The Spiritual Writings of ספר סודי סודות

סוד ה ליראיו ובריתו להודיעם

Buddhism - Wisdom & Compassion for All

איזהו החכם הלומד מכל אדם "A Wise Man Learns from Every Person"

The vital necessity to connect with Everyone on Earth is because GOD is WITHIN everyone.


"Unfortunately" in this modern world - man-made religions create boundaries to their exclusivity and uniqueness. I use the word "unfortunately" because in spiritual astrological terms - the more INDIVIDUAL you are - the FURTHER AWAY you are from the DIVINE.


When you have NO identity and NO individuality - that's when you are CLOSEST to the DIVINE - and at ONE with GOD. Closeness to the Divine is known as the pure meditative state of life and is then the perfect ability to CONNECT with everyone in the world - because within EVERYONE is the DIVINE as stated "All beings are in Me, but I am not in them" [Bhagavad Gita Chapter 9].


Everyone - All - Inclusive - כולל ונכלל

No Exceptions & No Exclusions in Humanity

When you come to the truthful spiritual realization that the Divine in WITHIN everyone - without any exceptions nor exclusions - and that includes all the "exclusive" religious fanatics for "they" too have the DIVINE WITHIN them !

At that moment you realize with humility that no-one is better than anyone else - we are all humbled equals - and when the DIVINE chooses to give us more blessings and more energy - then we become gifted - and when the DIVINE chooses to withdraw energy - then we become less gifted. When the DIVINE chooses to give us energy - we grow - and when the DIVINE releases energy from our physical existence - we die.

Our individual physical identity is relevant for a "short" period of earthly time - thereafter - we are part of the collective energies of the Eternal Divine spiritual realms - ready to move on to higher planes OR ready to reincarnate to another existence on earthplane. And with a thought of reincarnation I add that in the next life - I could become YOU and YOU could become ME. Or maybe NOW in this life - I am you and you are me.


"All beings are in Me, but I am not in them" Bhagavad Gita Chapter 9

The Eternal Divine GOD is WITHIN You ....

If you haven't pushed the "Divine" Out of Your Existence

The truth is - even if you live an atheistic life - void of ANY beliefs in anything - you still have the DIVINE within you. I always compare and say - if you know how to LOVE - then you have the DIVINE within you. And everyone on Earth loves someone. It's impossible to HATE everything and everyone.

Paradoxically - the most selfish greedy individuals - truthfully LOVE earthly things the most - they LOVE money - they LOVE food and they LOVE sex. In fact, the most greedy and selfish people in the world - have the potential to become the most spiritual - as they have very strong emotions of LOVE. It is the strong emotions that are given by the DIVINE - that is the cohesive energy of the DIVINE that is within EVERYONE.


Buddhist Teachings of Compassion

In understanding the energy of the DIVINE that's within everyone - you then realize the necessity to connect with EVERYONE in the world - as in making the connection is actually for your own benefit as you connect with another part of yourself.Compassion and love towards another person is actually compassion and love towards yourself. If you wish to be kind to yourself - then be kind to other people and if you wish to be loved then love other people.

If someone has come into your life and upsets you - then there's a facet of yourself that's being shown to you - when you learn that lesson - the negativity goes away. If a situation is giving you pain - it is because a facet of yourself needs to learn - when you've learnt the lesson - the pain goes away.

If something isn't going right in your life - if there is a blockage - it is because you are BLOCKING energies from entering your life - because you have become an "individual" thinking of yourself and detaching yourself from the karmic flow of life energy. When you FEEL others pain and anguish - when you have genuine compassion for other people - when you are connected with everyone you meet - then you have found the DIVINE that is WITHIN you and thereafter you can pray for the DIVINE within you to heal the DIVINE energy that is within other people - because they are part of you as you are part of them.


The Aura of a "Divine" Person - glows with Radiance and Happiness

Whenever you see someone who radiates a glow of happiness - you instinctively KNOW there's something special about them - in spiritual reality is their aura is cleansed and it's the aura of the DIVINE within the person that is glowing that you can sense the DIVINE TRUTH in their aura. You instinctively CONNECT with them - because you're connecting with the DIVINE that is OPEN, GLOWING and RADIANT in their aura.

Throughout your experiences of meeting Divinely pure people - I'm sure you've seen and sensed their energy - it's NOT their energy - it is the DIVINE that's WITHIN them - which as they've worked on clearing all their "spiritual garbage" makes their aura glow with purity. This is the enlightened wisdom I've found in Buddhism - as it teaches fundamental respect for the energy WITHIN EVERYONE and EVERYTHING.


I'd like to recommend all the following View-on-Buddhism profound articles | Basic Buddhist Teachings on Compassion | Sacred Texts on Buddhism and Teachings of Sri Sathya Sai Baba of India of blessed memory.


"His Divine ability to transform evils into virtues, destructive attitudes into constructive actions,

negativity into positivity, diversity into unity, competition into cooperation, hatred into love,

false-hood into truth, non-violence into peace, work into worship and wisdom,

pollution into purity and finally animality into humanity and divinity". [Sai Sathya Sai Baba]


His Holiness the XIV Dalai Lama : Ethics for Our Time



A profound 2 hour lecture; not only in it's content but in viewing and sensing the auric calmness,

the inate spirituality and wisdom of this unique spiritual teacher - The Divine Dalai Lama.


"I Love The Dalai Lama & Embrace the gift of the internet"

Watching and listening to the wisdom of the 14th Dalai Lama - I can honestly say - "I Love The Dalai Lama" and "I love the gift of the internet & youtube" that CONNECTS each of us whereever we are. Watching him speak - creates a closeness of mind and thought.

Listening and looking at him instinctively brings a calm energy of spirituality, love and compassion. I've chosen this lecture and recommend readers to STOP, LOOK & LISTEN for it will bring you a strong connection with a very important spiritual teacher, given to us in our generation - and through the gift of the internet we're able to be connected.




"The Power of Forgiveness"

An Inspiring Lecture by the Dalai Lama 14th April 2011 in Limerick




The Spiritual Gifts the Divine GOD Gave to India

המתנות שנתנו אברהם לבני קטורה

Every person and Every nation and Every religion contains an energy of the DIVINE within

Hence a truly spiritually enlightened soul will embrace and desire to learn from everyone.

More than any other culture - India - has been blessed with many spiritual gifts.


Buddhist India has a Unique Wealth of Spirituality

Belief & Understanding in Reincarnation, Astrology & Palmistry

Without any skepticism nor disbelief that western cultures have - the auric energy of India creates BELIEF in spirituality


Without the Spirituality of Buddhist India - The World Would be a Poor Place to Live in

When we respect "India" - we respect the Divine GOD - India is a Blessed & Sacred Country


And although Buddhist's might not believe in "GOD" like we do - they live with the Divine GOD within them.

Buddhists are at "ONE" with the Divine GOD in their mind and thoughts.

All true refined Buddhists have a pure aura of a DIVINE GODLINESS, PEACE, LOVE & COMPASSION.


סוד ה ליראיו ובריתו להודיעם