The Spiritual Writings of ספר סודי סודות

סוד ה ליראיו ובריתו להודיעם

The Book of Reincarnations - Sefer Gilgulim ספר גילגולים

written, intuited and explained by author of ספר סודי סודות

Past Life Transference חליפין defines ...

A Karmic Switch of Roles and Personality

Transference defines - Facets of "You" become "Me" & Facets of "Me" become "You"

The Karmic Switch - by Transference - is necessary for your Higher Soul to Learn and Forgive

The karmic switch created by transference happens to allow you to see "life" from the other person's perspective in order to forgive them. Only when you become someone else - can you see life from their perspective - forgive and then stop the karmic cycle. When the facets of your soul that needs healing are healed - the "transference" flips the switch - and you become the original version of yourself.


Understanding "transference" is fundamentally the most important facet of Reincarnation that's because you will comprehend that - "You" are not "You" - "You" are not the true real wholesome version of yourself until all your karma debts have been paid and you've got spiritual purity from all your past-lives.

The real "You" comes back to you - in stages - each stage will "come back to you" after each karmic facet of your life has been cleansed from your soul - from every negative facet of karmic past-life. Each time another facet of "you" comes back to "you" because you heal "it" - you become more enlightened and feel more wholesome - until the karmic moment comes when you feel a "big" shift inside you - as the real version of you comes back completely.

Karmic wholesomeness is always compared to the lunar cycle - because in the same way the Moon is technically always wholesome - it just appears to be "dark" until it becomes completely "light" and wholesome at the Full Moon - likewise you appear to be incomplete which resonates in "darkness" in specific facets of your life that feel blocked and incomplete - it is your job to ensure the "light" grows within you and obliterates all the karmic darkness to make you "wholesome" in the full and real version of yourself.


"If I am I because I am I, and you are you because you are you, then I am I and you are you.

But if I am I because you are you and you are you because I am I, then I am not I and you are not you".

The famous Polish Spiritual Rabbi known as the Kotzker Rebbe taught this profound philosophy


Between facets, experiences and events of all your lifetimes and in order to heal all the past-life karma - it is necessary for you to SWITCH roles - and become the "other" person - in order for you to see life from their point of view. Likewise - specific people you have deep karmic debts with - need to become you - in order for them to see your life from their perspective and for you to see their life from your perspective - in order for BOTH of you to learn to forgive the past-life karma.

So whoever you have inexplicable karmic pain with - imagine you are them and they are you - and you will find the karmic solution to understanding why you've been put in the position you're in.

"Forgiveness" is the one of the 3 keys to unlocking karma - and is the only way you can acquire yourself back again - but you can only FORGIVE someone - when you totally understand them and feel what they fell - because "you" are "them" - that's when you realize how painful it is - and that's when you become spiritually enlightened to heal the past-life karmic debts.

"Transference" allows you to feel what they're feeling during specific karmic phases of your life - sensing all the negative karmic emotions that's been created whilst still allowing you to be "you" - but not a wholesome version of "you" UNTIL you completely heal the karma. Let me explain "Transference" - before I explain how to you can find "the real version of you" and become karmically wholesome - like a bright Full Moon.


Understanding of "Transference" חליפין

This chapter on "Transference חליפין Chaleepin" is probably the most important chapter of Spiritual Knowledge relating to reincarnation - especially pertainable in this modern internet generation - in which we are all constantly in a state of flux of energies between our soul and whoever we connect with wherever they are in the world via the internet.

Transference explains the spiritual logic of how each and everyone's soul is continually in a state of exchanging energy between everything and everyone in this physical world, with the planetary energies that define astrology, with the Moon that defines your emotions and with the higher Divine Spiritual World of Souls.

By understanding that Spiritual and Physical Transference חליפין is an exchange of thought energy within your mind and soul. One can learn to control your thought energy, thereby empowering your mind and soul to be able to cancel-out any negative energies, define karmic boundaries and attract into your life ONLY the positive, the good and the karmically destined.


Understanding and applying Transference חליפין to one's life will enable you to STOP living other people's lives and problems, and will also stop one from absorbing and putting-up with someone else's negativity and bad karma, thereby enabling you to live the life you're truly destined to live.

Using the gift of Transference חליפין one can prevent oneself from being attacked and drained spiritually from anything or anyone negative - thereby constantly being able to maintain a good inner spiritual stability, without being influenced or distracted by anything or anyone that your destiny has nothing to do with.

Comprehending "Transference חליפין" is the spiritual secret key of knowledge that will open up the door to YOUR future, living YOUR destined wholesome life without any negative interference, it defines the boundaries of YOUR life, your soul and actually assists you to find the real "you".


The Biggest Spiritual Loss of Energy Occurs Every Moment of Every Day Through a "Loss by Transference" - this understanding of the meaning of Transference חליפין is about other people's abilities to control and take-over your life, and will enable you to realize what's been happening in your life - what you've allowed to happen - and from now onwards what you need to do - to cancel their negative influence out of your life in order for you to live your own destined pathway.

If your physical body isn't able to live your destined life because you have allowed yourself to be "occupied" by other peoples energies then you will have to reincarnate again in order to liberate yourself and liberate your soul - therefore it is VITALLY important to learn and stop any loss by transference so that YOU can live YOUR destined life instead of living someone else's, and thereby save oneself from the cycle of reincarnation. Loss by Transference is like being taken to distant land and completely disconnected with your real life - you can't accomplish anything if you're not "present" where you're supposed to be "present".


Reincarnation of Your Soul - Finding The Real You

I explained on "5 Levels of the Soul" and on "Birth & Death" that during most of your life - "YOU are not necessarily the whole and real version of YOU" - because when you were born - you've transcended into physical reality into a state of maximum earthly ignorance. When you were young you were totally LOST and in most ignorant state - you had NO idea of anything you know today - and in comparison with tomorrow - even today's version of you is "ignorant"!

The constant search for TRUTH is in fact a personal search for the real and karmically wholesome version of "YOU" - but before you can find yourself - you need to eliminate everything that isn't "YOU". This negativity that prevents you seeing the real version of yourself - could be defined by past-life karmic negativity that you've carried-over to this lifetime - it could be karmic lessons that your soul needs to learn before it can become enlightened and it could be karmic lessons that you're destined to learn in this lifetime - like the karmic lesson of the "internet" for our generation.

But the KEY to karmic cleansing is to FIND yourself - to FIND the real version of YOU - without being influenced by anything that isn't destined to influence your life. This starts with eliminating and cleansing your soul from EVERYTHING you've picked-up by "transference" - especially the garbage you collected in your younger ignorant years - as your HIGHER SOUL chose your birth parents and social circumstances to "dump" transference energies on "you" - for you to become enlightened and eliminate the karmic "garbage".


Where is the True Version of Your Soul Now?

Complete Karma is being in Sync with the real version of yourself - Your Higher Soul defining your Life.

Blockages and BAD karma is when your Lower Soul has been negatively influenced by meaningless earthly "garbage".


"Transference" happens because your earthly soul - the [1] נפש Nefesh is the "Earthly Soul" - is OPEN and influenced by "garbage" and "negativity" - as you deceptively believe it is good for you - but is bad for you - therefore when your mind and thoughts have become influenced by and OPENED to be in tune with the earthly "garbage" - it disconnects you from your pure Higher spiritual soul [3] נשמה Neshoma - "Higher Soul" - and hence you stop being in SYNC with the wholesome karmic version of yourself.

Your lower soul is attached to one wavelength and your higher soul is attached to another wavelength - and they're having great difficulty communicating with each other AND the only reason is because YOU have been open to and influenced by "transference" thought energies - that you falsely believe something that isn't either truthful nor right for your Higher Soul. "Transference" is the method by which LIES and DECEPTIONS influence your mind and convince you to do something that isn't right for your soul nor destined for you.


Advertisements - works on the principle of getting your mind to WANT and DESIRE something - once it's influenced you - you're convinced. Like the typical car-salesman that convinces you your whole life will change when you buy a new car - it doesn't work on logic - but works on your mind - and then entices you to do something that your higher self doesn't want or need. Advertising works on "transference" as the advert exchanges energy with your mind and conveys energy for you to WANT and DESIRE.

Then there's influences that your physical earthly body and the [1] נפש Nefesh - the "Earthly Soul" - physical desires like eating foods that are unhealthy for you, drinking alcohol that confuses your mind, doing drugs and smoking weed, or having meaningless sex with anyone who isn't right for you etc, everything that distorts your stability and prevents you from thinking with karmic clarity - and that includes sexual addictions that take-over your mind and physical body to prevent it from living healthily - all of which and many more bad things people do in this karmic generation - creates blocks and prevents you from "doing" what your [3] נשמה Neshoma your "Higher Soul" wants you to do.


The spiritual reason why FASTING helps - from time to time - such as not eating dead-meat or fish - is that it prevents your physical body and mind being influenced by something that was "alive" but now "dead" - but instead of fasting from food - maybe people should FAST from absorbing information that distorts their soul - [1] נפש Nefesh - the "Earthly Soul" - which prevents it from connecting wholesomely to one's [3] נשמה Neshoma - "Higher Soul".

The easiest way to begin to do this - is look around you - and ask yourself honestly - what do you have that you bought because you were influenced to buy it - but you either don't use it or it's bad for you? Look at the clothes you've bought - do you wear them - do you enjoy wearing them OR if you were given the choice with the gift of hindsight - you would never has wasted money on them?!

Everyone has something that with the gift of hindsight - we would never have done or never have bought - that is an example of doing something because your mind was occupied by thoughts of transference. It wasn't the REAL YOU - it was an "earthly" influence that made you do it. Think - what you've done and what you've got that's not REALLY YOU - and then begin the process of eliminating it from your life and cleansing your [1] נפש Nefesh - the "Earthly Soul".

Now look at every facet of your life - and ask yourself honestly - why do you do it - is it really what you want to do and what you truly believe to be RIGHT for you to do - or do you do it because you're forced to or convinced to do it - this especially applies to all man-made religious customs - that you've been fooled into believing "god" said to do it. Such "religious" lies - are creating a disconnection between your Earthly soul and your Higher Spiritual Soul - because it is a LIE.


"If I am I because I am I, and you are you because you are you, then I am I and you are you.

But if I am I because you are you and you are you because I am I, then I am not I and you are not you".


Who Are "you" - Are you the real version of "You"

Neptune is the planet of illusion and deception - and thankfully during Neptune in Pisces 2011 => 2025 it will be destroying the corrupt values of "prior" generations - as it will create karmic STABILITY for everyone else - defined by TRUTH - as it works with Pluto in Capricorn to cleanse the world and give everyone "back" to themselves - instead of living a life that no-one supposed to be living.


"Prior" generations should have shown and taught younger generations that STABILITY is created through HARMONY, PEACE, TRUTH, LOVE & COMPASSION - but "that" generation didn't - they did the opposite.The last generation influenced by selfish greed - ensured that younger people were being ruined - because "they" taught the WRONG values. They taught desire, want, seek a life that's not yours to live - marry for money, respect someone with money even sell your soul to the devil for money - do anything for money - take something that's not yours to have.

Those earthly selfish physical and materialistic values only influenced people's minds and thoughts on a lower level of [1] נפש Nefesh - the "Earthly Soul" - thankfully the physical desires didn't affect anyone's HIGHER SOUL [3] נשמה Neshoma "Higher Soul". But it did create a blockage and disconnection between HIGHER and LOWER parts of people's soul. That's why so many people look "empty" - when you look at them in the eyes - something is missing and vacant.


Neptune in Aquarius between 1998 and 2011 allowed materialistic earthly values to project their dysfunctional values, influence and impress your THOUGHTS. During this time your mind became "owned" by "them" - and I'd guess the "internet" had a BIG role to play in influencing your mind and thoughts too - but it wasn't easy to get through to your mind - so "they" needed to use abusive and manipulative tactics to penetrate your mind - and make you surrender your mind to their mind.

Neptune in Aquarius allowed them to do this through media, enticing advertising, sexual desires and through numbing your mind by alcohol and drugs abuse - which enables a person's mind to be "taken" and influenced by "them" - and prevented people from thinking for themselves because they had lost control of their own minds.

Until April 2011 "Neptune in Aquarius" defined we lost our souls by transference and negative influence - and now Neptune in Pisces from 2011 => 2025 defines we regain our souls by canceling out the "transference" and becoming karmically and spiritually wholesome.


Karma just wants - "You to be You"

Everyone has a meaningful purpose - and the ONLY thing you should want on the pathway to enlightenment is to be YOU - to find the real you and to get what your destiny wants you to have. In this modern world - I have to say - that the BEST way to get what is right for you - is by eliminating and refusing to want anything that isn't right for you.

In this generation - many people constantly say "I WANT ... I want ... I want ... I want" - the truth is people should be saying "I DON'T WANT ... I don't want .... I don't want .... I don't want anything that isn't right for me to have". The modern world is lying to everyone to convince them - to WANT everything - this messes and confuses - and creates karmic instability. When you do the opposite to others - by NOT WANTING everything and NOT WANTING anything that isn't yours - then you begin to find the real "YOU".


"If I am I because I am I, and you are you because you are you, then I am I and you are you.

But if I am I because you are you and you are you because I am I, then I am not I and you are not you".


I've quoted this many times because it's so important - from the teachings of the famous Spiritual Rabbi known as the Kotzker Rebbe - in other words - if I've allowed myself to STOP thinking for myself - because you are thinking for me - then I've given up my mind [and soul] to you - and you've given your mind to me.

If I do something because YOU encouraged, enticed, forced or convinced me to do "it" - then "it" doesn't belong as part of my soul - it is part of "you". My soul can reject it whenever I want to and transference defines I now have the spiritual right to give-it-back to you - and I can do this as easy as saying I don't want "it" anymore.


During the past 20 years - many of us - have been influenced by "negative" thoughts - that have surrendered our minds to "others" - but since Neptune entered Pisces in "2011" that's changing as Neptune in Pisces is the destined solution to END of such "ownership" and "influence" on your mind, thoughts and soul. It's creating a clear-thinking ability to WAKE UP and USE your own mind - to THINK for yourself and completely in tune with your Higher Soul.

Once you have control over your own mind and body - you have FREEDOM - liberated from substance abuse and other addictions - Neptune in Pisces - will cleanse you and inspire you from WITHIN with spiritual brilliance - instead of being influenced by brainwashing "garbage" from the external world.


On a deeper karmic level - each and everyone of us - have lived in past-lives and we've had STRONG impressions made on our minds - all of which needs to be cleansed from our minds and soul. During this cycle of Neptune in Pisces 2011 => 2025 - it's the destined time of karmic wholesomeness - so you will be able to take "control" of your own mind and cleanse every aspect of every past-life from your soul too. The 1st step is eliminating everything you've picked up through "transference" - but first let me explain "transference".....


"Loss by Transference" - Transference חליפין

In Physical and Spiritual laws there is a principle called "transference" - "קנין חליפין","cHaleepin", [This term was understood fully and introduced into the modern day Medical profession by Professor Dr Carl Jung in Psychology]. In simple terms, when you go into a shop and buy an apple you give the money in one hand and receive an apple. You have made a transfer, exchanging your money energy for the shops physical item "apple". Which when you eat the apple, its energy will make you feel good, alive and happy with yourself and the world. You may then meet someone and because you feel happy, will also make them feel happy and take away some of their sad feeling. The whole of society and mankind is continually acting in a web of transference and interaction of energy.

Have you ever, suddenly, found your mood change from being all loving and peaceful, and out-of-character you become angry? The explanation is simple, by "transference", someone you have just connected with, [it could even be the car in front or behind you in a traffic jam, or someone in the street who has so much inner frustration, anger or depression etc], has swapped, dumped and transferred their negative thoughts and emotional energy in an act of "transference" - exchanged for your loving, energizing and positive energy.


Spiritual and Physical Transference חליפין

Constant Exchanges of Thought Energies

I have explained from the original source of wisdom from the Talmud Mesechta Kiddushin גמרא קידוּשין דף נט Talmud Kiddushin 59b and Mesechta Temurah - as it has been the wisdom of the Talmud that has defined karmic boundaries for Spiritual Souls for 2000 years - and ensured people live their karmically destined life - without living someone else's life. It is in our karmic "last" generation when destiny has defined each and everyone to become OPENED and spiritually enlightened to heal the past-life karma and stop the karmic cycles that we need to go-back to the karmic source that defined boundaries and stability for our souls.


Hence to teach you the spiritual laws of "transference" - I have introduced the Talmud on a separate page and then continue below to explain how to prevent a "LOSS of your souls energy by transference". This will teach your mind and soul to become ALERT and AWAKENED and how to have spiritual closure from "freeloaders", users and abusers - this will be especially relevant for "Sensitive Old Souls" who are susceptible to having energy stolen from them by "transference".


To avoid this page becoming too long and complicated ....

I've explained here => "Transference as taught from the Talmud" <=


All Exchanges between You and Everyone &

You and Everything are Transference of Energies

It's simple to understand transference of energies - but when you realize that the version of "YOU" that exists today is a collective sum of your experiences and interactions between the real "you" and everyone you've met and encountered during your life - you will realize a profound spiritual truth that - "you" is not the real "you" - because your mind and lifestyle has been impressed upon you by "others".


The proof to that is simple - if you were born in a different country and in a different generation - "you" would not be the version of "you" that you are today. The transference of energies of everyone in your life has had an effect on you - an impression of their energies redefined part of "you" - which "you" either became like them OR you did the opposite to repel their negative influence.

This applies to everything and everyone you encounter and have encountered in your life - even words you read on a website or an old book such as the bible - the information creates energies that affects how your mind and soul reacts - you either discard it and has no affect OR it becomes part of "You" OR "you" repel it's influence on "you". Whatever "you" do - you have reacted to something.


The BIGGEST influences on "you" are the things and people that got you to react in the BIGGEST way - and WHO changed the direction and a course of your life. Until you eliminate and cancel their influence out of your mind and soul - as if they never existed - then you're still reacting to something THEY did to you.

The method these WRONG people influenced you was by LIES and by transference. It is your job to recognize ALL the BIG influences on "you" - that have changed the way "you" are - deceived you - and then either embrace them knowing that they were important destined positive parts of your life OR negate their bad influence on "you" by CANCELLING OUT THE TRANSFERENCE energies.


This means you're going to have to THINK and DEFINE all the influences created by all the people in your life that have defined the current version of "you" - and then CANCEL OUT their thought energies which are embedded in your mind. Each of these people who have taken you away from the true version of "you" - have been allowed to - to teach you karmic lessons - as maybe in a past life - you messed up their life too. [The complete karmic past-life healing I explain in "Three Keys of Reincarnation"].


Meanwhile "Transference" should awaken you to realize and question the THOUGHTS you have in your head - are your THOUGHTS - your THOUGHTS? Or are your thoughts - someone else's THOUGHTS? For example - in advertising - the advert creates the THOUGHT in your head to make you WANT the item - they cleverly influence your head to WANT what they tell you to WANT - and when you do what they WANT - that is pure transference.

Karmically - your past-life determined you to be given specific thoughts and feelings in this life - you've been destined to be LIED to and DECEIVED and you've been sensitive and open to everything your soul wants you to be open and sensitive to - in order to absorb the full karmic experience - in order for you to then "deal" with it.

"Transference" was the way the karmic experience influenced "you" - now you realize this - it is your job to eliminate it from "you" - as it's not truly part of the real "you" - it's only a karmic experience for your soul to learn from.


All Thoughts are Transference of Energies

Spiritual law of thoughts, words & actions from גמרא קידוּשין דף נט Talmud Kiddushin 59b

אתי מחשבה וּמבטל מחשבה A thought cancels out a thought

אתי דיבוּר וּמבטל מחשבה A word cancels out a thought

אתי מעשׁה וּמבטל מחשבה דיבוּר An action cancels out a thought and a word


All exchanges between everyone on earth are transference of energies. Most transactions are two-way agreements - where an exchange of something REAL and PHYSICAL has taken place and is therefore irreversible - but "Thought transactions" can be invalidated because they are one-way and therefore "transference" energies can be cancelled out.

In the transaction of "transference" one side has exchanged "THOUGHT" energies, a "thought" energy can be cancelled out by the people originally involved in the transaction AND also be someone else's thoughts and energies this invalidates the transaction AND most importantly can be cancelled out by ONE SIDE without the other person knowing. This is done - simply by SAYING the words - "I wish to cancel out what someone else is thinking" - as a mantra - as an announcement and as a prayer.


SIMPLY SAY הרי אני מבטל כח חליפין של רשעים עם נשמתי


"I cancel out any transference made by people - who have lied to me - that has taken energy from my soul"

"I cancel out any transference made by people - who have lied to me - that has taken energy from my soul"

"I cancel out any transference made by people - who have lied to me - that has taken energy from my soul"


I always suggest repeating it like a mantra - at least 3 times - until you feel a shift from within.


The emphasis of transference energy - is TRUTH and LIES - because someone can only take energy from you by lying to you - in order for you to do something that isn't RIGHT for you to do - and thereby disconnect you from your Earthly soul from your Spiritual Higher Soul.

For example, If your mother told you that your father is Mr X - when in fact your real father is Mr Y - you had feelings towards Mr X as a father - but something inside you isn't right until you find the truth - you were LIED to - and until you found the TRUTH - your mind was controlled by the lies defined by your deceitful mother.

Defined by my Jewish education - I was lied to about Jesus Christ - our Jewish headmaster and religious fanatic teachers used to teach us that Jesus Christ never existed - therefore they controlled our minds and stole our souls - UNTIL we realized that they were LIARS. Then abruptly - when we realized the TRUTH - we disconnected from them and everything they taught us - as they defined themselves as LIARS.

Likewise - you too - think carefully who controls your mind and has stolen your soul question everything you know and read - even what you read here - because it might be a TRUTH for me - but a lie for you - as you might still believe that Jesus Christ never existed. That is your karma to believe that - and my karma to believe what I believe in.


The bottom line is - You want Your Life

"You" want the real "You"

You want your life and your destiny - and you don't want a "Life" that's not yours

You don't want someone else's life - especially as life that's been defined by someone else's lies.


The first step is to write down ALL the names of all the people - all the people you suspect to be the sources of all the lies in your life, write a list of names with everyone you've known who you feel have taken a piece of your soul because they have propagated a lie and defined a lie in your life. Then cancel each of them out by affirming they are liars and you are truthful - searching for spiritual truth - in order to become karmically wholesome.


Cancel out the energy of the lie - by defining what your life should be - without the existence of their lie in it.

Confirm to yourself what you would be thinking and doing with your life - without their lies - now you've found the truth.


"Cancel Out" - but DO NOT hold onto any bitterness or hatred for the deceitful liars or for anyone who has taken something of yours - it is important that one does this - without feeling any hatred or negative emotions for anyone - who has lied.

In fact if you does this in a manner that you feels sorry for the eternal pain their souls will endure in spirit world, then within the "canceling out" process one is actually praying that their soul should UNDO, repent and apologize for the destruction they have caused.


The Karmic Solution is make Truthful affirmations

Confirm to yourself what you would be thinking and doing with your life without their lies.


Truthful Affirmations - simply by using the power of your mind, thoughts and words, will ensure that you do not loose any energy from your soul by "transference". Which in turn will ensure that your life energy and vitality becomes "alive" with a continual flow of יניקה מלמעלה - as you SYNC your Earthly Soul with your Higher Soul. The key for karmic success is to constantly be ALERT and AWARE of the influence of others in your life. Define "what" is truthfully right for you and in SYNC with you - and define "what" is a deception and wrong for you.

The reason TRUTHFUL affirmations always works is because the power of your speech [2] רוח Ruach is the "Soul of Speech" is joining your lower soul [1] נפש Nefesh is the "Earthly Soul" - to your higher soul [3] נשמה Neshoma is your "Higher Soul"- and TRUTH ensures all three facets are in SYNC with each other - hence you're wholesome and in SYNC with your karmic destiny.




Mirabelle Palace & Gardens in Salzburg - the same place - the contrast you see between spring and winter

Likewise everything in your life can be seen differently at different phases of your life

Each view of your life is necessary to see during each karmic season of your life


"Loss by Transference" - Transference חליפין

Now that you have the information and wisdom - work on yourself - begin the 1st step by eliminating everything you've picked up through "transference" - remember the purpose is to become karmically wholesome - so that your lower soul can be 100% in sync with your higher soul.

When you realize that "transference" is a necessity to deceive you in order to put you in karmic situations, to teach you karmic lessons and heal all your past-life Karma - then you will realize that LIES are a BIG blessing.

Because the answers you need - to heal your soul and to find your karmic wholesomeness - all you need to do is eliminate all the lies and find the TRUTH - it's that SIMPLE - and it's made easy because most of the lies have been "dumped" on you by all the incoming deceitful lies that you've been absorbing from the day you were born from all the liars you've known.

Neptune entered Pisces in 2011 which has now defined an END to deception, past-life deception and the beginning of revealing the TRUTH has already begin - the enlightened spiritual truths are now present in everyone's life - and now that you've been awakened - each and everyone of you will find exactly what you're looking for - your own karmic truth.


Are you the real version of "You" ?

Are you wholesome? Do you feel "at peace" with your life and with your world?

The real version of "You" accepts everything and loves the gift of life.

The false version of "you" refuses to accept and hates the life you have - wanting a life that's not yours to have.


The truth is each and every day you're alive - you're becoming more and more wholesome - each month - as the karmic lunar cycle defines - especially at New Moon's & Full Moon's - continually works-on and enlightens your soul via your emotions - you are becoming more and more wholesome.

It would be impossible for anyone who is alive to say we're 100% wholesome - but when you've started the karmic journey in uniting the whole and real version of the Earthly "You" with your Higher Spiritual Self - you will know - because you will have an innate sense of peacefulness from "within".

The biggest karmic problem is LIVING A LIE - living with someone else's life and not living with your life. Spiritual maturity defines a transition in your mind when you STOP WANTING things that you know aren't yours to have - and you only WANT what is truly your destiny to have. You stop being influenced by EXTERNAL desires, define boundary and go WITHIN yourself to find what YOUR SOUL and YOUR DESTINY truly wants for "You".


Automatically this shift in attitude will redefine karmic boundaries in your mind and soul - that's when you STOP letting-in other people's opinions to define your life - when you STOP WANTING things because other people tell you you must have them - and when you STOP WANTING things you can't have - that's when you ACCEPT things that you do have and when you ENJOY everything you do have. Acceptance is when your aura and your soul finds peace.

Acceptance is when you live in SYNC with yourself - your reality of your Earthly Soul accepts the physical situation you're in - as it knows your higher Soul has defined this status for you to learn past-life karmic lessons. Once you've learnt the karmic lessons - you "know" that your life will be changing in SYNC with the enlightened karmic pathway you soul has defined for you.

Acceptance of your current reality is an important facet in healing your past-life karma - as it informs and awakens your soul that SOMETHING IS NOT RIGHT with your reality - as it is NOT what your HIGHER SOUL truly wants for you and SOMETHING NEEDS to change. But instead of you forcing and wanting changes that you want - your higher soul through the power of your ACCEPTANCE and karmic calmness - will make the changes to your life much easier. All mature adults learn this lesson sooner or later - that when you're desperate and wanting - you get nothing - but when you're calm and accepting - everything happens - and you get everything you need.


Transference חליפין defines

"You" need to become "You"

Other people's thoughts - become your thoughts - for you to either ACCEPT or DISCARD

When you've learnt the karmic lesson - their influence won't influence you anymore.

When" I am I because I am I" and "you are you because you are you" - karmic transference has ended.

But so long as I am not I and you are not you - because of transference - then karmic work still needs to be done.


A Karmic Switch of Roles and Personality

Facets of "You" become "Me" & Facets of "Me" become "You"

I explain fully in the next chapter of "sensitive souls and old karmic souls" - that during each facet of karma - you will change your feelings - change you mind - to become someone you're not - in order to learn what it's like to be the other person - to see life from their perspective and then have compassion and forgiveness.

The SWITCH - whereby you become them and they become you - in order to learn the past-life karmic lesson - is only switched-back when the karma is complete. The SWITCH happens through past-life transference - and that's why FORGIVENESS is one of the 3 keys to unlock all facets of karmic reincarnation.

I'm always fascinated that in "Divorces" - how relationship energies don't end at a "Divorce" - because the karmic SWITCH ensures they keep learning lessons of that marriage until they have completely learnt the karmic lesson - that's when the relationship ends. Anyone who hasn't moved-on to a wholesome relationship - means they're still connected and stuck in the karma of the "past" relationship. Moving-on means complete karmic detachment and complete FORGIVENESS - because you can't move-on if you've still got feelings - any feelings - especially inexplicable karmic hateful feelings.


Reincarnation of Your Soul - Finding The Real You

How and when you will "find" the real you - is defined by your own karma - but the fact that you're reading this page on the internet means that you're searching for answers to WHY your life doesn't feel right and WHY you know something isn't right.

The more you realize what's been negatively influencing your life, what's been disrupting your life, what's been taking-you-away from your destiny - then you will realize how easy it is to LET-GO of that influence.

Many of you - who've had BAD parents - your soul chose them to teach you lessons - when you LET-GO of their influence and when you overcome the karma they were sent to teach you - then they will stop blocking your progress. After-all maybe in a past-life you stopped them from progress.Complete FORGIVENESS - always works - but you have to truly mean it for it to work. The more people you FORGIVE - the more you will find the real you coming back to you - the more you will find peace and the more enlightened you will become.


Anything that Prevents You from being You

It's not just "transference" that blocks your soul from living the life you were destined to live - as I explain on chapter for Sensitive Souls and Spiritual Rescue Work - it is anyone or anything that prevents you from being you - is a blockage to your spiritual karmic wholesomeness. That includes drugs and alcohol, even TV, movies, pornography or even excessive indulgence in food - anything that DISTRACTS your soul from fulfilling it's purpose for what you were created.

Anything that makes you become LAZY and STOPS you from concentrating on what you were born to concentrate on - so if you're sensitive and have inexplicable karmic blockages in your life - then you're going to have to change your lifestyle in order to have karmic success.



Your Higher Spiritual Soul Transcends into

Your Reality as you find Your Karmic Truth

Your whole life from Birth => Death is a journey for your spiritual soul - it is a journey to find the truth. You can find the truth by becoming spiritual awakened and enlightened OR you can wait for Death to become enlightened to the karmic truth. The choice is yours - either way - everyone will die and everyone will find the truth. The pathway you choose is your freewill karmic choice.

Although, astrologically, due to the karmic wheel of life moving forward - I can see that unlike past generations that refused to accept the truth - many in this generation - especially between 2013 and 2020 will choose to find the truth following the "Pathway to Enlightenment".


סוד ה ליראיו ובריתו להודיעם