The Spiritual Writings of ספר סודי סודות


סוד ה ליראיו ובריתו להודיעם


Stupidity is **** - עם הארצים אינם חיים

עם הארצים אינם חיים

"Ignorance is Bliss" & "What You Don't Know About - You Don't Worry About !"

I Say "Utter Nonsense" to People Who Think That !

Anyone Who Doesn't Learn Or Use Their Mind to Think are Dead

The Word "Ignorance" Means a Person Actively IGNORES the Truth


"I'd rather sit near a man of intelligence in Gehinnom [hell]

than near a fool in Gan Eden [paradise]"

The famous saying of Reb Naftoli of Ropshitz of how important it is to constantly be seeking knowledge and "THINK"


"Ignorance" Means a Person is Lacking Truthful Knowledge

The Solution to "Ignorance" is to Read, Learn & Seek Wisdom



For where "your" treasure is - there is where your heart is ...

The lamp of the body is the eye. If your eye is good you whole body will be full of light

But if your eye is bad, your whole body will be full of darkness

Therefore if the "light" that is in you is truly "darkness" how great is that darkness

No one can serve TWO masters; for either he will hate the one and love the other

or else he will be loyal to the one and despise the other, You cannot serve GOD and Earthly life.

Mathew Chapter 6 verses 21, 22, 23, 24

The Fundamentals of Meditation



Ascending or Descending Spirituality "עמי הארצות אינן חיים"

"Ignorant people are not truly living and will not live in the future life" :תלמוד מס כתובות קיא Talmud Kesuvos 111b

The Talmud in it's explanation and understanding of the "5 Levels of Created Existence" in this world; explains how it is possible that human beings can have a soul of an animal inside them and conversely how an animal can have the reincarnated soul of a human soul. The ascendance and transcendence of souls within physical existence depends on "Karma" and the level of spirituality attained in past-life; it is also dependant on the purpose of the soul in this life as to it's ability to transcend, descend or ascend to a different level of spiritual awareness.

The aim, goal and ambition of human life is to ASCEND in one's spirituality; this can only be done by using the most precious gift we have - OUR MIND and our ABILITY TO THINK. If we don't use this precious gift wisely; then in the next lifetime we will reincarnate as an animal [or according to the Ari Zal as quoted in Sefer KavHayosher Chapter 5 we could even descend into becoming a leaf of a tree, or worse still for earthbound materialistic people become a "brick" in a building]. The freewill choice of what we become is ours and is dependant on WHAT YOU ARE DOING RIGHT NOW !

A spiritually enlightened soul is constantly aware of the value of thoughts and thinking; the spiritual pathway to enlightenment means that life is a continual journey of growth; if one is not growing - then one is dying inside.

Therefore a duty we all have is to be vigilant to protect our minds from all kinds of negativity, depressing, earthly materialistic thoughts of money, greed, anger and hatred but most of all careful about using our powerful mind to think of meaningless nonsense for our mind is a sanctuary of our soul.


Is Your Mind a Garbage Dump OR a Sanctuary of Peace & Love

If your mind and thoughts could be opened up to see what is inside; what would we find ? A safe-haven of peace, love and tranquility ? Or a garbage dump full of nonsense ? Would the contents of your mind be interesting ? Or would they be just like everyone else's full of personal problems and void of anything useful or interesting.

If you invited someone into your life; would they be thrilled with excitement to find peace, love, compassion and calmness with an enormous interesting and fascinating wealth of experiences and profound wisdom OR would they find emptiness - nothing inside - lots of boring nonsense ?

If we are all honest with ourselves [me included], however fascinating our life is, however many experiences we have had and interestingly good people we have met - we could DO BETTER - and insert more knowledge, wisdom, experiences and positive energy into our minds and thoughts.

On this page the 3 spiritual secrets from "Book of Secrets ספר סודי סודות" explain exactly how you can immediately and right now CHANGE your inner sanctuary to one of "Peace, Love & Wisdom". But firstly, I must explain the fundamental danger of being connected with materialistic earthbound "ignorant and idiots" whom you must NOT be connected to, for they will block your ability to elevate your soul and block the flow of spiritual wisdom into your mind and soul.


Definition of an Idiot שוטה מאבד מה שנתן לו

They Destroy & Misuse Whatever You Give them

The spiritual definition of an idiot is "one who destroys or misuses whatever you give them"; the more precious the spiritual gift you give "idiots", the more they trash and misuse them; and the more they are unappreciative they become of it's inherent Eternal spiritual value; the more they are digging a deeper hole in the earthbound ground for themselves. Each of us exists on specific "levels" based on spiritual awareness, wisdom, knowledge and energies of peacefulness and calmness; if we chose to let go of spiritually supportive energies of wisdom OR negate any aspect of spiritual wisdom that is considered a "spiritual gift" then we drop-down to level of an idiot.

A wise man with an enormous amount of knowledge is abusing his life and the gift of wisdom - if he doesn't share it with others; in the same way that a person sitting on the internet abuses the gift of time if they surf the net looking at porn instead of learning and becoming spiritually enlightened. How we behave in our physical lives is a mirror reflection to how we are spiritually. Wasting, destroying or misusing anything we have is "idiotic"; and sends an important message to our soul that we don't want the "gifts"; life then ensures the gifts are taken away.

If you give a 3 year old child a computer - more than likely that child will use it as a drum and smash it to pieces - instinctively you take the computer away from the child and return it only when the child can be trusted to respect the gift.

Spiritually in this lifetime, we are given opportunities and gifts, if we miss the chance to use the gift - then it is taken away in this lifetime - given to someone else or kept until we are ready to use it wisely in this lifetime or in a lifetime when you are "karmically" ready.

This is important point, because it is the definition of an "idiot" that will determine your life and your next karmic life; if you abuse, misuse and destroy any gifts in this life; then in the next reincarnation your soul will be implanted into different circumstances when you might not have the privileged gifts. Each individual resonates to an energy; the rule of "like attracts like" applies in this physical and spiritual world alike; if you are in a situation that you "think" you don't deserve then you are mistaken. Each of us gets exactly what we deserve; it is our challenge to DIG ourselves out of a GARBAGE DUMP of negative living, stop abusing the gifts we do have, and elevate our souls away from the category of "idiot". The only way we can do this is through using our mind.


Definition of an Ignorant עם הארץ

They Block & Refuse New Knowledge & Wisdom

Because They think they Know-it-all שוטה שחושב שהוא חכם

The older a person gets in life - the wiser a person should become; however, if, however, at any stage of life a person refuses to learn, refuses to be taught and blocks all kind of "new experiences"; then a person has "died" at that point. We all know, some old people, who never had the opportunity to learn and had bad education or in some cases no-education, they are stuck in the past with the knowledge they have learnt.

Delightfully and thankfully YOU ARE WISE - you can read - for you are reading this page on the internet right now; you have a gift of literacy and comprehension that millions of people don't; you are searching for wisdom and knowledge; therefore it is my duty to deliver everything to you; and in so doing we have created a "flow of spiritual wisdom".

Ignorant people always discard or refuse to read new knowledge as they believe they "know-it-all"; whereas spiritually wise people - we know we have so much to learn, in fact the more we learn the more we realize how much more there is to learn, for we see the Eternally infinite wisdom of the Divine ethereal realms waiting to be learnt; hence we feel ALIVE with positive energy for we appreciate the gift of time to learn and become even wiser.


מלה בסלע שתיקותא בתרין - בסוד הידוע ליודעי חן

The Ignorant will remain Earthbound עם הארץ

The mysterious Jewish Aramaic saying literally means "A Word in a Stone; Quiet with Two - a Secret that is known to those knowledgeable of good favour" is the literal translation but speaks in a riddle for it hides a spiritual secret [taken from Talmud and which we be explained fully in "Book of Secrets ספר סודי סודות"]. In short, the spiritual secret being revealed is a person is identified by the words they speak, one who speaks nonsense and lies - will become as dead as a stone and live only in this physical material world; whereas one who speaks wisdom will have their soul elevated to live in BOTH in this physical world and in the spiritual world of souls simultaneously. The connection between the two worlds is done in meditative quietness within one's own mind.

Truly spiritually enlightened people indeed know the spiritual secret that they can be in both worlds at once; GOD and the Divine spirit world of souls cannot be fooled; one who isn't truthfully "spiritual " and in "good favour" with spirit world - cannot get in; the entry ticket in - is wisdom, knowledge, love and compassion. The spiritual kingdom is open to all who truthfully want spirituality; those that don't will stay earthbound like stones forever.


The Veil is Being Dissolved הפרגוד נעלם

The Book of Daniel explains, at the end-of-time many people will become blessed with spiritual gifts, knowledge and understanding as the veil between this physical world and the Eternal Divine spiritual world of souls is dissolved - we are indeed living at a time of great change - and as more people become spiritually enlightened in this physical world the stronger the spiritual auric light will grow which in turn will dissolve the barrier / veil between the physical and spiritual world הפרגוד נעלם.


The Last Generation - "Enough is Enough" די לעולם

Book of Daniel is written in Aramaic and is the easiest explanation of the "end of time"; the era when the greatest transition happens; when knowledge and wisdom is available to everyone; when everyone can and will attain spiritual enlightenment. A generation when everyone, will WANT spiritual enlightenment, and unlike ALL man-made religions no-one will be forced; because inherently from within everyone's soul they will desire to want to learn, become wise and enlightened. The last generation will not find satisfaction nor peace until they have found spiritual enlightenment. Our generation is living at the unique time in the history of the world when, through the power of the internet, knowledge and wisdom is available to almost everyone in the world.

Spiritual secrets are now available for people to learn and will continue to be made ever-increasingly available over the next 40 years to everyone; during this time everyone will be able to tune-in to spirit world by themselves without the need of a medium or psychic. The Divine decree written in Book of Daniel is there will come a time when "Enough is Enough" די לעולם, meaning the game of guessing the meaning of life, choosing between good and bad, being unable to see truth, including the daily routines as we know them will be changing. Instead a new game of seeing truthfulness and pure spirituality will take it's place; a spiritual time where we change our whole outlook on life, everything we do and the way we do it. The good news is we don't need to wait - until some magical moment of time in the future - we can start now.


Define Yourself:- Do you Waste the Gift of Life & Time ?

Or Do Utilize Every Moment and Learn Wisdom ?


Define Yourself :- Modern Day Example

What do you use the wonderful gift of the Internet for ?

Wisdom & Learning ? Or becoming Ignorant by wasting the gift?


Please Avoid being Ignorant עם הארץ

Unfortunately and tragically for the Jewish people; the current "ultra-orthodox" religious leaders and Rabbis have banned the "internet"; [thankfully very few people listen to them]; likewise "they" have banned the study of Astrology, Palmistry and even refrain from teaching Reincarnation as a mainstream subject - just three of the most important spiritual gifts man is blessed with. These dysfunctional leaders are trying to force their followers from being enlightened and wise; instead they want them to be dead and ignorant. [This is the most evil form of wickedness - restricting other people's freewill and depriving other people of wisdom and knowledge].

Therefore, please don't listen to anyone who tells you "DON'T LEARN THAT" or "YOU CAN'T READ THAT" - do what you KNOW to be correct and ignore the counsel of the foolish. Listen to your own inner spiritual soul which is yearning to grow spiritually; learn as much as you can from everyone and everywhere you can - surf the internet and read books [hebrew books if you can]- and you will be surprised at the treasure and wealth of spiritual wisdom that will transcend into your mind and will become intuitively available to you.


Spiritual Secrets to Unlock Wisdom

Before "opening" yourself up to and allowing these "Spiritual Secrets" to work for you - acknowledge, concede and say to yourself "I've been a silly and ignorant idiot, please help me change, I'm giving this a try to see if it really works; I'm not sure it will but I'm giving it a try anyway":-


Spiritual Secrets [1] Becoming attached to wisdom; you need to "get connected". First step SLEEP with the book under your pillow; it can be any book; but the more profound spiritual wisdom in that book the better and from any religion; the "Holy Bible" is always a good book to start with. Whilst you sleep, the energy of the contents and wisdom within that book will become infused into your head; and you'll wake up feeling a connection [or not] to that book. This applies to everything you want to be connected with - sleep with it under your pillow.


Spiritual Secrets [2] Allowing your soul to connect to the wisdom of the book through your 3rd eye seeing the words. Always have a book OPEN on your table, desk, wherever you are; it can be open on any page, upside-down, doesn't matter as long as it is OPEN. Start by glancing at the words, turn the pages until you find a page you like looking at the words; then when and if you feel you want to read then read, can be a whisper to yourself or aloud. When you do read, doesn't matter whether you understand the words you are saying, the fact is when you read a book - the "spirit" world of souls listens; especially if you read a book by a writer who has died, you might sense their energy around you as you read the book aloud. Even when you are not reading the book, the fact the book is open in front of you enables your spiritual 3rd eye to see and read the words, thereby enabling your soul to connect to wisdom.


Spiritual Secrets [3] Allowing your soul to open-up to the Eternal Divine Source of Spiritual Wisdom; as the source of all the religions and all spirituality is the Eternal Divine GOD. Find a book, that you do NOT understand the language it is written in - open it and stare at the words. This is extremely spiritually powerful if you choose a sacred spiritual book of ANY religion, whether it is the Koran in original Arabic, the Holy Bible in original Hebrew, the Talmud in original Hebrew or the Bhagavad Gita in Sanskrit; the reason you must choose a book you can't read nor understand the language is that to open your soul up to new spiritual energy - you cannot allow the interference of your own mind and thoughts. Your spiritual 3rd eye will see the words in the book and understand them spiritually.


Personally I recommend looking at the original hebrew text of ספר נועם אלימלך Sefer Noam Elimelech . Stare at the words in hebrew and the * in the book see original texts ספר נועם אלימלך Sefer Noam Elimelech and Sefer Likutei Shoshana by Noam Elimelech . I will be explaining all the above secrets fully in the "The Book of the Secret's Secrets ספר סודי סודות". Meanwhile TRY & SEE for yourself how these 3 secrets change your life; notice how you start to become wise to intuit spiritual wisdom; I know ignorant people might think these 3 Spiritual Secrets are nonsense - but that's because their soul wants to ignore truth, knowledge and wisdom; their soul wants to remain dark and sad, but when you try it for yourself you will see and feel a change in your life being surrounded by light, wisdom and knowledge.



המשכילים יזהירו כזוהר הרקיע ומצדיקי הרבים ככוכבים לעולם ועד

"The wise people shall shine as the brightness of the sky; and they shall turn the multitudes of many people to righteousness,

and everyone will shine like each star in the sky shines for ever and ever"

דניאל פרק יב פסוק ג Book of Daniel 12 verse 3 - The Pathway to Spiritual Enlightenment



The Last Generation of People will also contain "Animal Souls"

Have Compassion as Stupid and Ignorant People are "Animal Souls"

This "last generation" will be polarizing itself into having the WISEST people and yet simultaneously the most STUPID people that ever lived on Earth. These "stupid" and "ignorant" people aren't really stupid nor ignorant - so have compassion on them - as the Book of Daniel explains that the "last generation" will create opportunities for all the souls in the world to live as HUMANS.

The spiritual truth is "stupid" people aren't really human souls - they are ANIMAL SOULS that have been elevated into human beings - but still think like ANIMALS. Words and intelligent thoughts aren't going to stimulate their intelligence. The live for visualization of pictures and doing "physical" things like "animals". Even so - they have been blessed with the gift of reincarnation as humans to attempt to elevate their soul.

Additionally, there's the OTHER group of human souls who have reincarnated - but contain FIXED and STUBBORN attitudes of mind - and hence for them "they" want to revert the world BACKWARDS to old concepts - those OLD STUBBORN SOULS have been given the gift of reincarnation in the "last generation" in order to give "them" a chance too - BUT their OLD soul will refuse spiritual enlightenment - until it's too late - this too is predicted in the Book of Daniel. The fact that you're OPEN and understanding spiritual enlightenment is a BIG blessing and a karmic blessing.


The Reasons & Explanations of the Spiritual Secrets to Unlock Wisdom

from The Book of the Secret's Secrets ספר סודי סודות

When I wrote the above explanations in July 2011 but refrained from explaining the reasons why until 4th February 2012 when Neptune entered spiritually enlightening Pisces. Now even though the timing is right to reveal spiritual truths, the destiny of the world ready, is accepting and welcoming spiritual truths and spiritual knowledge.

During the past 2000 years, since the time of Jesus Christ and the destruction of the 2nd temple in Jerusalem in 70 AD, all the spiritual teachers of the world have needed to HIDE pure spiritual knowledge out of fear; they did this either by encoding it, passing it down by word of mouth or making statements that would make "people" think; even to the extent of SAYING THE OPPOSITE in order to get people to think and realize they're being told opposites and simultaneously send out messages of confusion to the evil people trying to stop the spread of spiritual knowledge. King Solomon's Book of Ecclesiastes is a perfect example of confusing messages.


When you LEAVE BOOKS OPEN .... for "spirit" souls to read ....

you are actually leaving them OPEN for earthbound souls who are part of your souls energy

and as "they" elevate their spirituality - so too - your aura and spirit will be elevated too


The Hebrew book "Sefer Ta'amei MinHagim [page 95b]" states a superstitious declaration was made "DO NOT LEAVE HEBREW BOOKS OPEN as you will be forced to forget the knowledge that is contained in that open page by spirits of souls that are hanging around you".


This mysterious confusing declaration is explained in "The Book of the Secret's Secrets ספר סודי סודות" as follows, as we are being taught a SPIRITUAL SECRET OF DOING OPPOSITES. We are being told that spiritual souls are around us WILL be able to read the spiritual knowledge in the books that we leave open. Instead of them interacting with us to cause us to forget the knowledge - which is NONSENSE - especially if you can't even read hebrew script or have never read the book; instead they WILL interact with the OPEN book and with you in a spiritual way. We are being told a spiritual secret.

Indeed around each and everyone of us we ALL have spiritual souls; many of us in our generation have souls of EARTHBOUND low souls both created by our bad karma or attracted into our aura because they have nowhere to go after they've died and haven't got enough good karma to elevate their spiritual souls beyond this physical world.

What happens is when these earthbound souls READ the spiritual knowledge in the books we leave OPEN for them to read; they actually THANK US for doing so; they do this by infusing our minds and souls with the mutual knowledge, energy and wisdom they have learnt from these OPEN books. Therefore when you LEAVE BOOKS OPEN - you are actually leaving them OPEN for earthbound souls to read who are part of your souls energy; and as they elevate their spirituality - so too - you will be elevated too.

[I will explain this more in The Book of the Secret's Secrets ספר סודי סודות ]. Try it and see for yourself - by leaving books OPEN - you will FEEL different and your aura will start to be cleansed and refined as the spiritual souls around you are learning and elevating themselves spiritually - something they failed to do when they were alive. Now you are giving them the chance and opportunity to RAISE themselves and become enlightened spiritually.


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סוד ה ליראיו ובריתו להודיעם