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Thank you to Rzeszow, Poland

Life in Rzeszow, Poland in "2016 - 2017 - 2018 - 2019 - 2020"

Living and Loving the Gift of Life, Meditating, Praying & being Inspired to Write . , and


Thanks to "destiny" - I lived in Rzeszow Poland - it was the destined and perfect time to complete several important sections of websites - with Pluto in Capricorn & Neptune in Pisces - meant it was "destiny" to write SpiritualSecrets.


I've completed the full versions of, and - and - creating the new website with "Audio". Thank you Rzeszow, Poland - what a wonderful city to have lived in - thanks to the good energy of Rzeszow - and - the good people of Rzeszow - thank you Rzeszow.



"I Believe in The Divine Creator of the Infinite Universe"

"I concede to the truth that I know nothing;

I am nothing, and I will always be nothing

I have nothing nor will I ever have anything;

I desire nothing and I want nothing

because I know that I have everything I need"

The more I learn - the more I realize how little I know

With the realization that I'm an insignificant nothing"


About the Author - "The Truth"!


The biggest karmic affliction of our generation is the desire to be "accepted" by others - the inherent need to be "liked" by other people ensures that we fit-in and confirm to what others want from us - but - sadly, this creates fake stereotypes - and - destroys individuality and creativity.


When you "accept" yourself - is when you can be yourself. When you "accept" yourself - then others can see who you are - and - they can choose to "accept" you - or - "ignore" you. During your life - whenever you are being yourself - then you maximize your potential.


Unfortunately until 2012 - I struggled to "accept" myself - because "other" people refused to "accept" me for who I am - hence I fled and found a good place to live - amongst good people who "accepted" me - to a wonderful city Rzeszow, Poland - where I found karmic peace in since December 2012. For 6 years I lived in Rzeszow, writing and creating the websites.


And as I've recently experienced from an ex-girlfriend - either people will accept and love me for me being myself - or not - but I can't hide from who I am - and - can't deny my existence either. Hence. I'm returning back "home" to London, England in February 2019 - and defining who I am truthfully.



Mixed-Marriage - Jewish Father - Christian Mother


My family energies are totally diverse, and yet it is thanks to the powerful bond of love between my father and mother - and - their determination that no matter what anyone said - they would marry - made me the person I am.


Whilst this created many problems for me - not fitting-into or accepted totally in the Jewish community - and - not fitting-into the Christian ways of life - I always had a deep belief and greatest respect for both Judaism and Christianity. My childhood was defined as a confused mix.


My father's family came from Minsk Lithuania - amongst Rabbinical family of Gorowitz. My mother's family came from Liverpool with deep roots in Catholicism - as Liverpool has a large Irish community of Catholics.


My mother's conversion - deemed by Ultra-Orthodox Beth Din in 1995 - due to all the evidence in hindsight - was deemed invalid. Hence, it defined that I wasn't technically Jewish. And the "rejection" ensured I began the journey to find myself.


Learning by real life experience of knowing exactly where I didn't fit-in ensured I traveled to find where I do fit-in. Learning from numerous relationships of knowing what's not right by rejection too - ensured I found what is right for me.


The intrinsic hereditary energies that exist within me - means - that I have a deep respect for both Judaism and Christianity - which might seem a contradiction - but I don't see it as a conflict - as both religions believe in the ONE DIVINE GOD - Creator of the Universe - the Divine Giver of the Torah and Prophets to ancient Israel.





Thanks to all the places and loving relationships

All the life-energies and connections to people and places defines who you are


As I've explained on "Healing-Your-Saturn" - accepting who you are, where you've lived and who you've had relationships with - defines your destined pathway - and - it's thanks to the numerous places I've lived and people I've connected strongly with - that I understand many different types of people.


The places I've lived in since birth - Liverpool, England - Tiberias, Kfar Chassidim & Jerusalem in Israel - Manchester, London & Bournemouth in England - Lugano, Switzerland - Metz, France - Boro-Park Brooklyn, NY - Plantation near Miami, Florida, USA - Thaxted, Essex and London, England - Vienna, Austria - and - Rzeszow, Poland.



The most interesting destined places I've been to - which gave me lots of karmic energies - Rome & Milan in Italy - Budapest & Heviz in Hungary - Krakow, Lesko, Lezajsk & Rzeszow in Poland - Omaha Beach, Normandy in France.


The destined and unforgettable loving relationships I've had - because without being loved life is indeed meaningless - Laura, Zufan, Terry, Jenny, Muge, Kinga, Vanessa, Nicole, Suzanna, Krisztina and Jana. The best most loyal and loving StarSigns for me being Scorpio, Pisces and Virgo.


The best teachers I've had - Mr Savitz, Liverpool - Rabbi Chaim Simons, Liverpool - Mr Falk, Manchester - Chacham Maimon of Israel - Rabbi Elbaz of Jerusalem - Biala Rebbe of Lugano - Komarna Rebbe of Jerusalem - Rabbi Bamberger of Metz - Margaret Jones of Christchurch - Buddhist Monk teacher in Lugano - Psychic Gipsy in Krakow.





Thanks to the wisdom of Jewish books

All the knowledge I've learnt has come from Jewish Books


The natural affinity to Jewish books - spirituality written and explained by great Rabbis - such as - Noam Elimelech of Lezajsk - Zera Kodesh of Rabbi Horowitz of Ropshitz - Tzidkas Hazadik of Reb Zodok HaCohen of Lublin - Sefer Tana Dvei Eliyahu - Tehillim - Book of Psalms have defined my energy system of believing that there's much more to "life" than what appears to be "life". And the Pirkei De-Rabbi Eliezer has been the most enlightening for Moon Astrology.


Since 2012 - and for the past 6 years - it was the sales of Antique Jewish Books - which gave me the money to survive - combined with the kindness of readers who donated to support the Astrology websites. Now - that this phase of the past 6 years my life is complete - I'm looking back with gratitude - before moving onto the next phase.





Never Forget that Your Life is a Continuous Journey

Whenever you get "stuck" and "depressed" - it's because you don't believe in a future


The main reason I've defined my recent life as being an "Astrologer" is to bring hope for others. You see - instinctively - when you're young you believe in the "future" - but - when things get "stuck" - "stagnant" and "dead" - you stop believing in the future. When depression sets-in - you might even start to falsely believe in suicide or "end-of-the-world" !


Life is a continuous journey - even if you don't know - what the future will bring - you should always believe in the future. Many survivors of the Nazi concentration camps survived because they believed in a "future" - they believed ANI MA'AMIN in Moshiach.


Unlike - other religions and atheists - the spirituality and foundation of Judaism is to BELIEVE in the future with hope - ANI MA'AMIN - even when nothing is happening - even when it doesn't look good - BELIEVING that everything will sooner or later become good is foundation of 13 principles of faith of Judaism. Believing in a better future - believing in destiny - believing in loving relationships - believing that so long as you're alive - you've got purpose.




Praying at the Tomb of Holy Rabbi Elimelech of נועם אלימלך of Lezajsk amongst orthodox Jews


The Astrology of 2019 & 2020

Being Yourself & Believing in your Destiny

2019 & 2020 will ensure everyone has reasons to believe in the future


There's only 2 things that defines each of us - [1] to BELIEVE you've got a better future to come - and - [2] to BE yourself - be honest with yourself - know who you are - and - accept who you are.


Because when you're honest with yourself - you'll find the right and perfect destined people will be attracted to you - as your aura is happy to be you - at peace with being yourself - in sync with your destined - and - then other people who are destined to be in your life will sense the real "you" with truth and sincerity.


Whenever "nothing" is happening in our lives - it's because - we don't accept nor understand ourselves - and - because we're not being truthful with ourselves. That's the purpose of understanding your astrological profile - to learn about yourself - to know what you need to be the best version of yourself - and - to be able to attract into your life - your destined destiny.


Denying any facet of your life is like denying you've got a heart inside your body. Every truthful component of you - that's defined the journey of your life - even the mistakes - is a part of your existence. I've defined the truth about me - to attract what comes next in my life to whoever wants me - and - to avoid whoever doesn't want me!


From February 2019 and especially during Summer 2019 - you life will be about magnetic and truthful attraction to whoever your aura wants you to be connected to - but to attract your destiny - life will be ensuring you become truthful with yourself, accepting yourself, knowing yourself and by definition of your astrological energies - you will know what works for you and what doesn't.


I'm not just an "astrologer" that talks about astrology - I'm an "astrologer" that does things with life - that lives life for loving relationships - that goes to wherever life is taking me - and - that's what "astrology" of 2019 will encourage you to do too. I've defined the truth about me - to attract you into my life - if - you want me to help you.




Thank you for your Support & Thank you to Rzeszow

As I'm on the move - I'm saying "goodbye" to the past 6 years

Thank you for your kindness and support - thank you to Rzeszow


The main reason why I've been able to create these websites was thanks to the kindness of donations of readers. And out of sincere gratitude to your exceptional kindness - I'm always available - free-of-charge for all readers who've donated for access to the members website.


During the past 6 years - I've been truly and sincerely humbled to see the goodness and kindness from readers and from people of Rzeszow who made me feel at "home" - who fed me - and - who have given me "life" - Thank you.




During 2020 - I'm on-the-move - contactable via the WhatsApp number

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