The Spiritual Writings of ספר סודי סודות

סוד ה ליראיו ובריתו להודיעם


The Holy Bible התורה הקדושה

Audio file is - "The Holy Bible - the book that introduced you to GOD"

הפוך בה והפך בה דכולא בה

"Who are we to disrespect or disregard the words of the Holy Bible

If we don't understand something - it is our lacking of spirituality and wisdom

and NOT the fault of the Holy Scriptures"



Everything - All - Inclusive - כולל ונכלל

Every Part of History of the World is Important

Denial of any part of History is Denial of your own Existence

Both the Old Testament of Moses

And the New Testament according to teachings of Jesus Christ


I make this statement as it's catastrophic that - there are bad and evil people in the world who REFUSE to learn this spiritual book and disregard it's teachings - I used to say "how dare they" - but now with the wisdom and teachings of the Book of Daniel explaining that the "last generation" of people on Earth, especially reincarnated "Jewish" people will REFUSE to learn their own holy books - hence the wisdom will be taken from them and given to EVERYONE who wants to learn these Holy Spiritual books.


The Holy Bible התורה הקדושה

הפוך בה והפך בה דכולא בה

For many people to spend time to "think" of the "Holy Bible" is a disturbing concept for "them" - because it means the necessity to come to terms with the reality that 3000 years ago there was a Book given to Moses; [together with further books written by great spiritual souls and prophets] all of which are powerful and beyond our comprehension - therefore most people like to discard the "Holy Bible" as nonsense because it makes their meaningless lives a lot easier to tolerate.

Nontheless, it is a fact in the history of mankind that we all need to come to terms with truthfully, in order to understand the meaning of life; which will help each of us plan, prepare and predict our future. Only when a person sees and knows the DIVINE "truth" then one can find peace and serenity in one's life. The profound prophecies of the "Holy Bible" provide us with the knowledge to find inner peace; because we are able to see life from a "bigger picture" perspective; it helps us understand on a karmic level why we as individuals and collectively as a human race need to experience certain events in our lives; and why certain things happen to certain people.

הפוך בה והפך בה דכולא בה This Hebrew/Aramaic phrase means "look carefully again and again at the writings of the Holy Bible - because ALL the answers you need are contained within it". It maybe one word or one sentence, one story or one chapter but the Holy Bible has been given as a book for each and everyone to learn from.

Even if you have had "bad experiences" from man-made religions who have hijacked and manipulated the teachings of the Holy Bible and even if you have lived a life void of the teachings of the Bible until now - try and find space in your mind and thoughts for it's profound wisdom; and as you do you will find your soul "opening" up to a whole new world. Just by reading the words of the Holy Bible, your mind will start to "think" and you will experience real changes within your life.


The Spiritual Energy of the Words of Holy Bible

התורה הקדושה

Whether or not you believe it; each of the words of the Holy Bible contains energy; this is not only because millions of people over 3000 years have been reading these same words [therefore their souls are resonating to the words of the Bible]; but because the words of the holy bible are 100% honest and truthful; and they are historically proven to be so. Even if we cannot comprehend it fully; there are indeed deep meanings and spiritual secrets behind every story written in the bible.

Connecting with past generations by reading the about "the past" is the best way to OPEN your spiritual soul up to the eternity of life; it also opens up spiritual gateway's for your soul to connect with your past lives and thereby find yourself in this life.

It doesn't matter what circumstances you find yourself in today; that too has a karmic reason; the key to success is what you learn from the past in order to create and move onto the future. Life is about a "journey"; learn to accept what you have been through in order to appreciate the blessings and goodness you are about to receive in this new phase of your life. The numerous lessons and varied stories of the Holy Bible can relate to almost everything everyone can experience - so if you find yourself "lost" and need guidance then open up a Bible and find your answer.


The New Testament - Teachings of Jesus Christ

The factual reality is that Jesus Christ was and is an exceedingly powerful spiritual soul whose teachings have a profound message of love and compassion for all of mankind; irrespective of one's personal circumstances and individual identity - for we are all inherently from same source - as we are all created by GOD - therefore the lofty spiritual soul of Jesus Christ is able to touch and connect to EVERYONE.

The mission of the spiritual soul of Jesus Christ The Messiah was and continues to be one of love and compassion; salvation - saving our souls from pain by his healing that reaches out and touches EVERYONE with a spiritual energy from the Divine source of the spiritual soul of Jesus Christ; which is so powerful that by opening and reading the New Testament one connects with his soul; thereby "finding spiritual peace".

Therefore - quite simply - if you want to find a source of spiritual knowledge, love and peace - open up a Holy Bible and read - you will find the truth as King Solomon says "there is nothing new under the sun" - meaning every generation has the same issues and challenges of life - there really is nothing new - except the freewill choice of the way we choose to journey through life with an elevated spiritual calmness, acceptance and sincere appreciation for this gift of life or not.


Jesus Christ The Messiah המשיח

The Eternal Divine Spirit of GOD who created this world and gave the Torah The Holy Bible התורה הקדושה to the Moses, gave us the Holy Soul of Jesus Christ - The Messiah the descendant of King David as a spiritual guide, teacher and a source of love, faith, hope and inspiration for a destined period of 2000 years during the years of "darkness". The spiritual fact is that Jesus Christ - The Messiah המשיח - came too soon for according to some interpretations the spiritual soul of the The Messiah המשיח will only reveal himself for the "last generation" when there is total peace on earth; nontheless as explained on "The Messiah" - the spiritual soul of Jesus Christ will transcend and come down to earth once again at the end of time.

At a time when his spiritual teachings will be accepted by everyone and there will be peace, harmony, love and compassion amongst all of mankind wherever we are living and whatever country we live in of whatever religion, faith or nationality - GOD will find a way where we can all live in peace in this world - just like the teachings of Jesus Christ fortell in the New Testament.


There is NO Bad "End-of-the-World" Prediction !

The factual reality beyond all the nonsense ever written [especially what we read on the internet/mayan calendar of 2012 end-of-world nonsense and amongst scare-mongering idiots] is that there is and will be NO doom and gloom end-of-the-world Armageddon. Fake astrologers and fake "spiritual" people use the fears of predictions of End of World and Nuclear holocaust, and develope nonsensical hopes of a fake Messiah coming soon to save us from all our troubles to manipulate and mess with people's minds - such people are genuinely 100% evil.

Delightfully, just like in previous generations ALL the fake Messiah's, exclusive groups of manmade "religions" and cults always get "found out", die and pass away into the abyss of nothingness that they are - they are proven wrong by Divine Eternity and by the continuity of truthful spiritual life. Even so, there are still reincarnated bad souls that control manmade "religions" that try to brainwash and "control" people through their false predictions and fear of "the end of the world".

If only people would read the words of the Holy Bible then all will see the predictions of the last generation of mankind are simple - it will be a period of transition away from a selfish decadent materialistic lifestyle to a spiritually enlightened idealistic life; where the good souls will have spiritual secrets revealed to them whilst the dark souls will dissapate and dissolve into the ether becoming an eternal "nothingness".


Nonsensical Garbage of "End-of-the-World" Predictions !

There is a mysterious understanding that many people ENJOY reading garbage of the end-of-the-world. It is an addiction to want and to imagine "the end" in terms of catastrophic events. In the bible - Deuteronomy Chapter 29 Verse 21-29 - it is written - the "hidden" and "secret" will remain "hidden and secret".

Then proceeds with the one and only old-testament prediction for the last generation [it is repeated and explained in ספר תנא דבי אליהו Sefer Tana Dvei Eliyahu]. And that is the Land of Israel will be consummed by "Sulphur & Salt" [is the literal translation]. This could and I say "could" - be like all the other fake predictions of end of the world - and hence I am NOT going to predict or say something that is NOT written to be 100% truth.

However, when collectively "people" believe in the old-testament of Moses - they can convince themselves that the land of Israel will be totally destroyed. And this is my point - even if the land of Israel is destroyed as predicted by Moses - the rest of the world - won't be!


Many teachers including Rabbi Yaakov Emdem in his book Beis Midos have interpreted so many end of world prophecies so WRONGLY - and in hindsight - AFTER the catastrophic Holocaust - we can see that the Rabbis go it so wrong - NOT A SINGLE pre-war RABBI predicted the Holocaust? Why not? Why was it kept hidden from them? Why couldn't they see it coming? Similarly, why is it that - very few people online are predicting WORLD PEACE ? Why are they blind to see the karmic truth?


The ironic thing was I visited the grave of Rabbi Emdem in Hamburg - which is located on the ReeperBahn - a street full - and I mean FULL of prostitutes - that our taxi driver - waited - whilst we went into the cemetery to pray and took us straight back to train station. Indeed after the visit to his grave in Hamburg - we suspect his teachings are 100% NONSENSE and not truthful - after all - he was involved in conflicts and arguments that split and destroyed the german Jewish communities. We mention this case specifically - as in hindsight we can see European prewar "Rabbis" got it so fatally wrong for millions of good Jewish people.

If we indeed read the Bible clearly - it does NOT predict any loss of life for the "last generation of mankind" - [Verse 27] writes that the people will be saved and sent to another land. [verse 28] continues to use the powerful warning that "Secrets - only DIVINE GOD knows - however, the revelations will be made to us and our children". Which clearly tells EVERYONE - do not even try to predict what will happen for these are SECRETS that ONLY GOD knows.


The Last Generation

A Time of Peace & Love



The Last Generation

There is undoubtedly unanimous agreement amongst all spiritual visionaries, teachers and writers that the last generation will be a time of GLOBAL PEACE. The essence of Moses writing in the bible is to warn everyone NOT to be frightened, or scare-monger or even attempt to predict the future but to TRUST IN GOD that there is a DIVINE PLAN for the last generation of mankind.

The Divine plan is to create a time of PEACE & LOVE, when EVERYONE in the whole world can live in PEACE and HARMONY whilst at the same time eliminating all selfish materialistic pursuits, because the only reason people do not live in peace and love is because they desire to take something that doesn't belong to them, greed, jealousy and envy are the root causes for hate and disharmony - therefore at the end-of-time - these facets will be eliminated from society enabling everyone to live in PEACE, LOVE & HARMONY.


Take your own time and read the Holy Bible

The New & Old Testament

Everything you need to know is written in it

הפוך בה והפך בה דכולא בה

The Bible contains the Eternal Message for Peace & Love

עושה שלום במרומיו הוא יעשה שלום עלינו ועל כל ישראל



Overlapping "Past Lifetimes" Fulfillment of Bible

"Eternal Life" is one continuous story; the fact that we spend a relatively short lifetime on Earth; doesn't negate the fact; that Eternal life existed before we came to Earth and continues to exist after we leave this Earth. Therefore, if during past-lifetimes you already passed the test and kept the biblical commandments then provided your actions don't negate your past-life fulfilling of the Torah - Bible; you could find yourself not needing to keep certain aspects as the purpose of the Bible is to refine and make your soul wholesome.


Don't Believe Everything You Read in the Bible

A vast majority of the Holy Spiritual Writings were written in "opposites" with hidden meanings

Especially the Book of Ecclesiastes of King Solomon was written as a Book of Opposites & Secrets.

Indeed, if someone "wrote" the bible today - would you honestly listen to the words of the old testament?


The Spiritual Teachings of Jesus Christ

"The New Testament" in pdf optimized for quick download on internet

or if that link doesnt work => then "theholybible.pdf"


The Veil is Being Dissolved הפרגוד נעלם

The Book of Daniel explains, at the end-of-time many enlightened spiritual people will be blessed with spiritual gifts, knowledge and understanding as the veil between this physical world and the Eternal Divine spiritual world of souls is dissolved - we are all living at a time of great change - and as more people become spiritually enlightened in this physical world the stronger the light which is dissolving the Veil between the physical and spiritual world הפרגוד נעלם.

Time for change has arrived for everyone on earth - contrary to the utter nonsense written by many - we will not be invaded by aliens nor will the world be destroyed by man or collisions in space, nor will we be saved by one-man claiming to be the Messiah; however, it is written by the all the great prophets - that the whole world will become spiritually enlightened and the veil between the two worlds dissolved. We will all find the same truth in the end and that is we are all part of GOD and we will collectively find Eternal peace on earth as it is in heaven because it is the will of GOD - the Eternal Divine Creator of the whole Universe.


The End-of-Times Vision of the Book of Daniel ספר דניאל

We will NOT be rescued by ONE man proclaiming to be "Messiah" but

EVERYONE will become spiritually enlightened in the Last Generation


המשכילים יזהירו כזוהר הרקיע ומצדיקי הרבים ככוכבים לעולם ועד

"The wise people shall shine as the brightness of the sky;

and they shall turn the multitudes of many people to righteousness,

and everyone will shine like each star in the sky shines for ever and ever"

דניאל פרק יב פסוק ג Book of Daniel 12 verse 3 - The Pathway to Spiritual Enlightenment


סוד ה ליראיו ובריתו להודיעם