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This Month's Astrological Events

Sun in Capricorn 21st December 2014 => 20th January 2015

Written by the נסתר Spiritual Astrologer author ספר כוכבי אור Sefer Kochvei Or

Secrets of Daily Moon Astrology סוד הלבנה , "This Weeks" Planetary Movements

& This Years Major Astrological Events of the Outer Planets for 2015


21st December: Sun enters Capricorn
22nd December: Uranus goes direct 12°34' Aries
22nd December: New Moon at cusp 0° Capricorn

New Moon with Sun-Moon-Mercury-Venus-Pluto in Capricorn
23rd December: Saturn enters Sagittarius
25th December: Mercury 12° Capricorn squares Uranus 12° Aries
25th December: Mercury 12° Capricorn conjunct Pluto 12° Capricorn
27th December: Sun 5° Capricorn sextiles Neptune 5° Pisces


Happy New Year 2015
1st January: Mars 21° Aquarius opposes Jupiter [in retrograde] 21° Leo
3rd January: Sun 12° Capricorn squares Uranus 12° Aries
3rd January: Sun 13° Capricorn conjunct Pluto 13° Capricorn
3rd January: Venus enters Aquarius
4th January: Venus 1° Aquarius sextiles Saturn 1° Sagittarius
5th January: Mercury enters Aquarius
5th January: Mercury 1° Aquarius sextiles Saturn 1° Sagittarius
5th January: Full Moon 14° Cancer - opposes Pluto & squares Uranus
12th January: Mars enters Pisces
13th January: Venus 12° Aquarius sextiles Uranus 12° Aries
14th January: Mercury 12° Aquarius sextiles Uranus 12° Aries
14th January: Venus 13° Aquarius conjunct Mercury 13° Aquarius
15th January: Mars 2° Pisces squares Saturn 2° Sagittarius
19th January: Venus 20° Aquarius opposes Jupiter [in retrograde] 20° Leo
19th January: Mars 5° Pisces conjunct Neptune 5° Pisces


20th January: Sun enters Aquarius
20th January: New Moon at cusp 0° Aquarius

New Moon with Sun-Moon-Mercury-Venus-in Aquarius
22nd January: Mercury goes stationary retrograde 17° Aquarius
23rd January: Sun 2° Aquarius sextiles Saturn 2° Sagittarius


This Month's Astrological Events Fully Explained

Sun in Capricorn 21st December 2014 => 20th January 2015

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The Hidden Spiritual Lights of Astrology אור הגנוז

אף על פי שאיהו לא חזי מזלייהו חזי

""Even though you can't see the astrological energies - You can sense each of them"

Talmud Sanhedrin סנהדרין צד


This Months Astrological Events

Introduction to Sun in Capricorn 2014 / 2015

The "Beginning" for a Really Enjoyable Life!

For the past 5 years - Sun in Capricorn in 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013 & 2014 - Sun in Capricorn hasn't been the wonderful and positive beginning of a New Year start you would expect - each year got less and less like a New Year feeling - due to the outer planets - squares and oppositions - [and Saturn in Scorpio's sobering influence] - but this year Christmas 2014 / New Year 2015 is going to be an unforgettable, vibrant and exciting - Sun in Capricorn December 2014 - January 2015 - defines both an enjoyable Christmas and New Year 2015 - and it all starts with the New Moon on 21st/22nd December 2014 - because all the astrological energies have changed and are changing to ensure that STAGNATION or BORING will not apply to this year's Sun in Capricorn.

Many of the pieces will be moving into place from 1st December 2014 - especially because Saturn moves from 27°=> 28°=> 29° Scorpio => 0° Sagittarius between 1st December => 23rd December 2014 which will create a lot of changes - very quickly in everyone's lives.


If you can think back to Christmas holidays prior to 2009 - you'll remember that Sun in Capricorn creates a homely, warm atmosphere, full of energy to recharge, with a feel good factor that a New Year is beginning - that's because in spite of Capricorn being a negative star sign - it has many POSITIVE qualities - each of which it has had to earn, work hard and even fight for - so a sense of accomplishment and achievement is what drives Capricorn's.

But you can only strive for and want to achieve something IF and WHEN you believe in the future. Unfortunately the planets since January 2010 - due to numerous squares and oppositions have constantly being blocking a POSITIVE vision for the future. Therefore the traditional strive for something good - to achieve something meaningful - has been thwarted and blocked. However, that changes this year - and during December 2014 the process of changing - you're starting to come "alive" - with a vision of your future - an optimistic and positive future - something to look forward to - and not just "exist" - but to live life - truly live life - yearn and strive for.


The "year 2015" officially begins with a strong Capricorn New Moon on the cusp with 5 planets in Capricorn Sun - Moon - Mercury - Venus - Pluto in Capricorn - together with Uranus going direct in Aries and Saturn entering Sagittarius - it's going to be REAL and REALLY GOOD.

Initially when you open presents - you smile - but soon afterwards think to yourself what a load of garbage. This year, Sun in Capricorn astrologically will ensure all the Christmas presents will be brilliant - lots of surprises, many positive changes and "life" won't stop just because it's the holidays. In fact, Saturn in Sagittarius will put people in a positively vibrant good mood - to want to live life to the fullest - especially as boundaries that have been created since Saturn entered Libra in November 2009 - which got compounded by Saturn in Scorpio in October 2012 - will now vanish.

Indeed, it will be liberating and that's not a word usually associated with Saturn - but Saturn in fire sign Sagittarius is going to be liberating for everyone everywhere in the world. It's a destined time for EXPANSION - again another word not normally associated with Saturn - but it's a fact of life - that liberating, freedom and expansive periods in humanity are DESTINED too. And together with Sun in Capricorn - is not usually a star sign associated with "fun" - but this year that changes too.

In the past few years - the holiday week created frustrating travel problems - this year you will see everything as a blessing - how destiny will orchestrate POSITIVE things to happen, keep them happening and constantly make positive things happen. The astrological charts define lots of changes and movement. In fact, the more stagnation and boredom you've had in the past 3-5 years - the more liberated destined freedom will be coming your way. I will be introducing the "year 2015" in the next few days too - to define that 2015 is going to be a NON-STOP year - literally NON-STOP year of many changes for EVERYONE!


Introduction to Saturn in Sagittarius

"Freedom, Liberating Relationships & Expansion - even freewill choices - are destined during Saturn in Sagittarius"


I will be honest with you - that it has taken a few weeks of understanding and checking all the charts from 2014 => 2017 to understand the meaning of Saturn in Sagittarius - seeing the bigger picture of what's going-on in the Universe. The key to understanding Saturn in Sagittarius is the destination of where it is taking everyone - and that is to a sense of wholesome accomplishment - where you feel excited to be alive - doing what you're truly destined to do.

Without NO doubt - inspite of any nonsense you read on the internet about the "end of the world" - it is 100% clear that the whole world will ENJOY Saturn in Sagittarius - it will be non-stop expansive positive time in the world and the world will transform to not only survive in PEACE and PROSPERITY - humanity will enjoy life instead of just surviving - it begins 3 good years which until at least December 2017 everyone gets the chance to life life - really live.


Saturn moving into Sagittarius on 23rd December 2014 - will be the dramatic difference between a dark cold night to a warm sunshine day. When you eat something WARM and tasty - when you're COLD, depressed and deflated - you immediately come ALIVE - something about the energy of warm food makes you feel alive. When you have visitors, friends or meet people you like - even if you're feeling sad and depressed - the people make you feel WARM and happy. When you watch something funny or something good happens to you - even if you're feeling bored, depressed and tired - suddenly you come ALIVE. That's what the contrast between Saturn in Sagittarius to almost everything you've experienced in the past few of Saturn in Scorpio years will feel like.


There's no comparison - it's going to define a NEW life, a NEW world with a NEW meaning to life. Saturn is a planet that contains, restricts and controls - because it has clear BOUNDARIES. However, Saturn in Sagittarius is somewhat of a paradox - as explained on Sun in Sagittarius - the fire sign energies don't know what boundaries or limitations means - therefore it will expand - because it can - and will continue to expand - because the more it sees it can expand - the more it will expand - and it will continue to create confidence by experience.


If you think of nerdy teenagers or single adults who've never experienced loving relationships - they have fears of intimacy - however, when you've had a loving relationship - you become more confident about yourself - and "know" what to do. Similarly, "flying" - people who have fears of flying - after they've flown a few times - then become much more relaxed and begin to enjoy the experience of flying.


Likewise - Saturn in Sagittarius - will ensure you use all your "past" experiences to give you present day success. Saturn in Sagittarius will ensure success creates more success - as positive energy creates more positive energy. Saturn is known as the "teacher" - and inspite of what you think of your teachers - they all want you to be successful - they want you to get 100% in your exams - and when you do - they reward you - which gives you more confidence to excel and grow even more. Everyone has something you're destined to do - and destined to be - all you need to know - what "it" is - then Saturn will ensure you become successful at "it".


During the past few years - you've tried to succeed - but it's been difficult. Even so - most of you - stuck at it - because deep inside you - you've felt - it's going to be right for you - it's just a matter of time. And you're absolutely right. Saturn in Sagittarius will show you clearly - what needs to be changed, deleted, refined, corrected and done - in order for you to get the 100% success - that it wants to give you.

Depending on your own astrological chart - Saturn in Sagittarius - doesn't bring success for doing nothing - it creates success because as far back as 2009 and for some of you as far back as 2002 - you stuck at "it" and now your perseverance will pay rewards. This is the reason why I've been telling many readers - STICK at it - perseverance a little bit longer - especially those of you who've had new things since Jupiter entered Leo in July 2014 - which has only been a few months - Saturn in Sagittarius will bring success - as it forms a grand trine with Jupiter in Leo - and trine with Uranus in Aries.


So if you've been foolish to give-up on something you recently began in the past few months - now's the time to go-back and do it again - because from now onwards you'll see success. Indeed, I must laugh because a few readers behave in life like a "lottery" - they expect to play it and win immediately - but the truth is they play it and LOSE everytime. So they give-up quickly and move-on to another "lottery" where they lose again.

"Life" is about having goals, ambitions and then working towards them - and when you've accomplished what you wanted - create more new goals and ambitions. This might seem superficial - because I'm defining MATERIALISM and EARTHLY things - but the reality of "life" - needs everyone to want to live for the "future" on EARTH - and to do so - you need goals and ambitions - in REAL things that excite your physical existence. There's nothing wrong in WANTING something REAL - there's nothing wrong in being EXCITED by something in the REAL world - in fact - it will help motivate you.


Meaning of Life-on-Earth .... !

"Freedom, Liberating Relationships & Expansion - even freewill choices - are destined during Saturn in Sagittarius"


Let me explain Sagittarius - so that you become clear of what Saturn in Sagittarius will be doing for EVERYONE. The 9th star sign of Zodiac is Sagittarius is a FIRE sign and comes immediately after Scorpio. The cycle of life - is cyclical and always defines continuity - so after Scorpio - which is defined as the DEATH and TRANSFORMATIVE star sign - because of it's inherent facet of creating ENDINGS - which are in fact necessities for beginnings - not normal beginnings as defined by 1st star sign of ARIES - but beginnings of new levels of growth.


The beginnings created by Sagittarian 9th star sign of the Zodiac - takes everyone to a NEW LEVEL of GROWTH. To compare to leaves fall in Autumn - the tree doesn't die - in fact - it's preparing the next phase of growth. Scorpio 8th star sign needs "old" outdated things to die in order to make room for "new" things. When you grow-out of your old clothes - you need to let them go - and buy new ones.


During the past few years of Saturn in Scorpio - I've realized with depth - that the Divine astrological zodiac is exceptionally kind to humanity - especially creating the blessings of Sagittarius after Scorpio - as it is a fact that DEATH and ENDINGS are painful created during Saturn in Scorpio since October 2012 have been painful - however spiritually enlightened you might be - it still hurts. Everyone has lost something - everyone has experienced some form of "death" and "end" during Saturn in Scorpio


Therefore in the brilliance of the zodiac the Divine astrological plan created immediately after 8th House of Scorpio - a 9th House of Sagittarius - a destined period of ENJOYMENT, HAPPINESS and EXPANSION. It is a destined period of GROWTH - destined to EXCITE everyone - and encourage everyone to want to live - with an optimism for the future.


I've introduced the paragraph as "Meaning of Life-on-Earth .... !" - because inspite of what some very selfish "single" people believe - and inspite of recent experiences during the introvert Saturn in Scorpio phase - life is about GOOD RELATIONSHIPS with other people - created through a positive liking and loving for others. Sagittarius believes that people who hate others are "dead" - and therefore gives NO life energy to anyone who hates because it doesn't see them. Sagittarius is like daylight - and during daylight you can't see darkness - it might still exist but you can't find it or see it.


Saturn in Sagittarius will only show you LIGHT and HAPPINESS - defined by all the things and people who make you feel good. It might be you're in love with chocolate ice-cream or sweets - and the desire of eating ensures you wake-up and live each day - but there is more to life - than sweet ice-cream. It's just a catalyst to get you EXCITED about "life", to make you LOVE LIFE and want to LIVE.

The key of success for Sagittarius is a "desire" and "love" to live life - created by your association and connections with something external to yourself. The bond between your individuality and something external to you - creates POSITIVE energy - as it EXPANDS "you" - that positive expansion of "your" individuality is - Sagittarian growth.

Yes - it is superficial - like having 10,000 facebook friends and still being lonely not having a single real-life friend - but Sagittarian energies create feel good energies in order to create real growth - so it uses something "superficial" to create something meaningful. The failure of people has been to convert the positive Sagittarian energies into something more meaningful and real. Thankfully Saturn in Sagittarius will ensure everyone does it and gets to the destined goal.


The truth is that since Sun entered Sagittarius on 22nd November and positively energized by the Gemini Full Moon on 6th December 2014 - you're now already OPENED and have found quite a few things that you "like" and "love" about life. So when I say - Saturn in Sagittarius will start - Sagittarian energies have infact already started to OPEN you to become EXCITED by something that you like, by something you love and by something that makes you feel alive - and because you like "it" - you like "life", like the "world" and like "people" - the more you'll begin to open-up more - to love "life" and love people - then you'll become ready for the DESTINED LOVE that Saturn in Sagittarius has got prepared for you.


"Freedom, Liberating Relationships & Expansion - even freewill choices - are destined during Saturn in Sagittarius"


You can only truly feel FREE - when you're in love with life. It doesn't matter what does it for you so long as you're in love with life - then you will feel FREE and LIBERATED. A child loves sweets - and will live day-to-day for eating sweets. Adults too - love whatever you love at different phases of your life - it is not the love of "money" that excites BUT whatever "money" can buy that makes you become in love with life. Sagittarius might appear to be superficial - but it is extremely clever - as it finds something to excite everyone - to want to live life - and ensures you become enlivened through it.


Sagittarius - is not an illusion - Saturn in Sagittarius will ensure it finds whatever "it" is that truly excites you and warms your heart and soul. Whatever your destiny knows that will make you LOVE LIFE and fall-in-love with the gift of life will now appear in your life - to ensure you wake-up each day looking forward to the future with optimism.

Saturn in Sagittarius' focus is GROWTH - to ensure you GROW - expand and become larger than life - and due to the negative introvert Saturn in Scorpio phase [and due to the prior Saturn in Libra restricted phase] - the world contracted and confined itself - it shrank and became small - frightened and fearful of expansion - it wasn't a period of growth - it was a period for preparations for the destined growth that will manifest during Saturn in Sagittarius.


Many successful businesses never reveal the truth of how successful they are - as they don't want others to copy them - so they LIE. Luckily Saturn in Sagittarius - doesn't need you to LIE - because it has a destined success for everyone - all you need to do is do what you do best - do what comes natural to your identity - do what makes you feel ALIVE and EXCITED to be alive.


Saturn in Sagittarius

Becoming the Natural Version of Yourself - Don't be the person "Others" expect or want you to be ...

Don't miss out on your destined opportunities - Just be "yourself" - Find what you love about "life"


You won't need an "astrologer" to tell you that lots of things will be happening - but you might need an "astrologer" to tell you what to choose - because there's going to be so many CHOICES. When you're in a dark room - you can't see anything - you can't even know what's around you - to choose to do - but as soon as the light is switched on and you see everything - that's when you'll have so many choices. That's Saturn in Sagittarius - like the game of musical chairs - the past few years - the music stopped - and everyone stopped moving. Saturn in Sagittarius means the music is restarting and life will be on-the-move again.


For those of you who remember - Saturn in Sagittarius - from November 1985 => 1986 => 1987 => February 1988 - they were FANTASTIC years - as the world experienced expansion, through an invisible driving force that made things happen. It opened life up - and the expansion created in those years - was the catalyst for all future growth too. One of the best facets I remember is that NO-ONE told anyone in those years - "it can't be done" - because life proved "it can be done" - but it didn't work for everyone - especially old-fashioned people who didn't want change - whereas it worked best for people who were both original and had an innate love for life - a desire to break-free of restrictions and GROW.


All stupid parents HATE it when their children grow-up - because they lose control of them. Whereas all wise parents LOVE it when their children grow-up. Saturn in Sagittarius is like the wise parent. It's a fact of life of every child in every generation - the inherent need to break-free, to be liberated and to grow-up - and with Saturn in Sagittarius - from December 2014 => 2015 => 2016 => December 2017 - it will be so easy to GROW and EXPAND - however "old" you are - provided [within reason] you don't listen to what others tell you especially those who attempt to control you be telling you what - "you can do and what you can't do".


Saturn in Sagittarius will ensure you create SOMETHING from NOTHING - so you won't need to invest any money to get it started - as we all know from eBay and internet - all the best businesses start from NOTHING - except for a team of people who work together driven by optimistic enthusiasm and love of life and good luck. Saturn in Sagittarius is your GOOD LUCK which will create POSITIVE energy - generated by whatever you want in life.

Ofcourse, the motivation is MONEY is important but it is what MONEY can buy whatever it is you want, you desire and yearn to have in your life. Indeed, I'd suggest you - write a list of everything you want to do in your life - places you'd like to visit, holidays you'd like to go on - things you'd like to buy - anything that EXCITES you. This is even more easier to do - because of the internet - you can see photos online - and become EXCITED by fascinating cities and places in the world - that you're drawn to.


Indeed the Zodiac's 9th House Sagittarius is about "foreign" long-distance energies - far-off places ["far-off" means any place you wouldn't normally visit in your normal 7 day week] - it is usually a different country and/or different culture that creates POSITIVE energy and EXPANDS your mind and aura to think BIGGER than it normally does. Many associate 9th House with air-travel - as budget airlines like RyanAir in Europe could take you to new fascinating places like Rome for less that €50.


Whatever and wherever it is that EXCITES you - is what Saturn in Sagittarius wants to make you look forward to - and not just a little bit - but in the same way Saturn in Scorpio made many people waste time with worry for a few hours everyday - Saturn in Sagittarius will find a way to fill your mind with optimistic energies for your future and make your life worth living.

Just be "yourself" - and allow Saturn in Sagittarius reveal to you - what you like about "life - what you love about "life" - what turns you on - what excites you ... and then destiny will do the rest. For once the candle is lit - the light is on - the flame will become a burning fire of constant warmth and excitement - and Saturn in Sagittarius will truly make you fall-in-love with life.



This Month's Astrological Events Fully Explained

Sun in Capricorn 21st December 2014 => 20th January 2015

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The Hidden Spiritual Lights of Astrology אור הגנוז

אף על פי שאיהו לא חזי מזלייהו חזי

""Even though you can't see the astrological energies - You can sense each of them"

Talmud Sanhedrin סנהדרין צד

סוד ה ליראיו ובריתו להודיעם