The Spiritual Writings of ספר סודי סודות

סוד ה ליראיו ובריתו להודיעם

About the Author of these Online Writings

"True wisdom is in knowing you know nothing" - Socrates


"I Believe in GOD - The Divine Creator of the Infinite Universe"

"I concede to the truth that I know nothing; I am nothing, and I will always be nothing

I have nothing nor will I ever have anything; I desire nothing and I want nothing

because I know that I have been blessed by GOD with everything I need

And yet the more I learn - the more I realize how little I know

With the truthful knowledge that I am and always will be an insignificant nothing"


This sounds good, however living in the real world this is seemingly poetic nonsense; nonetheless it is the idealistic formula that I constantly repeat to myself for I sincerely know that without the Divine blessings, spiritual gifts and wisdom - I am really "NOTHING". Thankfully, as you can see from the writings on these websites I've been blessed with a gift of wisdom and understanding which I promise to use wisely and share with the internet readership.


I admit clearly, honestly and truthfully that I don't know-it-all nor am I perfect - I do NOT pretend to be perfect because I am not. I have made many mistakes in life; I have even believed in man-made religions and utter nonsense; I have delved into and learnt from many of the "religions" of the world but my biggest mistake was not believing in Holy Spiritual Soul of Jesus Christ sooner than I did.


I continually question, ask and learn from all the "man-made" religions even with their flaws, because I also see their intrinsic goodness - nothing is perfect on planet Earth and no-one is perfect. On these websites I offer the spiritual teachings, wisdom and knowledge that I believe in from my own experiences; and before the critics say anything - "I know these writings are not perfect because I am not perfect" - but at least I am trying my best - under the circumstances I find myself in this lifetime.




"I Learnt to be 100% Truthful with GOD - I am NOT JEWISH"


I restarted work on the internet in the form of these new websites in September 2010 - my determination and foundation was repentance from past mistakes, lies and deceit and the foundation of the future is 100% truthfulness. I admit the truth that telling the truth isn't easy especially when there have been years of deceit and lies.


However and although I had a "Jewish" education and believed that I was Jewish - I AM NOT JEWISH - as truthfully decreed by Ultra-orthodox Rabbinical court in 1995; because my mother's conversion was considered by the Rabbis as not genuine for she converted in order to marry my father.


The Jewish law is once a person converts to Judaism they must keep ALL the laws 100% if they don't then it is deemed not a genuinely good conversion, and certainly a conversion for convenience of "marriage" is invalid. After I completely stopped pretending and lying that I was "Jewish" it brought a remarkable change - enabling me to finally understand my spiritual life pathway.


These new online writings are that basis of truthful spirituality based on many aspects contained within the Jewish religion, taken from the original hebrew texts; as is intrinsically truthful to all worldwide universal spirituality as it is historically proven and undeniable that the Jewish religion is one of the major sources and a fundamental basis of spiritual wisdom and knowledge that has been passed down through the timeline of history.


I must add and thanks to one of the Rabbis in that Rabbinical court who decreed I wasn't Jewish who had the intuitive gift to know where I belonged and paid for my ticket for my 1st visit to Rome in 1995; which then opened my soul to the wise spiritual teachings of Jesus Christ, the New Testament of the Gospels and to the Catholic religion.



The Source & Essence of Spiritual Secrets


To avoid all confusion as many readers will wonder where I get my wisdom and knowledge from - the truth is I'm always "thinking", "reading", "learning", "being inspired" and then deciphering what's truthful and what's nonsense.


Thankfully, I constantly receive a form of Divine Intuition of a Spiritual Higher Guidance that wants the knowledge to be revealed to our internet generation. I don't ask readers to accept everything I say; but please read and question the knowledge yourself - then you too will sense it's spiritual truth.


I don't ask for anything from readers nor do I seek any fame nor fortune; I passed the "test" by deleting everything and walking away from the internet websites just like I've walked away from "materialism" many times in my life - I am not attached on a material level to anything. In our generation where people pursue the meaningless amassing of wealth - I pursue the profound understanding of spiritual wisdom and knowledge. As my photo shows, I am a normal-looking human man with a big smile as I thoroughly enjoy this great adventure of life and all it's experiences.


All my life I have been learning and searching for answers to profound questions; although I had an intuitive gift of psychic abilities and sensitivities passed down from my mother's Christian family and equally I had the ability to comprehend and learn Jewish books with diligence because of my father's Jewish family.



איש ואשה שכינה שרויה ביניהם

"When a man and a woman are wholesome together then the "Divine Presence" can dwell amongst them"


Thanks to a Unique Wise, Supportive & Lovely Lady

It is with special thanks to this truly unique wise and loving supportive lady - whom I first met in December 2002 - but initially failed to see her goodness until we began our relationship in 2009 [after my decision to be 100% truthful] that's when I restarted writing on the internet.


She gave me the perfect "communicative" intelligent "Mercury" energy to feel alive, enabling me to write again fluently, precisely, clearly and even better than before, with such support that is priceless and which I hope all readers will come to appreciate - "for no man can do anything great without a woman".


The spiritual law of creation applies איש ואשה שכינה שרויה ביניהם - everything truly good in this world can only be created through the Divine energy instilled when a man and woman are wholesome together.


She is one of the most refined, polite, sensitive, kind, loveable, adorable and elegant lady I've ever met and has acted as a catalyst of strength in my life to get these websites back online in their new "honest" format; she is extremely modest, shy, elegant and refined בלי עין הרע and a priceless supportive help. Indeed, if not for this special lady - the websites wouldn't be what they are today - if I only I listened to her wisdom and advice more often !


She taught me that each of us throughout our lives has numerous different relationships; it is for each of us to departmentalize each aspect of our lives into one of the 7 relationships for what they truthfully are at that moment in time, never to feel any bitterness towards anyone from the "past" and to forgive those who trespass against us; hence even when one aspect of a "relationship" is over there is no reason to have any arguments nor bad feelings; each relationship can be looked at for the truthful energy that it is. The profound relationship energies I have learnt in the past few years, have indeed become the source of knowledge for the new writings based on real-life experiences.



The Author - A Typical Hierophant דוכרא


To explain who and what I am - I think it best to quote a wonderful kindhearted Gipsy I met in Krakow, Poland - who labeled me as a "The Hierophant - as a typical Hierophant is tricky to understand as there are many different aspects within the person all being presented at once. The Hierophant is a vehicle for religious knowledge; in previous lifetimes the Hierophant spent his entire life studying and committing to Eternal memory the texts of many religions.


A Heirophant he is a keeper of religious and spiritual knowledge, he differs from the "High Priest" who holds esoteric knowledge for the sake of holding - the Hierophant is the keeper of religious content for the sake of presentation to others.


The Hierophant has an enormous responsibility because he stands idealistically to find 100% truth in order to present it to the world to make-a-difference; bound by unwritten spiritual laws of idealism; to guide many people in instruction without seeking any personal gain, fame or fortune - serving as a liaison between man and God.


As such, is ever in-check not to abuse this power - otherwise he realizes his gifts can be taken away as easily as they are given; the Hierophant has a responsibility to people, and his mission to present the word of God in an honest, true, accurate manner to the people. He knows he must not mislead the people, for to do so would mislead himself, and all he has learned of God".


With this explanation of who I am and my responsibilities in an idealistic world that is coming now that Neptune has entered spiritually idealistic Pisces - you will see many improved inspired changes to this website - as we open up many more aspects.



"Life seems complicated - but in truth - Life is VERY SIMPLE - it's people who make it complicated !"


"Character is How You Treat Those Who Can Do Nothing For You"


"Character is How You React after Darkness tries to Extinguish your Light"



Astrologer's aren't magicians ....

Astrologers simply read the timetable of destiny


It's a fact of life that - good astrologers are born optimistic - that's because all natural astrologers know there's always going to be changes and there's always going to be a future. Sooner or later in everyone's lives - there are changes. The longer you've been waiting and the longer you've had stagnation - the bigger the change when it comes.


During the past few years - I've created this website - as a SELF-HELP website - so that you get the information - and learn it for yourself - that's because - via the power of the internet - knowledge is shared and you become empowered and enlightened by the information you read.



המשכילים יזהירו כזוהר הרקיע ומצדיקי הרבים ככוכבים לעולם ועד

"The wise people shall shine as the brightness of the sky; and they shall turn the multitudes of many people to the light

and everyone will shine like each star in the sky shines for ever and ever" דניאל פרק יב פסוק ג Book of Daniel 12 verse 3


The famous saying from Book of Daniel - defines that there won't be a saviour at the "endtimes" - because EVERYONE will become ENLIGHTENED. That's the truth - that YOU will SAVE yourself because you have become ENLIGHTENED from WITHIN yourself.


I guess that's why everyone has internet access - everyone has access to knowledge to become enlightened. I believe your destiny will ensure you find the answers by yourself from WITHIN yourself - and - then the power you feel from WITHIN YOU - "YOU" will set yourself FREE. Only "YOU" can set yourself FREE - no-one can do it for you .......


You see Astrology - the stars in the Universe - don't do negativity - it doesn't make problems - it simply defines the experiences you need to experience. The most natural form of human behaviour is MOVEMENT and FLOW of energies - "blockages" are not normal for humans. Therefore anything or anyone that defines a "blockage" in your life needs to be understood WHY you have this blockage and for what purpose.