The Spiritual Writings of ספר סודי סודות

סוד ה ליראיו ובריתו להודיעם

From the "The Book of the Secret's Secrets ספר סודי סודות"

This World is Full of Confusing Contradictions

Lies, Deceit & People "Doing Opposites" עולם הפוך


This is one of the most complex and confusing issues - and yet when you comprehend the ENERGY of LIES and DECEIT and how people "do opposites" - then you will have clarity like never before. I say that this understanding is vitally important in order to survive and live a fulfilling "life" on Earth whilst pursuing a spiritually idealistic life.


However, before I begin - I need to explain that there are TWO GROUPS of people and TWO energies in the world - every person is either intrinsically HONEST OR DISHONEST. I use the word intrinsically is that even HONEST group can and do LIE - in order to "do opposites" or to "deal with difficult people and difficult situations" - BUT you know they are LYING - because as an HONEST person you can sense a LIE from an HONEST person.


The necessity to understand the TWO TYPES of people is in order for you to understand there are TWO TYPES of AURA's you will meet - and a need to DEAL with EACH accordingly. You MUST treat an HONEST person differently to a DISHONEST person.


Everyone is Either intrinsically "Honest" or "Dishonest"

Our Aim in Life is to Eliminate ALL "LIES" & become "TRUTHFUL"


Everyone's soul has kept on reincarnating in many lifetimes and in each lifetime we continue the LIES we carry over from prior lifetimes BUT as the last generation is unfolding - it is the DESTINED TIME to be TRUTHFUL - a destined karmic time when circumstances and events will reveal all SECRETS and LIES - a time when we will become 100% honest and truthful - and a time when there will be CLARITY on Earth and NO MORE CONFUSION - because CONFUSION is only created by LIES.


The ONLY reason why you don't have harmony in your life and the destined LIFE you are supposed to be living is because of BLOCKAGES of CONFUSION which have been created by LIES. When you eliminate the DECEIT and LIES - then you have TRUTH - a clearly defined destined pathway with everything you need for your life.


All truly enlightened souls have CLARITY of TRUTH because their aura is full of TRUTHFUL energies - which makes them sensitive to see through all the LIES and DECEIT - like a speck of dirt on a white sheet. Time is now unfolding destined events in this the last generation - as Book of Daniel predicts - a time when all CONFUSION will vanish as the ONLY pathway will be of TRUTH.


In the meantime we need to understand the energies of DECEIT, LIES & DOING opposites - especially when dealing with DISHONEST people. EVERYONE and EVERYTHING in the world is defined into TWO GROUPS of TWO types of energies in the world - HONEST OR DISHONEST - HONEST people speak TRUTH that creates CLARITY - DISHONEST people speak LIES that creates CONFUSION.


TRUTH and CLARITY - creates an Eternal DIVINE pathway of DESTINY - full of LIGHT

LIES and DECEIT - blocks you from having your DESTINY - and creates dead-ends of "darkness" in your life


The Book Tana Dvei Eliyahu written 2000 years ago explains

That the aura around a person is created by the Truth & the Lies one speaks and communicates

The more TRUTH one talks - the more refined one's aura becomes and the more CLARITY one has

The more LIES one talks - the more confused one's aura becomes and more CONFUSION created in one's life


There are Two Types of People in this World


The first category is the HONEST group, which basically means when you are nice to them they are nice in return, when you are horrible to them they are horrible in return. When you ask them a question, you are given the honest answer in return. The intrinsic goodness of this group, will always make you feel alive and happy. When you hear something good has happened to anyone of this group, you too - feel the happiness. Conversely when something bad happens you feel their sorrow and pain.


The honest group person, will always find ways to be nice and compliment, saying nice constructive words, looking for the goodness in people, and they will always exude, radiate love and happiness, even in the face of adversity . They will always find ways to create loving energy and NEVER "steal" energy from others by hateful, negative or destructive thoughts, words or actions.


The second group of people in this world are the DECEITFUL (liars) people, which basically means when you are nice to them they are horrible in return, when you are horrible to them they are nice in return . When you ask them a question, you are given lies and deceit in return.


The intrinsic deceit and twistedness of this group, will always make you feel drained and sad (unless you are of the same type - in which case you feel re-assured and happy mixing with them, as you will always end up gossiping and slandering good people, and re-assuring yourselves that your lifestyle is the correct one ).


When you hear something good has happened to anyone of this "bad" group - you feel a sadness or indifferent. When something bad happens to this group, you either feel happy or indifferent. That is to say, the soulful energy is not exuded or radiated from this type of person, they are usually very closed and selfish with their energies.


The good thing about being in the honest group, is that in a short time of speaking to the other deceitful group, you "instinctively know" who they are, your AURA detects the LIES and DECEITFUL energies, as your guides and angelic helpers, give you the feeling. And in the conversation with them, they lie or contradict themselves and you catch them out. This is the protection given to you by the DIVINE WITHIN you.


A deceitful person will always lie, they cannot help themselves, it is natural for them. They are always caught out by the honest group of people. There will always be signs along the way, they may cheat of their husbands/wives, at work they will be lazy, sleeping on the job or time wasting etc., or as bosses they will abuse their staff and never show appreciation, continue cheating and fiddling their staff out of money, basically they have no morals or ethical standards, and they don't trust anyone because they themselves are not to be trusted. But most importantly THEY EXPECT you to LIE - and their AURA only welcomes LIES - when you tell them the TRUTH - they don't believe you.


The importance of clarifying TWO GROUPS - HONEST OR DISHONEST - will be vital to know how to TREAT, TALK and PLAY each group of people and each person you meet. Because whilst you are pursueing a spiritual pathway of TRUTH and CLARITY - you will still need to DEAL with LIES, DECEITFUL and DISHONEST people.


That's life. The purpose of this enlightening inspirational page will be to guide you through the MAZE of CONFUSION that LIES have created - in order for you to FIND and STAY on the pathway of LIGHT and CLARITY.


I can assure you that once you have found the pathway of LIGHT and CLARITY - you will see EVERYTHING CLEARLY - in fact too clearly - which will OPEN your mind to THINK about everything and everyone who've been in your life - past, present and future - as you will now see them through a vision of DIVINE TRUTHFUL CLARITY.


Opposites Create Clarity on Deceitful Situations

Full Moon's are Fantastic - Astrologically & Spiritually


"Opposites" are necessity of life - for without OPPOSITES - you wouldn't have any energy - you wouldn't learn nor grow - in fact the BIGGEST BLESSING is experiencing OPPOSITION and OPPOSING forces - as the powerful energy of LIES and OPPOSITES creates an unequaled transformation and change WITHIN YOUR AURA that cannot be made WITHOUT OPPOSING forces.


The greatest souls and people that existed in the world had the biggest opposition - like Moses, King David, Prophets of Isaiah, Jeremiah, Daniel, Jesus Christ and St Peter - and in our generation Ghandi - the greater they were - the greater the OPPOSITION to them. Even today - there are people who still OPPOSE them - and it is in the OPPOSING energies they receive even more ENERGY.


This is an important example - as when you FEEL threatened by anyone - or have OPPOSING energies - you should know that the "energy" is trying to GIVE you energy and not take energy from you. When you understand how to TURN the energy around and receive the opposing energy instead of feeling ATTACKED by it - is when you have truly comprehended the energy of OPPOSITES.


As an astrologer - this is easy to comprehend - for at every New Moon - the Moon is in harmony with the Sun and all is well in the world - BUT at the FULL MOON - the Moon OPPOSES the SUN - and every FULL MOON is the moment of greatest power and energy in the whole month. The opposing forces TRIGGER and CREATE a LOT of power.


For some people FULL MOON's create OPPOSING forces that DESTROYS and CRUSHES - but for other people the FULL MOON's create a POWERFUL SUPPORTIVE energies that CREATES and DOES a lot of good things.


How you RECEIVE the Full Moon's energies is dependant on your own astrological chart BUT is ALSO dependant on the energy in your AURA - are you a person of TRUTHFUL straightforward clarity OR are you a person that LIES and DOES OPPOSITES ?


If you are straightforward and truthful - the powerful Full Moon energy enters your aura as POSITIVE energy - and assists you - as TRUTHFUL energy enters your truthful aura - directly and straight forwardly BUT if you have deceitful energies in your aura - and you do OPPOSITES - then the powerful Full Moon energies - ATTACKS your aura - because your AURA receives ALL positive TRUTHFUL energies as an ATTACK - your aura only welcomes LIES and DECEITFUL energies - it does NOT welcome TRUTH.



Astrological charts with thanks to

The Oppositions [red lines] of Moon-Sun at "Full Moon"


The above astrological chart of a "Full Moon" - shows clearly - the opposing forces - which for many people will be received as an ATTACK on their existence - whereas for others it will be received as a powerful positive energy. How you RECEIVE energy is dependant on what's in your AURA and what's in your astrological chart - and dependant on how you have learnt to receive energies into your aura and live in HARMONY with life - instead of fighting against life.


Each and every FULL MOON - you get the opportunity to see if you are LIVING in harmony with life and receiving the powerful energies into your aura as POSITIVE energies OR if you're still LIVING with deceitful energies in your aura - that need eliminating and obliterating from your aura.


I always say that ALL people are intrinsically good - as most people DO have stressful Full Moon's - as DECEIT and LIES in their aura is being attacked and being opposed - with the sole purpose to be eliminated - an attempt is being made to change their deceitful situations. If there was no hope for them - they wouldn't feel anything.


Just remember that any stress and any "Opposites" are there to create truthful clarity especially on all deceitful situations - if something is TRULY NOT right - you'll feel it in the the opposing forces - it's a sign to shift and change your energy.


Turning the Opposing Energy Around and using it Positively


"If someone DID NOT want a connection with you - then you would FEEL NOTHING from them. If you weren't ready to receive ENERGY - then you wouldn't have a BLOCKAGE. And if you weren't ready to CHANGE - then you wouldn't have any OPPOSING forces" - JW


Everything and everyone in your life has purpose and reason - they might just be an "experience" but they represent aspects of your life and of your soul that needs introspection and understanding. This is especially so when you have ANY BLOCKAGE and ANY BAD LUCK in your life. It is a SIGN for you to SOLVE the problem.


There are TWO ways to handle opposing forces and blockages - you can REBEL and FIGHT the energy - which actually frustrates the situation even more and creates more negativity in your aura - OR the "JW" method and my personal advice is - DO exactly what the energy is indicating you to do - GIVE UP FIGHTING - ACCEPT DEFEAT and ACCEPT & WELCOME the opposing energies into your AURA - get the red carpet out and welcome them in!


"Two negative energies - make a positive"

Play the Game and Create Confusion too ....


The first stage is to ACCEPT the energies into your MIND and THOUGHTS - welcome them in - and then you can turn them around - and work to your advantage - and them you can send them back out into the world as positive energies - let me explain ....


You are probably sensitive to know WHERE the energies are coming from and WHAT they are saying AGAINST you ? Tune into their words - EXACTLY - get the RIGHT words they are using - this will be easy - because in the SAME way they are tuning in to ATTACK and OPPOSE you - you can do the same to them - TUNE IN and sense their EXACT words. And then THINK and AGREE with their words and thoughts. A "sign" to know you have tuned into their words and thoughts is WHEN you AGREE with their thoughts - you will start to GIGGLE AND LAUGH - that's because the negativity that their energies have created in your aura - will start to VANISH.

This is because THEIR AURIC ENERGIES EXPECTS you to battle and oppose their auric thoughts of you - so when you AGREE with them - you CONFUSE the energies and actually cancle and NEGATE them completely.


Here are some important examples :-


If you father HATES you - such a father wants to control your aura and wishes you DEAD. So to negate his energy think of him and say "I am so glad and so happy you hate me and want me dead - don't worry I will be dead one day and so will you"


If your mother HATES you - such a mother has no love - and wants to ensure you never find LOVE or LOVE anyone. So to negate her energy think of her and say "I am so glad and so happy you hate me and want me to hate people - hatred is good - love is bad"


If your wife/husband/partner/boss. co-workers criticizes, argues and HATES you - such people you live and interact with daily are sending you an energy and a sign they don't want you in their life anymore - so to negate their opposing energies say "I am so glad and so happy you hate me and want me out of your life - I'm leaving soon"


If your EX wife/ and EX husband / or EX lover / partner HATES you - anyone whom you've LOVED and been intimate are sending you a DESTRUCTIVE energy and they want you to DROP DEAD - especially ex-lovers who have aborted or used contraception to prevent you having children together - because LOVERS are supposed to create LIFE energy - now they don't have you - they do the OPPOSITE and WANT DEATH for you - so to negate their opposing energies say "I am so glad and so happy you hate me so much that you want me to be DEAD - I'm so glad and delighted that you want me to have a miserable and sad life leading nowhere but DEATH".


And here are my personal favorites

If your EX wife/ and EX husband / or EX lover / EX partner HATES you - then they are probably wishing that you never have anyone to love the rest of your life. So to negate their opposing energies say "I AGREE with you and I am so glad and so happy you hate me so much that you want me to be LONELY forever and have NO-ONE - I want to be SAD and LONELY forever too - I don't want a loving relationship"


If your ex-business partner, competitor, someone in business world you know or even a "friend" that HATES you - and is jealous of you that you feel BLOCKS you - then they are jealous of your success and your positive aura - that's because they are "dark" earthbound materialistic souls who are ONLY thinking of "earthly" desires. So to negate their opposing and jealous energies say "I am so glad and so happy you're jealous of me - because I DON'T WANT SUCCESS - I DON'T WANT MONEY - I DON'T want success in this world - I'm not interested in this materialistic world" .


If you go for an interview and see that other people are jealous and don't want you to get the job - to negate their opposing and jealous energies say "I am so glad and so happy you're jealous of me - because I DON'T WANT THE JOB - I DON'T WANT SUCCESS - I DON'T WANT MONEY - I DON'T want success in this world - I'm not interested in this materialistic world" .


And one I love doing - as you're walking down the street or in shopping malls amongst people who see you but rudely IGNORE you - then think to yourself "I am so glad and so happy you're ignoring me - phew - I'm so lucky I DON'T KNOW you"

For men - when you see women especially ones with attitude, full of themselves and high maintenance - think to yourself "Phew - I am so glad and so happy you're ignoring me - I'm so lucky that I DON'T know you as you look like trouble"

For women - when you see men especially selfish, rude uncaring and arrogant ones - think to yourself "Phew - I am so glad and so happy you're ignoring me - I'm so lucky that I DON'T know you as you look like trouble"

The reason I love doing this is as you THINK these thoughts - you will notice how many people will actually start to notice you and will actually want to have a conversation with you.


And if you're in a "naughty" mood - this one will make you smile and giggle a LOT ..... As you're walking down the street or in shopping malls amongst people when you see MEN and WOMEN - think to yourself - "I am so glad and so happy you're ignoring me - phew - I'm so lucky I DON'T have a relationship with you" - you look like "hard" work - "phew - I am so lucky I don't have to have sex with you and even luckier I'm not married to you".

This will actually make you realize that you really ARE VERY LUCKY to be DISCONNECTED and have no relationships with such people - but what it does is OPENS your AURA to HAPPINESS and to attract the RIGHT ONE into your life.


In this real world of opposites if you really WANT something and you're in a difficult place of OPPOSING and overwhelming negative energies with barriers - then to negate their opposing and negative forces say "I am so glad and so happy I feel this STRONG NEGATIVITY - because I DON'T WANT ANYTHING HERE - I DON'T WANT SUCCESS HERE" By continually repeating the words "I DON'T WANT IT - I DON'T WANT IT - I DON'T WANT IT" you negate the energies - and you actually GET IT!


If you feel BLOCKED to earning money - and unsure where this "fear" energy is coming from - then you can negate the energies with a general affimartion such as "I am so glad and so happy that I am being BLOCKED - I don't want money to come into my life".


YES that's RIGHT - EVERYTHING YOU MUST THINK IS A LIE - in order to negate the LIES that are being thought against you - two negatives make a positive - and that's because the opposing energies have been created by Earthbound people who are full of lies and bullshit - that their energies ONLY understand LIES - hence to WORK WITH their deceitful energies - you need to AGREE with them - AFFIRM their lies which negates them - then sending the thought energy of "Death" back to them FRIGHTENS their aura - hence they stop!


Your thoughts Create Your Aura - but "OTHERS" do come in too !

Thoughts of DEATH to materialistically minded people frightens them


The above "negating" is very important - as even though your OWN aura and your own thoughts creates your life - "other" people - especially POWERFUL oppositions and DARK EARTHBOUND materialistic energies can influence your aura - can create BLOCKAGES and CAN STOP you from having the destined life you are destined to have.

The reason your AURA allows these people with their negative energies into your life is to COMPLETELY cleanse your AURA of any "garbage" - especially energies that are DUMPED into your aura by "dark" souls who HATE you.

Just repeat to yourself over and over again "I am so glad and so happy you hate me and want me dead - don't worry I will be dead one day and so will you".

The thought of DEATH to an earthbound materialistically minded person frightens them a LOT - and soon - usually WITHIN 3 days - they STOP sending you negative thoughts - and after doing this for a month - you will feel your life CHANGE.

The ONLY reason this works is because they have SENT YOU A NEGATIVE THOUGHT to start with - their energy gives you the POWER to SEND BACK a THOUGHT - so TUNE into what they are thinking about you - ACCEPT and AGREE with the energy - then send the thought energy BACK to them as "DEATH" - "I am so glad and so happy you hate me and want me dead - don't worry I will be dead one day and so will you". Without fighting with them - without arguing with them and without getting involved with them - you have managed to use the energy of OPPOSITES to negate their energy.


I've explained this aspect first - at length - as I know it's the most important and wisdom that everyone needs - because UNTIL you have a PURE AURA - negativity and "garbage" created by "dark" souls will be present in your aura. Heal this aspect first - and you'll feel ENLIGHTENED - you'll actually start laughing at lot - as you'll see how easy it is to manipulate DECEITFUL and DISHONEST people - as they are so predictable - for the constantly LIE for the purpose of Earthly materialism and earthly pleasures.


You might THINK that this is superficial BUT the whole understanding of "The Book of the Secret's Secrets ספר סודי סודות" is about OPPOSITES, DECEPTION and LIES because it is the essence to understanding this physical world. Living a spiritually enlightened life needs you to comprehend the deception and truths of this physical life.


Neptune in Pisces - "Pre-2011" and "Post-2011"

The Old World Order of Lies as We Know it is Nearly Done

Astrologically - LIFE has shifted and it did when Pluto entered Capricorn in 2008 and when Neptune entered Pisces in April 2011. Although Neptune and Pisces energies represent an ILLUSION - together they represent SPIRITUAL TRUTH. It is the DIVINE SPIRITUAL ENERGY of TRUTH.

Which is a total contrast to earthly LIFE - where there's been and continues to be so much deception - in fact centuries and generations of deception - but now that Neptune is in it's home of Pisces - the destined time has come when all SPIRITUAL TRUTHS will be revealed in harmony with real life - thus all the lies and deceit will now be revealed as the "garbage" and "lies" that they are.

The world is shifting to the destined period of enlightenment - which means CLARITY and CLARITY can only be achieved where there is NO CONFUSION - and as stated LIES CREATE CONFUSION.

However, during the transition period and whilst you're still experiencing this REAL WORLD with it's deception, lies and opposites - you're going to need to be equipped with the following wisdom.


"If You Want to Succeed in this Physical Life - LIE"

"If You Want to Succeed Spiritually - Be 100% Truthful"

The fact of life created by centuries of LIES of Earthbound materialistic people who want you to LIE and DIE


Why do people LIE ? Because their aura creates the Lie

They don't know how to speak truthfully - even if they THINK a truth - the words come out as a LIE

Their aura is trapped confused web of deceit and lies - until the day they die


Translating "The Language" in the World of Opposites

I'm not interested - means I'm very interested | I don't love him/her anymore - means I do love him/her

I'm happy with my life - means I'm unhappy with my life | I'm OK - means I'm NOT OK


Fact of life - "people lie" and once they are trapped in their own "lie" - they continue to support that LIE - until they die.

The only thing a LIAR can look forward to - is death - as the LIE they created traps them forever.

Once a liar - always a liar - ask them anything and you can hear them lie immediately !


The Spiritual Wisdom that was Written Down in Aramaic Talmud

but They Wrote it in Code and often "did opposites"

Pirkei Avos פרקי אבוֹת Encodes the secret to unlocking the secrets of the Talmud in the very last paragraph using hidden meanings:-

בן בג בג אומר הפוך בה והפך בה והגי בה דכולא בה. ובה תחזי סיב ובלי בה. ומינה לא תזוז שאין לך מידה טובה יותר ממנה

Translation:-.Ben Bag-Bag used to say of the Torah: Turn it over and turn it back-to-front again, for everything is [hidden] in it. Pore over it, and wax gray and old over it. Stir not from it for you can have no better spiritual guide than it.


It is teaching a spiritual secret that when something cannot be understood the straight forward way - then turn it back to front - do opposites and it will make sense. Indeed over 2000 years the spiritual teachings have had disguise the wisdom WITHIN the writings - as they didn't want "the wrong types" of people understanding the wisdom. Hence, they wrote things down they KNEW to be LIES - but wrote them down as OPPOSITES in order to DECEIVE readers - meanwhile the honest version was remembered amongst themselves. And even if they couldn't remember the honest version - they looked at the written version and DID OPPOSITES. Because the truth is whatever is really important - you NEVER NEED to write down - you remember it and many times when you do write something down - it gets jinxed and never happens.


Meaning of "Deceitfully Doing Opposites to Succeed"

When you DON'T WANT something to happen that's when it happens

שעל כרחך אתה נוצר ועל כרחך אתה נולד ועל כרחך אתה חי ועל כרחך אתה מת

"Against your will - you are conceived - Against your will you're born - Against your will you're alive and Against your will you die". This talmudic saying is very important to know how to SUCCEED in life - because it is saying WHEN YOU DON'T WANT something to happen - that's when it happens and when you DO WANT something to happen - it doesn't happen.

So in order to create a life you want - define truthfully what you want - and then SAY YOU DON'T WANT it to happen - LIE - AND the LIE will create the energy of OPPOSITES. However, this is ONLY applicable for people who have negative energy, opposing forces and have to battle against BAD LUCK. Give in to the energy and create CONFUSION - for it is karmic that you have confused and deceitful energies in your aura. TEST your aura and see if this is so...


"The Beginning of Revealing Truthful Spiritual Secrets"

Neptune in Pisces means timing is now right to reveal Spiritual Secrets - I promised to reveal spiritual secrets but "timing" is everything - this is not only due to astrological timing but the energy with which I can write clearly. It needs a clarity in my aura to be able to FLOW with inspirational words. Hence, in order to negate the energies of people that HATE me - I had to be cleansed by doing the above exercises.

Many writers know that BLOCKAGES happen and you just can't write for some inexplicable reason - these BLOCKAGES are created by "opposing" forces in your aura that cause you to STOP and DO NOTHING. So 1st step is to CLEANSE and ELIMINATE all the negative energies by the above spiritual method.


Physical materialistic success in this world is related to LIES and DECEIT - and always has been. The more you lie - the more successful you become in this materialistic physical world. The more you tell the truth - the less successful you become in this physical world - as "truth" does not belong on this planet of illusion, lies and deceit. TRUTH doesn't control this planet of deceit or at least it HASN'T yet - but it soon will !


Conversely and this is the important point - in past generations and in our generation too - the more truthful you become - the more "detached" you become from this physical world and the more "attached" you become to a Divine spirituality. The secret for spiritual enlightenment is to TELL THE TRUTH - and the more you confess and tell the truth the more successful you become in the spiritual realms and the more spiritual energy you will sense around you.


Indeed, by TELLING THE TRUTH - you might find your physical earthly materialistic world falling apart especially if you married for beauty or money or a passport - and not for true love. Or you might loose your current home, job and business because it has been acquired through LIES - but we're all seeing great truthful revelations of major corporations and even "countries" declaring losses going into chapter 11 as they reveal their truths - but telling the TRUTH will be inevitable to do sooner or later in all our lives - and eventually before we die it will be karmically necessary - especially if we want to follow the pathway of spiritual enlightenment.


In the case of the spiritual transformation of the whole world which started in the "transformative year of 2012" and during the next 10 years in order to dig ourselves out of the depths of negativity, lies and deceit - we will all need to become TRUTHFUL, sustaining ourselves with the basic needs and not on luxuries acquired by lies, greed and deceit.


Let me explain the fundamental reason why people "lie" - it's because they DO NOT BELIEVE in GOD - "they" only believe in this physical earthbound existence and DO NOT believe in anything eternal nor spiritual. "They" want something they can't have, they desire something that is not theirs and want to destroy lives of other people to sustain their own physical existence, "they" don't believe in spirit world of souls nor in anything DIVINE and they certainly don't think of the spirit world of souls around them who are "listening" to their lies and nonsense. People who are "earthbound" and only live for an "earthbound" existence and over many generations keep on reincarnating because of desires and attachments to this physical earthbound world.


People lie because "they" live for is this physical materialistic world, they want to be attached to everything earthly and want to be earthbound - even after they die they don't want to leave the earthbound plane - so they do everything possible to create confusion, through a web of lies - even when have what they think they want - they cause more lies and deceit to create more mayhem, confusion and deception to lead others astray with their meaningless earthbound deceitful lifestyles.


Materialists focus on more materialism, destroying others and ensuring that their soul remains earthbound after they die because they want to remain attached to the earthbound energies. The easiest way to do this is to LIE and continuously LIE - and make others believe in the LIE.


Fact of life - "people lie" and once they are trapped in their own "lie" - they continue to support that LIE - until they die.

The only thing a LIAR can look forward to - is death - as the LIE they created traps them forever.

Once a liar - always a liar - ask them anything and you can hear them lie immediately !


Here are a few truths that prove we are living in a world of lies and deceit and where LIES are related to materialistic success:-

1. When "Abortions" are needed to hide a TRUTH and cover up a LIE - by "aborting" a baby - it saves money especially for a materialistic career woman who can turn her attention to earning "blood" money by aborting an innocent baby. That's really the worst blood money earned from a LIE - and even giving away to orphans / charity - all the "blood" money earned can't bring "life" back. Materialistic success for career minded women who have abortions is achieved by LIES without ethical morals.

2. The "legal system" is based on hiding the TRUTH - for if BOTH parties told the TRUTH - then there would be no need to have litigation. The more money involved - the more likelihood that each side will LIE in order to benefit materialistically. If either side honestly believed in GOD and were detached from physical possessions then they would WALK AWAY from litigation/lies and walk the pathway of truthful spiritual enlightenment.

3. "No-one ever wins the lottery" because it means gaining wealth by predicting the truth; money is directly related to LIES and being "attached" to a physical materialistic world of deceit and lies; predicting lottery numbers truthfully is the opposite to gaining wealth by lies. It is a fake illusion of life to think you will gain money by a "lottery" win.

4. People who work hard for $10 an hour are living more of a truthful realistic life than those of earn big sums of money commissions for "handling" lies. Many people in PR and sales convince people through LIES to buy something they don't need or something that isn't what it TRUTHFULLY is because they want to earn BIG money.

5. Cosmetic surgery is BIG money ; based on deceit and lies - covering up the truth of the REAL person.

6. Then there is the big illusion of "sex" - some of the prettiest women and handsome men are the worst in bed; they project an illusion of deceit to get men / women - and then the sex is awful - and their attitude is even worse. Similarly "men" lie to women that they are something they aren't to get them - a great disappointment based on lies.

7. Then there is my favourite topic - Man-made religions that use "religion" to "cash in" in the name of "GOD". Whenever any "religious" person asks for MONEY in exchange for spiritual help, wisdom or knowledge - you should know - they are LIARS and DO NOT TRUST THEM. The essence of TRUST is related to an Eternal Spiritual Bond and NOT anything temporary or physical.

For true spirituality is DETACHED from this physical materialistic world - a truly spiritual person NEVER EVER asks for money. MONEY = LIES and physical materialism - FREE = NO MONEY = TRUTH and pure elevated spirituality.


Have I given you enough examples to THINK OF ? Ouch - Does it hurt to read the "truth" about life ? that almost ALL financial Earthly success is directly related to LIES ?


But please don't get depressingly sad that you now realize that the whole of LIFE is a BIG DECEPTIVE LIE, because throughout all generations it always has been - it's just in our generation - as we approach a time of truthful idealistic spiritual enlightenment - we are going to be lucky to live and sustain life of Earth by TELLING THE TRUTH. In fact, the truthful spiritual reality when you see the TRUTH it is invigoratingly refreshing and makes most people wake up with a BUZZ of spirituality and true alivement.


Everyone knows the inner ecstatic feeling of TELLING the TRUTH and CONFESSING a LIE - there is an auric sense of relief, purity and spiritual elevation. Try it now for yourself - whisper a confession to yourself - reveal a honest truth to yourself - and see how you feel. [Make sure you whisper it because speech is heard by Earthbound spirits - whispers they can't hear - another spiritual secret of the power of whispering prayers which I will explain soon].

Astrologically when Neptune enters spiritually idealistic Pisces on 5th February 2012, we entered the "tunnel of transformation" and you've seen and will continue to see in the next few years - people will be fed up of lying - and will want to clear the air by TELLING the TRUTH.


The ONLY solution needed for many people will be CONFESSING the TRUTH and REVEALING TRUTHFUL secrets - the reason for this is that Neptune in Pisces wants spiritual idealism, it cannot cope with the mountain of deceit and lies anymore. From the depths of deep WITHIN you TRUTH is emerging but it needs to blow away the mountain of deceit covering it - that's because in this destined period of spiritual enlightenment the DIVINE TRUTH WITHIN everyone is now cleansing everyone's aura to become TRUTHFUL.


Just note and trust that, if you are in the right destined situation then EVERYONE will accept you - when you CONFESS and tell the TRUTH - but you're in the wrong destined situation - then telling the truth will take you away from that life of deceit, but it will be worth it - I know i've done it in real life - it hurt but well worth it and thoroughly enjoyable to be living a more meaningful and truthful way of life. I wouldn't be able to write clear astrological predictions for you if I hadn't decided to dump a life of lies and deceit !


This spiritual secret is so truthful - especially if you're poor, want and desire money and success then listen to this fact of earthly life - have no morals, avoid all truth, have no truth in your life and LIE, LIE in business, LIE about yourself, LIE in your relationships - tell someone you want something from a LIE - LIE and tell them that you "love" them - and they'll be fooled to give you things you want and support you. If you want a "fake" life but successful materialistic life - then LIE. Many women want men with "money" so MEN LIE and tell them what they want to hear and WOMEN LIE to get the materialism they want - but it isn't true love and never will be. In fact a prostitute is much more honest and truthful than many men and women in deceitfully fake marriages / relationships - for she gets paid for the job she does, whereas people who LIE to get their greedy desires will use the deceit of sex and fake love, live an earthbound materialistic life that will never ever approach anything "spiritually idealistic" - but they will get money and success in the short term - Fact of life - "people lie" and once they are trapped in their own "lie" - they continue to support that LIE - until they die you've seen it too - I am sure - that's the world we live in.


Think honestly, would either want each other if they were POOR and had NOTHING materialistic to give ? Proof of this is - that many people especially poor people in most countries in the deceitful materialistic western world can't find true "love" because they are looking for a life of LIES. Only when you are 100% truthful will you find true love - and it won't matter if you're poor and plain looking - you WILL find it.


Fact of life - "people lie" and once they are trapped in their own "lie" - they continue to support that LIE - until they die.

The only thing a LIAR can look forward to - is death - as the LIE they created traps them forever.

Once a liar - always a liar - ask them anything and you can hear them lie immediately !

The ONLY WAY to save yourself from this DEAD-END - is to TELL THE TRUTH


The spiritual secret to "TELL the TRUTH" actually means you don't care what "people" think of you BUT you do care what GOD and the Eternal spiritual world of souls thinks of you, as you become spiritual aware to know they are around you and listening to your words of TRUTH and LIES. As each of us has spiritual souls around us, when we LIE - we attract more earthbound souls and spirits that cause more mayhem and confusion, making us more materialistically earthbound minded BUT when we TELL the TRUTH we attract 100% truth and clarity - we are blessed to be able to THINK clearly and think of great spiritual secrets, sensing the true energy of love, compassion, wisdom and understanding. "Truth will set your soul free for Eternity".


Consider this an introduction for the "complex" issue , more to be explained "The Book of the Secret's Secrets ספר סודי סודות" - because in truthful reality everyone needs to find a way to co-exist in this world of contradictions deceit and lies whilst trying to strive to live an idealistic spiritual life, otherwise we would be forced into total non-existence in this world if we were 100% truthful.


This World is Full of Confusing Contradictions עולם הפוך

Man-made religious people - THEY are the worst LIARS

עולם הפוך ראיתי עליונים למטה ותחתונים למעלה

רב יוסף בריה דר' יהושע בן לוי חלש ואתנגיד כי הדר
אמר ליה אבוה מאי חזית אמר ליה
עולם הפוך ראיתי עליונים למטה ותחתונים למעלה
גמרא מס פסחים דף נ

"Appearances are deceptive in this physical world - none of us can see through certain facets for we are blinded and confused by lies especially from religious people - because as the talmud states - people who look "religious" on the outside are wicked inside - and people who look wicked on the outside are pure and good on the inside - the world is full of deceptive appearances" however, when do have moments of clarity to see 100% truth then we come to the same conclusion as Rabbi Yoseph of the Talmud


This spiritual rabbi of the talmud was REFERRING to religious people - for THEY are the worst LIARS - this correlates with the famous prophetic Warning of "Komarno Rebbe - מחבר היכל הברכה Reb Itzchak Eizek of Komarno - who said the FINAL REDEMPTION of the world will be BLOCKED by RABBIS and intolerant deceitful "religious" people. For they create HATRED in the world - as HATRED is DEATH. Do you know a man-made religious fanatic that is KIND, LOVING, TOLERANT and COMPASSIONATE - they can't even unite in Israel let alone anywhere else in the world - with their constant infighting amongst themselves.

"Religious" people have intolerance towards everything and everyone - nothing and no-one is good enough for "them" in this world - that's because the energy of TRUTH within their AURA is "doing opposites" - consisting of a destructive hatefulness - that REFUSES to accept the DIVINE within their lives. That can't have compassion for others - as they have NO COMPASSION WITHIN themselves. This prophetic vision is repeated in the Talmud, Books of Isaiah, Jeremiah, Daniel and ofcourse is clearly defined in the teachings of Jesus Christ.


When you find the LIGHT - the darkness runs away very fast!

I believed GOD was "OUTSIDE" but found GOD "WITHIN"

I was brought up amongst a "religious" community - I saw awful things that made me realize a spiritual truth. "They" believed GOD lives in Heaven above who sometimes visits the House of Prayer - so technically "they" believed GOD is NOT around and ever present in their lives - hence "He" is unaware of their LIES, swindling, corruption and evil ways.

I felt uncomfortable amidst "them" and the specific LIFE CHANGING moment of clarity came - was realizing that "GOD" didn't live in a house of prayer or in "heaven" above - but the DIVINE was ever present WITHIN - not just WITHIN ME but WITHIN EVERYTHING and EVERYONE on Earth.

This truthful reality created a LIGHT WITHIN me - that enables me to SEE THE DARKNESS clearly. Then insinctively and very quickly - destiny rearranged my life - to be FAR away from the darkness. The DARKNESS cannot tolerate or live with the LIGHT - so when you've found it - your LIFE WILL CHANGE - because the dark energies will ensure you move or your circumstances will change for the better - as it doesn't want your LIGHT in it's "dark" aura.

This will happen for you too - when you sense the LIGHT very strongly - and when you FEEL the DIVINE from WITHIN YOU - at that specific moment YOUR LIFE WILL CHANGE because the darkness will not want your DIVINE LIGHT.


This World is Full of Opposites and Contradictions

The Paradox of Life on Earth

When you know you are RIGHT - you are actually WRONG

& When you think you are Wrong - you are in fact RIGHT


When you believe you are "SOMEONE" - you are actually "NO-ONE"

When you know you're a"nothing" - then you are in fact SOMETHING


"Nothing" means "Everything" & "Everything" means "Nothing"

For there is "nothing" in this World except GOD אין עוד מלבדו


That's the energy of the Divine Within You and although seems to be a contradiction it is the spiritiual truth

As everything in this physical world is a paradox of opposites to the real truth in Spiritual world


Spiritual Secrets [1] - "Do Opposites" to Find Out who you can Trust


In understanding that there are TWO GROUPS of people and TWO energies in the world - every person is either intrinsically HONEST OR DISHONEST you need to TEST everything and everyone - which category do they fit into. Define everything and everyone in your life as HONEST, meaningful and SPIRITUAL minded OR are they DISHONEST, materialistic and earthbound.

DISHONEST and EARTHBOUND materialistic people always get jealous about MONEY and SUCCESS in this physical world - so TEST their energies and see if their energy SUPPORTS you OR jinxes / blocks you. Tell them your plan to make money doing something - then see if their energy blocks it. If it does then NEGATE their thought energy by saying "I am so glad and so happy I feel this blockage - because I DIDN'T really want success and I DON'T WANT SUCCESS HERE".

Once you know the SOURCE and PEOPLE who block your life - it is EASY to negate their energies into non-existence by repeating "I am so glad and so happy you hate me and want me dead - don't worry I WILL be dead one day and so will you". This truthful mantra - sends back a spiritual truth - to an Earthbound "dark" soul - and that's when they will stop bothering you - it also acts to cleanse your aura of any deceitful energies.


Spiritual Secrets [2] Play the Game - Create Confusion מגלגל שבע פעמים


Deceit and lies creates CONFUSION - so play the game - and create CONFUSION too - deceitful people ONLY believe LIES - truthful people ONLY believe TRUTH. I've experienced this on the internet in the past few months whilst tackling the "darkness" - especially on the OPEN website - when I LIED and said I'm OFFLINE or not going to do any updates and writing - that's when I actually DID MORE WRITING than usual - that's because the "dark" energies - became CONFUSED.


Why you LIE and CONFUSE dishonest people - you CONFUSE their aura and they will STOP bothering you - "dark" energies want to create CONFUSION and confusion leads to STAGNATION in the world - so if you're ever feeling STUCK - it means you have "dark" energies in your aura - that are STOPPING you for doing something CREATIVE and MEANINGFUL.


The reason why so many people are STUCK is that their AURA is full of depression and negativity, what's more bothersome in a person's aura is the DECEIT and LIES that creates total blockages and confusion in one's aura. It is so serious a problem that when GOODNESS and DESTINY are trying to penetrate - they CANNOT get through.

Each and everyday the Moon and Sun are bringing good luck into our lives but if you're not feeling a NEW energy in your life each and everyday - then your aura is STUCK and BLOCKED.

To TEST your aura - stand up now - turn around 3 times and sit down again - how do you feel ? slightly refreshed ? That's because the STAGNANT aura has been slightly dislodged and confused. If you do feel slightly refreshed - then use the spiritual secret of TURNING AROUND 7 Times - OR as many times as it takes to OPEN your blocked aura.

The other reason why you might have stagnation and a BLOCKED AURA is that you have LOST EARTH-BOUND spirit souls in your aura - creating "trouble" for you.


Spiritual Secrets [3] Tactics - Fool the Earth-Bound Souls


It is a fact of life that there are "earthbound" souls - this is the inherent reason why people KEEP FAR AWAY from cemeteries and graves - because they are epicentres for lost earthbound spirits - people who have DIED - and because they have no LIGHT within their soul - and in their non-belief in DIVINE GOD and in their earthly pursuit of greedy materialism - they have NO BELIEFS in anything "spiritual" - hence their souls remain EARTHBOUND.

The Book of Daniel explains that finally during the "last generation" when ENLIGHTENMENT will fill the whole world - that's when these Earthbound spirits will be "taken over" to the LIGHT and "rescued" - but in the meantime collectively they will BLOCK, CONFUSE and CREATE STAGNATION with whoever they can find to ATTACH themselves to.


However, because these "earthbound" spirits are predictably stupid as they have a void of anything "spiritual" - and totally earthbound - it is EASY to fool them and get rid of them out of your aura and to cleanse your aura from their presence.


You have to treat them as if they are ALIVE and HUMAN - with the exception that you can't see them and don't know where they are - but be assured IF you life is UNLUCKY, BLOCKED, STAGNANT and especially if you have "accidents" in your life. Hence, get rid of them - just like you would get rid of annoying idiots !


3 quick TESTS to see if you have EARTHBOUND spirits in your aura who are BLOCKING your life:-


1. Put your earphones in your ears - as if you are listening to music - but don't SWITCH music on - do you feel "them" gone ? Then switch your music on and feel them gone - that's because your aura is "tuned into" a different energy and no longer listening to the earthbound nonsense.

The reason this works is the earthbound spirit SEES that you are NOT listening to them and they give up trying to get through. Remarkably - you will be able to concentrate much better with your earphones in that out because "they" aren't interfering with you.


2. Light a candle and write on a piece of paper that you are lighting the candle for their SOUL - the soul of the earthbound soul around you - do you feel a relief ? The reason you feel relieved is they sense you FINALLY recognize their presence - as they have been FRUSTRATED for so long trying to get through to you. When you light a candle and write on a piece of paper next to the candle that you are lighting it for THEIR SOUL - they will be pleased with you - thus a SIGN that you have earthbound souls in your aura.


3. Go and sit inside a CHURCH for 30 mins - this always works for me - especially if I have atheistic and "jewish" earthbound spirit souls - as "they" will never enter a CHURCH with me. But applies equally for ALL EARTHBOUND SPIRITS - "they" cannot STOP or STAY inside a CHURCH.

If you get a FEELING you want to leave quickly and if you get a FEELING that you can't SIT DOWN for just 30 mins - then you have an "earthbound" in your aura - as the "earthbound" gets agitated and unsettled being in a spiritual place - and "makes" you FEEL the same way.

In fact if you LIGHT a candle in a CHURCH - the "earthbound" spirit soul will sense and see the LIGHT - but as the "earthbound" is "dark" - it will get disturbed by the LIGHT and leave your aura - that's why a CHURCH is a cleansing place to meditate.

The funny aspect of this is IF YOU FEEL uncomfortable even reading this last suggestion - it means you have EARTHBOUND in your aura - as any enlightened idea - will immediately be suppressed by Earthbound spirits as "they" want you to be FAILURES like they are too - "they" want your soul to remain earthbound too!


Too Many Earth-Bound Souls Causing Mayhem & Confusion

Every abortion creates another earthbound soul - in our spiritually poor generation there are far too many abortions - the main reason why people go ahead with abortion is because they value their own selfish lives more that bring life down to earth. Women who have abortions because a "baby" would interfere with their career, job prospects or they are too selfish to give, their worship of materialism are just an example how the multitude of Earthbound souls are created because of selfish earthly pursuits of desire of "materialism" - these aborted earthbound souls will do everything possible to cause MAYHEM and CONFUSION in people's lives - especially those who destroyed their physical existence - as they have been deprived the gift of life on Earth - they will prevent people on Earth enjoying the gift of life on earth. Hence too many Earth-Bound souls are causing far too much mayhem and confusion in our generation.


"The greatest destroyer of peace is abortion because if a mother can kill her own child, what is left for me to kill you and you to kill me? There is nothing between." - Mother Teresa - see full article @ - although I should say I don't agree with everything written but they do reiterate the important point that murder and death is creating destructive energies which ONE DAY will WAIT and then will cause mayhem and trouble.


If you have an Earthbound soul around you ...

Light a Candle and Pray for the Earth-Bound Soul

The energy of the Earthbound will last until the end-of-time - so if you have an earthbound in your aura - then LIGHT a CANDLE and pray for it to be rescued and elevated to the DIVINE LIGHT of spiritual realms.

If you're reading this website - then you've been guided here for a reason - DO IT NOW - DO THE RESCUE WORK and pray for that earthbound soul to LEAVE you and GO TO THE DIVINE LIGHT. When they've gone - you'll feel the change as your aura will be cleansed too.


If you don't feel a SHIFT in your aura then it's a SIGN that YOU must change your energy - because if you are attracting EARTHBOUND souls - materialistic spirits - then there is something about your aura - that "they" relate to - a SIGN that you need to elevate yourself above EARTHLY pursuits and EARTHBOUND existence.

You might claim to be spiritually enlightened - but if your LIGHT was STRONG and GENUINE - then the DIVINE LIGHT WITHIN you would obliterate all "dark" souls in your aura - they wouldn't survive for 24 hours in your aura !


Getting Out of the Earth-Bound Ethereal Realm of Low-Life Souls

"Rising Above" the Energy of Earthbound Souls

What do you think about most of the day ? I don't want to know but probably a clutter of nonsense ! But ask yourself honestly how much time do you spend relaxing in front of the TV or listening to music to relax - and then ASK - do you spend that EQUAL amount of time meditating and connecting with the DIVINE LIGHT WITHIN YOU - if you did - then I assure you - you wouldn't be attracting EARTHBOUND spirits who are causing BLOCKAGES in your life.

Try just 10 mins - can you THINK spiritually for just 10 minutes WITHOUT thinking of anything earthly ? I know - it's difficult - but you need to start somewhere to elevate your soul to RISE ABOVE the earthbound vibration. The more you concentrate on your thoughts - the more you TAKE CONTROL of your THOUGHTS is when you TAKE CONTROL of your LIFE. Because UNTIL you TAKE CONTROL of YOUR THOUGHTS - you are still in the hands of being influenced by Earthbound spirits and will remain trapped in the lower realms amongst earthbounds.


Are you in CONTROL of your OWN MIND ? Are you INFLUENCED by others ? Have you given over control of your mind to an "earthbound soul"? Knowing when you are IN CONTROL OF YOUR THOUGHTS is when you have overcome ALL desires, fantasies and especially sexual desires - as your MIND needs to CONTROL your physical body - when it does - then you know you have CONTROL and have elevated your aura ABOVE the earthbound plane - now you're on the way to spiritual enlightenment.


Anyone who is Materialistic will NEVER rise above

The Earth-Bound Ethereal Realm of Low-Life Souls

What are you thinking about ? What is your GOAL and OBJECTIVE ? to make money OR to live a spiritually enlightened life - because even if you THINK you are "spiritual" BUT you are thinking of MONEY - you are Earthbound too - just like a "religious" people who claim to be spiritual.

Start by THINKING of your REAL GOAL in life - as in all my astrology readings I ask people for GOALS in LIFE - usually only one person a month - has a SPIRITUAL GOAL - all others go through the "bla- bla- bla" meaningless list of materialistic earthbound goals.


Anyone who takes Money for "spirituality" is Earthbound Soul

Ironic as this OPPOSITE as I needed to do for the "internet"

After experiencing so much ABUSE from the internet and continually being bombarded by "dark" souls preventing us from writing idealistically - and coupled with internet thieves who steal everything we write - we have no choice but to do AN OPPOSITE for what is RIGHT and SPIRITUALLY CORRECT.

We lowered our level to THINK the way a "dark" earthbound thinks - to deceive the "dark" souls - and when we did - they stopped bothering us - then we realize that "dark" souls would never give anything to anyone who is LIGHT - hence we found ONLY the really good readers donated - and we can continue spreading the LIGHT amongst GOOD people - whilst the "dark" earthbounds have been FOOLED - it works and proves that doing OPPOSITES is necessary in this world of "dark" earthbound souls !


The Prophecy of Daniel & Elijah for "End of Times" Generation

There is no doubt that the prophetic visions of the Book of Daniel and Elijah referring to a time known as "The Last Generation" when everyone will become TRUTHFUL and elevate themselves ABOVE the meaningless Earthbound energies to a Pathway of Spiritual Enlightenment leading to a destined time of World Peace

This is the destined time and it is happening in front of our eyes in our generation - this is the time when Jesus Christ - the most Holy of Spiritual Souls and the holy spiritual and truthful teaching of the Messiah - Jesus Christ through "Our Father in Heaven" is and will save our souls from a world of deceit and lies to be saved to a world of TRUTH and PURITY.


The above is the essence of

"The Book of the Secret's Secrets ספר סודי סודות"


The Reason I waited to Reveal These Spiritual Secrets

Is that it'll cause 100's of Earthbound Spirits to become "homeless"

It will cleanse the aura's of 100's of people from "Earthbound" dark souls

The above spiritual secrets of eliminating EARTHBOUND spirit's and the many secrets in "The Book of the Secret's Secrets ספר סודי סודות" which I will be revealing - will in fact be helping many readers to cleanse their aura from deceit and lies - and will help to make a BIG SHIFT in many people's aura's - in truth it will be making ALL THE EARTHBOUND spirits very ANGRY with me - as it will be forcing them to MOVE from your aura - they are becoming and will become "homeless" - and that's something I needed to WAIT until I can handle the negativity - just like I handle the negativity from "dark" souls of readers.


סוד ה ליראיו ובריתו להודיעם