The Spiritual Writings of ספר סודי סודות

סוד ה ליראיו ובריתו להודיעם


Everyone - All - Inclusive - כולל ונכלל

No Exceptions & No Exclusions in Humanity


"All beings are in Me, but I am not in them"

Bhagavad Gita Chapter 9




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Everything - All - Inclusive - כולל ונכלל

Every Part of History of the World is Important

Denial of any part of History is Denial of your own Existence




Everyone - All - Inclusive - כולל ונכלל

No Exceptions & No Exclusions in Humanity

When you come to the truthful spiritual realization that the Divine in WITHIN everyone - without any exceptions nor exclusions - and that includes all the "exclusive" religious fanatics for "they" too have the DIVINE WITHIN them !

At that moment you realize with humility that no-one is better than anyone else - we are all humbled equals - and when the DIVINE chooses to give us more blessings and more energy - then we become gifted - and when the DIVINE chooses to withdraw energy - then we become less gifted. When the DIVINE chooses to give us energy - we grow - and when the DIVINE releases energy from our physical existence - we die.

Our individual physical identity is relevant for a "short" period of earthly time - thereafter - we are part of the collective energies of the Eternal Divine spiritual realms - ready to move on to higher planes OR ready to reincarnate to another existence on earthplane. And with a thought of reincarnation I add that in the next life - I could become YOU and YOU could become ME. Or maybe NOW in this life - I am you and you are me.


"All beings are in Me, but I am not in them" Bhagavad Gita Chapter 9

The Eternal Divine GOD is WITHIN You ....

If you haven't pushed the "Divine" Out of Your Existence

The truth is - even if you live an atheistic life - void of ANY beliefs in anything - you still have the DIVINE within you. I always compare and say - if you know how to LOVE - then you have the DIVINE within you. And everyone on Earth loves someone. It's impossible to HATE everything and everyone.

Paradoxically - the most selfish greedy individuals - truthfully LOVE earthly things the most - they LOVE money - they LOVE food and they LOVE sex. In fact, the most greedy and selfish people in the world - have the potential to become the most spiritual - as they have very strong emotions of LOVE. It is the strong emotions that are given by the DIVINE - that is the cohesive energy of the DIVINE that is within EVERYONE.


Please Don't Stop Believing in GOD ...

Please don't stop believing in GOD - just because your Rabbi or Priest is rotten and does evil things - because there are GOOD and BAD people in all and especially in man-made religions. Unfortunately, the reason why millions of people are leaving man-made religions and cults is because of the evil actions of a "bad" leaders. But they're not all "bad" and just because you've had a BAD experience with "religion" - does NOT mean that you should stop believing in the DIVINE GOD. One of the destined reasons we've all been blessed with the "internet" is so that we can learn from all the goodness in the world - and don't need to focus on your local community - as there's a much bigger community of good people in the world on the internet.




The man-made "religions" don't own the copyright of "GOD"

The Divine GOD is the Divine Creator of all on Earth and includes everyone and everything on Earth. Everyone of Every Religion and Everyone of Every Level of Understanding. Belief in GOD is not exclusive to any "Religion" nor any sect in any "Religion". Anyone who excludes anyone with intolerance and hatred towards anyone else from believing in GOD is contravening the DIVINE LAW of LIFE - and karmically "they" are destroying their own "future" - because all the prophetic visions of the karmic wholesomeness of the "Future" of the World define a time when EVERYONE will be included - and living in PEACE.







In 2014 and as predicted at the end-of-times - all the manmade religions will have in-fighting within their own groups that will destroy their own religions. Orthodox Jews - "chassidim" are fighting with intense hatred towards other groups - Satmar, Belz, Ger, Viznitz Breslov and Chabad Lubavitch Jews are fighting to destroy each other's idealogy.

The self-destructive magnitude of hatred and intolerance of reform, conservative, non-orthodox versus modern-orthodox versus lithuanian originated Jewry versus chassidic Galician originated jewry - all of whom declare hatred for each other - that there are more blogs and websites writing about their internal conflicts than there are websites and blogs teaching the TRUE SPIRITUAL TEACHINGS of the religion.

Even within their man-made fanatical religious groups - they are more concerned with battling with each other than learning spiritual wisdom and becoming enlightened - for I know many people who claim to be "religious people" but THEY can't even read Holy Spiritual Books such as "Noam Elimelech" - all know how to fight amongst each other - even religious families can't live together in PEACE - because TWO BROTHERS who claim to be "religious" - can't live together in peace - so their followers don't live in PEACE and everyone else AVOIDS belonging to a self-destructive man-made religious cult.


It is clear to any "outsider" and hence clear to all - that if there are groups of people within specific mad-made religions - who can't live together in peace - then there's something DEEPLY DISTURBING about their man-made religion and what it teaches their followers to do. That indeed is why their fake religion is falling apart.

Although karmically - there's nothing new - as for over 2000 years - "they" have been infighting - which has constantly been reminding them of their bad karmic debts - as the Sons of Jacob attempted to kill their own brother Joseph - as others tried to kill Moses - and as King Saul's hatred for David as he attempted to murder his own son-in-law King David - etc etc etc !


This does NOT mean that there's anything wrong with Judaism - quite the contrary - but the dysfunctional self-destructive pathway modern-day cults within ultra-orthodox Judaism is taking - is indicating that there's something fundamentally very disturbingly wrong with "it".

Especially if it creates people who are exceedingly HATEFUL towards their own kind - and towards "brothers" amongst the factions and sections of chassidic groups to the extent that they threaten others. I've a huge collection of emails from very hateful people to prove that the level of intolerance is BAD and getting WORSE. The good news is that this too is predicted and as infighting and intolerance will implode the "religious" people - the rest of the world will come to THANK GOD and PRAISE the DIVINE GOD.








סוד ה ליראיו ובריתו להודיעם