The Spiritual Writings of ספר סודי סודות

סוד ה ליראיו ובריתו להודיעם

מלה בסלע שתיקותא בתרין - בסוד הידוע ליודעי חן



Tuning in and Getting "Connected" to GOD בקשות לתפילה

The energy of the DIVINE GOD is within each and everyone but many people "feel" distanced and disconnected from the spiritual energy of GOD. That is the reason for "prayer" and that is the reason why you are seeking help and searching to find something that is already WITHIN you.

Each and everyday - there is a different energy that transcends to everyone on Earth - this specific energy changes you mood, your desires and your abilities. It also attracts your mind and thoughts towards something specific. It is dependant on your astrological energies and the auric energies within and around you.

We will be posting weekly messages in accordance with "Astrology & Daily Moon Astrology סוד הלבנה but the "message" on this page - will be a pyschic spiritual message conveyed to you from me - by photos we've taken of a special place of exceptional energy. And as you and other readers LOOK at the photo - FEEL the energies - and then "tune-in" to FEEL and SENSE the spiritual connection - You should FEEL connected to the DIVINE energy from within you. Each day during the week you will be different and each time you look at the photo you will be intrigued [or not] as you SENSE different things each time you look at the photos.


"Tuning in" Exercise for 21st => 28th October 2012



All Earth Signs [Capricorn, Taurus, Virgo] and Water Signs [Scorpio, Pisces, Cancer] should sense something

However all Fire Signs [Aries, Leo, Sagittarius] and Air Signs [Gemini, Libra, Aquarius] will be too impatient

and start glimpsing at all the "other" photos before you come back and study each photo that appeals to you !


This photo of taken on the road from Santa Maria Degli Angeli going up to the mountain top of Assisi in Italy; This road links the place where St Francis of Assisi died to the place where he lived and was buried. St Francis of Assisi and the Francescian Monks have been of destined influence of all our lives. Do you sense the Capricorn Earth Energy from the photo ? Earth Signs and Water Signs should be able to easily !

Ah - yes - I know I've been clever by posting a really beautiful photo of Mirabell Gardens, Salzburg below - because automatically your eyes are already looking at the photo below that "appears" to have more energy - that too is "deception" and on Earth [especially on the internet] you're constantly being bombarded by messages and images that take your minds off the daily DIVINE message you should be tuning into. Understand ?


Everyday a Transcending Spiritual Energy Comes down

Do you Hear the Messages ? Are you Tuned into the Energy ?

All life on earth especially plants and trees are tuned into the astrological energies of changing seasons. However, "humans" are stubborn and block their own ability to "tune in". Each and every day there is a DIVINE message transcending to each of us through the astrological energies. Do you hear the messages are you listening to the Divine in Nature?

During the next few years, as "everyone" learns to tune-in to the Divine - you will understand what I'm explaining - in the meantime tune into the photos and images I post online - and see if you can sense the reason and energy I'm conveying to you - as I receive it - and thereby you too will be able to write and explain spiritual secrets as I do - enabling the Divine message to spread throughout the whole world as predicted in the Book of Daniel when we'll become spiritually enlightened.




Getting Connected and Learning to "Tune in" to the Divine

בקשות לתפילה

We've decided to help and guide readers to TUNE IN to us - readers who are in the physical a distance far away from us - but have become CLOSE to us - because you read our thoughts on the website - hence you're close to our energies - we want you to look at the photos and SENSE their energies. We start outside our appartment and walk to the St Sebastians Cathedral and graveyard in Salzburg where the graves of Doppler and Mozart's Parents are amongst the many pure spiritual souls there ....


"Tuning in" Exercise for Sunday 21st => 28th October 2012

Photos taken on Sunday 21st October 2012 in Salzburg, Austria



We're packed and almost ready to leave Salzburg - so now we feel comfortable to reveal our "old" home in Salzburg. [Just took this photo on Sunday morning 21st October 2012]. Photo is of our appartment - we lived on the 3rd floor building on the left.

Have you noticed that in your life too - you always keep things you really cherish and love - SECRET - but when you have "left" and don't need things anymore you are prepared to be OPEN about the "past". This always applies to material things in this physical world - as you don't want people to be jealous of your life. Understand ? [I'll be explaining this in "Book of Secrets' Secrets"]. I've posted this photo - taken this morning in the rain - to project to you the AURA of the place where we're living - can you tune into it's energies ? Peaceful ? It has been THANKS to "Salzburg" that I've transformed to become the person I am today.



We passed but went inside the St Andra Church which is opposite the Mirabell Gardens, and lit candles

As you can see lots of people always coming in lighting candles and praying.



Then we walked for 5 mins and arrived inside the courtyard of the St Sebastian's Cathedral Salzburg

Can you SENSE and FEEL the spiritual energy ?




Then walking inside St Sebastian's Church - which is next to the graveyard



Then we lit a candle for "inspiration" to be able to write these websites and we lit a candle for YOU - our website readers !

Are you sensing and feeling the spiritual energy ? Have you "tuned in" to something pure and spiritual ?



More info on St Sebastian's Church can be found =>

=> friedhof


Getting Connected and Learning to "Tune in" to the Divine

בקשות לתפילה

We will update this page each Saturday/Sunday with a "tuning in" exercise to help you become stronger "pyschics".

We've been inspired to comprehend that an IMAGE / PHOTO on the "internet" conveys more energy than words !

Like this photo / image of a "wicked witch"! What and Who are you thinking of when you see this - funny isn't it ?



סוד ה ליראיו ובריתו להודיעם