - they don't mind saying - they know nothing - because humility is the Aquarian secret to absorbing and learning more. You see "star signs" that believe they know-it-all are the most ignorant - whereas star signs that are humble and admit they know nothing - are always OPEN to learn more and can absorb much more than know-it-alls.


Hence - this year - during Sun in Aquarius - due to the excellent aspects to all the planets - everyone is going to be learning something NEW about themselves. Most of you - will learn "it" intuitively - from brilliantly inspired ideas in your own mind - others will search on the internet for pieces of understanding - then glue the bits together. The secret to success is WANTING to find a solution to a specific problem you've got - OR - simply being energized to WANT to find an answer to something you're going to be searching for.


The key is - you WANT to search because you WANT to change - because you accept that you don't know-it-all and WANT to find whatever it is you're looking for. You see - past generations - if they had a problem - it wasn't easy to find the answers - but - today - everything is on the internet. And the internet is your own library - open 24-7 - Could you imagine if Albert Einstein was alive today on the internet !


Positive Window of Opportunity

Becoming Free and Liberated because ...

The Sun in Aquarius will override your own bad luck and almost all negative astrological facets in your own astrological chart


There are times of the year - when even though you've read GOOD things are going to happen to you - they don't happen ; and there are times in the year when you've read BAD things are going - they don't happen. And even though you have a collection of planets in your own astrological chart - there are times when some planets are NOT ACTIVE.


Hence - even though - you've had ongoing BAD LUCK in one specific area of your life for many years [and FYI - we all have bad luck in one area of our lives - that's quite normal] - there are astrological windows - when YOU - YES even YOU - will have GOOD LUCK. That's exactly what Sun in Aquarius 20th January => 19th February 2016 will be defining and this window opens again during Sun in Aries 20th March => 20th April 2016. These are POSITIVE WINDOWS of LIGHT - that will obliterate all the inexplicable negative blockages.


I call these moments - the back-up plan of life - because these moments are when you can make changes and rearrange your life - and the main thing is that INEXPLICABLE GOOD LUCK will be on your side. All I have to say is Aquarian energies define - doing it IMMEDIATELY - "if you hesitate - you will loose the moment".


Carrying your iPhone or Blackberry is useless if you don't use it - so - reply immediately to ALL emails - especially to your friends, money and business related. And when you get the urge to email someone - email them. Aquarian energies - will be energizing everyone everywhere in the world to communicate - hence people will know you're alive when you reply immediately - it is what Aquarian energies want you to do.


You see - if you've got a home for sale - and your agent doesn't reply to emails or pick up the phone - you're unlikely to get it sold - and a potential buyer will go elsewhere. If you have online product - and don't reply - your potential customers will go elsewhere. And if you have something to sell - but don't even put it on eBay - then how can you expect to sell it ?


So update your website, your facebook, your twitter, eBay etc etc - because Sun in Aquarius - defined by the fact that when people buy something online - they want IMMEDIATE response and expect it done immediately - Sun in Aquarius is a WINDOW of OPPORTUNITY - if you don't reply - someone else will - and they will get the business you wanted. Business opportunities are easier to understand because most of us choose to do business with people we like. If you don't like them - and if they're too lazy to reply to emails - instinctively you hate doing business and that's why you'll choose someone else.


It's the same in all RELATIONSHIPS - your friends are your friends - because you have a good vibrant connection with them. But people who are too slow and negative for you - when things get too much that you can't take the negativity anymore - you 1st ignore them - become detached and don't careless - then you get the urge to look for someone new who will love and respect you - that's what Sun in Aquarius will create WINDOWS of OPPORTUNITY as your BACK-UP plan.


You won't be able to plan what "it" is and when "it" happens - because suddenly - you will get the urge - merely because you're fed-up of the negativity. Although everyone will be feeling the STRONG URGE to break-free of a specific negative situation prior to the Full Moon on 24th January 2016.


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