The Spiritual Writings of ספר סודי סודות

סוד ה ליראיו ובריתו להודיעם


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The New Astrology Website is now up-and-running

From now onwards - all predictions will be fully explained with audio on the "locked-members-only" website


Astrology defines connections and cohesion to other people - selfish types of people never want connections to others - they just want everything for themselves - they're always the most impatient, frustrated, annoying and angry types of people - that's because they've got an immature afflicted attitude that - "they" - are-the-centre-of-the-Universe aspect dominating in their aura.


The next 3 years are going to bad for selfish people - as - their afflicted self-centered quality will be squared by the karma of Saturn in Capricorn - which means - it's time to detach from those types of people - and - best to avoid them.


The lesson of Saturn in Capricorn until December 2020 is to be connected to good people - be open to good people who are good for you - cohesion and tolerance for good people you're destined to be connected to - and - avoidance of all selfish people who do nothing for you - especially if - in the past - you've done so much good for them. Saturn defines it's time to detach yourself from badness and negativity.


Saturn in Capricorn is the reason why I've created a New Locked Website - as I realized that it is wrong of me to be OPEN on the internet - some selfish people took-advantage of my good nature - people took from me - because I gave of myself - and now - I've learnt my karmic lesson.


When someone eccentric and crazy leaves all their valuable belongings in the street - ofcourse - people will steal them. I've realized that I mustn't be crazy anymore. I will gladly share with you - but - you have to share something with me - please make a donation and you'll get access to the new website.




"The Thank You Mantra" Audio

"The Thank You Mantra" of Creating Good Karma in your life ...

Free sample Audio from Jonny for - New Moon 9th/10th January 2016 - [click onto this link to download]


Audio file "Introduction to Book of Milchemos Hashem - Destiny is in your hands "


Audio Versions of the Websites



"Defining Boundaries"

In 2012 - we began to create BIG changes on these websites - we realized that it's impossible to exist on the internet in an "open" manner - therefore we locked the websites - accessed only by Login/Password to members-only - people who've been kind to donate. These defined NEW boundaries worked well since January 2013, worked in past 6 years and we will continue for 2019.

We only reply to emails from "MEMBERS ONLY" - people who have been kind to "DONATE".

[All other emails are FILTERED by Gmail and deleted - we don't even get to read them].


When you access all areas of the website and especially when you use the LOGIN and PASSWORD for Audio access - each time you read any page and download an audio - means that your IP address is immediately tracked and you are ACCEPTING our terms and conditions - not to copy nor steal any of our material, photos or explanations.


Readers who have abused Ester in the past - we have your IP address and have BLOCKED your access to our website - so if you find yourself UNABLE and LOCKED OUT of our website - then it is due to our blocking program.


Anyone sending ANY ABUSE and HATEMAIL to us - will have your IP address BLOCKED from accessing our website - and will be reported to police and prosecuted where-ever possible. I will NOT tolerate ANYONE abusing nor upsetting Ester - December 2012 a line was crossed and it will never happen again.


I will do my best to protect Ester from abuse - especially from emails - dark souls and bad "people" must learn they can't extinguish the light - but they need to learn to respect the "light" - in the same way we respect their "darkness" and don't interact with "them". There is NO room for DAY and NIGHT to mix to become ONE - each must realize their own boundaries - we are ONLY writing for our like-minded readers - NOT for the "others".


"Character is How You React after Darkness tries to Extinguish your Light" - the Book of Daniel explains that the last generation would be a battle between LIGHT and DARKNESS - even worse than the city of "Sodom & Gemorrah" in the biblical times of Abraham, for then it was only one city - at the end of times - it will be THE WHOLE WORLD - when it will be acceptable to STEAL from other people - but it would be even be a LAW to allow people to "steal" from others. In the same way of משכב זכר זנות ועריות is not acceptable but has become acceptable and even the preferred option for many - even an acceptable "law" in some countries. After comprehending the Book of Daniel in Summer 2012 we're now excited that the fulfillment of this prophecy is here and before us on the internet - because it means we ARE living at the "last" generation.


Have you ever thought of the fact when you READ a website that someone has spent hours writing - and then you don't even say THANK YOU for their hard work? What's worse is when "nasty" and "filthy" people copy photos, images, and copies the hardwork and uses it themselves on their own websites? We used to be annoyed and upset by this UNTIL we read and understood the Book of Daniel - so hopefully more people in the world will STEAL and TAKE for FREE - thereby fulfilling the end-time prophecy of Daniel !


סוד ה ליראיו ובריתו להודיעם