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This Months Astrological Events

Sun in Gemini 21st May -21st June 2011

Written by the author of Sefer Kochvei Or ספר כוכבי אור

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The 7 Planetary-People Relationships


Sun in Gemini 2011 - This Months Astrological Events

21st May: Sun moves into Gemini at 09:21 GMT
21st May: Mercury 8° Taurus conjuncts Mars 8° Taurus
21st May: Venus 7° Taurus trines Pluto 7° Capricorn
22nd May: Sun 0°53' Gemini squares Neptune 0°53' Pisces
25th May: Sun 3°43' Gemini sextiles Uranus at 3°43' Aries
1st June 2011: New Moon in Gemini at 21:03 GMT
1st June: Sun 10° Gemini trines Saturn 10° Libra
2nd June: Mercury enters Gemini
2nd June: Mercury 0°53' Gemini squares Neptune 0°53' Pisces
3rd June: Neptune stationary to retrograde 0°56' Pisces
4th June: Mercury 4° Gemini sextiles Uranus at 4° Aries
4th June: Jupiter enters Taurus
9th June: Jupiter 0°55 Taurus sextiles Neptune 0°55' Pisces
9th June: Venus enters Gemini
10th June: Venus 0°55' Gemini squares Neptune 0°55' Pisces
13th June: Saturn goes direct at 10°27' Libra
13th June: Venus 4°16' Gemini sextiles Uranus at 4°16' Aries
14th June: Sun conjunct Mercury at 23° Gemini
15th June: Full Moon in Sagittarius
16th June: Mercury enters Cancer
16th June: Mercury at 0°55 Cancer trines Neptune 0°55' Pisces
18th June: Mercury 4° Cancer squares Uranus at 4° Aries
19th June: Mercury 6° Cancer opposes Pluto 6° Capricorn
21st June: Mercury 10° Cancer squares Saturn at 10° Libra
21st June: Mars enters Gemini
21st June: Sun enters Cancer


In preface to the astrological events of the month "Sun in Gemini"; it is important to note that Friday 20th May & Saturday 21st May 2011 are exceedingly important transformative days as explained last month "Sun in Taurus" :-

20th & 21st May 2011 - Living A Real & Meaningful Life

Mercury / Venus / Mars all at 7° Taurus Trine Pluto at 7° Capricorn

Friday 20th May: Mars 7° Taurus trines Pluto 7° Capricorn creates a powerful strength of determination to make something destined to happen in your life; especially if it has been blocked or thwarted by other people in the past. The Mars trine Pluto guarantees everyone the ability to ditch and dump the life they are not supposed to be living in favour of the true destined life that they are meant to be living. No-one will be able to convince anyone to do anything that they do not FEEL is destined in their life. Additionally, it doesn't even need any act of rebellious mayhem because Mars trine Pluto is automatically eliminating all blockages - enabling a peaceful but determined transition to one's true and destined future - everything will flow smoothly today - wherever you go and whatever you do - you will feel you are being lead and guided.

Friday 20th May: Mercury 7° Taurus trines Pluto 7° Capricorn; If you are dithering, uncertain or unsure then Mercury trine Pluto will give you a very good feeling about whatever you are about to do; you will "know" it's 100% right. You will find yourself quite overwhelmed by your "clear thinking" ability today - but it will be no surprise because you have been thinking along these lines for the past 2 weeks - today just makes it 100% clear - exactly WHAT you need to do, WHEN you need to do it and with WHOM and WHERE. There will be no sense of panic nor urgency because the energies are calm and confident "knowing" it will happen and nothing can no longer stop "destiny" from happening.

Saturday 21st May: Mercury 8° Taurus conjuncts Mars 8° Taurus There will be a profound energy in every word you say today - as explained above - both Mercury and Mars don't waste any unnecessary energy in meaningless nonsense or idle chit-chat whilst they are in Taurus - therefore everything that is said - has power, meaning, truth and is a refection of the truth of what you are thinking.

Just be careful with what you say and to whom because telling someone the truth can sometimes be hurtful; telling an ex from the past that you never loved them isn't truthful; telling them you don't love them anymore in "that way" you did and that you have moved on to someone knew is truthful. Be gentle in telling the truth - as Mercury conjunct Mars may encourage you to be get rid of all nonsense quickly and in so doing - you may upset someone unnecessarily. Nonetheless the powerful and focused Mercury conjunct Mars in Taurus means you are very focused on your destined life pathway - and are able to easily discard everyone else's overlapping needs and wants. You simply don't care about them anymore - their life is their problem - you life is yours.

On a world scene; today's astrological energies will start to see global changes in other countries interfering with others; as a detached slightly ruthless sense of "I can't help you anymore; "get lost" and sort your own problems out will apply" today. As we all realize that some people and some countries are beyond any help - it will be a time to get on with our own lives and leave others to sort their own lives out.

Saturday 21st May: Venus 7° Taurus trines Pluto 7° Capricorn as always I save the best aspect for last - Venus trine Pluto - means TRUE LOVE - sincere, supportive, real, physical and passionately alive - there is nothing in the world that replace or compare to the energy of TRUE LOVE for it makes life worth living and makes every part of your body come alive. Everyone has someone in their lives - not always - do people treat their true partners with love, respect and support but today EVERYONE will. And for single people missing out on someone REAL - provided you are not living a fake illusionary "internet" life - and you are going out meeting people - then you WILL have someone REAL in your life to hold and love in May 2011 !

This special someone whom makes you feel ALIVE - is the one who makes you feel wholesome is indeed your true loving support; together you form a bond and a unit - and you will touch each other in a deep and profound way today with Venus trine Pluto - that passionate physical love between you will rekindle and take your relationship to a deep and profound level - that will make you both feel ALIVE knowing that you have found true sincere "love" in your lives. Remember the essence of true love is without their support you would have nothing - and likewise without your support they would have nothing; use Venus trine Pluto to take the bond to a deeper unbreakable level of eternal true love.

All these aspects will prevail as Mercury, Venus & Mars continue their transit in Earth sign of Taurus - each of us will be sifting through every aspect of our lives; discarding the deceptive illusionary nonsense and thereby finding REAL life and the REAL truth. This is indeed the reason why I choose the 40 day period of change in my own life from 8th May - 18th June 2011 - as a very lucky time to create REAL LIFE changes in my own life - and on these websites too !

Introduction to Sun in Gemini

Sun in Gemini 21st May -21st June 2011

Saturday 21st May: Sun into Gemini - following on from Sun in Aries [new beginnings] & Sun in Taurus [establishing new roots and foundations] - today as the Sun enters Gemini and for the next 30 days - will now create the necessary energy to build the new structure of our new lives by creating CONNECTIONS with all the people we need to be connected with to accomplish our individual and collective destined missions in life and give our lives worthwhile meaning.

"I Guarentee that Your Life will Change in 30 days !"

It's unsual for me to be 100% certain; as we all have doubts in predicting the future - however, from the astrological charts below - it is impossible for me to say "YOUR LIFE WILL REMAIN THE SAME" - because it won't - 100% guarenteed that within the next 30 days ALL our lives will change from what they are on 22nd May 2011.

Astrological Chart of 20th May 2011 => Astrological Chart 20th June 2011

red lines indicate stress, frustrations and oppositions blue lines indicate good energy of support and strength

[Charts are with thanks to]

From the astrological charts above you can see clearly; how most of the planets are bunched up together like balls on a billiard table - then by the 20th June 2011 - they are scattered about the astrological chart - like someone has take a cue ball and smashed them apart - well that "cue ball" is "destiny" - Saturn in Libra will release it's energy this month to aspect every planet and get ALL our lives moving forward.

Each planet has it's own unique identity and is/will be making it's own strength noticed in the Universe this forthcoming month; and although you can see many red lines indicating stressful energies, you can equally see numerous blue lines indicate good energy of support and strength. Hence the reason why I GUARENTEE that we will all be seeing lots of change in REAL life within the next 30 days - are you ready for sudden changes to have a meaningful exciting REAL life ? Whether you want change or not - it's coming !

3rd Phase of Relationships - Connections & Communications

The emphasis of the current astrological year since March 2011 is on "relationships"; the 3rd phase has now commenced and that is to CONNECT with people through talking, communicating and chatting. People who don't feel like talking - will never be able to connect - they will feel isolated, lonely and depressed because they are missing out on the greatest gift we have as humans - the power of communication.

The transfer of my thoughts and information that is in my mind into your mind is done through "communication" - in this case - it is done by the internet on this website you are reading right now. YOU and ME are having a "relationship" - we have a connection - I have opened myself up to convey my thoughts, expressions and knowledge that I know and that which I am intuitively receiving with you and you "feel" connected to me - in turn you "feel" connected with the source of my intuitive wisdom - which makes you "feel" connected to spirit world - and now your spirit guides and helpers are able to work with you because they have waited for you to connect with this knowledge via these websites.

The reason, I explain "our relationship" as a REAL example right here and right now to show you the truth; we are having a "relationship" but it will never be an intimate one, nor one where you will ever meet me in real life, nor one where you will ever get to talk to me - it is simply a relationship of communication of wisdom and knowledge - i'd like to categorize as a "Mercury" relationship.

During the next few weeks whilst Sun transit Gemini each of us will be looking at all the relationships we have in our lives; departmentalizing each of them and identifying all our connections with a label of which of the "7 categories of relationships" they fit into. Everyone has a bond, connection and "relationship" with everyone they communicate with but each "relationship" needs to be identified what energy it provides in our life - then no-one will get confused by "thinking" it's something it isn't, enabling each of us to define our lives correctly.

"The 7 Planetary-People Relationships"

The 7 relationships are [1] The Mercury relationship [2] The Venus relationship [3] The Mars relationship [4] The Jupiter relationship [5] The Saturn relationship [6] The Uranus relationship & [7] The Pluto relationship; and maybe I should add "The Neptune relationship" to categorize the relationship you have with the TV, with DVD's, with films and everything that is "unreal", including all the fantasies that will never come true and I should add your "spiritual connection" - but as Sun in Gemini in 2011 is ONLY concerned with REAL LIFE - Neptune will have to be omitted from the list below as it isn't REAL in our lives at this moment !

As explained in ספר כוכבי אור Sefer Kochvei Or [which will be online soon]; each astrological planetary energy makes itself known in your life in the form of PEOPLE in your life. To comprehend astrological energies - think of all the connections and relationships you have with everything and everyone - then put them into categories according to the astrological energies of each of the planets:-

[1] Who are the people you like talking and chatting to ? Who are the people that get you thinking intelligently - they are the "Mercury" in your life. [2] Who are the people you desire, adore and love - they are the "Venus" in your life. [3] Who are the people who support you, give you strength and make you feel confident ? they are the "Mars" in your life. [4] Who are the people that make you feel optimistic about life ? who make you want to live and enjoy life ? who brings you success and money ? they are the "Jupiter" in your life. [5] Who are the people you are magnetically and inexplicably attracted to - and you can't even get away from even if you try as they are bound to you by "destiny" ? they are the "Saturn" in your life. [6] Who are the people who come into your life for a brief moment - excitingly, suddenly and surprisingly give you a boost of positive energy and release any negativity from your life ? they are the "Uranus" in your life. [7] Who are the people who manage to change your life on a deep, profound level - that opens your mind to wisdom beyond what you ever thought possible ? they are the "Pluto" in your life.

It's not just "people" but in order to explain Sun in Gemini / Communications - I am focusing on people with whom you communicate with. Likewise each aspect of your life can have a +ve or a -ve energy. This fundamental understanding is equally true for everything and anything in your life - you have a connection with - every place or city you visit is identified to you as one of these categories - for example in my life - although I wasn't born in Salzburg - it is destiny [+ve Saturn] for me to live here as it gives me strength and confidence [+ve Mars], my girlfriend in Salzburg who loves me [+ve Venus] and this wonderful spiritual city has change my life [+ve Pluto]; the internet brings me wisdom [+ve Mercury] and helps me communicate wisdom with you [+ve Mercury] but doesn't bring me any money [-ve Jupiter] nor appreciation or adoration [-ve Venus] and listening to Shania Twain's great music gives me a boost of positively uplifting energy [+ve Uranus]. Use my example to THINK ABOUT everyone and EVERYTHING in your life and categorize them into planetary energies of +ve or a -ve energies.

Once you have completed this task; now eliminate all -ve energies, work on the -ve energy to make it become a +ve energy or accept the seemingly -ve energy has it's purpose too; during Sun in Gemini every connection you have with everyone will come under scrutiny for EXACTLY what it is.

It will be a challenging time but DESTINY will win - and you will either "move on" to find new [Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Uranus, Pluto] relationships OR you will be able to nurture, mature and take your relationships in a different direction. It will be a challenging month emotionally but each of us will have no choice because we are being made aware that the current situations in our lives are unacceptable - and finally we FEEL we need to make a change NOW.

Sun in Gemini 21st May -21st June 2011

The Purpose of Communications, Talking & Chatting => Connections


From May 22nd until 20th June 2011 - each and everyone of us will have to learn the power of communication if we want to move forward with our lives; it isn't always pleasant to "deal" with people and situations you would rather not deal with; but "destiny" is demanding we DO SOMETHING; either heal and forgive them - is the best way to let the relationship go OR talk to them - if you don't talk to them - you might be forced to as "destiny" will create situations that you have to talk - as I explained above - I 100% guarantee everyone's life will be changing and "destiny" will be taking us all forward - we have no choice "Saturn" will make sure we make all the dates-with-destiny - creating situations and unexpected events that will make us TALK and COMMUNICATE with all the people we need to connect with.

This Months Astrological Events Explained

22nd May: Sun 0°53' Gemini squares Neptune 0°53' Pisces ; you will see something clearly and truthfully; the illusion or what you imagined will turn out to be a dissappointment - but the clarity with which you see it today - will help you create a defining "ending" to your illusion; enabling you to get on with real life.

25th May: Sun 3°43' Gemini sextiles Uranus at 3°43' Aries; a wonderful excellent exciting and unexpected energy from someone somewhere; Sun-Uranus will act as tremendous boost of positive energy into your life, clearing away the past, all negativity, depressing thoughts and blockages; you will feel alive, optimistic, positive and will have the courage and confidence to get on with your life by opening up to people, talking, chatting and communicating. Expect the unexpected surprise - more than likely an important NEW connection will be made in your life today - with someone who is "destined" to help you and likewise you're destined to help them in a very positive way.

This Months Astrological Events - "Page Continued 30th May"

To be 100% honest with readers and to give you an insight to the way I write this astrology page; I see the facts and dates, then i "think" deeply their meaning and allow my mind and thoughts to be open to intuit the predictions; then within the hour the words flow smoothly and i start typing as fast as I can, so that I don't loose the "connection". However, when I started this page 2 weeks ago, I suddenly came to a BLOCKAGE - I simply couldn't write anymore. I tried over the past few days, but again "stopped" - the words didn't flow - therefore i recognized this as "a sign" - only today Monday 30th May 2011 - is everything flowing quickly, fluently and easily.

However, as explained on Daily Moon Astrology the karmic energy of Sunday, Monday & Tuesday 29th, 30th & 31st May 2011 means that ALL blockages are now completely eliminated from our lives in order that we can now progress forward. Have you felt the same ? Something you thought would be done by now - didn't get done - then suddenly a cloud of negative energy that made you "feel" incapable - disappears - enabling you to suddenly move forward very quickly ?

I would like to refer to the above paragraph "The 7 planetary relationships" - as some readers have indeed remarked upon it's wisdom; indeed I consider this website to be you-and-me having a Mercury-relationship - a connection created through the internet whereby I convey thoughts, knowledge and wisdom to you. However, for people, who learn a vitally important piece of information, that they act upon, this website is a now catalyst to change their lives - then the connection is now elevated to a Uranus-relationship, if they use the knowledge to make a good change [+ve Uranus] - or whether they use it to make a disruptive bad change [-ve Uranus] our connection has now changed energy level. Likewise for people who know me in real life; then reading these writings - they come to either admire me more [+ve Venus] or dislike me [-ve Venus]. The message is simple - watch how you feel and how your mood changes as your mind absorbs information - if you feel GOOD - stay connected; if you feel BAD - disconnect immediately. If, however, you are the type that's addicted to reading astrology predictions or worse still addicted to the internet - then you need HELP - as that now falls in category of [-ve Neptune] relationship just like the self-abuse and dysfunctional drug taking, alcohol and meaningless sex - which is your problem not mine !

The reality of this website [and every website you read] is a continual interactive energy transfer happening; the same too in EVERY facet of your life and with EVERYTHING and EVERYONE in your life. Use your mind wisely to consider, the energy of the connection because over the next few weeks - each and every relationship will be scrutinized carefully - as part of the cleansing process to DETACH from everything negative, poisonous and dangerous in our lives. Similarly governments and world-wide situations will occur that we force each of us to make decisions to DETACH ourselves from NEGATIVE; which will thereby strengthen our bond to everything and everyone POSITIVE in our lives.

New Moon in Gemini 21:03 GMT 1st June 2011

Meaning of being "Sociable, Open & Friendly"

The next 3 weeks will be thoroughly enjoyable, exciting and sociable; no matter what fake economists say about "business"; the worst is over and we will start to hear of reports, news and events that will create an optimistic outlook of life. Whenever a person feels good about the future; instinctively a person is OPEN to all possibilities. When a person feels life will never change, this leads to apathy, where there is no point in doing anything; instinctively that person is CLOSED to even the greatest miracle.

When we are young, we are instinctively OPEN & FRIENDLY, because we haven't had the trauma and let-down of bad relationships as adults have; children in the school playground are intrinsic believers in the fact - "that if some horrible friends don't like me - I will find new good friends elsewhere". As humans - we need to believe this - otherwise we will grow old, sad and lonely. However, every time we get out of a bad relationship, we still need the boost of encouragement and positive energy to GO OUT and MEET NEW PEOPLE.

The New Moon in Gemini is about to restore our faith in "optimism" and we are all going to be able to give "life" another chance; there will be many opportunities to meet new people and find many NEW FRIENDS over the next 3 weeks - and it all starts on Wednesday evening's New Moon - if it hasn't already started with preparations and plans that you have been making since the Sun entered Gemini.

I don't even need to tell you to get ready, to get your mobile phone ready, to make yourself accessible to the whole world, to smile and be friendly because whether you are ready or not - you're perfect the way you are - and the DESTINED AND NEW RELATIONSHIPS will get through to you and come into your life. It is a time for ALL CHANGE and the reason is each of us needs to connect with different kinds of people for there is an energy and aspect of GOD within each and everyone - you need to learn, pick-up and receive a part of their aura to compliment your life and likewise you have something to give them too. Your soul's aura is radiating energy and someone somewhere is finding your aura magnetically attractive without even knowing it, you sense it and "destiny" is in progress preparing you to meet in real life.

1st June 2011: New Moon in Gemini at 21:03 GMT after the past 3 months of turbulence, confusion, disappointments and bad news - finally here begins a New Month - that ONLY offers good news, happiness, excitement, friendliness, comfort with an optimistic clarity for a very good future.

1st June: Sun 10° Gemini trines Saturn 10° Libra ; throughout the whole day as the Sun moves closer to trine Saturn in Libra there will be an exciting exuberant buoyancy filling all our lives - making us chat, talk and communicate with almost everyone. Then at the New Moon when both Sun and Moon at 10° Gemini trine Saturn in Libra - the Universal 100% guarantee takes effect for ALL people on the planet - "destiny" is and will be taking good care of everyone, opening everyone up and guiding everyone to their specific NEW destined relationships and to a good NEW future.

2nd June: Mercury enters Gemini - perfect timing - as Mercury planet of quick thinking and communication enters Gemini the air star sign of communications the day after the New Moon in Gemini; as explained above "Gemini" energy offers more than just talking and communicating - it provides us with the ability to CONNECT with each other on different energy levels. Communication is the KEY to open doors and you will see the sudden, surprising and unexpected events that will unfold making June the best month of the year !

2nd June: Mercury 0°53' Gemini squares Neptune 0°53' Pisces; you will hear, read or learn a truth today; as with every Neptune square aspect something will shatter your illusion and you will see reality and the truth very clearly. Many people are preventing themselves moving forward because they are falsely imagining situations that aren't true. Today will be a day of revelations when you will hear many truths; you maybe shocked for a moment but it release a blockage in your illusionary mind that will facilitate you to live and enjoy life from now onwards. Likewise, if you have been waiting to tell someone the truth - then today is a good day to come clean - shatter the fake illusion and detach yourself from the deceitful dead-end pathway.

3rd June: Neptune stationary to retrograde 0°56' Pisces ; Neptune in Pisces [See World Events 2011] has created a perfectly wonderful spiritual knowledge; many people are starting to think idealistically; recognizing that the man-made religions are really meaningless nonsense; Neptune now goes retrograde and will stay in Pisces until 5th August 2011; thereafter it retrogrades back into Aquarius.

Therefore until 5th August 2011 - you can expect many idealistic perfect spiritual truths to be revealed - thereafter - you may have to wait until Neptune re-enters Pisces on 4th February 2012 for idealistic spirituality to take a hold on the whole world; Even so the revolution and dissolution of man-made religions has begun and there is no going back. Once a light has been switched on in a dark room - even if the light is switched off - you can, if careful, still remember everything in the room - likewise during a Neptune retrograde - you can remember all the spiritual wisdom that is transcending whilst Neptune is in Pisces even when Neptune goes back into the spiritual darkness of Aquarius.

4th June: Mercury 4° Gemini sextiles Uranus at 4° Aries ; when the Sun sextiled Uranus on 25th May 2011 - surprisingly something unexpected and NEW happened in your life; today's Mercury sextile Uranus - will bring a similar surprise with the exception that Mercury will act to create a solid and permanent BOND between you and something new. You will find yourself strongly and suddenly connected to something or someone new that seems as though it's been there forever.

Uranus in Aries energy is bringing a boost of positive energy, not only to do good - but to blow away everything negative and bad. Wherever there is vacuum of neither good nor bad - there is an opportunity for something NEW to fill that space - Mercury sextile Uranus will ensure that the vacuum is filled with something GOOD for you.

4th June: Jupiter enters Taurus ; without even knowing it "everyone" is going to KNOW that Jupiter has entered down-to-earth hard working star sign of Taurus; because Jupiter in Taurus is going to be magnetic for success and prosperity for all people who work hard. People who sit around and "do nothing", expecting other people to give to them, the selfish "takers" of the world - could end up with NOTHING within the next 12 months. Jupiter in Taurus will bring success, happiness, good luck and prosperity to ALL people who work hard. As explained on introduction of Jupiter in Taurus on "World Events 2011" we are going to see many changes; the main shift will be from trusting and believing people into a need to see things in real life.

Therefore expect many announcements of big corporations and of "service industries", that actually produce nothing, of their losses and closures. That's because industries and businesses that take money and give NOTHING in return will be considered like "con men", thieves and villains; no-one will want to give them any money because they have proven they are not to be trusted. This will affect "internet" businesses which in turn will lead to a necessity, want and desire to go into REAL shops with REAL products before you buy anything.

When you think about it honestly:- "Why on earth would you want to give your hard-earned money to someone who gives you NOTHING REAL in return?" - It doesn't make sense !

There is an additional and important point to note about Jupiter entering Taurus and that is historically; Jupiter was in Taurus in February 2000 and previous to that in March 1988. Do you remember those dates ? Do you remember how something changed quite suddenly in your life in February 2000 & March 1988 ? Think back and see a pattern that will repeat itself and start to emerge now in June 2011 .

I guess it was a time of CHANGE in your life ? Materialistically ? You moved from a period of having NOTHING before those dates to HAVING something. Likewise June 2011 - you are going to move from having NOTHING to HAVING something NEW in your life. Think back to the vacuum you had in your life before and after Jupiter entered Taurus - then you will "believe" what I say is true - but then again Jupiter in Taurus - won't let you believe in something UNTIL it becomes REAL !

The moment Jupiter enters Taurus on Saturday afternoon everyone will feel a confident sense of calmness; all the pushy, agitated, aggressive unsettling Aries energy will vanish in a second; Jupiter's transit in Taurus until 7th July when Jupiter 7° Taurus trines Pluto 7° Capricorn will create many events that will change our attitude to one aspect of life - when we will all realize the best way to get something is "DO NOTHING" - for if it is "destiny" for you to have something, to be somewhere or to do something with your life - it will happen anyone - especially and ONLY if you create an auric energy of calmness and contentment with everything you have in life.

The ספר זרע קודש Zera Kodesh explains "if i don't have something - it is because i don't really need it in my life" - Jupiter in Taurus will explain and teach us how true this is which will bring an inner happiness because we will see how lucky we are to have everything we need in life. Jupiter in Taurus [as it moves to trine Pluto] will then provide everyone with everything they NEED in life [in sharp contrast to "Aries" energy of getting what you want] - no-one will get what they WANT - but EVERYONE will get what we NEED for the journey of life.

9th June: Jupiter 0°55 Taurus sextiles Neptune 0°55' Pisces ; whatever we do in our lives we all NEED HELP & guidance; if you ask what is the difference between success and failure - very often the answer is a small piece of information; an inner feeling and good advice that enables you to work with your abilities in your own unique way of doing things. When people "copy" others - they usually fail - because the pathway to success is unique for every individual; we all resonate with different thoughts and energies - that makes my successful way - a guaranteed failure for you; likewise your successful pathway - would be a failure for me.

Jupiter sextile Neptune energy will bless EVERY INDIVIDUAL with their own unique intuitive pathway for success. Don't listen to other people telling you what to do - instead - listen to your own intuition and follow your own feelings; today's powerful energy will change many people's lives.

Jupiter sextile Neptune will bring a clear VISION of a good future with a straight forward pathway of how to get there; nothing can block this pathway - and everything you see clearly WILL happen. This astrological energy will bring much needed hope to many people's lives; it will bring FREEDOM in many oppressed countries and overthrow any authoritarian tyranny; for the vision of freedom is seen through the power of the internet and is now unstoppable - no matter how many governments, Mullahs & Rabbis try to stop it's influence.

The good news is that Jupiter sextile Neptune is positive & peaceful; therefore any country or person that exerts force over others will lose; this will be especially true amongst man-made cults and religions who intimidate to "control" and restrict freedom - they will be exposed for the nonsensical "man-made" garbage they are and during the year many more people will be rebelling against their negative influences.

9th June: Venus enters Gemini - the current sociable "Gemini" energy has been energizing everyone's life to connect and communicate with many new people; when Venus enters Gemini the special connections that need to be strengthened will be taken to the next level; through the bond of affection and love. The more you learn about someone, the more you talk and the more open you are with new friends - the closer we get to people we instinctively love, admire and adore facets, qualities and goodness in them. This creates a strong positive bond of true love. Venus in Gemini will help you strengthen the new bond and ensure you remain attached to "destined" loving connections - through a sincere admiration and love for each other.

I should add, explained above in "The 7 planetary relationships" - that if you don't create bonds with REAL people - then the transference of love energy could be with something material - like eating certain foods, clothes or objects - but what a waste of an opportunity - real "people" are much more exciting and fascinatingly enjoyable than objects as each person has a unique energy of GODLINESS within them - two people bonded together can create so much more loving energy in the world that a lonely person with an object - please don't waste the wonderful opportunities of life alone.

10th June: Venus 0°55' Gemini squares Neptune 0°55' Pisces ; as with every Neptune square; something you "thought" was true will be found to be false; hearing the truth does hurt especially if you thought otherwise; however, being hurt does make you go CLOSED to that source of hurt and in detaching from something deceitful, wrong and false you are FREE to connect with something honest, loving and truthful. Out of badness comes goodness.

13th June: Saturn goes direct at 10°27' Libra ; deja vu back to 23rd October 2010 when Saturn was at 10°27' Libra. Have you ever watched a film twice ? Every exciting, thrilling and thoroughly enjoyable film you have ever seen once - you instinctively want to see it again. There is a completely different energy when you see it the 2nd time to the 1st time. Likewise, as we all mature and grow up in life; each time we recognize a similar experience we know what to look out for and become better prepared to face life as we grow older.

"Saturn" is the film and story of our destiny in life; on 26th January it went retrograde at 17° Libra; and has no taken us back in ONE specific aspect of our lives to 23rd October 2010; just when you were progressing forward in January - something got "delayed" and put-on-hold. On 13th June Saturn becomes stationary and turns direct in the star sign of Libra [note - Saturn is constantly moving in orbit in the solar system around the Sun, it just seems from Earth that Saturn has gone backwards, in fact "Saturn going direct" means the Earth has passed a turning point in space where the trajectory from Earth to Saturn is now in harmony and Earth-Saturn are on the same side of the Sun in the Solar system moving in orbit harmoniously together.

Therefore from today, you will FEEL GOOD, life will FEEL it's going forward positively and harmoniously - and it will be; with the delightful exception that some "events" of last October, November, December 2010 & January 2011 will repeat themselves during Summer 2011, in June, July & August until Saturn moves out of it's shadow on 19th September 2011 - and you will GET IT RIGHT this time - male the right choices and right decisions so that in September you WILL really be looking back on Summer 2011 and say WOW - what an enjoyable Summer of change - and it all starts on 13th June 2011.

I would predict that if you have made plans in May for June & July 2011 - then on 13th June - get ready with a back-up plan and/or prepare to make a change in direction in your life. It will feel like getting off the wrong train in one direction to get on a train in the right direction. Events will make it very clear to you and you will FEEL right but not until Saturn moves forward on 13th June !

13th June: Venus 4°16' Gemini sextiles Uranus at 4°16' Aries ; and the reason for the above sudden change in direction will be due to Venus sextile Uranus; something surprising and totally unexpected will happen; that will change all your plans; and you will be delightfully happy to change because you have learnt what is important in your life during the past few months of Saturn retrograde, today you will act suddenly when faced with quick sudden decisions. This will be an exciting day where we, as astrologers, see the Universal astrological clock working in harmony, opening doors and opportunities in all our lives by transcending the right positive energy at the right time.

In life, whenever we experience, a good energy - we feel good; this encourages us to continue forward; however, when we get a surprising and unexpected boost of positive energy we feel AMAZED, very EXCITED, completely OPEN and in LOVE with LIFE, enabling us to ENJOY every moment of life even more. Today, each of us will experience a special BOOST of positive energy that will make us feel ALIVE and in LOVE with LIFE.

14th June: Sun conjunct Mercury at 23° Gemini ; harmony, bliss, lively communication, quick thinking, saying the right word at the right time - all apply today with Sun conjunct Mercury in Gemini. But there is an even higher energy available today for star sign of "Gemini" is represented by the blissful harmony of two lovers.

"Gemini" is representative of physical lovers and spiritual lovers; for everything in this physical plane has a corresponding spiritual energy - for one to attain the highest level of energy of connection and bonding - you need to be completely 100% in harmony with energy on this physical plane AND in spiritual plane. [As explained in "Magnetic attraction" of soulmates]. If there is NO Eternal spiritual bond then it will never exist permanently in this real life; that's way so many relationships fail - however today's powerful Sun conjunct Mercury in Gemini will ensure that you are CONNECTED on ALL levels - and the bond will be strong in this physical world and on higher energy levels too.

As this is exceedingly close to the Full Moon in Sagittarius - I predict this will be a very profound and very powerful bond and connection you will be making today - that will last for a very long time to come - in fact - it will be an Eternal bond that will change your life - something you will never forget about ever - "the story of destiny & soulmates" !

15th June: Full Moon in Sagittarius at 20:14 GMT at [Sun at 23° Gemini - Moon at 23° Sagittarius] this Full Moon would normally be considered very powerful in it's right, for the Sun in positively optimistic Gemini and Moon in trouble-making pick-a-fight argumentative Sagittarius would usually be a recipe for a VERY LIVELY time; however this Full Moon will be experiencing a Lunar eclipse - the Earth is blocking the intensity of energy from Sun to Moon - creating a sort-of unpredictable "out-of-play" Lunar energy.

Therefore any negative pick-a-fight argumentative energy will be blocked - not just symbolically but in reality indicating that PEACE will be found and trouble will be avoided and blocked. However, as it is Full Moon eclipse - it is 100% totally unpredictable to say what will happen; other than to say WHATEVER fake astrologers, psychics, kabalists and anyone who tries to predict what will happen - WON'T HAPPEN. The Full Moon lunar eclipse will be a time for deleting all past fake beliefs as they will be uncovered as complete utter 100% NONSENSE. All outmoded concepts, beliefs and man-made religions will die at the lunar eclipse - things that we "believed" in - will not make any sense after this Full Moon.

There is nothing wrong in "being wrong" provided you correct the mistakes and strive to get it right in the future - [I'm an expert in getting it wrong and through the mistakes I've made - it's now easy for me to get it right]. Hence, if you are wanting to make a commitment and decision WAIT until after Full Moon - you maybe pleasantly surprised by the revelations at the Full Moon.

16th June: Mercury enters Cancer ; chatty, communicative and quick-thinking planet of Mercury moves into water-sign of Cancer; taking "communication" to a different level. At the beginning of all relationships there is a necessity to learn through talking; however, when the relationship has matured it moves to a more profound and deeper sensuous level - when you don't need to talk to communicate with each other.

"Lovers" know what I mean, for "being together" in harmony, sensing each others needs and feelings brings support and enables the relationship to be protected by it's own unique identity and energy. Mercury in Cancer will teach us that projecting thoughts of kindness, love and compassion are more powerful than words and it creates a positive auric energy. People who are truly "in love" are loving and kind to all people; their auric energy of love emits energy of LOVE to all people; whilst Mercury transits Cancer we are all going to sense the good positive auric energy of real love. And if it's not real love - then you won't sense anything.

16th June: Mercury at 0°55 Cancer trines Neptune 0°55' Pisces; a gift from the universe for each of us will be given a moment of profound intuition today; there is NOTHING for me to predict here - because Mercury trine Neptune in water signs of Pisces and Cancer will give YOU the strong intuitive ability to see your own future clearly.

During the day you will sense something very special - these moments of intuition are priceless because you can't buy them nor get them by pushing your way to take them - they are simply GIVEN TO YOU as a gift of energy from the Universe.

The following has been written on Saturday afternoon 18th June 2011; the reason i waited is that until I have seen the real-life surprising events of the Full Moon on 15th June - the following astrological events have been completely unclear and unpredictable - ANYTHING CAN & WILL HAPPEN. Therefore I wisely refrained from predicting the unpredictable and simply prayed for PEACE in the world instead . Delightfully news is emerging from some countries that there is desire for the pathway of peace in the world instead of conflict !

A New Cycle / Period Has Begun in All Our Lives

As I predicted above on the introduction to this page; the past 30 days have created many changes in all our lives [& mine too]; something mysteriously and magically has changed and shifted; you should be feeling quite different, something or someone that has been a source of draining distress and pain, has now been detached from your life by the Universal energies. Everyone's emotional energy is now focused on GOOD aspects of life; and no-one "feels" attached to anything or anyone draining. It's a great feeling to sense and know you are on the right pathway; no longer wasting time or money on nonsense, the wrong people or following meaningless time wasting fruitless projects.

Another result of recent change in energies is that instead of fighting and arguments; "everyone" has sensed the need for peace in the world. It is senseless to argue and fight - it only keeps one attached to painful dysfunctional bad connections. Therefore, in reflecting upon the "The 7 planetary relationships", I know that everyone has transformed and detached from all the "-ve" aspects, which leaves a void for only "+ve" aspects to grow.

As Jupiter in Taurus moves to trine Pluto in Capricorn in July 2011 it will guarantee 100% success in whatever you do - where the word "DO" is imperatively important - for anyone who doesn't DO anything will not have any success. So if you don't feel "success" - stop dilly-dallying and GET ON WITH DOING. [I will explain the profound current astrological climate in the new monthly astrology page "Sun in Cancer" later this week]

18th June: Mercury 4° Cancer squares Uranus at 4° Aries ; The only reason people argue is their inability to connect with the other person is a nice way; they are incapable of doing "peace" so instead they do "war". Children who play computer games battling with each other, enjoy fighting, and it makes them "bond". As adults, we either develop into loving people who bond with others through love; or hateful people and bond with others through violence, arguments and attacks. If, however, as explained in the compassionate teachings of Jesus Christ in the new testament - if you ignore a person who is attacking you - they will not be able to connect with you as you are not allowing any connection with them.

Today Mercury square Uranus will BREAK a "-ve" connection that you had; it will either transform suddenly into a "+ve" connection or simply break into NOTHINGNESS. This is a pre-empt for the following two Mercury aspects and then the soon to be the Sun in Cancer aspects next week. We will be transforming and changing be eliminating ALL the bad connections we have. Anything, everything and anyone who is draining energy from your life - will be gone or detached from you by 30th June 2011 - just wait and see the great changes ahead - all you have to do is DETACH yourself, IGNOR and don't get involved with anyone you don't feel good about and the "universal" astrological energy will do the rest for you.

19th June: Mercury 6° Cancer opposes Pluto 6° Capricorn ; there is a saying "opposites always attract" ; the real reason why we feel magnetically pulled to something totally opposite to what we are - is not just for the thrill and excitement for something different - but in order to eliminate a specific facet within ourselves that attracts "opposites".

Today, you will hear or learn about someone or something that will make you reflect honestly on why are you attracted to such an "opposite" energy. You will see "it doesn't make sense" that you are connected with an "opposite" and Mercur oppose Pluto will create an energy that you finally detach from something or someone that is wrong for you. Which in turn will create a vacuum for something or someone RIGHT to come into your life that is and will be "in harmony" with you.

21st June: Mercury 10° Cancer squares Saturn at 10° Libra ; If for whatever reason you are still "holding" onto or connected with someone or something that is not "destined" to be connected with you - then something will happen today with Mercury square Saturn to break the relationship apart forever. The most important stage of "moving" on with life is to learn detachment from something that isn't your destiny.

Greedy people who want to have "everything" in life - usually end up with nothing; as the astrological energies recognize that the only way to eliminate the wrong connections is to break ALL connections; then "destiny" is free to make the correct connections without interference of wrong energies. This is the reason why some people have to loose EVERYTHING before they can find the right pathway to get EVERYTHING that are destined to get.

Today is a day when you might "loose" everything; it is not done to hurt you but necessary in order to create disconnections with things that are wrong for you. So let things happen and accept it is "destiny". In the same way you let go of something that isn't right for you - someone will let go of something that isn't right for them - and everyone will soon be able to get exactly what is destined and right for them. If, however, you refuse to let go of something that isn't yours then Mercury Square Saturn will create events to have it taken from you and it will hurt you.

21st June: Mars enters Gemini and transits Gemini until 3rd August 2011; during the past month whilst Mars was in Taurus, it created a slow and steady pace of life; where we accepted everything and did everything slowly in our own time. The pushy desire to get on and do has been missing which WILL change as soon as Mars enters Gemini. The fresh desire to get-on-with-life and do will bring an energy that will make us all come alive and accomplish much during the next 6 weeks.

Mars is the planet that drives us forward with forceful energy and as it enters Gemini it will get things going forward by communicating ideas, thoughts, desires and needs. We can all expect to do a lot more talking and communicating from 21st June until 3rd August 2011. If you have been stagnating or going slow in any area of your life then Mars in Gemini will thrust your life forward quite suddenly and dramatically. You won't be able to hold back what you are thinking or wanting to happen in your life - you will say what you want - and express yourself clearly to get everything you really need in life.

The good news is that during Mars transits in Air sign of Gemini it will be working in harmony with Saturn in Air sign Libra - you will find the power, strength and energy in achieving everything that is "destiny" to be yours. If you feel you are not in the right place with the right person doing the right thing then when Mars enters Gemini it will create tensions and arguments to breakup wrong situations in order to get the right and destined situation for you in your life.

This is especially true if someone is holding onto something that belongs to you; the Mars in Gemini energy will help you express the truth clearly and any arguments and conversations will make you WIN and you will get everything that is truly destined for you. Mars in Gemini guarantees excitement, lots of communication and big life-changing experiences - just be careful what you say and to whom - as each word will have powerful energy.

21st June: Sun enters Cancer - astrological events for a very excitable month ahead are being prepared and will be online soon !

Astrological Events Sun in Aries 20th March - 20th April 2011

Astrological Events of Sun in Pisces 19th February - 20th March 2011

Understanding Monthly Astrological Events

"Applies to Everyone"

Many people "think" that one needs to look at one's personal astrological chart to be able to predict one's life; that is not necessarily true and this is because we are now living at an age where we are all becoming one collective mass of people living on planet Earth.

For example, if you consider how the recent unpredictable weather or the Icelandic Volcanic Ash Cloud which brought "travel" to a standstill or at the least created a long miserable frustrating journey - this event was nothing to do with people's personal astrological charts but the "world's" astrological squared energy causing us ALL to stop and think about life. Many people began to think sensibly whether or not their journey's are essential or whether they are selfish journey's of self-gratification. This astrological lesson was taught to all irrespective of one's personal astrological chart.

Therefore the above "Monthly Astrological Events" are applicable to all especially as we are becoming more and more globally connected. If, for example, a person got off the "internet" and became detached to become one's individualistic individual, interacting with real people in the real world then one will feel ALIVE to meet real people and will no longer be under the negative aspects of the internet. Ofcourse there are positive one's too but equally there are negative ones which if one stays online all day - one will become depressed, stagnated and unsuccessful financially because "Uranus" has moved to square Pluto and Saturn and will continue to do so in 2011 - so beware to limit the influence of the internet in your life; otherwise you will get trapped emotionally in a draining way. So why not - GO out and get a real life with real people !


סוד ה ליראיו ובריתו להודיעם