The Spiritual Writings of ספר סודי סודות

סוד ה ליראיו ובריתו להודיעם

"Visiting Graves and Cemeteries"

Graves & Tombs of Holy People קברי צדיקים

Most people say "Don't GO because you will be feel uncomfortable"

Wise people say "GO because you will have a real and intense spiritual experience"


"Your soul wants you to go to wherever your soul wants you to go"


Intense Spiritual Experiences

Most people avoid "cemeteries" because of "bad feelings" they get about them - indeed whereas most "materialistic" people go to shopping malls at least once-a-week - most "spiritual" people go to "cemeteries" at least once-a-week. That's because each person needs to be energized in their aura with spiritual energies they "need".

Shopping malls give your AURA an intense energy - full of neon lights, glitzy shop designs and stimulating new things - is something "materialistic" people need as they need STIMULATING by NEW things because they are discontent with "life" that they have.

Conversely, "spiritually" minded people need STIMULATING too - and this is created by SPIRITUAL experiences. Graves and cemeteries are places of varying energies - each graveyard and each cemetery STIMULATES and AWAKENS one's mind and aura with energy.

Visiting "Graves & Tombs of Holy People קברי צדיקים" - becomes an intense spiritual experience to be in the aura of a very holy places - even just being at the grave of someone FAMOUS - because their aura is as intense after death as it was when they were alive - you will be filled with "energy".


Your Aura will Change "forever" through Intense Spiritual Experiences

Just being in these places - even just ONCE in your life - will change your life - because the "spiritual energy" is Eternal - forever embedded on your soul. In the case of visiting a place that is 100% authenticated as being pure - then you'll sense - an energy - that will be profound and very intense. This energy is the Divine energy of TRUTH.

Because, when you've been touched by a pure spiritual place - you will comprehend that there's more to life that "making money" and pursuit of decadent materialism. In such places you'll know that there is a DIVINE GOD - that there is a SPRITIUAL world of souls - and that one day you'll be held accountable for your life. Once your AURA has SHIFTED from DECEIT & LIES to TRUTH and SPRITIUALITY - there's no going back.

That's why "people" keep away - that's why those "people" dissuade others from visiting graves of Holy people - that's why those "people" will create ANY excuse to STAY AWAY from "Cemeteries, Graves & Tombs of Holy People" - as the aura of their rotten soul WANTS to remain in a dead-end life of meaningless earthly nonsense and wants to bring you down to their low-life earthly level. Conversely, an enlightened spiritual person will encourage you to GO and experience the spiritual energy for yourself.


"The Spiritual Guarantee said over 150 years ago"

"Anyone who visits Tomb of Holy Spiritual Rabbi - Noam Elimelech in Lezajsk, Poland will become spiritually enlightened" was made by another very spiritually enlightened Rabbi. Many good spiritually-minded people do visit the Tomb - but still the vast majority of "Jewish" people REFUSE to go and these are the same types that REFUSE to go to any Jewish cemetery. That's because their earthbound AURA is blocking them from the "ENLIGHTENED SPIRITUAL EXPERIENCE" as they sense IT WILL CHANGE their meaningless lives.



Tomb of Holy Spiritual Rabbi - Noam Elimelech in Lezajsk, Poland

The "Noam Elimelech" is the name given to Rabbi Elimelech Weissblum who lived,

died and is buried in Lezajsk Lizhensk, in south eastern region of Poland.


"The Spiritual Intensity Will Cleanse and Change your Aura"

Once you've been TOUCHED and CLEANSED spiritually - there is NO returning to a meaningless life. The spiritual intensity will cleanse your aura - just "being" there. This applies to EVERY grave and cemetery - where you FEEL something.

If you're asking me "WHERE TO GO" - I would suggest you go "ANYWHERE where you have NOT WANTED to GO". Is there a local cemetery that you KEEP AWAY from ? Then GO THERE. Your aura has kept you AWAY from these places - so SHIFT your aura GO. Once you sense the SPIRITUAL SHIFT in your aura - you will understand that your aura is being cleansed.


Visiting Graves - "The Physical Journey for Your Spiritual Soul"

These photos are my personal spiritual journey - however you too - can create your own journey - go and visit the local cemeteries and visit the graves of your own family. Everyone knows someone who has died. Time to reconnect - and OPEN your AURA to a truthful spiritual pathway.



Above is the underground Jewish cemetery of Bratislava - Pressbourg

however - it is sad that such HOLY places are EMPTY and hardly anyone goes to visit.


Hardly anyone goes to "Visit Graves and Cemeteries" of Spiritual Rabbis

And Why Do You Think "they" don't go ?

People instinctively know the TRUTH - that - it will "open" them up spiritually and they know it will change their lives.

Taking them "AWAY" from a meaningless selfish materialistic pathway to be SPIRITUALLY enlightened pathway.



Spiritual Gates & Portals שערי צדק

"Your soul wants you to go to wherever your soul wants you to go"


"Karmically" - amongst modern day "Jewish" people there is a deeper and more profound reason why many REFUSE to go to spiritually enlightened tombs, graves and cemeteries - in fact there is a karmic avoidance amongst "some" people to go gravesites of HOLY SPIRITUAL people - "some" people prefer to go on "holiday" instead of visiting a HOLY place - this indeed is KARMIC.


עושה שלום במרומיו הוא יעשה שלום עלינו ועל כל ישראל

סוד ה ליראיו ובריתו להודיעם