The Spiritual Writings of ספר סודי סודות

סוד ה ליראיו ובריתו להודיעם

Palmistry & Hand Analysis

Sefer Yad Palmistry ספר חכמת יד

"Wisdom of the knowledge of Palmistry"

The 2nd Book of Spiritual Writings of ספר סודי סודות

The 2nd book of Spiritual writings ספר חכמת יד Sefer Yad Palmistry - "Wisdom of the knowledge of Palmistry"; explains and proves from the lines on the palms of one's hands that almost all major events in our lives are pre-destined and orchestrated to happen in accordance with a DIVINE destined plan.

This 2nd section of spiritual writings "Yad Palmistry" חכמת יד, meaning "Wisdom of the knowledge of Palmistry"and explains the ancient art and wisdom of Palmistry, is being rewritten.



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Sefer Yad Palmistry ספר חכמת יד

Introduction to "Wisdom of of Palmistry"

To introduce you to comprehending the purity and respect you should give your hands; think about these 6 aspects and you will see it will open-up your soul to a newfound wisdom and knowledge; it will even give you the power and enable you to be in tune with GOD; bringing healing, happiness, success and peace of mind into your life :-

1. Wash your hands regularly [even if they aren't dirty] to take away the evil spirit רוח רע in order to keep your soul clean and pure.

2. Keep a watchful eye on where you put your hands, how you motion and move your hands and fingers, and understand that according to your hand gestures you have the potential power to change your life.

3. Cut your fingernails regularly to cut away the negative "dead energy" from your body קליפות.

4. Look at and hold your hands with respect understanding that the Eternal Divine GOD has imprinted your destined path on them in a coded map called "palmistry"

5. Cleanse and energize your life and your soul by clapping; try "hand exercises" and feel the energy

6. Pray with your hands like Christians & Spiritual Indians Hindus & Buddhists.

"Seeing the Future" הרואה את הנולד

One of the uses of "Understanding Palmistry" is to be able to see clearly the destined future that is written in the lines on ones hands; but even more importantly is to comprehend the wisdom of GOD who imprints the destined future of every human on the palms of the individuals hands - now that's AMAZING !

The gift of seeing the future is an intrinsic spiritual gift that everyone can achieve in this physical world and is given to everyone; however for people whom don't know how to use this gift wisely or for people who "don't want" to acknowledge the amazing power of GOD - it becomes "blocked" for them to see the future. Spiritually enlightened wise souls intuitively know how to use this gift and are blessed with the ability to see the future clearly, as explained in the Book of Daniel.

Every single person in the whole world sees the future; it may not be a very good clear vision of the future, nor may it not be a full picture of the future, nor may it come the minute you want to see the future nor when you are ready, but there is at least one moment every day in everyone's life when one can "see or sense the future".

Most people see and sense things whilst they are fast asleep and dreaming, so when they wake-up they "know" what type of day it's going to be. All premonitions and momentary glimpses of the future occur in everyone's life to act as "signposts" along the journey of life, to indicate that one is on the right pathway. The more a person is "in tune" and the more spiritually sensitive a person is - the more a person can sense and see the future.


Palmistry Tells the Essence of the Future

There is no doubt nor question that when one understands "Palmistry" and when one can read the lines on ones hand - one can see the destined future and the potential freewill choices in the future.

For those skeptical non-believing people who say one cannot see the future in "Palmistry" and that the lines on the palms of ones hands just happen to be there in some haphazard manner are simply not yet ready to comprehend this spiritual gift of GOD.

Sadly their souls are not yet ready to see the גדלות הבורא יתברך שמו Greatness of GOD who created each and every part of our bodies so that even the smallest of lines on our hands is actually showing us our destined future. How wonderful is the knowledge and wisdom of Palmistry from GOD השם יתברך to help us travel through this journey of life.


The Ability to WAKE UP Your Soul by "Hand Exercises"

The most common and obvious reason why people feel that "nothing" good ever happens nor is anything good happening in their lives is that they feel they are on the wrong destined pathway. One good reason for learning Palmistry is to help you find your destined purposeful pathway in life. If ever you feel "stuck", bored, lazy or simply "stagnated" that nothing is happening in your life then try following:-


1. Wake-up One's Soul by Clapping

The first step in "hand exercises" is to CLAP, the act of clapping wakes a persons soul up, clapping cleanses any bad vibrations away from your soul (just like cutting ones fingernails). So wake up your soul and CLAP - if and whenever you feel depressed - CLAP - and sense the life energy coming back - it really does work - try it now and see for yourself.


2. Wake-up One's Soul by Twiddling One's Thumbs

The instant sign and reaction for fast thinkers and intelligent people to tell other people they are totally bored is when they instinctively start to twiddle their thumbs. In fact this is a sign of an intelligent fast-thinker who is trying to "wake up" their minds; so try twiddling your thumbs especially whenever you are bored and want to "wake-up" !

There are many movements which Sefer חכמת יד "Chochmas Yad", the book of Palmistry explains have deep meanings and can actually act to create an energy in ones soul to make life-changing things happen in ones life. Try for yourself different movements with your thumb and see how you feel ?


3. Tap and Press One Fingertips Together

The fingertips each represent a leadership quality within your soul; by tapping and pressing your fingertips together and then pressings your thumbs together - you are energizing the different facets of ones soul.

Quickly move your thumbs over the 4 fingertips starting from the little pinky finger across your hand to your index finger. Keep repeating this many times until you feel the smoothness and inner good feeling, it takes just 5 minutes depending on your mood and emotions - but it does work !

Then once one feels a warmth and strong energy - clench ones fist closed, to show that one wishes to keep hold of ones destiny and refuses to allow any leakages from the destined blessings and good fortune that is destined for you in your unique life.


4. Open Yourself Up to ALL opportunities

Probably the most important hand exercise - if you are looking for new opportunities and new ideas to make really big changes in your life and that is to open your hands up wide; stretch your fingers out as wide as you can, first the right hand then the left hand then both together. Do this many times and then see and sense that one is being given intuitive thoughts of change in ones life.

Stretch ONES HANDS so open WIDE with fingers as far apart as you possibly can - to the extent that you will actually feel a tingling sensation on the palms of your hands - this is a sign that changes will be happening in your life very soon !


"Wisdom of Palmistry" ספר חכמת יד

I hope you have benefited from the introduction and knowledge of "hand exercises" above; this 2nd section of spiritual writings "Yad Palmistry" חכמת יד, is being rewritten and will hopefully be online with "interactive" hands in 2013.

סוד ה ליראיו ובריתו להודיעם